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Jan 20, 2014|

President Obama said in an interview that he ‘would not let my son play pro football.’ The President says that he is a ‘big football fan’ but with all the information on concussions and the NFL he says he would not let his son play. Do you or did you allow your son to play football? Is it wrong for parents to allow their kids to participate in sports that might be dangerous?

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Welcome back to a show on this Monday night I hope you had a great weekend my gosh it was almost like springtime over the weekend and I've -- I I did something that really everybody should should take time to do and since I live downtown and the quarters essentially my neighborhood. I don't do this very often but like I took some time and I I strolled up and on magazine street. A Sunday afternoon and I mean the weather was just perfect and everybody was out. How Lotta people that sidewalk cafe areas word just pac -- -- just really so it's a great thing to do and you know it that's Harry if you'll see if you. If you feel like you were trapped in the suburbs. And if you feel like you or living wherever you live if you feel like you're living around. On it environments that they don't really reflect who you war. If you. If you don't feed -- totally with the suburban scene and I'm being critical of anybody who does. But there may be a part of New Orleans that you really haven't discovered and ended their their. There are. Interesting people and I say this in every positive way very interesting people who hang at a place like Agassi. And on Decatur -- reminds me of some places in the Denver Seattle. And in Portland a very eclectic. Very aware eclectic group and and very very proud. In their people that you'll see just like you but distant. A very. Very interesting a group in and unity years ago you wouldn't expect a group like -- to be in New Orleans there anyway -- this is been developing. Over the years especially since Katrina but magazine is it -- still alive and well. Actress Rita Marino receive the lifetime achievement award at the sag awards over the weekend. And which you've got to the podium. She dropped the F bottom. 82 year old actress and I am so blinking thrilled. Thank you -- I hope the man with the sensor button was there. He was and he caught it but the F bomb did get out to the -- it was believed but he got out to the live audience there. Andy and apparently blast to steer clear I wasn't there -- so I'm just getting this from the accounts that I've read. So 82 year old Rita Marino. Drops the F bomb and even though we didn't get on television. She knew what she was doing. I mean this was not a surprise it was in between her and somebody else is she knew she was getting his lifetime achievement award it she gets to the podium and she drops the F -- Even though it didn't go out over the year. If this had been a rock. Or hip hop artist. Think about the criticism there would be because the person set it. So. Try to pay attention to the hypocrisy. That you may be guilty of within your own life when it comes to things like. Letting it slide for somebody that being critical when somebody else does essentially the same thing also I would -- a really cool thing. Saturday night I went to. One -- jacks whatever eighties night every Thursday night which is about the last they had they had a -- shale. Now burlesque is not for everybody but burlesque is it's it's it's a very. Tasteful. I guess it really focuses on the art of strip tease. Any it was to it was crede was of where to tease a present of like trashy diva and it was the best best of burlesque. And I just thought it was it was really really great and then. In that theater it will used to -- theater and what I checks which is and essentially in nightclub and a concert -- The the it's it's and it's like an old movie theater. And the curtains in the walls and everything you you really felt like you were just back in time back in the twenties or thirties or would that be did the dance presentation. And again for. For. That kind of entertainment it's very very tasteful and I just I thought it was excellent. And I I love things that that make you feel like you're totally taken from where you are and placed back in time. And because of that venue where it was -- one hijacks that burlesque show major really feel like -- over -- in the past. A today is so Martin Luther King Jr. day international holiday. Many of you may have had a day off I saw a kids all over downtown today and I'm sure they enjoyed their day off. We celebrate his birthday today and celebrate what he -- magnitude to so many people discuss blog tonight is titled do you have a dream. What is your dream for America. It is something that we're talking about -- -- right also we've been talking about the the comments in the way that the comments were made by Richard Sherman. The defensive. As secretary -- player for. The there is the Seahawks at the end of the game he was part of this interception that. Set the Seahawks of the Super Bowl and he was so excited he he just he bragged about he was the best absolutely the best -- deep. On where it's trash talking Michael Crabtree for the 49ers who was a really great receiver but apparently -- -- trash talking history between these two guys. And a lot of people have been critical of Richard Sherman for what he said and how we set it and and I would've handled it that way Drew Brees would've handled that way Peyton Manning wouldn't -- that that way Russell Wilson the Seahawks your quarterback would got a handle it that way. But some people get caught up in them in the moment and they brag about themselves and their driven by their ego. While you might not agree with that