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Jan 20, 2014|

President Obama said in an interview that he ‘would not let my son play pro football.’ The President says that he is a ‘big football fan’ but with all the information on concussions and the NFL he says he would not let his son play. Do you or did you allow your son to play football? Is it wrong for parents to allow their kids to participate in sports that might be dangerous?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In an interview in the New Yorker Magazine president Obama's said that he believes that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol. However that does not reflect the official US government's stance on -- On the government's stance continues to be in this is not just central promise has been part of the the government's stance for a long time that pot is as dangerous as heroin. That is such an absurd statement. Did. Anything the government says about -- it seems to be totally discredited. The president also said I would not let my son play pro football. As I mentioned earlier I think at that point you're some would be a little tool to tell and he can't play pro football. If you really wanted to play pro football but Obama was responding to the concerns about concussions in the NFL. And that led me to think about what we allow markets to do. Have you ever been injured in a sport. And and would you keep your kids from doing something where they might be injured. Because you could get a concussion doing a lot of things. Violence concussion was was snowboarding and I've fractured my ribs my son distilled border he -- skateboards and he broke his collarbone skateboard. Should he have not been skateboarding -- not him allowed to do a lot allowed him to do that couldn't take that from him. Mean if if he was jumping out of a plane without a parachute. You know I would have had to step in in and -- and say no you can't do this. But if if we're afraid to be hurt if we're afraid to get a concussion. Then maybe we better just stay at home with a helmet. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight we're also talking about this of being. Martin Luther King Jr. day. Today we honor doctor Martin Luther King's birthday in fifty years ago he gave his I have a dream speech I think this is a good time to talk about the dreams that we have for America. And his group blog tonight is about Martin Luther but Luther king day and and what dreams do you have for America -- shares of a fine. You can read that shareware and others -- -- -- like it's so on our website at WWL. Dot com from Harvey Keith welcome to the -- -- Yet -- used to. -- talk about the sport injuries but yeah. Back in the Japanese that you Antoine bot world sport -- Well Ali knew that trouble because of the agony of the -- and right at every week and a -- -- lived. And so anyway you know you've just got to get back up and do it again you know otherwise what would -- it would cup streak intact and well. I you know what I've I've got a concussion snowboarding I was wearing a helmet. But it did stop me from getting concussions so you know and into football players -- about the helmets that they were they get concussions. Repeated -- there's there's no way that it instantly brought this up earlier if it's called a contact sport to it and I guess snowboarding is to cut export to sometimes you make contact with the mountain. And sometimes the snow is not really that's soft. If it's a contact sport there's a possibility being hurt so should we -- so afraid to get -- that nobody ever does anything. You have you rights do not mean it it takes away from the you know it takes away from the spot you know that that's what this minute that made. Well like in football in the guy battles stately that was actually are paralyzed. But the look of the cheap but it really wasn't cheap shot you know he didn't have a chance to catch the ball a guy leading not needed and it will be a hit. And naturally that's it's it's really started you know I was watching the game yesterday. And I forgot the a player for servers Cisco but he he recovered the football and -- really gave it to that the Seahawks but he actually recovered the football at the goal line. Right and the official visit but he it's it's I don't I don't remember what the final. Died diagnosis was on his leg. Like he his new leg need -- You know I had five surgeries on the same knee. And it is so hard for me to watch anybody in Euro league or in the -- I feel bad guys pain. Win his leg -- gist. Just just a spit at a gadget guide page on record studio producer Justin told me not my headphones it's an ACL injury. And that's why I had to two of those. It. They do and that being with President Obama. You can remind them that is lol. At you can fail is essential that we want. -- -- -- I keys and an -- called the show thanks a listing. I'm from Alabama build your -- WW of the evening they'll. -- and computer analyst doing well. Listen. Let me first of all say that I think. -- -- marijuana use especially among young people. In our society. It's certainly a lot worse further down. And it's had more damage. Both of accurate in print articles. Then -- NFL football. And any help for -- if you speak who has. We'll we'll we'll pay you the network's six. Yeah I would I would think there. I would think that using if you are executed using pot your teenage using pot it would be a lot safer to play football. But of the president was comparing marijuana and alcohol. Yes but these scenes that he seems it is. -- more