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01-20 11pm Scoot MLK and marijauna legalization

Jan 21, 2014|

Scoot talks about: MLK day and what it means for us now as well as the legalization of marijuana...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In an interview with the New Yorker Magazine. President Obama said that marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol he wasn't promoting the legalization of marijuana. Admits that he smoked when he was young said that was a bad idea. -- so he's not in encouraging the legalization of -- But he says it's not more dangerous than alcohol which is totally contrary to the government's stance on marijuana. Which was not created under the Obama administration this is did the government's stance for a long time and that is that marijuana is as dangerous. As Caroline. Now. Anybody who knows anything. -- Drugs whether you've done -- not. There is no credibility. Would anybody that says that marijuana is is damaging. -- -- And the government really needs to update its its mentality but you know this country is very very slow to change it again that's not something it was -- under the Obama administration. But do you agree with the president marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol 56% say yes they agree and 44% saying they disagree. I wonder how many people disagree with the president because it's President Obama. But actually agree that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol. Because they are there are people who'd who will not agree with the president. No matter what he says mean the president may say your wonderful guide their people who would argue that I'm not that great. And that's that's life we're also talking about. Martin Luther King Jr. day in the -- blog tonight is titled do you have a drink. And he's so famous for his I have a dream speech which was given fifty years ago. So fifty years later. Has as his dream come true. But part of the dream has come true what part of the dream is not country. And what dreams do you have for America. I would hope we all have dreams that's the -- -- you can read it share with others coming -- you like this summer we're excited to be giving you want to come we'll talk more about that coming up here. In just a few minutes and here's a text. About Peyton Manning a patent explained why he left the field win and why he did. And and it made perfect sense Archie agreed classless for you to call it's such. Well everybody's entitled their opinion. I don't remember what the excuse was -- if you want to a date be on the excuse that's fine but you're supposed to show sportsmanship. -- after the game. And Payton didn't and that doesn't mean I don't like -- it means that at that moment I thought Payton should have. Should have done what other players do in that situation. You know sometimes people are so sensitive. About people that if you if use if you. Just give an opinion about. About something that that you recognize in terms of of behavior for example mean nobody is perfect. I guess there was one guy was perfect Jesus but -- target about football players were talking about Jesus. And it -- and again people seem to think that if you are honest about one aspect of something that the -- means you must hate the person. But again that is just part of the the panic and hysteria. This so easily drummed up in America and we talk about it all the time. Here's a fascinating story. I'm nine. -- nine. In Italy. Has given birth to a baby boy. The 31 year old -- said she had no idea she was pregnant just felt a little stomach pains. Wow. Even her fellow -- said that they were quite surprised. OK I know I have the same questions you do know and it gives birth I mean their only a couple possibilities here. Either. She was a virgin. And conceived. Or she. Maybe has more than one -- it. If you enjoy our show comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text number is 8787. There -- some breaking news tonight there may be some more substance to this controversy with New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Involving the mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey Don Zimmer as she has said that -- Governor Christie held back sandy relief farms. On over. The approval or disapproval. Of the development of several blocks in Hoboken. And I don't know exactly what that controversy was about -- she is saying that. The governor Christine. -- play politics with sandy relief funds and when you think about how nonpolitical Christie was in the aftermath of superstore sandy. It's kind of hard to believe that he he would play politics with those those relief funds but. We've learned anything could happen she now says tonight. -- she has information and evidence that will back up what she sings so this is something that is yet to be played out in I'm sure you'll hear more about that tomorrow. Here's a text. That reads yes football players are not perfect but it Jesus was a football player he would be in the and he would be -- New Orleans saint. We'll see that makes sense. I mean he wouldn't be one of the raiders. If Jesus was a football player I would think that he would be with the saints. Here is a text I can describe Mary and shorts for you. Yeah but I can't reduce on the air I loved every minute of them won't stop can't stop. No -- I can't like him I understand yeah I would I totally agree with you by the way. Here's a text the character -- and I shorts were a short and tight as a character daisy dukes. If he checks it comes every. Fifteen or twenty. Yes the short shorts always return. You know and that's not really a bad