instead of focusing your criticism on on Richard Sherman. If you're concerned about what kind of example that sets for your kids then use that as a teaching moment to talk to your kids about hey you know what. That's not the best way to handle this and you know he was excited and you know he felt great. But that's -- the best way to handle it. And it may come back to haunt him if if Peyton Manning -- him. In the Super Bowl you think people are gonna play that comment back. And he's gonna look foolish. And so that's the that's the lesson that you teach your kids from that so -- that are being angry if he should've said that that's such a use as a as a teaching moment -- I tell you if if I was at the winter X games. And I successfully pull the backside rodeo in the -- I guarantee I would be at least get excited if you're part of the X -- reporters. I came up then and ask me about him pulling that backside rodeo if you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601. A seventy. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. In a text up there is a 77 here's our Debbie WL pretty general opinion poll tonight President Obama said in an interview in the New Yorker Magazine that came out over the weekend. Did marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol. He wasn't endorsing the legalization. And he said that he smoked pot when he was young and he said that was a bad idea who's not promoting it but he said it's not as dangerous as alcohol. Do you agree with the president. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that coming up here. In just a few minutes also tomorrow morning and having WL first news atomic Tucker's gonna talk about to annex to the man's lawyer. I was reading about this in the news says that his client's death by lethal Dutch injection was torture 'cause it took him like fifteen minutes to die. So death by lethal injection was torture but two states are now considering bringing back firing squads. Is one form of capital punishment more effective than another when it comes to deterring crime. And do any of really work that's one of the things atomic -- talk about tomorrow morning to -- WL first news from six to ten. And we have also talked about it and I guess if you have kids you need to be aware of this -- this possibility of there's a new trend mainly in Rhode Island of kids snorting something. According to the Rhode Island state behavior health care administrator. There's a trend of kids snorting. Smart -- candies. You know the subtle little -- become that little cellophane twisted paper -- and a different colors and discovered a sweetened -- and I love those things. But apparently kids are crushing them up and snorting them the administrator says the trend is serious and dangerous. As most inhaled trucks. She says snorting some parties can lead to irritation an infection. Immediately she didn't. Suggest that you could become addicted to snorting. Smart east course you know there's always gonna be it sugar rush when -- even more years snort him -- You know like I guess kids can be obnoxious it is doing that as well but you might just wanna be aware that. It's not a big trend but apparently it's showed up in a few places so we what do you do have to be aware of that. If you wanna join our -- night our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889087. And a text numbers 87070. Also a President Obama in this interview in the New Yorker Magazine said. I would not let my son play pro football. And he was talking about the new concerns over concussions in the NFL. Would you or did you allow your son to play football. Any regrets. At have you or have your kids ever been injured participating in a sport. A team sport or individual sport. And did that stock. And did you if you were injured did you have regrets. I I'd I'd love to and I'd like to know if if you would stay away from any activity. That might lead to a concussion. Last week I had a couple of concussions last one was snowboarding. In in the Rockies. Outside of Denver. And it was a contact sport because I make contact with the amount. I had a helmet in fact I hit so hard. My classes. I had my earrings popped out of my ears out of my pierced -- that's how hard -- hit. I had a concussion. And fractured ribs and and I knew that that was a possibility. And I have been hurt snowboarding but it it didn't stop me I've had five surgeries on the same EU on a couple of million results of snowboarding accidents. But it didn't it doesn't see it doesn't stop me -- are we are we trying to be too careful in life. And and you remember I was part of a generation that actually rode bikes. And we didn't Wear helmets. In fact I have a score in the back of my head. To this day. Because when I was acute observer tricycle and my dad says I don't remember my -- -- reared up and I went back -- you know we we live uptown. At the time in my dad and mom lived in a duplex when I was born. And you -- on the sidewalks sometimes a credit jagged because of that the roots under the trees and it's -- sink digital. So my gets to the -- back on this. On spike piece of of concrete did bust in my head open and memories stitches I -- -- which is still a discard the Mecca and could feel it. If you right now. So you know my daddy's old like as he can do that. And my sons are -- border and escape Porter broke his collarbone a skateboarding united. I'm sorry that happened to him but I have no regrets letting him do that. Would you stay away from the sport because of the possibility of injury in which you keep your kids out of football do you agree with the president would you not let your son play pro football. And again I think the other interesting thing is. By the time we -- and got to the age of playing pro football if he wants to do what you