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1-21-14 10:35am Garland: on the wetlands and oil companies

Jan 21, 2014|

Garland talks with Chris John of the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association about the efforts to sue oil companies for wetland damage.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We continue through tracking the loss of Louisiana Brooklyn and we didn't show moves over the years on this. I can't find anybody that can tell me now get fifty billion dollars. And in order to restore the wetlands which restored he didn't about the same career now. I've some scientists appearance for a bit and probably about six months ago to a and so -- in the and a leading like hundred. Well former members of via cell -- Louisiana -- protection authority. A lawsuit against either 9798. Oil and gas companies. -- That they have destroyed 19100 square miles -- critical mark shouldn't wetlands. And the governor did not renewed the contract to a number of them do spoke to -- Who is now put together an organization called restore Louisiana and now. To lobby the legislature not to kill this bill. We've been -- and Syria and arguably both sides of -- somewhere to get to -- -- on probes in Louisiana mid continent oil and gas association producer Pritchard him and back tune. Mark. We've we're just to John Berry and reported that they didn't -- Medically and says 74% of those -- in the weeks ago. Or for the lawsuit. Then he talked about a polled the bed they appeared -- -- -- her -- -- powerful -- -- That would come. And in the side but he came out of keepers and labored 36%. Audience. What would be your response to these polls that suggest it's people who -- or four of these suits. Well you know then involved in in politics and public policy to order a long time. And you know polls are just polls I mean depending on who does and who -- with them and how the questions -- In the real fact that this matter is that mrs. You know it is flying. It's from from John -- restore Louisiana about war in the organizations city has. You know as oil and gas against that -- approached. Any actuality what it's all about when you peeled banana all the way back. Is that it is. -- all gas industry pursuit trawlers because this is all about a lawsuit by the way that I think is going to be well now I think it was seek legal. For a myriad of reasons and I'm not an attorney. But the fact is that the oil and gas industry. As -- part of the week and a for over a hundred years in Malaysia are just part of our fabric that these seven billion dollar industry for economic. Our impact to our industry. It is operated. It's safe and very responsible. How weak they -- against industry cares about the environment because the people that work in this industry actually living at the bit in the areas. So the fact of the matter is that it is strictly. An effort. By this group. That what that gets the oil and gas industry aboard a person Cattrall lawyers. Who just really want extra money about it because it means -- what was the conversation. There's just earlier which you mister -- -- billions here abilities there have been there. The all at issue is important that we have they have been import. The solution that working through this you know the bowling game -- can can point fingers about who did this and how much. How much to do that -- him out of the Mississippi River and indeed John bears blocked. How much is that destroyed the weapons how much is. Postal subsided so. That attributed. All the hurricanes so the blame game. People around and point fingers to the matter is the August industry. Has been a part of putting together master plan. To be able to on need to be able to address this. And and all part of the we all part of the solution and and what this group is trying to do. It's just. Against the in the post when in fact it's not in fact true. It is actually. The -- a group of trial hours it will make much money. Hard drizzle -- -- take a break -- bullies hole with a newborn got ride governor bill -- celebrity you know we're 53. Are welcome back we're continuing debate. Southeast Louisiana upload protection authority. Suing about -- -- gives companies for -- they claim or government insisted that went and brokers Johns with the president begin mid continent oil and yeah it's usually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 36 pursuant -- laws to industry activity. Jon Barry and when news on federal master plan and old boots to oil camel or connotes caught in the day and music on its. The permits. That were granted to the oil companies. Or those legal documents. That require the auto company. To. Rebuild. War or Dixon no place. After they've done something that contributed to loss of. Thought you know all of the oil and gas activities. The ball land operate under parliament's. That are that are granted to them and there are at it in myriad. Of provisions in each one of those coached those permits. Yeah and and you'd get really technical when he -- legally. When he talks about. To restore. Atlanta. As is as practicable that's the word that they used. Now there's a variety of explanations and definitions of what that could be. But the the fact of the matter is that many of these operations. All the operations were down -- department. And all of them were done. Legally so. But they were required to back feel as it has been alleged by. John bearish people that that this details. We're mandated to backfield the Asian. These operations that -- just not correct. -- good news is that something what was world wonders about. That of the figures I -- we need it to build occupied. And they -- the give me of figure anywhere near there. And this is a worse or viable. Scientists have said on the show -- obligation Stevie. All over the country. That these billion to -- who put into our new abuse and auction -- -- all that stuff. Won't be enough to keep the gulf from wiping out south Louisiana eventful. The oil industry is -- set. Backed the state economically for a long time you've got. Thousands of miles of pipelines. And infrastructure investment. Joseph Barry claimed and you can tell me proves correct I think and and -- -- comedian and good Garret graves December. 2012 when you asked for voluntary contributions. From oil industry came back and he says no they're not there yet. Why would -- oil companies that those born in times sit down with the parishes with the governor and say. It is important for -- Not to have. So hopefully we -- abortion waves it is for the citizens. And we're gonna go in tribute acts and. Well wolf first ball. Your question about mr. bearish comments about. I dared grades coming to a I was not reported that I do not recall anything thought of that nature. -- don't want that I'm where has come to as an all gas industry. And wanted to sit down and talk about his work. Happened in reality is they altered and now -- -- well coached all wheel that's not the way that we've -- frankly. That that it should be should operate fact of the matter is the oil and gas industry has been a Paul. Four in the rebuild the Archos one because as you just say it is a it BP we care we about what -- are very survival not only of Louisiana but of the industry. Is that we have you know coastal Louisiana steel bridge that. Taking nothing away from ignore you look. Back on the basis. We don't have money we -- sabres. Nobody including you go in tell me Wear a week of the month. Well -- don't tell him to sit down and say let's figure out what. -- what -- you if you look at the whole. But the plan here at the master plan and the funding mechanisms of people he's got deep well but he. Even Garret graves and it's the decade. We can only stand X amount of money which is well short of the border of billions of dollars added that the and talk. That we can only physically span and I don't remember exactly called exactly what that number was. You know per year in projects I mean you just can't you can't spend that much money. The fact that the -- gas industry now you know through revenue sharing. From the restore act and that's. Restore act which -- all the lines money that's going to be coming in from the Clean Water Act -- are going to be several billions of dollars over Beatty mean mean yours. So there are some some funding mechanisms in place and war effort by John Berry and and general lottery and our respect. Have it's actually put some of that federal money that we all going to be receiving calls hopefully. I think it put it in jeopardy because as a former member of congress. It's very difficult to go to someone in Iowa. Or Nebraska and say we're gonna take some federal federal money the tractor and put it into Louisiana's coast. Which in fact he is what we're trying to distance revenue sharing and the restore. So that is funding mechanism. That is there. That's possible. But he is in jeopardy by the way that these these ships are being stopped because. -- iPod made a member of congress in in in whatever stake you've -- And you know you need to go take care bureau -- when in fact that we -- responsible -- 30%. Of the domestic oil and gas production in the mentioned sort not just so -- Energy industry it's it's an American and global energy industry. -- -- willow continued to practice debate and we'll try and everything in the world make sure your side views heard I appreciated. Thank you very much personal and president region that column at war dances and if.

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