WWL>Topics>>1-21-14 3:10pm Angela: on pornography addiction

1-21-14 3:10pm Angela: on pornography addiction

Jan 21, 2014|

Angela talks with Dr. Gregory Jantz, founder of The Center, about pornography addiction.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well I appreciate you all staying with me for this third hour it's truly been quite today a big discussion on what's happening criminal district court. And then a wonderful hour about parenting and issues of from handling kids and trying to teach them about winning and losing. But now we're gonna do a big mental shift here and I hope that two if you have any thoughts on -- shall not hesitate to call us 260187. -- We're gonna talk about pornography. Do you watch pornography -- do you think it's okay don't watch pornography. Doctor Gregory Janssen PH deal licensed mental health counselor and founder of the center a place for hope in Seattle Washington. Believes that foreign it's destructive. So destructive. It and literally destroy your life. Doctor chance is the author of over twenty books his most recent battles men face strategies to win the war with -- And we cannot thank you enough for joining us. Oh it is good to be repeated today yeah. An important topic this year. It is an important topic and I wanna remind everybody that the name of this show is an open mind and I hope everybody is going to keep that. Let me let me start before we go over the various points. How you became interest in this particular subject. Either -- -- -- thirtieth year treating folks all over the country -- lot of depression people are here they come bulk -- Al. What it means that we continue to increase in man. Kicking out like never before the -- -- am excited. An effort and I'm looking at what is going on what are the battles that -- -- so that's the part of this book. And it is from direct experience in seeing -- -- man from all around country. And what have you found that that more men are seeking help. Well -- I think what we're seeing here is it is even look at what is a man who did addition. Men in our culture. Are compute gleacher computers to. We're into -- come -- man and what can it is so important what is. And we have all these things these days to producers that the poll -- that. Really. Directions -- that we really don't want ago. Candidate average age of exposure to pornography on the Internet being each other. -- in the least think about that. We're seeing -- seeing about pornography. What we're seeing is simply what is. -- war. And -- ladies rule 1213 fourteen. Who already know what we're gonna call sexual addiction. Let's let's talk about let's talk about how you would define that I'm just thinking of the stereotypical. Coming of age 1213 fourteen. Young man who went in the old days in a National Geographic. And look at something in her final medical book. And look human body. Which are saying is were way past that. You handled the Internet to the exposure to -- starting Chechnya age. Allow content but -- itself. Yes we're seeing so and so far beyond that we're seeing what really what it's crossed the -- We're seeing this addiction. Two pro democracy. Started such younger -- -- it could -- So -- define pornography. But do you include. In pornography. Magazines or use strictly talking about filming movies that kind of thing. Well I'm talking about whatever form you know you can be standing in the supermarket. Which your kids can look to the left -- the result the magazines and most of it has sexual content -- sexual mine. Are you go outside and now we -- -- on the billboard in their underwear -- I think we live and sex soaked culture. That began to create an appetite for more and so part two year old boy are vulnerable it can go over to the Internet. And it's just a clicker to -- -- -- -- Let me aren't there any circumstances under which you would saying that pornography is okay. Not for the ten or eleven or twelve your world but for consenting adults who may look at pornography. For their own romantic life. We don't release and it wouldn't hear the dramatic and I think. We don't keep it -- And the results of pornography being being good. Here's what we -- So it is -- what I'd throw in a big deal that look at it over Google on terror. And now what happened in relationships. Order and welcomes individuals. Well hopefully. What happens in and. Individuals who retired he was just stepped away -- from more pro versions. And some kind of talk regard he hit two really you prefer. -- we don't see it as an alternate brain chemistry when you become addicted to -- -- he -- a lot of depression. So we just say what to do -- relationships what to -- to your physical well being. You're gonna have to say you know what the outcome it's not it's. Have you it exists based on some studies that you have done or perhaps you've bred to. It's a bill that would people. You know it's essential attic during an alternate green chemistry. And it gets -- such that we can create a very depressed and it creating brain. And been layered and some other addictions -- can be more easily and to develop another direction maybe it's alcohol. And we look at your brain. We're gonna we're gonna find. There are two to chemistry sense that this number two maybe it rocketed to grain and the tickets and gambling addict brain. That's bearing interest and you are saying that men -- wire. Not to get sort of a check out sexual charge out of a visual hint. Yes well we know that just by the nature I'll -- this kind of milk green. We're going to be prone to words a more fish bowl stabilize. The way the brain has made. And what we're gonna -- it is part one visual stimuli were now while our lives and really understanding life. So. Even though someone may say you know after while I know I shouldn't be doing that you're saying they're compelled to. What other compelled to become polls to. You know I can not begin to Chile and number of them and that command. And they actually sit -- -- are restored after the commerce secretary. -- started. Involving pornography. And my goal to become sexual addicts. And now -- back -- relationship or relationships. Other amounts financial money than -- time extent that's effective that war converged on. Yeah what it has -- they're -- into spiritual issues. Let's talk about pornography as addictive as -- as an addictive issue. And you say can be highly addicted and progressive what do you mean by that. Well. Like any addiction progressive in the sense that it's it's going to be. Pulling. Compelled -- to do things in -- leader correction it's going to be upset in her mind. About it. It's gonna punch your mind to think about. Things that you like alternate control work until I -- them out. It is that that those men who have come to you for