think you could really stop him. If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. In -- text numbers 87870. Years of text did you snowboard on Brokeback Mountain. -- was it Loveland. -- Never been to Brokeback Mountain. Interest in moving. We're coming right back with your comments it's discourage show wind and a Monday night -- WW well there is some breaking news tonight you'll hear a lot more about this -- tomorrow but. And there's a new controversy concerning New Jersey governor Chris Christie and involves said the mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey Don Zimmer. She says that Christie with killed superstore sandy funds relief funds. -- and tied it two approval of a project that apparently they disagreed on. And guide dogs or has now said that she has. In the documents that she has the evidence to back up what she says so this could be another thing that to Christie has to deal. Here's an update on tonight's -- -- a pretty general opinion poll. A President Obama says that marijuana is not to more dangerous than alcohol. Do you agree with the president. 59% agree and 41% disagree. It is your opinion by going to our web site WW well dot com a since today is Martin Luther King Jr. day a national holiday. The -- blog tonight is titled do you have a dream. And and I have a dream. And a lot of -- my dream I have several dreams and they really are inspired by things that I I deal with every night when I I do the show. So you can read it and -- -- you -- totally disagree with me that you become an -- you like it and share with others. It's on our web -- it to be WL dot com and I hope you have conversations with your kids. About their dreams that that they have -- as as they grow up they're going to become the establishment one day and I don't think it's without burdening them with. Running the -- edit edit an age where they're too young to understand what they're doing at that was anything wrong with with talking about. What would be an ideal thing to happen in the world -- what would be. Something that would make this country better. Let them think about it now and as they go through life maybe they can actually a manifest things that will make this a better place. And here's attacks Mohammed Ali always talked about how great he was. I think even belittled his opponents he is known as the greatest athlete of all time that is from Lamar in Houston. And the slight hailed John your on the -- show good evening. It's like a lot -- I just wanted to throw him a few things regarding Richard Sherman wrong. Long time ago used to work for Christian organization. That work sellers -- The Salvation Army onto some wonderful basketball league they're incompetent. Cannot say to look at -- to pretty up like and Richard chairman and grew -- in Compton. He got a scholarship to Stanford he graduated with honors. And maybe we pursuing a masters I don't know but -- accomplished. Highly intelligent. What Theo were. Yet I think he -- I don't know if you saw that computed double so far into the side that -- sidelines cute he is -- I died I saw that and I also saw him had Crabtree is -- We know you know what people would say about me if I pattern of the guys but. The same thing they say about me now. And you can do about it is it to spin his way home. It awarded it to kept -- because last week he kind of mock I don't know if you remember that he mocked Cam Newton. What do you know acted like he was Superman is yes I did see that it -- And look I'm not lecture probably I look forward skated quite a lot of in my time but down anyway I'm not sure that didn't Branko armored -- peppered it occurred. According -- -- remote site and you know it. Did he wouldn't bid does double so quick to cap Bernanke can't predict that great player -- -- or watching employed -- He might have brought little -- and felt their. -- -- He kind of kill. The. And John and that's and that's what you teach your kids you know why me why you know there's -- you can be excited and and I would use this as a teaching moment to say OK look you know on what he did is understandable and I -- I'm not critical for doing it it's understandable. But if people think that's a -- a bad thing to do I would. I would definitely say look you know here's the way he could have handled it and that's your opportunity to to show your kids -- If you get in this situation and you feel this way instead of doing it this way try doing it this way because if if Sherman gets burned in the Super Bowl. Are people gonna play this comment back any -- -- look foolish. Absolutely. And and he's gonna. He's gonna have that -- boxes a lot of people are going to be only get Fiat got an award it one other thing. Com part of it too. He played at Stanford when Jim well coached. And -- well apparently one -- or try to run a mile from mayor he had some issues with in. And some of the other coaching staff. Kid liquid keep -- -- good week but he does not even quarterback when he first at their that he would. It quite normal it's somewhere but he would probably -- side. -- he can quote did not even make it here at he would another dog that ball. Commit to -- -- with a call or is a terrific coach but he. He's a little were -- felt a little bit report gets it. I would I would prefer to might fail to see Richard charm and -- will -- intensity. And you know what it will differently but eight at. Children teammates that this is who. I'm not I'm not critical of him for doing it that way I would've handled it differently myself there's a reason Peyton Manning would have handled differently and you know again I think this is just an opportunity to think about how you would handle it if you did it did in the same situation. Absolutely sports on Tibet it will low -- I hope we don't sit down but here's what