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Jan 21, 2014|

Dave talks about the best driving songs of all time, no more extra points? Snow?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this 21 of January 2000 in fourteen -- share is it's a Tuesday. Welcome to not to Monday off. At first I wanna talk about this whole discussion about legalizing marijuana in the Louisiana hair so housing criminal justice committee today will meet to discuss the -- The ACLU says a recent survey shows more than half of Louisiana -- think that pot should be legalized in Louisiana. Not decriminalized now legal -- just let anyone who is of age go ahead and smoke it -- it to giving candy just -- like Colorado is yeah dude do the Colorado thing with -- stores and and founder of growing like crazy that smoke and or whatever now here's the problem. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has clear national political aspirations. Plus conservative ones through very cancer he wants to be in new face and voice of a movement to reform the Republican Party. He'd wants to be maybe vice president. Probably wants to be president whether he can or not is still one clear area seems unlikely at least in this election cycle but. Who knows down the road you're running mate might fit the bill. Do you think that a staunch conservative Republicans. From the deep south states. Would ever. Be the third governor in the country. To approve legalization of marijuana very doubtful it's seems like too risky position to -- At this time in his political. Ambition. Development. So for Bobby Jindal -- -- he could probably knicks about anything legislature did get away and governors in the state historically have extreme control not only do they have veto power there. Buy it they there's never been big gubernatorial veto over ridden. So generally speaking if they tell legislature what to do the legislature generally has done it. So bottom line talk about it all you want and extremely unlikely at least for the next two years. The governor Bobby Jindal would be willing to allow that to become law may be wrong I contrast of about it I've never heard him comment on it. But it just seems with the political. You know situation being what. The idea and I think you're probably dead on with that. Probably about the only thing they won't get done in the session is possibly. Reducing. Some of the whopping criminal penalties -- -- -- former -- that's that seems fairly likely am maybe just maybe having some sort of medical -- out an -- built yeah maybe maybe -- -- -- the doctor can write a prescription for marijuana and Louisiana now but there's no way to fill that because is no legal means for pharmacy obtain so maybe they look at that -- May be the governor let that happen but. -- -- You gotta start some are gonna do this two or three years down the road maybe this is what they have to do to get started and even the experts are saying navy yeah like you said -- you know on. Years down the road may be then they get this and again who becomes. -- drove in this. Morning -- in new wing mornings where -- kind of -- did turn the windshield wipers on turn him off even the lowest setting an intermittent setting wasn't it not too much battle at all this week as saying whatever it's. You'll -- to drive I love to -- we are drivers. We like taking cross country trips how we enjoy our vehicles are not well I have right here asked. A survey. From. Insurance dot com they asked people what their top ten at. Most favorite driving songs of all time. The songs that when you hear that behind the -- -- -- -- on the steering will use it sang and out loud in the car. Just make you feel good in the belong on the car stereo you might even accelerate a little bit he had one year ago at once sometimes you tend to go a little faster because the adrenaline -- -- -- -- -- even Bob and it just. So here we -- number ten. All right fortunate son by. Credence Clearwater revival got 14% of the -- that's the tenth most favorite driving song according to insurance dot com. All right so I want people to text me candidates 7870 right now do you think I will become legal Louisiana. And what are your favorite driving songs ready for number nine. Are going -- Bruce Springsteen's born to run we come back I'll share some more of these top ten -- of the favorite driving songs which you will get your forecast. For the rest of this work week and we'll get sports with Steve -- in your text messages today 7870. What are your current favorite driving songs in your favorite driving -- of all time. And you -- in Louisiana legalizing pot. The number eight's top driving song of all time according to insurance not count don't stop -- get enough by Michael Jackson. And I could definitely. To attacks made it seven years seven -- meatloaf bat out of hell as a favorite driving song of all time noses Allman Brothers group Allman Brothers -- guy. Says too late for love Def Leppard I what are some of the songs and on the radio now that your favorites as well thankfully that. To announce on the pot if you tax mediate 7870 that's not conservative and I legalize pot I voted for Jindal twice. Abbott says that no conservative support the legalization of pot I'm saying a man who may wanna be president of the United States or vice president or at least the