thing I just as as I continued to describe myself and if you listen to it is too -- a regular basis you know that I. Describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. There are some things that I'm proud of my generation about but I I have to admit to it. My generation is now the establishment. And I find many people in my generation to be very hypocritical. They are critical of Miley Cyrus wearing and I know you're critical of the that it that the working in other things that she might do. But Miley Cyrus is really no different than Madonna was. In the beginning of her career. We're not the beginning but as she became more controversial or say in the mid to late eighties have Madonna was very controversy. Miley Cyrus is really no different an end to criticize short shorts on so we -- going what what is this what is that showing young girls well what about. What about Marion on Gilligan's Island. What about those kinds of things that were part of of of our generation my generation. Isn't it totally hypocritical to be critical of of stuff today when stuff in the past was was almost identical that we we've made this comparison on the show hot pants. -- the the I guess it was a late sixties maybe early seventy's the mean heart pain that's what. Mean you could see the bottom of cheeks in the back I mean I -- dated girls that wore hot pants. I loved it but. Did they were they were hot pants and by gosh you remember. Southwest Airlines and I think another airliner and a river toward it was between their their flight attendants were hot pants and go go boots. Gotta love that look. If you -- join our show our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And -- -- Amber's late 77 here's a text. I call shenanigans is that nine says she's a virgin would anybody really believe for I hope not. Yeah I mean. I mean honestly if if but none gives birth to to a baby a mean there's only two possibilities here. I either it was a miracle conception through god. Or. -- he -- the others the others pretty obvious. Here's attacks that reads. I never heard someone. Am. Voting on weed I never somebody's did you know sometimes spell check gates you guys when it comes to these tax and by -- I try to read -- but it's invented over accents. Never heard someone something on weed but had a friend die from alcohol all I guess it was -- -- week yeah I never heard anybody died. From. Marijuana. Die from from from pop and yet people die from alcohol. I've taped typing -- on my screen here John -- of our studio producers saying what about the near commercials. I don't remember those. And remember the -- commercials but they were about removing aired an and the legs in the all all we Wear short shorts I didn't I didn't remember that. Here's a text Peyton Manning said the saints were already in celebration mode -- didn't want to intrude. Now that. Means that while that makes sense. Don't players find ways. To congratulate each other. Enemy I understand that and I'm not trying to be hard on and on Peyton Manning I mean I love the guy. And I love that he has made such a come back. At a time when people thought how is no way. The colts caught him in the week he comes back and he's gonna he's gonna sign his big mega contract is he really worth that. Well he's proven that he really is worth that he's that great. I just thought it at that moment and I don't hold that against him but I thought at that moment he -- he should have gone over and and done what quarterbacks to end at the end of it at the end of the game of course you're gonna celebrate but I've seen. Other quarterbacks after Super Bowl victories Colbern and do that -- and I'm not done not being totally hard on. And a big -- hard on them and on Peyton Manning or just an honest. Opinion of that I think he should've and I think he -- have the extended his. His hand after the after the victory by the saints. Here's text -- my dream is more racial aggression. I hope nobody. I disagrees with that. If you enjoy pressure right with a comment about anything we're talking about our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889087. -- And our tech's number is 87870. Here's our WWL party jaguar opinion poll tonight. President Obama says that marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol do you agree with the president. As much issue might not -- -- agree with the president do you agree with him on this. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWO dot com it would give you an update on that. When we come back after this break also will talk about today being Martin Luther King Jr. day in a national holiday. And we'll talk about dreams. That we all should have for America. This is this crucial glad to witness on this Monday -- life for New Orleans -- WW well what about Daily Mail and a Beverly Hillbillies. When it centuries. What about -- hearing. What about what she was selling yourself by that CNET pond of -- yeah we can go on and on. I here's an update on a -- and -- pretty general opinion poll tonight President Obama says that marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol do you agree -- the president. 