I hope we even more I -- Payton chose him and so I would look to -- -- to win another super. It I'm sure there are a lot of saints fans who are pulling for the Broncos not only because of Peyton Manning in his hometown connections. But also because of the Seahawks have of what they've done to the saints today in the past in the playoffs 2011 are also this season. Twice -- if the Seahawks. Loose. In New Jersey every racing New York bristling New Jersey if the Seahawks lose in the Super Bowl. Then there are going to be people who should be saying well they can't play that well if they're not at home with a twelve man. Mostly you've spent time in Oakland city -- -- Can you admit that -- polling or are -- not to the site. I haven't designer but I I would I would say yeah I spent time in Denver royals spent time in Seattle so I've I've I've. Both cities are or are great cities that I really haven't decided John political -- thanks solicit. From Indiana rich here on the Scotia. I didn't -- -- you know watching about athletics. One has to be careful what one run their mouth. A little story for about six years ago. I went to a girl at school basketball game -- my state championship -- -- was playing. We and I got off guard and that team. All high school all American first outsourced to actually touched the ball with the turtle -- the other side that. The Clark and the other side. Started chanting. -- believe. Pop. I'll moderate pile Obama won by thirty -- -- about 45 point. Wanna be careful and athletics when you're right near mile. Well I that's that's definitely true and and again I think that's the teachable moment here Rich Harden I appreciate you listening to WWL -- -- -- -- here was Richard chairman's comments with Erin Andrews from fox sports this ways. An interview on the field. Right after the play you can understand his passion. And so Crabtree where is. Dissing him so he. -- back and and you know even though somebody else may have started it. You still don't have to do that again I'm I'm not critical of for the way he handled it because he he actually went back to -- interest. And apologize to her he said I wasn't yelling at you. And I never thought he was yelling at her I notice is yelling I that he was just very passionate. I Sherman also talked to -- and border of ESPN after the game. He was a little less intense it was it was -- it was not. Long after the game. But he was a little longer after that first interview and -- here's the interview with ESPN. Just drive back. Batting the ball away -- game clinching interception what I told the -- to a mediocre. So I would never let him just a game -- only. Why you're there you heard -- described as the best defender of the bailout in football manager said that. Well again I want to do that looks like we look like glengarry. Local personable Lambeau leap. Would that feel like that they'll bring up bad article. Home gold you're the number one defense of football they've Manning as the number one offense and but mom what's that matchup going to be like. Obama hasn't. Richard surely go to the Super Bowl -- nothing -- a lot of. Are you know exactly how they feel you know we've we felt that way when the when the saints were going to the Super Bowl -- we don't exactly how that feels. You know I I heard the I heard the radio announcers four. Denver. Right after right after the game ended I heard the announcer described that moment when the game ended and the Broncos are going to the Super Bowl. I heard the announcers in Denver and then I heard the announcers in Seattle and I gotta tell you that. Nobody did as good a job as Jim Henderson. Went when he said the saints are going to the Super Bowl in just the way he said it nobody. And I'm not saying is because I'm biased I'm I'm I'm in this business I'm a professional. And just nothing compared to the way Jim Henderson handled that moment and and I just I thought about that when I heard. The Seattle guys and the Denver guys talking about their teams. Going to the Super Bowl and it wasn't as good as -- Jim Anderson if you join us for the comic tonight about anything we're talking routes are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 8778. Here's a text the reason this is about president Obama's saying that he doesn't believe that marijuana is. On worse for you than alcohol. The text reads I think this is the only thing I agree with Obama on LO well here's a text I got a concussion from being hit in the head. -- a huge bag of Mardi Gras beads. I let my kids played baseball football and even the crossed. You can't put them in a bubble. My son has been -- playing sports but I didn't regret him playing it's a risk that you take every time you suit up and take the field. Well there are risks in life and here's somebody who says they got a concussion from being hit with a big bag of beads of Mardi -- so what you stay away from Mardi Gras. I don't think we should do anything to encourage precautions. But if you if something is a contact sport. -- -- is a sport individual sport team sport there's the possibility. That you're gonna be injured. So I I I disagree with the president saying he would not let his son play pro football. I. I don't know if I would have that same opinion if that's something that -- admired and Obama's is obviously -- have the -- but if I had a son. He first of all sorted by saying I would think long and hard. About whether or not letting him play but he also did say specifically I would not let him play pro football again I I think the -- would be. -- a little too old to have to stop him if that's what dude that did really wanted to do. But Obama's cities a big football fan but he does understand that concussions are -- big problem in the NFL. And I I guess I'm wondering what part of that game. Has