national voice. For the conservative movement just may not wanna go out on a limb and be one of the very few governors in the country to have allowed the legalization of pot. Not saying it's a sign that a conservative issue richest day. Less than highly popular issue at least at this time forecast. From the Eyewitness News forecast that. Comes we'll start in the upper fifties today but -- that front moves through expect them to drop by later this afternoon and evening. Skies will also start to clear as we get into the afternoon and evening and clear skies expected tonight. As Temps dropped quickly 24 in north of the lake and thirty on the South Shore. And sunny and stay in Chile on Wednesday highs right at fifty and Thursday we'll say partly cloudy skies and eight cool afternoon with heights of 56. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- -- not it's foggy as it was yesterday but we do have some fog dressed. Interest mist and drizzle around the region cloudy and 56 at the airport now in on the lake front sixty wanting cloudy. At the airport in tanner 159 at the National Weather Service office in slide now. Sports time now on WW well -- that we say good morning to Steve Geller happy not Monday yes indeed as -- going to and it's gone well -- paid by the time today is over will be 40% of the way through the work week. And sliding doors the weekend even though winter's coming back for a little while I like that think. -- it now I'm always looking at the bright side. -- -- -- Well good morning everyone in the last and the Republicans had won a game with back on January 3. But the brow was determined to snap their eighteen losing skid against the grizzlies the pelicans and come away with -- -- supported -- look out to hand -- correctly Davis AD scorched 47 points with ten rebounds four steals and four blocks. To lead to -- doing 95 to 92 victory over Memphis. Tyreke Evans added fifteen points with seven -- this. Seattle's Richard Sherman apologize for his post game comments in a text message to ESPN. The quarterback says he's sorry about his rant about 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree and took attention away from his teammates. Who played a fantastic game and advance to the Super Bowl. -- commissioner Roger Goodell told the NFL network that the league could eventually abolish the extra point. -- extra point is almost automatic I believe we have five. Mr. extra points -- -- out of 12100 tomorrow so it's a very small fraction of the play and you wanna add excitement with everybody. You don't said that the league is intrigued by proposal that would automatically -- seven points for every touchdown. What will still allow teens to try for an eight point -- an offensive play. Now let's check -- -- saints sideline reporter Kristian -- who's at the Senior Bowl the saints are mobile at the Senior Bowl scouting out the talent entering the NFL draft and -- Director of college scouting for the saints Rick -- says the talent strong this year. Well it's usually the best -- bowl game you know they have no idea seems as far as an all star game. -- hits and supposedly the better players look after competing against one another excuse and won't look at. Some big names throughout the Senior Bowl in the years past Russell Wilson EJ Manuel. And Erik Fisher. From mobile Alabama at the Senior Bowl Kristian -- WWL sports today have four on sports talk will get the latest from the Senior Bowl what position the saints' biggest area of need this all season. At 530 catch LSU basketball vs Missouri. Then at seven you have a choice switch over to 870 AM to continue listening to fight and tiger hoops or tune into 1053 WWL left them. To hear the pelicans hosts the Sacramento Kings. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look it's. -- 524 Dave Cohen Steve -- with you on your radio and the appellate chance to win a game the first time and not try -- real surprise that they want. On the road. At the grizzlies. Absolutely because this Memphis team had more had been on a winning streak of their -- had won five games in a row but. So for some reason. The pelicans have Memphis is number it's the third time. That they've -- Memphis this year. Grizzlies can't find the way to beat the pelicans which is kind of unbelievable well congratulations. To the pelicans for picking up their first win after losing eight in a row what they got on the horizon. They've got he Sacramento Kings come to town tonight of a good chance they can put together two consecutive victories so. I've got to be hopeful that if he gives he carries steam to another win tonight. I can have a win streak as we hear American girl by Tom Petty and the numbers seven. Favorite song for driving you assurance that count. So a little positive -- he's there in your morning the hornets. -- again pelicans still tough it's not the pelicans get on a winning streak perhaps. If they can pick up another victory tonight we get to backing -- 25 minutes with more sports Steve I want I talk to you about this idea of getting rid of the extra point. Give us a little more detail on how that might work in your opinion do you think it's a good idea to get rid of the extra point right. Number six on our list of most popular driving songs. Right there it is the number five song according to insurance dot com for favorite driving songs of all time life for the highway the original by Tom Cochran. I coming up we have a top four driving songs of all times of -- means that it's definitely an analyst for the younger now -- -- all -- -- mostly older music protects me. What are your current favorites. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's the 21 it's January it's 24 to. It's Tuesday as the day I like to refer to as not Monday no longer the debate raging nine should Louisiana. Legalize marijuana. Ploy to me the real question is would governor Bobby Jindal how the legalization of marijuana even if the people and the lawmakers. Supported and -- it. No yeah. I am I don't know but I'm just like I wants to be president or vice president or at least the national voice of the conservative movement just seems too risky to me to be one of the very few states in the nation to legalize it -- in place and they can be used against him but. I don't know I've never heard him comment on and I don't know what his position as on and I just think that people who wanna be president of the United States. Generally don't go way out on blames on controversial now where you heard comments just recently from President Obama on this and he is a whole different story he's in favor of legalizing criminalizing one knee to the New Yorker Magazine that. Make sense to him -- pot be legal but. In adults -- asking lawmakers in congress to sponsored bills that legalized it nationally. Now. Others Baptist -- yet so we've been sharing this hour the top ten favorite driving songs. All of all time from insurance dot com go to these are oldies but goodies these -- people's favorites through the years. Not necessarily their current favorite songs that are on the radio the open highway runner out there you'd just how many -- ready -- ago that what hair blowing in the wind at two that just makes it jam -- Number ten was fortunate son by CCR number nine born to run by Bruce Springsteen number eight don't stop T get enough Michael Jackson number seven American girl Tom Petty and the heart breakers number six dancing queen by -- number five life is a highway by Tom Cochran what is number four a. 182% of those people responding to insurance dot com said any way you wanted night journey. Is one of there favorite driving zone to more than one in five. -- anyway you want it can bite journey. There are only three left on the list I'll give you -- -- one of them is also -- journey. G of the favorite driving song of all time. You have won your favorite driver and song of all time where I mean yeah I got several but I bridges I think Billy -- got a couple problem including. White wedding that you like to drive that I like -- I'd like dirty white boy. That's not. What this as a bacteria like assigned about why -- -- -- the about white wedding and -- about a dirty way -- well it is what it is it is the -- now our -- we'll -- in twenty minutes more first news here on WWL AM FM and not -- Chris Miller joins us as we continue to dig into this issue. Should. Marijuana be legalized in Louisiana and will it be legalized in Louisiana do you think that lawmakers and the governor -- ready for that. Ready for the number three top. Favorite driving song of all time. As we go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and I -- morning. Yeah AC DC shook me all night long but it really counting down the top. Favorite driving songs of all while you're driving you know listen to those little banged on the steering wheel sing out loud and really just feel good about -- OK the guys in jail. Top five you well know what -- four and five and -- but we'll review for those of you just drag sorry I got television okay. And we have other duties fortunate son by CCR was number nine born to run -- number ten born to run number nine guys not to get enough aid American girl sent men. Dancing queens and yet guys like there's a highway five yet anyway you want it. Four and shook me all night long like it -- agree with that that will have the top two. Coming up you have a favorite song that you just love to drive did you love to drive for the. -- know. You don't Unita a road trip you don't want to be and the we will not often that. I Verizon in that funny anything over an hour and a half an hour flight. Now yet you just head out that he wanted the car you have one of those attorney until like you know five year old are we theory and I'm not. I'm I'm awful but it's funny you know my husband let's strap my mom wants to drive they all just love the open road and it is like. Tedious. Just awful for me you'd rather to meet demand you. -- and -- -- -- done that before how I got currently in this funny advocate and it was in Houston. And I will fly to Houston and my husband I'll try and compete at the airport is Hillary that. You don't even like the drive to Houston about five hours and thirty. Yeah yeah that's -- go to Houston before you even you know they have an event amber drink service. Did you get to altitude and then your party artist then as soon as you get down. Love it. Country. But I do love Elvis -- I agree I let silently antibiotic. Now drive to New York I'll drive to Chicago I drive to California -- you know. Well we need more so they'll be less on the planes -- -- guy -- on our -- Elizabeth thousands of planes are grounded