57%. Agree with the president 43%. Disagree I hope when you respond to polls like this. You don't that you don't put politics into this this should not be about politics and I would like to think that. In fact this is something that we really should all strive to do not put politics aside. And judge. Things that presidents say things that politicians say. I'm not based on our preconceived idea of of who they are not based on our political affiliation and our political ideology. But based on and how we actually feel about something. And there are people who will disagree with the president no matter what he says. And then there are people who will agree with the president no matter what he says and both of those groups are totally wrong. From New Orleans clay here -- the WL. Always certainly dignity. That -- -- quite well. Also. Comment relative to Wichita but we spent the morning after the thanks. Both like to walk off the field. Opportunity. -- clay McConnell losing your you were you manager who try to heave heard some things lost you there. Well. Trained I heard. -- so yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He won't offer will be -- to gradually in the Saint Louis and things like that at all but saying yeah. Turn your attorney you don't all of a medal or -- on the radio. Local couple OK okay well. But saying it would everybody you know who. You want physical -- He -- open war and went to school and high school ignorant war. It's all the play with the New Orleans. The entire career. We talked about you know she's going to play on the team. -- as such were the best interest. Got a young man that. -- -- -- -- -- -- He was around the -- practice facility. Arsenal so -- -- -- is keep everything. You know and it just seemed very different -- that when that happened you know two. Just walk off in -- but the -- to celebrate. Players -- -- police as well coached team. Cable that could gradually to the players and now. That the stock you know you know. Cooperate -- recently. Wasn't the case at all -- the -- -- and right when it happened. He walked directly often feel great Google. I appreciate you calling I I didn't think it was the appropriate thing to do and it doesn't mean I'm critical Auburn is as a person -- -- in that moment I don't to applaud that moment. And anybody who just listen I'm not trying to resurrect is it came up earlier talking about it. He that the passionate -- And the brain active Richard Sherman after that in the Seahawks beat the 49ers. Yesterday. -- these great. Especially with the war. Tomorrow. I think is what I think this this comeback is great and it -- You know it's something I can -- relate to in my life but it's it's. If it's great to. It's great to see people come back after. After getting to a point where there are some people who don't have the same faith in you. And then you can you can come back -- -- you play you gave us that story thanks for listing here's a text. Very real -- read this when. I thought -- was a sexy beautiful big girl. And be on the Andy Griffith Show. Them. Must like big cougars. Today has done. A national. Today's and at what she would qualify as a cougar. This today was a national holiday we're still in today for the next 35 minutes. But today's Martin Luther King Jr. day and you know there are there are still people who. Immediately have a negative reaction to that. But everybody should take time to date to think about the message. Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There are those who are gonna be quick to discredit his life that he has his purpose. But let's remember that no man this perfect. And even men who -- imperfect and still bring the world outstanding messages. So was -- look around our lives we've seen this tendency to judge. So many new stories and so many news events along racial lines. And we -- reminded that we still have challenges ahead. Racial segregation in 2014. Is not as blatant as it was when blacks were physically separated. With separate schools. Separate water fountains. Separate bathrooms and for those of you were young it may be hard to believe this but yes she would. You would -- border fountains and bathrooms that said whites only. Colors only. So yes a lot has changed. Physically blacks are no longer banned from lunch colors are relegated to the back of public buses so the progress has been made. But the most obvious aspects of segregation should not make this blind. To the reality that there is continuing subtle judgment and discrimination in America. And Martin Luther King junior's famous speech I have a dream should be remembered and celebrated as a message. About. A promise that we give people in America. And that is that every. Should be treated treated equally. That historic speech focused on the injustices. Against blacks. And those injustices actually contradicted the intent of our founding fathers. In remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today. Fifty years after his speech focuses his birthday but this was about fifty years after he gave the speech and he was indicted 1963 gave the I I have a dream speech. We all realize. Did we are human beings first I mean this is one of my dreams and I think we should we can we should all think about the dreams that we have to this country. I have a dream that that is divided as we are that one day we can realize that we are human beings first. We're human beings before we're Americans. And we're Americans before we're liberals and conservatives. And -- many Americans are so willing to identify themselves first as conservative or liberal. Before thinking of themselves as. As Americans. We're humans first. Americans second. And did if you -- subdivided to liberal conservative you can do that. But not until you recognize that you -- human first and American second. And this is really obvious and in our nation's capital. And it spreads out from there. I have a dream that all Americans will understand that freedom of speech protects the rights of others to say things that you disagree with. And the disagreement is something that should be appreciates one of the unique freedoms that we have in