than moderately strong man and he's all about clean them up -- football. Isn't easy to say that more negative that's more harmful than using your. Well you know I I don't wanna jump to that conclusion because he made the comments. Is it apparently -- separate points in the interviews so there wasn't a flowing -- -- from from one to the other I don't know if I would have interpreted the way you did but I understand how you came to that conclusion. There but I would think that if -- if the president is the president had a son and his son was old enough to play pro football I'm not sure that is today you'd really be able telling no. Well okay act. Actually that point there but but listen you know what people -- You know we don't believe in being judgmental most of the -- he's. And you know most Americans like you believe that person does you know what their body in their life and -- hurt somebody else or there or even break the law whatever. They're there they're pretty much kept them their business. But you know when the president the United States gets up and and makes an equivalence between drinking a beer and smoke in a joint. The president of the United States is their role model and I just wonder what to expect that as our own on the drug problems -- among young people our country. Ten keep -- that the country may. The tactic irresponsible. And inaccurate statements like that about drug boobies it seemed to me -- He. Well he's got -- -- -- he's not talking about drug abuse he's talking about smoking pot and I think there isn't a difference between the two. I do understand this this tortured making but I wonder. A wonder how many teenagers are paying attention to what the president says anyway. Well you know those the president and and you know sports players that are role models are at least they were historically and you know maybe a lot of people don't follow. Role models. But I think they do young people look goals. Well nobody would have nobody did a very good job following -- George Washington never told a life. Oh well I don't know that you never total. I'm I'm pretty convincing to well I still heard the story this way. He -- on the cherry tree is dancing George did you Tropicana goes Dan finalized however good to be president. That's a bookstore attitude here that one yet but -- minister book. Bill I do I I I I I understand what you're saying and I admired. The president for being honest I thought it was a joke that Bill Clinton said that he smoked pot but didn't inhale. I mean -- that he didn't really smoking I mean that to me that was that was stupid I think the degree of honesty. Is important I was surprised the president. I've said what he said although I I agree with him my I -- surprises the president said but I just don't see how this is -- Really touch off any kind of widespread to a drug abuse. Well it it may not but you know he says he is. -- specimen Arctic community you know drug abuses so and I -- -- want. Use. Chronic -- it is it's up about problem between him and our communities and Matt -- think he did. You know did in the -- to the black community service. When we try to -- -- ad campaigns. Telling them about the dangers of marijuana use and other. They'll let you have you get around people who were stoned have you ever been around somebody spoke to join. I think the closest I ever got -- somebody's in where one man may have smell it. Because I didn't I didn't go to parties but it looks just -- on. I can look in the lap we go to parties and and and the -- You think that's what we're -- what we're talking about really is is. The president was -- endorsing the legalization of pot. He was comparing it to know he was not -- and in fact he was very clear about daddy's not endorsing the legalization of pot. But he said he doesn't think that is any more dangerous than alcohol and I think that's appointed we can focus on. And if you've been around drunk people and people who were stoned. I think that she would agree with me that you'd rather be around people who were sound. I don't think I would enjoy the company of either interest. Well I I can understand that point it but it. Again there is dude they're two different. For the most part two different sensations but. I think the president has. They're both examples of your beat these people that -- I understand -- -- and the people that abuse the drinking a beer and alcohol and and because so many people do it it it it as a greater negative effect on our -- it's. But -- up and don't forget that marijuana -- as a narcotic. And we knew that these narcotics. It has a terrible long term basis there's an admirable that on your body we talk about smoking. I mean how bad that is the government to -- and -- people to stop smoke in the back up. But on the other it is because resentment trying to stop people from smoking marijuana. And to be honest with you bill I'm not up on the does the medical manifestations of a smoking pot -- I don't know if there is the same connection between. The marijuana leaf and tobacco leaf in terms of tar and nicotine and carcinogens but I would agree with you I don't think you're getting your daily dose of vitamins by. By smoking a joint everyday. And so this is not something that is strictly healthy for you I agree with the president though I don't think it's say any win I think it's it's less. Damaging today the human body then than alcohol. And it if alcohol is legal then let's not worry about marijuana let's let our police focus on something that is really may be more damaging to