help have gotten to that stage. Yes. They've got to that stage and probably beyond. Have you had clients or patients command who. -- have lost their jobs are lost their families. Well actually. It's blocked. A lot. And in some ways you know legacy. Secure so this lack of program. We're going to take a quick break I hope everybody out here's listening and I hope if you have any questions at all for doctor Jan two will not hesitate to call us. At 2601870. The issue is pornography. And according to doctor giants a very destructive habit. We'll be right back I'm Angela on WWL. We are back talking to doctor Gregory -- answers the founder of the center a place for hope. In Seattle Washington is also the author of many books including most recently. Battles men face strategies to win the war within. And what he has told us already that in the thirty years he's seeing more and more men come in for help and I'm assuming -- More and more on the particular issue of pornography. Coming in for help what you're saying is fighting an addiction. We're seeing it too content to an addiction and I -- -- be absolutely. And it looked like they -- receive equipment that's where the -- -- can't meet it. To keep -- -- men and and and really would just take exception to write a book like like this battle -- it. Doctor giants and has six. Ways that pornography is destroying lives and we're going to get to them we do have some callers. I'd like to go to Jay first. Hey aerial there were just. Tight games start. Popular -- on the current lol you Paul question program which were UB were dressed you know initially made. From this later in the program. But I was wondering if you had any. You all. You get -- that there are urged to reproduce -- growers worry on the worst of human hierarchy Armenia unity through shelter. They're all sleep in the and from these harbor springs where you know they're boring really hard wired for. -- church prowl for over. Well you know we live in. Well part of critical society. You know what struck the cute Judeo Christian values which torched it. -- -- procedure is and you know being an election which a marriage where aborted not just you know there are reports all over. Advertising. All you do you -- -- right there on the broke out in. Can't require human beings are -- actions and the thing it was just wondering. -- Where people that I heard that in Europe where in the human body is considered so open it needs to be covered you don't have much deviant behavior. So what are your take on those there. But he and should be good question now will put spot today and you know -- -- parts of senior you know beating. Top -- it's it's like to just yeah normal normalized. And you know it that is really help he -- It's really -- -- turn in -- being -- to -- since the election were -- at things and and it's really becomes actual. It's. Decree in a Catholic league for a response. And and -- extra men don't line gets crossed and we have a difficult greens become a lasting vote. Candidate where he'd turn is an opportunity. To really really off kilter again in this area last. We have another caller and he was he has we've lost him but he was going to make the comment that he watchers porn and he's not ashamed of it. What would you say to him because -- he certainly represent some who feel they're not addicted at all their terrorist watching something for pleasure. And it and and say you know there really -- -- Rambo like it is nobody here he's on edit. So what does -- -- -- to do eventually. To feel. And then how much time as to what most people say you know a big deal that overtime. Director to spend money overtime. How much and -- This is keep -- cost and time what happens do I find myself. Really in a place where I am. Preoccupied Edwards hoping mother hurting my productivity. -- against serve and relation of this in what's progressive but -- you think it's our first. And we hit it vehicles sentences that consistent at night and ignore them. OK let's go back to your six ways pornographer is destroying lives. We talked about the addictive properties you're saying that pornography objective fives people could you elaborate on that. Yeah of course and X 20 woman. Object and then what we train our police and man is and that's only wish he allotment. I'd look in terms differ for our sexual purposes -- sexual gratification. And that's something that's how -- here Charlie uber. And you know what ends up happening there is. Everything -- social. And but if somebody is out there saying -- -- -- I hear what you're saying but I still love my Wi-Fi. I don't necessarily look -- an object but. But you made me of course they'll let your light that the enemy compromised. And me and that preferring to to be and situations where there's not even. I'm I'm -- popping from my life. And something to -- believe this year with her. -- I'm sharing it with others or other and the engine. And and -- you time and that's. I know that your book is oriented and -- this discussion is oriented to men but there are women who watch foreign. Are you finding any evidence that they have addiction issues. You know we are com and we know we. Choose to two. Become involved return market he steps for different reasons sometimes interesting. Too. It seems safer. Apparently in nature -- women in May even. Piers away to two tragedies -- on the. That's bearing interest. It is it that your seeing this do you believe that one of the reasons -- seeing this is because access is so available now on the Internet. Access is available and I don't know yet available but -- heights pornography and access. That's available. Took it can move from a real place. Of -- version so that the curiosity me. Maybe canned condensed moving from the curious about. Into an area. Coal. Where I'm preoccupied. And I'm just reminded. Seven years ago I got to go to pump today. Which was fascinating to huge are logical -- and complete community that was buried. In -- hundreds of years ago but they've they've they've on urged complete rumors. And in one very wealthy man's house in his dining room. On the walls was pornography. In just reminds me that it's been around very long time and various forms here. You're more concerned drama -- the words in your mouth. If it was sort of around then. You're just saying it's worst now. I think the acceptability. Is more now. Is it worse. EE act trying to capacity accessibility. Okay will we're going to take another break we're gonna go to the newsroom -- we come back. We're gonna continue the six ways pornography. Is affecting people's lives by doctor Janssen and pornography leading to sexual narcissus. Again if you have any thoughts don't hesitate to call us at 260187. We'll be right back let's go to date -- in the newsroom.