led to everybody being so surprised. That you might get a concussion. Everything just think about the nature of the game. There are a lot of things where you point gets a concussion so do you not participate because of the possibility of getting a concussion. All right let's relive that moment. I wish I had the other two to play back to back but here's a telling you this was this was better than the guys in Denver and -- in the guys and Seattle. He was Jim Henderson is called. Win and we knew at that moment the saints are going to the Super Bowl. Snapped placement -- my heart believe this. It took a loan. There. Six and their legs of the super alone. And did what you hear the the other -- look -- these guys were good to guys in Denver and in the guy in Seattle they knew they were good but I couldn't help but compare them to Jim Anderson and they weren't as good news is Jim -- This is the -- Joseph if you and join us for your comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 866889078. -- or were -- 7870. Bruno Mars and these guys Red Hot Chili Peppers halftime Super Bowl this year. That. Will be great halftime show. I'm really looking forward to Super Bowl halftime show I mean beyoncé was -- Because there was too much production and actually hear her talent. That's actually a compliment to beyoncé. But think about that this span generations Bruno Mars. In the Red Hot Chili Peppers they really got this -- right. Personally demanding it be playing outside. In New Jersey. In February. And may not be pretty. But I'm a look at Florida yet though the worst Super Bowl halftime in in recent memory to me was The Who. That's who I thought they were terrible. I mean it look like of which old guys. It's -- to look that way but don't act that way. And I just really I but The Who was it was kind of embarrassing to me for provide generation I mean I'd like -- two who were tremendously talented and they. Certainly had an impact on on on music throughout my generation. But I did I thought that was a terrible Super Bowl halftime I here's a Texan reads MI misunderstanding something. On if you hurt yourself. Do you keep going with no medical treatment the NFL placed players in danger. By forming an environment. We're. If you're hurt. You're soft. Of course you get treatment and of course the NFL should be vigilant and and and should be Smart about players not. Going back in the game. But you're not forced at -- point to play football. You're not forced at gun point to. To continue to play football. And yet I would think that a lot of player look I'm not in favor of neglecting players. I'm not in favor of a forcing players to go win. Your job shouldn't be at stake if you don't go back in the game. You know we've seen a couple of examples where players probably. -- gone back in the game but on to be overly. Cautious. -- teams to -- players back in the game thinking Lewis was an example of that every recently. So the NFL is being very cautious as it should be. But that's still not gonna stop concussions from happening. And they're there seems to be this prevailing attitude and America that we can somehow make the world the perfect place. And we can't. Even with helmets on players are gonna get concussions. And even if you don't go back inning game you could still get his head injury serious enough. To affect you for the rest of your life. Unfortunately. There are risks in almost everything we do mean there's a risk when we get out of bed in the morning. And I'm nodding in discouraging. On negligence when it comes to concussions by any means. But there's a reality there the players except. And I guess it could be argued that one of the reasons they're they're so highly paid is because of that risk and they've risked their bodies. And it's not it's usually not a life or death situation. But they can't do it indefinitely there's a limited period of time that players can play. Mainly because of the the the impact of the game has on on the human body. We can't create this world where there's there's going to be no concussions. No matter how good you make -- There's still may be concussions. No matter how much crackdown on illegal -- there are illegal hits in football. That we're not premeditated. There are illegal hits that are not the result of malicious intent. You throw your body around and you can't necessarily exactly target mean this is not a cruise missile it's operated by a computer. And there are many players. Who target with a hand and that's wrong and the NFL has stopped that. But that doesn't mean that every player is going to be able to -- totally controlled their -- -- it did just -- you might be trying to hit somebody in in one place. They might moving you might hit them in the wrong place with your head and it really might be an accident. Now there are a lot of players. Who do that with malicious intent but there's. There's no specific science to targeting your body win. When bodies are flying all over the place in football so there'll always be that possibility. Of of injury and -- we're not gonna make this world a perfect place in and and kids are gonna fold down and and kids are gonna -- their -- And kids are gonna break their legs. And kids are gonna. Bust up their -- -- missing any of this is good. But how do you avoid that. If you live life. If you wanna join our show the common and I I'd I'd like to know if you or your kids were ever injured playing sports any sports team sport individual sport. And did that prevent you from playing. I mean I've gotten busted up. Yeah I play tennis years ago I was very active in tennis love tennis great game. Early and I went eight years ago playing it because if the surgeries that are -- my need. First it was a result of thought of running a -- the second one was a result of a