America. I think -- made the abuse of alcohol don't -- -- -- -- people they can drink. Actually the moderate use of land -- is people in New Orleans could probably test of if they'll call you my argued the line. It is it is it is rather step -- -- -- for you. Bill -- I I have -- reverend those studies as well but there are people who function daily and and the and there are people who smoke pot. And they do it very moderately in the same way that they drink -- you would never know. That they're there were smoking effective date if they drank you might know more about him drinking and been smoking pot so there are people who. Who are moderate smokers and they smoke. Very responsibly again I'm not a smoker I'm not promoting it by -- -- set the record straight on this I'm gonna have to get to break but I enjoyed our conversation. A specialist it. Here's a text alcohol is for more damaging as a nurse I stand by that -- his attacks about the end of the forty -- player whose whose leg at the late late in the game. Whiners. Oh my god I just a Soledad I just rearranged. Tore his ACL and MCL. So -- He might be back next year but a -- having gone through two ACL reconstruction surgeries in in my life and several other. And Scopes. I so respect these athletes to actually come back from that. If you wanna -- our show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Text numbers it's every seven this is dispute showed we'll be right back -- more. Why for New Orleans on this Monday nights on WWL it's about -- I don't get a great weekend and watch the AFC and NFC championship games it's going to be -- Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. In New Jersey next month should be a great game. You know I wish I was thinking about -- patriots and execute about the heavily the elevation in Denver most people's -- the altitude but it's actually take to lead the the -- it's a mile high. So the air's very -- I would think that of all the NFL cities that have home field advantage the greatest home field advantage would really be in Denver. And only four of the of the football team but also for the different targets four of the Colorado Avalanche and the Colorado Rockies. Playing a major sports in in Denver if you're not used to -- that elevation it's if it's tough to get used to and it to take your breath away and in -- you can't. You you can't perform that you get tired easier -- so I would think that with the cold and everything else that can happen. Denver probably has the greatest home field advantage because they are used to it and other players art and there's really you can you can you can prepare for the cold. You usually can't do much to prepare for being in that elevation and if you have that have been risking her or snowboarding in the Rockies. You know that when you go from sea level to the -- says sometimes there are consequences and repercussions. Here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll. A pres Obama says that marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol do you agree with the president. 55% agree with the president 45%. Do not agree. It is your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com and giving other update on that poll coming up in just a few minutes. Also to set the record straight in this interview with The New Yorker. The president acknowledged that using pod. It is is a bad idea. And he's not promoting the use of -- he's not even arguing for the legalization of pot he simply says that he doesn't think that marijuana. Is more dangerous. Than alcohol which is contrary to what the US government officially says about that but that's not something that the government came up with under Obama. That's been part of the administration's. As stand at this administration a part of the government's stance on marijuana for a long time. The president admits that he used pot when he was young. And he calls that. A bad idea he says that to the trouble is that poor kids many of them African Americans and Latinos. Are or more likely to get locked up for smoking pot. And middle class kids. And here's a text that read says -- a regarding. The caller. Statistics consistently showed the majority of drug users including people who use we'd. Are whites but blacks or arrested. Three times more often. The question is why why because of discrimination which is something else we're talking about which overnight since this is so Martin Luther King Day. National holiday honoring the that the life in the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. What what is your dream for America. And that's the title of the -- blog do you have a dream. And you can read it -- shared it's on our website at WWO dot com from every Brian your on dispute -- good evening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our biggest problem a lot pollute the king day has not from the view that dot decaying it's beats what he stood for. A problem is these people an opportunity people who use this day. This bit more high school and I'm not saying I'm not saying anyone in particular on the saint the people who do. And talk about equality equality equality. Now and not questioning people. Well meet people. Is. -- have a big problem there because. You know it'll come -- it but in the late morning century discrimination. Twits summary it -- I mean it's. Yards it's still along racial lines as well Brian you know. Saying yeah I'm not saying I'm not saying it doesn't do you have not been a majority of it's -- And not point in the fact that -- I got an eighteen year old