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WWL>Topics>>1-21 8:40am Tommy, legalize marijuana?

1-21 8:40am Tommy, legalize marijuana?

Jan 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Representative Joe Lopinto about a committee hearing in the La. House about marijuana legalization

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Represented Jill Pinto joins us right now to talk about what's going on in the it -- good morning represented as the house. Criminal wasn't the committee -- administered. That's what I said so tell me how would you guys a good talk about today and ladies against. -- Syria Syria meeting on the agenda at first small boat commission on the you know and proposals. That have been happening in our country and then not second meeting that 13 on the possibility. It is decriminalize a lot -- -- Let me give back to the and I even realize that the it would become an Internet gaming thing was on there -- what. He is proposed or what you guys look at them. Or not has proposed what happened -- there -- specially made. You know 16200. Bills that are so on the criminal justice. So when you try to assign those two. Certain committee days I may have 2530. Bills on particulate. Many of those -- maybe aren't controversial one. And -- very little debate. But we eat we have to do those but then it stops out period goes through. Obviously on topics such as -- that. Robert were far more Shaq gathering information. -- your time monitor social -- -- town -- resemble actual war study commission. So it and also like oh I'll I'll start the session. A study -- so we can boring and people talk on this issue and and be able to travel longer period of time for us to get out the information. And then we -- we make a decision that legislator makes his decision. Weber Hamburg and actual build our session. But at least some of the the fact gathering stuff has taken care of out on the session on the -- salute -- -- So when it comes of the second item on the agenda today we got. You know people Colin at the we'd bowl with the do the Denver Broncos in the Seattle Seahawks is it happens to states and made marijuana legal. This year Plano Super Bowl President Obama saying marijuana is no more dangerous than. Liquor you tell me what you think the political climate is here in Louisiana what is a popular climate. Yeah I think at a have a group for a lot dynamics same question. In -- that the reality of it is. We all know people man. Therefore they -- these. Go to work on an everyday basis. Maybe smoke weed on on the weekend and nationality and and and and that's what the issue and you. -- also a lot of where -- -- eighteen year old student in our eyes on college burst. And I'm not naive enough to know does that think that it's not available on two of them -- be but the reality of it is. Is is when it what you when you make it illegal obviously you're gonna have more chance that people. To do to do so and the people control well. You know that does it it's -- I don't disagree with -- like all the other that it is is it match. By. Do we wanna be one of those states that haven't as glee club. There they're going to be pros -- -- gone and that's what this meeting about the year here promote of the expect tomorrow. Is is a political. Closet issue where a lot of people like -- we're talking about professionals that we all know home. That that -- get their marijuana illegally in and smoking and very productive members of society that might before it would never come out for. Not surprise me that there are a lot of people that him you know contact it directly. Or. You know on on the opposite sort of a lot of people -- against it. When a manager or. It's so what are. If you want to if you want Basra where. You know whoever sought draft legislation. Do you craft that no matter that. -- there like a cigarette they do in the ago by. The mean there's no right age and we make all archery is -- -- -- The reality is never a shipment that people that you either use the Symbian only control you know so so that that's. That's an issue of of where the dust balls. We've done things in the past to try to at least limit some of the penalties. So at least the league. Casual user. Is not getting in multiple bill -- long sentence those and then. You know brought up in the legislature passed. And I am and you know that you're not an apartment development. Three or marijuana convictions as they embark on jail on mobile bill. That happens currently with -- and attempts to change that which thank. Has some links to it. You know. You know those those ways that we go where it's still be -- also take. -- Doubles -- relate to go it sounds like you have a pretty open mind about this -- do you think that reflects the way the rest the committee feels. That the parent. Here I mean oh constituency. I mean -- I'll seminal mom and come -- come through. -- You know straight legalization -- that problem yet this beard. I think it's a small note there are states that are out there -- -- -- -- Colorado and I probably two years now like the it would look at the drop our most bands. You know it is significant that -- French let -- -- run the experiment -- You know I. Am concerned about. And that they at the end of the -- of those don't pan out to. You know I'm. Not person so I'll always be against. Think we we we -- a look at what those states you're gonna do and they expect program area that we make. Out decisions we should do. Represented about appreciate your time and you busy we'll talk to you get about this --

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