across the country. Now -- nasty weather moving in from the north. And all across the northeast and then the end midwest we're talking about some very cold -- and you don't let them that is going to impact us as we actually have a cold front in this morning. Dot -- so we are getting -- east and yeah he has some showers pushing through early this morning still come along our coastal areas we -- off toward the south. And so that's the first sign that the -- right -- -- get windy today wind advisories posted with went to 35 miles an hour. And actually make it colder today at about sixty in New Orleans right now but working beat down into the fifty's lower fifties by the afternoon. OK so cooling down through the day today so folks bringing the warm weather gear with even comfortable this morning without. Your jacket in my immediately. And I would say is for sure especially tonight when it starts -- we actually have a hard freeze warning on the door -- night. That means take care of your pipes tonight north Italy so. It's gonna be much -- early tonight and early tomorrow morning when we talk this time tomorrow were seen twenty's north and low thirties now -- -- -- -- a light -- south Atlantic flight freaked -- I'm hitting about thirty tonight that kind of briefly -- and that briefing category -- don't have to worry about the pipes on the south sort. But he may wanna cover your pay your plants and you know that's where they again -- -- And what about the rest you know it's interesting as we get into Wednesday it's going to be chilly highs only around fifty. Or rebound 56. But another shot at some cool -- rides on Friday and we still a little bit of lingering precipitation around on Friday. It's 20% chance having you and I know what a 20% chance in the -- but there's a slight chance that well north of us. There could be -- sleet pellets kind of mixed in with the Webster missed out on -- OK so it's third and let stand in the Friday you have rocket Thursday Friday as cold front comes as of Friday morning some lingering precipitation parts of Louisiana could DA wintering me. He avenue say you know its 20% chance -- whatever we -- 20% chance of rain its lows of 20% chance of sleep also open up chances there so I am gonna mention and I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. It's a week from this humming sound it outside. In New Jersey which is not that shocking considering -- -- February and -- season tickets now well interesting that the AP is reporting that NFL commissioner Roger did down. Will be shivering along with the fans. The league says that it -- will be sitting outside during the big game. He's not going to be -- like -- sweet apparently not as it is will be this first outdoor cold weather Super Bowl the and is being played in northern New Jersey. And it now usually watches the games outdoors he think he missed like prove a point I don't I guess he wants to be one with the fans -- that -- even sat outside in subfreezing games in Chicago and his beer froze that'd be really cold out that's gotta call now. Then that this thing lightly. -- he best absolutely will be out and here's the deal he's got somewhere warm to go if he gets he now out on the ice out so that that's. And we'll be watching that forecast closely the next we will get a better idea yeah still a little bit too early it would anything down fresher thank you Laura. About them alive and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast dot -- driving songs of all time coming up and some of those you've shared with a sedate 7870 sports after this. Estimate just texted me this one bohemian rhapsody by queen it's the number two. Top driving song of all. Time according to insurance dot com. I could hear this part of the -- and that picture Wayne's world. -- in the Karl banging heads as they're driving down there. It is that's the part action is likely -- labels anyway bohemian rhapsody number 227%. Of people. And I surveyed by insurance that comes to that is their favorite driving song the ball time I'll share some more human texting me coming up after sports here on WW -- that we say. Happy Tuesday not -- today it's Tuesday and that we have Steve Geller with all your morning sports. That's -- good morning everyone well whatever problem the pelicans may be having the remedy seems to be playing the grizzlies. -- left the top of the yards top of the new crossover dribble. Now for the rest of the way. I heard there. The shot clock expired. The world and won 95 to 92 in Memphis snapping an eight game losing skid. The pills have now won all three games against the grizzlies this year Anthony Davis according 27 points with ten rebounds four blocks. And four steals. And it text message to ESP and Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman apologized for his post game comments about San Franz Michael Crabtree. Sherman Steve his intent was to not take away from the fantastic game that it just simply by his teammates who beat the 49ers to advance to the Super Bowl. All along with possibly expanding the playoffs commissioner Roger Goodell has told the NFL network that the league is considering. Doing away with having to kick extra point after scoring a touchdown. There's one proposal in particular I've heard about its automatic that you get seven points we scored touchdowns. But