boy had the -- looks like it's certainly it's. Why did spot cancer awareness month it tripled on that prostate cancer awareness month and there are no. Prostate cancer awareness smog and the samba with the blue -- and I don't need to. Commute via. And and why do women pay more to get their hair cut the -- women pay more news they had their close I'd look there are a lot -- inequities when it comes to gender. There's no question that. But that does it mean that that racism is gone away. Obama and it. Patents and the majority of the -- that's where that you. Well I don't. I don't and I wouldn't say the majority of the focus has changed but I do agree with you is it when it comes to many many issues. On men are discriminated against and sometimes that includes. In in the court of law when it comes to custody cases analytic. And no -- is why is it wouldn't bet women have their own spaces and talk and bat from the top in their own tree caller. -- -- -- -- -- -- 60% vote is that 60% of graduates make their little green ridiculous. It's ridiculous that. I'm so upset at the bit that. Brian how -- awarded what would if you lost out on because of this this gender. Preferences she proceed. Compare what what have you lost album. Being threatened to destroy treated unfairly and tell Tony tell me about a friend who got destroyed because of women's rights. -- just to -- Right -- I'm saying. -- -- -- I have four and headed wife cheating on you know because people were put -- alimony child. All right I've got a look I I've I think that is is something it's unfair I am not familiar with that specific case -- there may be something about that they would. Lead to. The of the of the father post and being. Forced to -- But I understand that there is a lot of inequity when it comes to divorce in this country and we do -- for gonna talk about equality. We have to get over preferential treatment for women. They begin appropriate. Where wherever I want equal outcomes or equal to all of you don't want equal fabric by I don't want. But we don't have that Brian we we we don't have that. I don't know but what I'm saying we need to work toward that. You know I don't read this to its outcome it's terrible what you see on that site it doesn't make any mainstream media. Well but the problem Brian with web sites like that is they bring out the hysterics and people they focus on the fear there's a lot of paranoia that comes out through web sites -- not saying Alex enough familiar with that website. But there are there or group web sites and then you'll find one for women it'll be bashing men and one for men to be bashing women. Web site web sites. Cannot always be taken that seriously because they are just a snapshot. Of hysterical fear from a group of activists and not necessarily reflective of the general population. Artery that argument to say it again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From Baton Rouge into your Debian well. Appreciate you sculpture. Up on the short comment about which sermon and -- should take on oh. You don't own media all we can probably goes Super Bowl about outlawed this comment and a little wager cell culture based. But you know being in the game you'll appreciate all -- accomplished. In his short bit and don't get credit board. But well. Good to me read a column you know is you'd at least good you are close -- -- -- it -- right now but he realize you know. In Tibet -- great responsibility. Not going to be bad. An example grown you know all you're watching YouTube every game today. Cheered go not only on that level but even on small scale structure themselves you know the -- okay. I I I agree I I I understand that this moment of passion where he. A spoke so passionately about about being the best and in in in some ways it takes that kind give. Of of cocky attitude to be the best do what you do whether Europe cornerback with a your defensive back with a Europe a stockbroker the lawyer. A radio talk show host you do have to have that confidence in you have to believe that you're the best now as I said earlier there are people like to breeze and -- Peyton Manning. Who would never be that boisterous with their inner feelings about how they believe they're the best. But there are people like Richard Sherman who. Who do act that way and -- I'm assuming that over time you'll probably learn to not always be that way. I I forgive him for that outburst right after that -- game. -- I enjoy -- -- thanks a listing and -- you you listed this was right after the game right after it would be the 49ers were charging down it looked like they might to take the lead. As they might win the game. And it was I tipped pass in the end zone. And defensive back Richard Sherman for the Seahawks. Intercepted the tipped ball. And apparently he and Michael Crabtree the receiver for that forty niners. And if -- kind of a trash talking and and of course there's a lot of competition when you're a defensive back -- you've got to a relationship on the field. With with another player and he was really really over the top. Obnoxious. At this moment right after the play and here's what he said to a fox a sports reporter on the field. Yeah. Yeah I'm not really sure the you can call Michael Crabtree. A bad receiver -- he's implying they're so that sensitive kind of stupid thing. -- but again the -- caught up in the moment and you know he did let the F ball -- he was just he was just bragging and you know if if you're a parent and you think that sets up a bad example. And I hope you do. But I hope you use that as a