America. As a radio talk show host eyewitness this growing disrespect for freedom of speech every night. Or during the day -- filling in for somebody else. When disagreement over issues quickly becomes a reason to hate somebody. What do think that somebody doesn't deserve. To voice their opinion if it's different from your opinion. I have a dream that that all Americans. Will return to respecting and teaching the importance. Of personal accountability. We become a nation that continues to showed dismissed diminish respect. For the concept that individuals are accountable for their actions. Bartenders and wait staff now being held accountable. For customers who drink too much and drive home. Is a perfect microcosm of the society. That is willing to blame someone or something else for their mistakes in life. Another big excellent example of this trend is blaming violent video games -- entertainment for violent behavior of young generations. There was a time in America -- blaming a form of entertainment would never ever have been considered an excuse. For violent actions. Why is it acceptable today. I have a dream that all Americans will come to understand that life isn't fair. And the Q you're not entitled to a job. United -- the happiness. You're not entitled to money or anything tangible. You are entitled to life liberty. And the pursuit of happiness. But life isn't fair. I have a dream that Americans will stop instinctively resisting change in this country. Part of the fear that all changes debt. Changes the basis of everything. And change is inevitable. And those who are so quick to protest certain changes. Have reaped the benefits. Of past changes. So why not embrace change rather than condemn it. Based on fear. I have a dream that parents once again learn to be parents. You can't always be your kids restaurant. But you always have to be the apparent. For all of us who won a live in a civilized society every parent must teach their child right from wrong. And they must always a stab -- consequences for negative behavior. I have a dream that Paris will. Will bring kids into this world and love them. -- -- understand that their child cannot be good at everything. And that failure and loss is part of human existence. We learn more from our failures and from our victories. By our victories in our failures we learn the things that we're better act. That's how we discover. How we can be the best it's something. I have a dream that all Americans and stop blaming the government for everything that's wrong in their lives. When most of their problems result from their actions and events. That are totally beyond the control of the government. I have a dream that all Americans will understand that the government cannot take away your faith. Or your religious beliefs. And you shouldn't be afraid of those who promote this idea that the government is involved in in. Somehow robbing us of Christmas robbing us of of our religious beliefs the government can't take that away from you because that lives in your heart. And in your mind. I also have a dream that people stopped looking to the government. To make moral decisions about the private lives of individuals. There are a lot of people in this country now. Who promote the idea. That the government should make moral decisions. About what goes on. In the private bedrooms of the lives of individuals and that's what -- what happened there with the government to make a moral decision. The constitution is essentially. Void of religion. It's about law. You can still have your religion. We don't know what the government to make those decisions because if you open that door we're just that it. We look to the president and other elected officials to change America for the better when the real power of change. Actually. Is within all of us. As a society -- easily herded into groups. And that leads to enhancing our differences. Rather than celebrating what we haven't come. You watch you here you read the news on a daily basis and he get the feeling that. We've lost our power to manifest powerful change. In America and we haven't. What we do in our everyday lives and how we react to each other and how we treat others. And the dreams and morality that we pass onto our children those of the things that define this country. Our nation that we talk about the softened our nation is nothing more than a collection of individuals and we can't be a great nation. If the individuals aren't great and are striving for greatness we can be no better than the collection of individuals that make up this country. So rather than look to those. We think have power. Let's take a look at ourselves as individuals -- realized that we have the power to change America. And that's the message that we should focus on. When it comes to Dr. Martin Luther King. Again. It was good luck tonight his title he'll have a dream. Clinton do you have a dream for America. If you would join our show with your comment tonight our numbers 26 no one hates him. Toll free 8668890870. A text number is -- to -- him and this is the -- show. And we'll be back under the WL. You might not even believe inspector Jack Harrison wrote a studio disturbing talking about that Texas City and -- -- says sexy in the Andy Griffith Show. I am looking at a picture right now. Of France's. -- I guess yes you pronounce her name. Young in her career. All am G. She was a highly. I mean she's like an almost like a glamour barely Miller -- type posts. Open toe shoes. I'm kind of -- polka dot. Almost bikini type outfit. Slant and leg out one leg under her own a share. Will. -- aid. Healing itself go with -- Here's an update