WWL>Topics>>1-21 9:35am Tommy, Vitter for Governor?

1-21 9:35am Tommy, Vitter for Governor?

Jan 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clancy Dubos, WWL-TV's political analyst and Editor and Publisher of the Gambit, about Sen. David Vitter's announcement that he's running for Governor

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-- and fly over area Oliver. Crescent City connection Huey -- bridges both reporting and problem free as -- the calls right. And doing well from the applause Mike carries the way it did -- a -- one node out in the French Quarter parents and debris of the roadway. Berman at saint and has -- intersection blocked. This draft book brought to you by an account traffic network. Hi I'm telling -- -- them. Six powerful radiates -- 97 and I even magic WWL and freedom you. For each active reached nearly 70000 different views and next thing you know he's results here in calming -- 93 -- work. Let there -- -- traffic center I'm Jo Robertson have traffic difficulties excellent -- I'm David Blake and now back to Tommy Tucker WW volume -- lemon dot com. Here at first news weather and sports every half hour on WWL AM and death. Tommy Tucker if you got the -- text alert even got a before the news about David that are deciding making it official run for governor says it's a good reasons sign up for those news alerts. And a friend of ours Clancy do bleached at -- bush joins us with on any notice editor and publisher gambit weekly and VW wells TV political analyst at. Talk about the effects some of this might -- and David -- chances of winning morning glancing. Or are good and thank you for taking the time with -- tell me about. This year immediate reaction and the electability of David -- when it comes of the governor's race. Well my immediate reaction isn't that your opinions about what -- surprise you were actually running for governor over a year maybe cheer you. -- running you've been. Doing everything he needed to do. To make its announcement today. To put everything during its. -- -- to put everything in place. Putting in place but it meant not just you know if you know anything about it and there would be like a -- exemption just -- -- purely objective factual statement. This is the guy who plans everything he's meticulous -- methodical he's very focused and very disciplined about everything he does. Politically it is not as personal life but at least English. Politically this is the most disciplined focused politician out there. And he's very good at what he he's very Smart. He thinks things through its incredible strategic mind politically. So it -- not cut it where are you torque for got lucky he thinks about a whole law law ladies and everything out. Carefully partly and so he's done everything to get to this point that you made it official as you. Not a surprise at all everybody that's looked -- Did the question it is. How -- the other potential candidates react. Does David -- announcement. Caught off funding potentially others. Does that cut off so so a lot of potential candidates like for example public service commission ska I'll show. This I think we're the underdog he forces others to either fish or cut that. The other cabinet sit back and wait the better sat back and waited another year and -- instilled in. A major maybe even the leading candidate. For governor. But by coming out it's early he forces probably you Betty. It's an apple writing completely -- super -- out there. But he can really try to -- farming or oral pressed the default in other candidates. If they sit on their hands and say gee I just -- -- about it. Our looked even better. Running. And others that are either gently and have been talking to them a chance and six months or a year from now let's summed up in anything can happen that it could make some colossal break. Which you don't want the war. I don't think he'll make that mistake again it is not -- -- an article makes a big policy or political blogger. All of a public issue he thinks things through. You may not agree with them but you can't separate account was positions on willingly attached it to -- Unexpected bit in the second -- going to some of the authors potential challenges yesterday we talked to John Kennedy. And I like John but he said he was still thinking about governor Arizona senator is -- about that thought didn't even occurred implanting in us. -- Been there done that figure out. Jack Kennedy has wanted to be governor for a long time I think he realized that it now or never. And so -- that's true. About that but I think it would be an accurate statement -- of course you know releasing -- politics obviously things could happen -- that a Kennedy I think -- -- -- -- and I -- 59 is probably near sixty early sixties. I don't know Mike Foster governor when he was seven. But that doesn't often happen. I'm actually -- ought to look like sixties so. You know -- -- their window where he doesn't room -- time. He might not have another chance the chance to look in having a chance that it really small. Shall -- lucked out -- remarkably four years or even eight years and still run. Soft drink a lot of other folks out there who are thinking about it. Okay but it on the Republican side element is clearly a Democrat in the -- right