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1-21 7:15am Tommy, fired up athletes

Jan 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Jason Lanter, an Associate Professor of Psychology at Kutztown University, about why we feel so strongly about some athletes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay. Right. So that we're pretty. I think Erin Andrews -- handled that very well as a willow we woman had barely cracks a hundred -- you got this. Very aggressive cornerback and she December I don't know who was talking about you exactly well the issued an apology and said that. Day you'd Twitter mentions that you received less support of his body ache he was thrilled proud upset all at once he spent most of the game on an island. Targeted only twice during the game first was a BS holding call against and second ended the game. I ran over -- Crabtree after it was over to shake his hand but he ignored me and patted him so I got my hands a good game good game that's when he shot my face and that's when I went off. Silly he says he don't like -- Crabtree as a result of something that happened in the offseason and ask him if you wanna know. What it is and he also goes on -- can accept. What I read after the game out Seahawks fans throwing food at 49 -- on the 49ers linebacker. Navarro Bowman disease being carted off the field this guy Richard Sherman. Is a communications major from. Stanford so he's no dumb guy. So we can talk about him wouldn't talk about his tirade after the game and do you believe his apology. But the doctor Jason Wagner joins us right now friend devised a joins us occasionally is an associate professor of psychology. At Kutztown University morning doctor. They -- morning Tommy thank terminal. Thanks for taking the time and and for being a friend of ours some. Generally speaking when when athletes act out like that in and that's whereas in the audience deal like hitter loaded when players raise their own skills and if you bag it up as a branding. -- winning when it comes a -- Richard chairman marketing. Communications major from Stanford or maybe other players. Do they care at that time about how it's gonna affect the way their perceived there is it all the emotion of the moment. I would write that it's pure emotion of the moment is getting caught up with that many very exciting ending to a very very close game overall. Am sure most of us system point of kinda you know lost her temper and spoke out of frustration. In an immediate you know emotional moment it's just hours of broadcast live over the networks. You know we did. Some -- Steer the old saying if you can back it up it's not bragging. And and -- the moment like in when other when players refer to them in the third person which always confuses me because they'll say. The old Jason -- their -- tackle a day in Jay's own Jason Landers got to watch out for. And thing was what you -- Jason planned retirements are different one. And what to do players and the glorified and so little a little too much your. I think you hit the nail on the head right there that you you need to account that you need that he's going to need that that level of self esteem about yourself and ordered to perform at those levels you. You had especially from the quarterback who really plays on their own that they need to almost forget the last play -- -- -- to beef. That never happened move on to the next play. Come into it does take special mental skill set to be able to -- the previous one and move forward. But you need the confidence to be able to cover and and then played those particular defense is source schemes or whatever to really do as as well as that he doubts. Com. Endorsements. This has it ever did had been studied whether or not. If DN a guy that's pretty cocky will get two more endorsements because he gets attention. Or can that -- you. I'm I'm not sure it's been studied really look at the nature and it's matter what we can't -- to Americans because there are some people that really like it. It feels like a certain player. They're gonna justify rationalize his or her behavior anyways she performed so they can still like them. If they don't like a certain player they'll interpreter rationalized or perceive any particular type of behavior that makes them maintain not liking that person. So I'm not sure that that in and of itself in terms of arrogant and he did it interfere with people's. Financial opportunities if you if you will. At the same time that there is the whole sound kinda. Point extort and I think the team Manning has going on that a lot of people like and enjoy. And that's allowed him to market himself very very well across well multiple markets -- in Denver he's doing really well. You know it is perception and it's. Amazing sometimes and you think about we we see things on TV and I think they call -- the Q factor where yet. Either develop a like or dislike for somebody based on. You know than being on camera maybe -- five minutes or something you don't know anything about hunt them you don't know what -- world they're reacting to on the sidelines. But it is -- that we make up our minds -- quickly. Yeah we see snippet of a person's life and we sort of make. I guess a confirmation as whether we like them and I'm from that point forward everything that's going to be compared to that. -- news at five minutes not prime targets probably even shorter and they get fifteen or 32 sound bite. That we always go back to comparison to we'd like them or not does that make sense as to what we originally so all in him you know when he's being interviewed after the game. Because Peyton Manning I don't think could play at the level he doesn't accomplish some things he has. If he was an extremely confident. Or had a big -- every -- say it and I guess and it depends on whether you like them whether it's viewed as cocky or confident. Yeah I completely green it's a matter Alex. Could you can become -- -- each other people's faces thank you doesn't. Does -- matter ballots were what's portrayed -- given off to the audience or the other I just came to members. Well I'm humble enough to admit that due to my poor clock management skills we have to wrap it up. But thanks to taking the time with a.

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