teaching moment instead of going out of your way to criticize him for saying it. Talk to your kids about. How he acted. And say you know you don't have to do that and here's another way to handle that same situation. And then talk to your kids about how the way he handled this may come back to haunt him. You know what if he gets burned. In the Super Bowl. You think people -- not gonna play that comment back and he's gonna look like a fool. And it's possible that Peyton Manning's go to Birmingham. So that's what you do you to you take those moments instead of focusing so much are criticizing somebody like Richard Sherman for acting that way and saying what he said. Focus on this being a teaching moment a free kids and for yourself as well from Harvey John your -- -- WL. -- -- -- hurt by Sharma they are equal and arms are. A -- military twenty years straight in years in the Marines. We always think we -- with the best. Get tested. There. But my -- Merrill wanted. -- -- -- -- -- I met -- heard of people Chilton so old should Merrill one so it cracked. Well this year -- -- it's. So. I'm not. I don't know if it's. Well some people watched it smoke marijuana. And they -- -- they're too busy. Yeah it did it and down solidarity's. Once -- step out to waste time political. Guy it's hard for me you're programs sample marijuana what would -- -- alive well and we don't argue that some. -- well that's it that's one of the medicinal advantages because for for people who are nauseous from. And from. The chemotherapy at people who were nauseous at people who don't wanna eat this. Improves their appetite and and and is beneficial but yet there's some people who still don't want marijuana legalized even for medicinal purposes. And on standby watching what you try a lot of places. I don't play on -- no -- Trying to stop them and they were about treatment. Because is about the nature much on the pick it should be what did they should. Because -- stumble on child treated. I'll defer paying them and not what it is. Sometimes you -- one vote of quote change at all. And -- problem you'd buy. You know it's like this you treat good diction -- -- treat the addiction. You'd knock out the war by supply and demand. And that's where -- that's what you do you're. And not victory here in America. -- down as to -- the war -- drove there were about. Stop and he had big chin as their war about stopping make commandant and -- -- Well John I think you know I think that's a good point I -- we're certainly not winning the war on drugs are wasting a lot of taxpayers' dollars of fighting this war and in your right if they get one vote of cocaine others others get through because. Those smugglers those are crafty people and they have figured out ways to get through throughout time they figured out new ways to. To get by the authorities John I'm gonna have to get to break -- really glad you called a show here's a text. Richard -- actually went back to Aaron and her Andrews. Who wish Steve the reporter for Fox News and apologized -- is reporting that. I actually did hear that on the news that he did go back and he apologized he he apologized for yelling and he said I wasn't yelling at you. He was just yelling. And again this was right after -- play. It's sent his team to the Super Bowl. Try to think about something equivalent in -- life. And think about how you might handle that moment if you were given the position of being in an opportunity. President Obama says that marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol that's -- WWL pretty general opinion poll. It was your tenure by going to our web site WWL dot com do that right now we're giving up they would come out of this break if you gonna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number disease have any seventy. It's gonna get really cold tomorrow night. And as a possibility of snow and sell -- Louisiana Thursday slight possibility we've got that full story on our website at WWL. Dot com I forgive Richard Sherman for he is passionate outburst effect its not really for me to forgive him some people have been very critical of and then. Saying he shouldn't have said what he said of the waited Saturday and he didn't see anything obscene. He was just very very comforted and and very. Happy that he was. The one who just intercepted the ball and essentially ended the game and -- at the Seahawks to. To the Super Bowl. I don't think there's anything wrong with with what he said. The degree of passion I think could have been toned down but again I think that's something that. We we can all learn from here's a -- recently coaches can talk to their players about the Sherman rant. A lot of grownups to learn something from that. Here is a text about two about -- were talking about this if you just joined us because. A magazine article in the New Yorkers came out very in depth interview with the president president talked about some things that the president has talked about before. One of the things is the president says that marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol and has had to -- give you a pretty jaguar opinion poll. Here's an update 56%. Agree with the president and 44%. Disagree. I hear is attacks that reads I think those. Did to I think 75% don't even care. What the president thinks about -- I'd have to agree with that as well here's a -- those who disagree are severely misinformed. What is which is understandable due to the amount of government propaganda that has been pushed for decades yet the government stance on -- Which created long