you could potentially go for eight point either by running or passing the ball. If you fail to comfort going for that -- point to touchdown would then be worth six points and now let's hand things over Kristian garic who's at the Senior -- Saints' coaches and scouts are mobile this week checking out the talent. At this year Senior Bowl saint director of college scouting -- my -- talks about some of the things he watches for during practice. Mostly goes about his business the mental stuff he's making mistakes or whatever. -- -- very similar go to doing you know breakfast was in college distance in -- it's probably better players got to scout team gets first unit so there's a better place. To a wide receiver Ryan Grant pressed at the south squad practice yesterday. From Mobile, Alabama Kristian garic -- to be well sports today at four on sports talk get the latest from the Senior Bowl. What position as the saints' biggest area of need this offseason. At 530 at LSU basketball vs Missouri. Then at seven you have a choice switch over 8:7 AM to continue listening to fight tiger hoops. Or two -- 21053 WWL let them to hear the pelicans host the Sacramento Kings. I'm Steve Geller which early morning look explored by 52 gave. On Steve -- with you on your radio show under this discussion that the NFL has now started. If they do get rid of the extra point. Would you automatically get seven for a touchdown that's how that would work correct it would automatically be a touchdown -- give you a seven point play. Bush you still could choose to go for now an extra point which would be the eighth point and after run or pack. -- -- he had all morning cracked -- to play it right you can't ticket to the only thing he operated before would be field goals on this and exactly so what if you. It's a -- failed to get. The eight point you still would get seven under the scenario venue would get just six hop. OK so there is a gamble right in the commissioner did mention though that there is a concern that there worrying that it will discourage people for going for that extra. Eighth point then if they do implement this but I. I kind of liked it I think it adds a new dimension to the game where. It takes out an extra play where. He pointed out that only five missed extra points all year out of 12100 -- so and you could end -- getting hurt on the play which means really nothing. And I like the idea that you'd have to force a coach to decide if he wants to a point off the board potentially if you don't get. You're -- right exactly got seven already on the scoreboard. Again take one off now at the end of game where it's winner guarantee you gonna win or lose based on that. Or tie or her. We in you know it'd be very interesting decisions you like that you think is they should do it I like the idea I've -- I know that. People who don't like behavior deathly kickers in the league is taking away some of the job now. That -- point. They'd have less purpose thank you Steve you're purposeful though we'll bring you back in fifteen minutes with more sports here at WWL and -- them back up I coming up I'll share some of your thoughts on the best driving songs of all time and I'll play the number one driving song of all time. At least according to insurance account. -- according to insurance dot com that is the number one favorite driving song of all time journeys don't stop believing number two when he mean rhapsody number three shook me all night long number four any way you want it I'd like to the highway six. -- and queen and number seven American girl number eight don't stop T get enough number nine mortar round and number ten fortunate side. Some others you've texted me slow rise. Again line. Centerfold -- miles are -- seven all sport to be wild highway to hell radar love to drive 55 flirt with disaster. Boots -- -- he had -- the wind in play you're driving several people texted don't stop believing. And others that eastbound and down tonight by Phil Collins the list goes on thank you for all of -- text messages -- -- -- -- -- the forecast. You're Tuesday forecast we'll say mostly cloudy this morning with 810% chance for a shower. That's is the cold front continues to move through than a slow clearing today. -- starting in the upper fifties but then falling by the afternoon and evening and tonight much colder lows dropping into the mid twenty's north of the lake. Expecting a moderate to hard freeze there -- like around thirty then for Wednesday we'll face sunny and chilly highs only around fifty. With Thursday's -- up to 56 and partly cloudy. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- about tell. All right midnight train another one don't look back slip -- psychosocial. Clinton's slow ride come on Eileen. White snake here I go again three doors down Kryptonite thank you brought -- text messages today 7870 Tara could not read them ball. I'm Dave Cohen coming up in the news David vikings' Chris Miller continue the discussion. Should marijuana be legalized in Louisiana as a house committee actually considers that question. Today at the State Capitol in bad -- I'm Dave Cohen thank you so much for being part of the early edition. Of WWL first news topic talkers and for the next four hours upon -- on WWL. I am FM and -- now.

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