our WW project opinion poll tonight pres Obama says that marijuana is more and is not more dangerous if not more dangerous than alcohol. Do you agree or disagree with the president 60% say yes and 40% say no Kenneth you're on WWL good evening. I'm gonna get. Any an article about. You know it. Saying that marijuana is -- you know. Since it's not more dangerous. Or actually so it's Hillary said it was it was it was actually less dangerous. It's last ain't why I totally agree program -- less dangerous than alcohol on never hurt anybody -- in -- there really injure themselves. On smoke a little older. You know -- you know and you know let my ideal that is if they catch stated every body and the tea quarter dollars a month. Which would be 12100 dollars a year. Into action after the smoke right so say the tape itself well card. Every year I mean -- quality eight bit -- dollars and you can smoke all year round which you're park. You know that -- taxes -- that the street in whatever needs to be put it through with the dollar car with that statewide you know. There -- do you smoke. I'm on that being critical challenge to responsibly. I don't have a problem with that it's assaulted that I that I do product I just wanted to get your your point of reference. -- there's a lot of money it's that's exchanging hands over the sale of marijuana in New Orleans and throughout this country. And the only states that are gonna benefit from that financially well I guess there I guess some some states are benefiting from the medical uses sale of marijuana. But the only states that are gonna really deal with it from a recreational use. It is going to be a state of for Colorado and Washington State. And at some this is gonna continue to change and I think this will ultimately be. Another one of the gifts of the baby boomer generation. Now that the baby boomer generation is the establishment. Even though much of this is being fueled by younger generations. -- marijuana is gonna eventually be legal in America. Oh well hopefully and not you know the prohibition has come into it and -- these days. But when he you know urging all about it because are they implant. -- an -- on it it's like they have in the tobacco and in other places like grow tobacco like doesn't. Was it big tobacco companies have a feel ready are couples who are ready to orient as soon as it does -- Yeah I'd I'd I don't know but I'm assuming that the soil would bigger enough for for the production of marijuana plants -- the drawing a of -- and I know it's a growing in Colorado and I was drawing is it was growing in places all over this country numerous not a legal. And so you know it it could turn out to be very very. Big crop now. I think it's essentially harmless though I don't smoke and I'm not promoting it. I think it's essentially harmless and you know whenever we had this discussion on the show I just find it very difficult to have a discussion with anybody who. Thinks that marijuana is somehow worse than alcohol because I just don't -- I just haven't seen that in any aspect in my life. No and I -- anyway. Augustine be let in during didn't. They die from alcohol police and I've never I mean I guess you could change somebody died from let's say lung cancer or something like I could blame now tomorrow. -- -- Oh and I don't even know I don't know if yeah for smoking a joint I don't know if the news that the pots plan has the same. -- cancer causing agents of tar nicotine. Bad debt to -- tobacco plants. Let it -- the residence. So I mean that does go in your body and I don't know. -- Like I'll argue that if you're you're certainly not getting your daily dose of vitamins from. And you know a figure right now I mean if if they are -- marijuana related dance you have to be really careful how you would analyze that that information because it's probably. Marijuana related like somebody got stoned and did something stupid but nobody actually ever died from. Merrill itself wears people die from alcohol and other drugs. -- -- -- -- -- Well it's -- -- in the incidentally all day lock in the that are radio station on that and I agree -- points that we had today and everything. I enjoyed the -- Good Kenneth thanks for listening to W bureau ignite. -- here's a text about two. Oh that's good blog that are just was talking about very nice scooter guard Luther king's. Life in dreams simply inspired. A little of your thoughts in each one of us the world would definitely be a better place and it's from -- thank you for that that thought. That's what inspires me. And yet I think it's it is truly sad that there are there's so many people who will prejudged. Martin Luther King Jr. Because he's black. And don't deal pre judge what he represents without realizing what he represents. Now you know for physical segregation has has changed. But there's still discrimination. In fact we have actually added. To discrimination. Because now there's discrimination against. People who wanna get married at the same sex. Where were adding to discrimination we're we're we're we're looking for ways and part of all of this is what with the media does to us. But yet we allow the media. To do to us. We allow the media to make as -- and again when I say -- that told him I don't necessarily mean you or me. But we allow as a nation we allow the media to rile us up. We allow the -- separated us to divide us. And that's what creates compelling. Conversations. In the media. It's always about controversy. I mean I'm part of that industry but I'm I'm. It's something that I've studied throughout my career I'm Smart enough to realize what the media. What the media does its. There