before Obama was in office. And -- last thing I read from the government wise the government said. And this is an official statement from the government essentially that. That marijuana. Is. As addicting and dangerous. -- -- And when you when you hear about that you can't help but think that anything the government would tell you about pot. Should be totally discredited. A -- ceased James you're on Scotia reading. Do. I look quite simply and and but my question for -- I heard they're they're California. Propagated in about intact and so you know the ones you can count that. I. Don't know. But I know that I mean it it makes sense that there's going to be a lot of revenue generated in Colorado. And hand in the state of Washington from the legal sales of recreational use of a -- if if there's. If Theres suddenly a new industry curator any right now there are no taxes on. The marijuana that's sold and a lot of marijuana is being sold there's a lot of money spent on marijuana. And there's no taxes being collected so it makes perfect sense that if it if this was legalized in there was tax it would be a lot of revenue. -- OK and -- commented. -- And direct a little. And I would you do it. If you get and finally. Someone that -- I -- look at some of which are. And you put -- what. And we are you -- -- want -- call. I would take distilled version and -- I'd rather not have either but if I had a choice a brother and brother of the stone personal and highways because chances are -- -- If it's a sixty mile an hour zone the stone person's going to be driving 25. He just thinks he's going to be going sixty. -- I got a message loud -- clear Jane's neglect to call and thanks listening to WWL ignite. -- Euro on this -- show. Today. You know it was my biggest pet he completely or people like your corporate sprinkle or to those who think that. Alcohol and cigarettes -- completely harmless. And saying Democrats in the movie -- -- a few times they think that Maryland is this. God bill of 65 foot monster a lot of sort of thing and it. It it would frustrate me but the people even have an opinion on something being known nothing about. Well that is that is true in the caller admitted that he never really been around people who smoke and it doesn't really go to parties where where people were drug. But this this idea that marijuana is equal to alcohol in terms of physically damaging the body and also in terms of affecting behavior that is is is based on on a total ignorance and if if if if anybody if you're younger and you've never seen this movie I guess it was from the forties in the fifties reefer madness I've seen it. It's hysterical it if if it's a comedy if you will see. What the perception of marijuana ones. In this country when it was first recognized as a problem unique to rent the movie reefer madness. And and this is it is it's not a comedy. It's a depiction of what the government and what this country thought about marijuana. In the forties and against fifty states it's it's truly amazing I highly recommend it to you whether you smoke or not it's really funny. Your right now. Not a company please tell -- it's actually propaganda film it is in the wrong. As for the government to still hold that that marijuana is as dangerous as hero in a totally discredited in in the government which say about marijuana. Also. -- alcohol and -- -- didn't have much more damage if we could ever try to do. Would you -- How many like -- car accident -- damage long and it's. Cause of course but those two things which should be court well. I I agree on -- you know just because something is legal and bad for you does -- mean that we should legalize something else it's bad for you when I think about. Looking at it all comes down to personal responsibility when -- drinking or smoking a joint. And you know there are people who do drink and smoke responsibly you know I've got to get to -- political showed again thanks for listening to WWL. And writes this is this -- show connect with the with more of your comments. But. If it in again if I had a choice I would rather camera somebody stoned and somebody who is -- people don't get stoned and start fights. We'll be right back with more into the WL apparently Nancy Grace well they did Saturday Night Live skit about Nancy Grace in a bakery and -- candidates in. The muffins -- we'll talk about that coming up after the news it today at 10 o'clock from Missouri junior on this crucial want to be WL. Yeah I did. You. And he had diplomatic. About football players who have -- all that there you know you know. Correct me if I'm wrong Hamburg -- horrible like that. You know. No -- -- most players don't show that much passion and he he was very passionate and he where's bragging about himself and how great he was in. And sometimes that it's a mistake too bright New York. You've got to believe an idea I don't like that maybe needs a lesson in humility you know. Well I don't think anybody would disagree with you Jim I don't fault him for it but I I don't think that's the way to handle those moments I appreciate you listening in in Missouri. -- we'll talk more about this coming up in the next our Richard Sherman the Seahawks. After a year intercepted I tip ball the end zone ending the game sending the Seahawks to the Super Bowl against the Broncos. He was very passionate and just bragged about being the best and said that Michael Crabtree the 49ers receiver is a mediocre receiver. He was -- and it was his ego was at the wrong thing to do a lot more coming up right after the news -- WWL.