now. This state representative John -- just doesn't do and they like it may even help them. He wants to have a major Republican to run and yet he needs a major Republican and yet. Certainly he's already it. But other than that all the Republicans who have taken about it really need to make up their minds of what's in the next street reform not because they wait much longer. They lose control over. Their own destiny in the sense that. In order for somebody to get in three months a year from now. There would have to make some political error. And it's not like David -- to make a political error. In terms of the troubles that he had an out call -- that for now on and in a lot of text about this. It did does that matter when it comes a Louisiana does -- matter north as opposed south people viewed differently. I think we have yet to find out whether -- not a matter it's been awhile since this happened has been left the world at Kmart that it happened in nineteen and or thereabouts. It came out in 2007. It was kind of an issue in the senate race that China wasn't bitter bitter and you'll say. Look at our disgust that actually have never strapped. And done for example what bill and Hillary Clinton did with Gennifer Flowers scandal broach. That was sixteen minutes a summit like that let them ask you anything that -- that -- really let reporter asked him. What it's has been a private matter. Confessed lessons to decrease in my life and been through counseling in the past that. He never really answered any questions about what -- -- -- or didn't do and that time has passed and so is that -- already address. Not really and and the senate race human incompetence and you were gonna get Barack Obama against. Children colossal. And it was a fortuitous thing to have integrity that it -- important strategy that worked brilliantly. But running for governor. You know in the senate race he skipped a lot of debate until the last week. He can't do that -- for governor you're gonna have to go to these little forums and debates and let people ask you questions at age gives those forms and the ability. Other start in about it being brought six people and it's going to be more problem. You can't skip. Thank you -- to show up and you got to answer whatever questions get. And so it but I'm not saying that's gonna get -- you will. But I don't think you can just sort of address that she's gonna have to draw and I think she probably should have been well. And that it just gets down to know two people forget them or not -- -- somewhat. I tend to think that those who like him authorities are -- the people who don't like liberal group with them are never gonna forget about it does. And elected 12% in the middle -- well there has probably -- factor. Other Lebanese who weren't here about it let's -- -- care more about what -- every Sunday. So I think it. It's -- it's an issue. Probably India -- the people are to decide how they feel about that issue the other 10%. I don't know. Does this I don't do anything on the democratic side as far as maybe. Encouraging a different democratic candidates -- running 1010 Democrat win in his red state. A lot of questions I don't think it has been easy. Funny -- well I think. It is announcement has much more impact on the Republican side of the ledger addiction and that hasn't -- on the democratic side it's not that much. At least right now. Can a Democrat win. You know who knows a it's Mary -- gets reelected to the US senate and that's the open question at all original question what she runs couldn't you know it's followed a close race should. What if she wins it will encourage Democrat. It's the same time every election is unique event. Mary Landrieu loose as it doesn't mean the Democrat camp when the government -- as senate races -- completely different dynamic from government. And Libya another year later. You know after eight years of Bobby Jindal there might be a sentiment among voters alike in order -- Republican you know it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you can say blankley and Democrats can't win -- Republicans on the panel -- course. It gets down to embrace the targeting the -- voters at that particular moment -- and -- ball ball the candidates. If there are people in Louisiana -- -- in state -- gonna vote just for the Democrat or just for the Republicans. But the race is going to be decided by the 20% in the middle. Quarter to look very closely at the candidates themselves who don't look at party little especially when we. As we do open primary or jungle primary just. It doesn't matter to a lot of people what. -- party affiliation is or isn't it it's proper that the fastest growing political party in Louisiana is no party independent. But what I am so. I think you've got a lot of people it would go look at the capital that data that are at least saying what's proposals -- -- history what -- policy a lot. Which is plant. But it looked at John Bell network than anybody else gets in the race later decide based on -- candidate. Who happens to be a Democrat or Republican. That's how that -- is gonna go to. Clancy appreciate your time -- Avian minutes' notice and as very nice he has come on spending time -- that you did for --

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