is always going to be controversy but why -- instead of dividing people why not. Why not try to focus on those things that we have a comment because it doesn't make for that. I would like to think it makes for compelling radio. But much of this country has responded to those who defiance. Those who who get people so riled up. That there essentially telling that to grab their pitchforks and brought into the town square because they're gonna hang some body. There there. Creating. Panic. And they're they're making you think people that many people in the media are making you think that things are gonna happen that aren't really gonna happen. But they benefit from that. And I'm not idealistic. But I am hoping that may be. We've reached the tipping point where it's kinda over that's kinda like so. A couple of years ago. And then maybe we ought to find more more people who try to bring us together without being. Again without being naive. But focus more on the on on the thinks that we have in common and not celebrates so much what we don't have income. I'm from Houston David -- on this crucial -- every every real. Pay you to -- sort of thanks got a couple different ideas maybe a couple different viewpoints on. -- on the king holiday I. I would I really wish it was civil rights but it. And I say that because they were so many different hand that they were appreciating. And so many people that were involved in getting things change in the country so I dislike the -- It now is the more movement listed as an individual and I mean no disrespect the Doctor King. Yet David. You know in instead of it being civil rights stay on his birthday let's take what he stood for and turn that in our hearts and minds into civil rights day. That's you know I just wanna make it more encompassing of that as well -- senator. Well you know I -- I tried to do that when I talked about -- the dreams that I Hannity and inspires me to think about oh wait a minute why. Why can't we we dream and I mean just one of the things that just stands out so clearly in my mind about the I have a dream speech is. Judging people by the content of their character. And at the color of their skin. And I brought them out when when we've talked about. You know I'm not judging people with tattoos. -- the courage of their character. Not to tattoos takes the content of their character but the sexual orientation because it is the content of character that is really important and that should transcend. Every outwardly side. Let me give -- -- marijuana thing here. I. Not in favor legalization. And where I'm coming from is. From from the corporate side of it seen it. All the year your major companies when they need to make big decisions own party dues they don't seem to -- thing to do there's. They still want they don't care or sending you to Colorado or Amsterdam where they're certainly need to do it the maker real clear they don't want any part of and that you know having -- discussion about. I don't in -- -- signature by a lot of the things that I think there -- some links to be fitted with this year. The with the corporate carpal. Top courses they are about the. What end I think this country is is reticent to change. In general you even if the change. Isn't bad. They don't care. Both puncture a those -- interpret the law they you know they could careless about it they're looking it. Woody your performance on the job and quite frankly what I as you can everybody get there and talked about her experience my experience with the look folks in the long term smokers. And -- -- -- demand that they're not that short that they need to be. Some -- not. But did it again and our people our people our people are legally going to work with severe hangovers and they're not very productive in the workplace with a severe hangover. Yeah and -- and if there aren't over they'll get sent home. -- they seem like little function. Trying to function. Yeah I just like -- fact -- 13 it and there's like there's a reason why. A lot of your bigger companies they don't want. Well I don't know if the bigger companies know more about two -- -- than anybody else I'd take their they they love having their their rules and regulations and David I'm gonna have to get to break him -- thanks for listening -- -- but it's going to be interesting to see if if if pot does become legal. If companies would still have the right to say you can't do this in your private life. You can drinking a private life and that does quite often affect productivity. I'm scoots and we'll be right back on -- WL. Oh. I still can't believe this is yeah. I -- I -- you -- -- this -- Francisco -- -- NB. I'm telling young and her career she was hot. And I never thought I would say that -- I'll we're gonna wrap up the show -- difficulties to actually equipped studio do you think it's kind of funny that the two states that legalize marijuana this year we're going to meet in the Super Bowl. Now -- the jokes begin. -- here is a text it's easier to sit back and embrace fear. And not try to accept people and their differences accepting people and loving people of all different backgrounds and lifestyles. Takes some work. And self reflection. People don't like doing that hopefully someday they will. Love your show thanks for listening. Well -- think -- John wicker studio producer also reject harassing and the other studio tonight here's a final update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll. The president says that marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol do you agree 62% yes 30% now have a great night. We're back with a -- show tomorrow night's love -- New Orleans.