snowboarding. And EI -- took some pretty good hits on the mountain and I did stupid things like try to jump and in. I've solid you know the horizon rolling all over the place because I was rolling down the mountain London the other side of the jump. So right I didn't always -- to size wise judgment but for the most part I was cautious but I knew that there was that danger. There's always that danger would you do something like that but it didn't stop me from doing it. And again I was wearing a helmet to Alaskan gushing like I was which was snowboarding. Here's a text -- regarding Sherman. You keep acting like all he did was say he was the best etc. It's one thing to -- your own horn. But you neglect to mention he attacked another player insulting him you don't do that someone. On even made. See you don't do that distinction shipped and someone. Even made apologize. Not exactly sure what that says. In a text message sure to ESPN's Ed. Order today Sherman wrote I apologize for attacking an individual but why are our our -- all that. But that somehow I was gonna get lost in. The headlines of of what he said and so we're addressing again a teaching moment -- instead of focusing so much on being negative about what Sherman said. Think to yourself and talked to your kids if your kids are influenced by this sort of thing. And when I say kids I mean they might be older teenagers they might be young adults talk to them about. If you're in that brace and it can come back to launch a former rewrote germane here on WWL. -- -- I welcome back to Steve future means there. -- here's a text he -- just my two cents I have never forgotten how Peyton Manning. Stormed off the field like a spoiled child after losing to the saints in the Super Bowl snubbing drew and the saints like this I hope the Seahawks make him cry all over again. Love your show. Yeah that was. Admittedly. A classless moment. This is this good show. And we'll be right back on -- VW well. -- Friday on the show we talked about just passing. Russell Johnson who played the professor on a Gilligan's Island and today on TV land there was a marathon a Gilligan's Island from 8 in the morning Tuesday night. And so I was doing some work it in my apartment I had a run in the background. And it would in the early episodes black and white. Yeah we talked about how shorts Mary and shorts were I had forgotten how shortest how short they work. They were shorter than anything I've seen on Miley Cyrus they -- sort of in some of the stuff that I've -- criticized by today's new establishment. And yet. Establishment grew up -- Marianne. And I realize that -- wasn't working. Not that we don't don't think about what that might not have been like with the Clinton and -- -- it but those shorts where. How can I say this well. Those shorts were extremely well defying things. I'll put it that way. Shortest shorts I'd ever seen on it on television. And see we think we turned out okay right I got. A call earlier from somebody who wish -- talking about racism and he said that really the problem today is about a gender discrimination that -- are discriminated against. And he was -- to check out our web site called a voice for men dot com. So check this out in willow we'll talk about this on the show tomorrow night. Here's an update on tonight's seven W a pretty general opinion poll. A President Obama says that marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol do you agree with the president. 59% say yes they agree and 41% saying no they don't. You can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com and also to be very clear about this while the president said that he doesn't think marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol. He's not arguing for the legalization of pot. But he did say that he thinks that -- is less dangerous than alcohol in terms of the impact on the individual consumer. President Obama admitted that he use pot when he was young. Andy admitted I guess that he inhaled it's unlike Bill Clinton and it was stupid to admit that you smoked it but she didn't inhale when I mean when a cop out to be just if you dated admitted. But the president says that when he was young and he smoked pot he said that was a bad idea. And he said he is troubled deport kids many of them African American and Latinos. Are far more likely to get locked up for smoking pot. Then -- Klaas kids. He said that -- he is urging a cautious approach saying that people who think legalizing pot will solve social problems are quote. Probably overstating the case. I don't think legalizing pot is gonna solve our social problems it might actually create some revenue and invite actually. A free up a lot of law enforcement resources around the country from -- Mike you're under the WL. And tonight good. -- haven't gotten it about that. Mr. Sherman and yet again. Okay. I'm in big go to our enemies this problem. And council record Italy you've not maybe the split. At -- you don't think that was which we've been in between being confident and being in and kind of being cocky you know. Well I I agree with you miscues that I don't think he'd. I don't think he should have done it but I totally understand. And him having that -- attitude and feeling that passion the moment after he wears. He was. Approached by a reporter on the field after that game and they're going to the Super Bowl I totally understand that. And I certainly do that to our strategic opportunity emotion. Of the moment but I think it -- you know. I apologize to awful or forty years then I just what about that -- is that we -- the younger kids that would well this little media. -- I'm gonna have a -- I have to get to a news break -- really appreciate your call thanks for what you do with those kids they were coming right back after the news.