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1-21-14 10:10am Garland: on the wetlands and oil companies

Jan 21, 2014|

Garland talks with John Barry of Restore Louisiana Now about his ongoing fight with oil companies to get them to pay for damage they've done to the wetlands.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's our promise that we would do. Keep track of an issue concerning. Our Louisiana Whitman's. -- in Louisiana flood protection authority. Filed a lawsuit I think it was so 97. And -- companies -- in the oil and gas companies. Claiming that they did. Toward the wetlands and violated permits. And they're suing him. The in the Korean government governor jungle and at least who's been reported fired John Berry who was all and a power. John Barry is now distorted restore Louisiana and now also name new or -- the end of the year by -- and -- his story in New York Times best selling author wrote most of as a -- brides and to 1927. Mississippi River flood. Honored by the National Academy of Sciences several occasions also were review in the water relief issues so. Pretty qualified to drug talk and news of John welcome back to -- -- -- -- -- -- Where is restore Louisiana now who's watched the board boards the momentum heading for what reason. Well as you know the current industry threatened to kill. -- walk and that it has. -- -- -- -- -- -- John. We've got we've got a horrible signal a new phone let let me take a break here come right back to who will. Let -- get better connection next. All right -- -- -- were very limited time -- salute goes straight back to Joan Barry. He is created and store the wings general John -- and people what pisses me what to do. -- -- -- simply. Took the politicians. Enter in the court. You know we thank you oil industry should pay. Pay. What they broke what it quotes open for. 39 million now this direct quote. -- -- at shoreline protection. Wetland areas being integrated. Your your exposure. On oil field now regions. And means taxpayer. Paying 39 billion dollars to six something that use the auto industry distraught. Well why are -- here. Shall we are and access the state who are required that. And that's what the lawsuit. In about exactly that. And the governor in the industry. Want the legislature to kill walks. Restore Louisiana now -- Eight jets should try to invent the legislature. To let the courts decide the walk -- and keep that out and out. Other courts you know it in the courts it's a legal question that's where should be decided I'll -- should not appear that. So is this just going to be you lobbying or a hundred people in this organization. Well there are a lot of people that. We got. Tea Party people. We get this as -- We've got. And now. Sweet. Justice people you know witnesses -- right answer uses -- basic. It's coming there it's really basic and you open teaching their kids -- keep your word. UK law -- take responsibility for your actions and and that's it. He's the opposite. That the industry. Is libel. We think -- -- yet. In and back we network -- grades -- In December 2012. Guy. And we talked about point -- job and former congressman -- the trade association for the big. Talked about voluntary. Contribution. Garrett said I already tried that they are. So in other words the governor's office themselves. You know the industry is Y old -- said that any. They -- well. The industry should today and he asked them to pay a share there and industries that now. So the governor's -- walks -- it would its tail between plate. -- no reason other than. They don't have that. Politically does stand up the oil industry and not there with the auto industry to try to destroy awards which is doing more. Trying to get the courts. And for state law. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The state has the global war. On law enforcement. Of anybody in the country -- intact so. Well or don't know well in the states. Our industry gets away with murder and I am not upset at times like yours on your show against industry. I used to -- one of the defendants. Engaged award which -- that back. I didn't bank. Everybody. Matter. Should keep their -- and able. Or do and give sellers should. An and I guess I should corrected mistake I made. You can get fired from the authority they just didn't renew your Contra -- Well I mean it's probable job so no contract. -- pray that her. Because I think it's important. But yeah I would. Term expired. -- And I should say. So a couple other people. And it expired and one that. Essentially chief engineer stayed at now point you know over 16100 miles outlet. And it was way. By a lobbyist. For sport pressure you'd think it was. Then knowledge about what rejection here. I'm looking India. Letter sent to meet you. Robert at least lead sin entered a new CE. Playing -- -- the authority. So -- companies and bridging trial attorneys says the date that Collison five million dollars. And goes on sale of the attorney general is that some Port Authority but he is revealed but it. Law -- and ring and contingency. -- for a in the contract with the authorities in trial attorneys is not legal. Well for us to you what if that you -- what you lack it is quote he -- -- set and that latter. In law at the attorney general's Shelby. The attorney for -- people -- in the end that sentence there but the rest of the anecdote that say when called upon to do so. In other words if we hit them. But we didn't ask him. Partly because of politics. And try it there's a single question that was what that what we got into. Was whether. A lot of war could so. And that -- sport completely independent or use. Two of them independently by. Separate people -- in the attorney general's office. You as we heard of course what it because they're putting and dozens of hours. And millions of dollars out of the pockets so what if we didn't have authorities -- it wouldn't. Every single independent review came up with a conclusion that yes. We had the legal. The filed a lawsuit. One of the trade association. Opera the industry has sued the attorney general that. That in court so that. That will be Seattle we -- so. It it -- we are. -- it. Is is in the estimate. On if the authorities lawsuit board. Become successful. As to how much would Ebert talking about are we talking about bin instance. The day it's. Certainly. Double bill. But the reality as well I think what. We. Optical on the court. I think well and is that we are displayed. Adding that other patches bile. And the industry well acted. And -- dollar and perhaps. To come to the table and work out at the thing that the industry wants. From the state legislatures. Would be more upbeat as the war in return war. Am picking up the gap -- image that -- then -- And not think that you know would be worked out. I've said many times that I think that I disagree with them. Is that a good governor of the -- I need hope that you would be like Oprah goes. By bringing people gathered in the industry okay guys it's time. -- sit down and work something out the problem all stay because obviously problem. In -- the damage from the industry. War west of the Mississippi River. Outside her -- a lot more than it is east of the Mississippi. It -- statewide problem go away. And out that you urges. An attribute statewide solution. But. That would be frankly. -- -- -- a lot of -- But it's a pretty big industry. The industry and twice a year at stake in watered them and he beat in. That Wednesday. If you you know you don't -- the money that would be required to address the problem. And -- Industry. The most profitable industry in the history of the world. And stretch it out over a period of years even about the money. And one -- we would be an -- properly immediately. You know you stretch that -- know where they're being one year. And divided on the straight and in these companies would be out there and I thought it. 11 point portion. If -- if it's your organization. Against the oil against companies. And food and whose administration. Would do you have -- any. Resemblance of change. -- in this round with the lead. I'd thanks so one thing it's not. And a lot of people feel this way. Where where are coordinating where. Russell -- courts you know general. And so on so well treated. He's got -- ago called the green but more importantly. The people under. Support. We did OR 22 passages from contaminated -- that basically like Dan but no. But these services area of the state where -- and Fox's most active you know Arab town whose. So -- And all. 4%. Other people did not want the legislature. Intervene and walks like 1%. One public support like that. And you can make progress even one oil and gases make campaign contributions and the governor is threatening people. There was a second Paul. That would. Oh -- it was completely. It is likely we needed to know -- we'd like that number's obviously we wouldn't release. What kept it private but obviously numbers were way so we do. There was another goal that we need to be dealt -- no it was a push goal against. Wednesday a phrase the question ways that would lead you'd say -- -- -- even on apple state why. 60%. In favorable walks in 36%. Opposed. By may be more partly. Every single. In the state. The lawsuit. For a holiday. Some -- it was pretty close -- But every single. Plurality supported the losses so you look at the numbers. That yet we object. -- donned a restore Louisiana well -- -- you have a web site. Restore Louisiana and I battle. And bury -- talked you have -- -- thank you always --

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