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Jan 21, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening it is a very chilly windy Tuesday night we're getting a delayed start to our show because you just heard real issue -- Missouri and SEC basketball. I'm glad -- with us tonight it's a time for tonight's top later date -- -- -- a little bit late with this sub organ to the topic to -- anyways so let's get underway here. By the way for those of you on the North -- hard freeze is expected. And again and I'd like to take time time like this to to remind you cutesy if you. If you tend to leave your parents outside. This time of year bring -- it. Don't leave the parents out nightly mean you could wrap and if you want. But his best to bring him in on a night like tonight. And -- light freeze south of the lake. And then there's still this lingering possibility of a few snowflakes but I don't think anybody should really get too excited about it we have all the information on our website at WW dot -- Let's get into tonight's topic today to hear the topic things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on -- WL. Number eight. I'm sure you have heard this in the news and on sports should the extra point to be eliminated from and -- football. And it L commissioner Roger Goodell who were so concerned about the violence of football. Is talking about eliminating the safest played football the the extra point me nobody really gets hurt during the extra point. And considering he says considering that it's almost automatic. That this past season. Of over 12100 attempts. Only five extra points were missed four of those were blocked. So we said it's a very small fraction of play. And you -- and is much excitement to every play as possible. -- Goodell says that one proposal would call for the extra point to be eliminated kicking of the extra point to be eliminated. A team would automatically get seven points for touchdown. And it if you win it for an extra point either running or passing instead of two points. You could go for an eight point if you if you run or pass the ball in. I guess to be from that the two yard line like they do with with two point conversion. I you we get an eight point. But if you failed to get that point that you go back to six points. You know he's just making us to a lot of math here you know we all have this down but I you know I can Italian I don't think this is of a really a bad idea because the extra point is such -- such an automatic thing I mean. You know white and put the guys on the field for this but that's something we can we can talk about tonight should. The extra point to be eliminated from the NFL and really what what's the justification for keeping the extra point. If you wanna join our shooter might with a comment about anything we talk about our number is 26 ago. 1870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text number is 877. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. President Obama is gonna meet with -- Francis in March during the president's European trip. The White House says Obama looks forward to discussing with Pope Francis. They -- shared commitment to fighting poverty. And crawling inequity during the march 27 meeting. This is going to be an interesting meeting because you know here you've got to. You know the Pope and and the president meeting you've got one guy who has very liberal stances on on many issues. And the other guys the president of the United States. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Police say that a man shot another man over an argument. Over whose pit bull was better. This disagreement Tenet took place in look foolish parish. And the sheriff's office there says that a guy named Nicholas queen. They're going to get her a shotgun he was walking back under the these two guys were arguing over who had the better pit bull. And a queen saw this guy walking toward his vehicle that approached him fired one shot with a shotgun. Inside the driver's side I adored that vehicle striking the victim in the upper five. Then the victim crashed the the pickup truck. -- crashed into pickup truck. And the occupants of the pickup truck suffered minor injuries. A police have arrested two -- Nicholas queen. Four attempted second degree murder charges you don't quite often on the show we talk about. Shootings that are just so senseless. I mean at least this was justified right I mean. Somebody's gonna somebody's gonna -- your cable. I mean if there's -- if there's a justifiable reason for shooting somebody I would think it would be defending the honor. Of your pit bull. Police that it but the dogs fight to see it was about -- don't let the dogs fight to shoot each other -- five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. David -- has submitted official people already knew this but he made it official he's running for governor in Louisiana 2015. Now since the racists is wide open. I'm bitter and anybody else has a shot because Jindal -- is coming to the end of his second term so he can't run for reelection. Here's our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight I think this will be an interesting -- tracked throughout the night. Will you vote. For David bidder for governor. It is your opinion by going to our web sites WW real dot com we're gonna practical -- on our showed -- giving update coming up here. In just a few minutes number four at tonight's list of talk eight at eight. So we're talking about this yet again tonight the talk about legalizing marijuana. I don't make up reasons to talk about this is something that is naturally in the news. And now the talk of legalizing marijuana is hitting very close to home Louisiana lawmakers met today to discuss the pros and cons. Of legalizing pot. This was -- house criminal justice committee admitted that rouge today to discuss the pros and cons of legalizing pot. And they were trying to get feedback from the states Colorado and Washington State they have already legalize marijuana and the pros and and cons of the new law. These discussions also include decreasing penalties for marijuana possession. But they're really not sure. How showing the push is going to be for legalizing marijuana. Now a governor Bobby Jindal is a conservative governor it's very hard to overcome. A governor's veto. And at this point Jindal what are all probability. -- any law that was passed to legalize marijuana so. It's possible that they'll wait for another governor before really making a hard pitch but just you know think about the impact of this okay we're we're talking about. Legalizing. Marijuana in Louisiana. Now that means something to those have you had Munro rust in Alexandria. Heinz Field. Bong Ki. Shreveport. Lafayette. Lake Charles. All of those all of the seed Breaux Bridge. All of the cities. But think about what legalizing pot in Louisiana might do to the French Quarter. Would that turn New Orleans into the American version of Amsterdam. How would that change the French -- there there are some hookah bars. In the first quarter. So I guess they would be putting different stuff in the hookah pipes. That they put in them now and then I you know I'm wondering if if pot was legalized in the French Quarter with -- to. With that suddenly increased the sale of Danny's. On on a nightly basis especially at weekends. He be -- to get their their donuts that W keep the coffee just. -- really have really got some much easier. A -- take a break here will come back with the top three until priceless to the topic to date if you just joined us tonight our studio we're getting a late start because LSU. Was playing on a Missouri earlier. -- SEC basketball we carried it came here a deputy -- real LSU did beat Missouri. The lineup has been announced for fairly draw and one of the one of the big group. That's going to be here for family -- this year Jefferson Parish. Is Wilson Phillips. It was a crushing them. Especially. Especially China. And windy. -- I'm gonna look forward there -- Wilson Phillips. I'm scoots if you would join us with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight at numbers 260187. Can believe it just admitted that like Wilson Phillips on the air. -- you if you had any respect from me is probably going at this point. I told freedom for -- 66889. At 0870 Texas and 7870. It's a cold windy Tuesday night. This is this future -- life -- yours and we'll be right back on WL. We're still going for tonight's topic today it's not that it's an extended version of the top later date that we got a late start to our show because we carry the LSU Missouri basketball game LSU beat misery tonight. In Baton Rouge and SEC -- so we continue with our top eight at -- tonight -- with us on this chilly windy Tuesday night. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Four men are with guns in their household. The suicide rate triples. And the murder rate doubles. According to new analysis of previously released studies. The question is do you think gun ownership encourages. Suicide and murder. -- gun ownership just make either one of those easier. There's a review of fifteen studies that have already been released about a gun ownership and violent death and suicide and and murder. And they found these these increases a trip that the murder rate was it well I mean the suicide rate which tripled the murdering was double if they are guns. In -- and I think there's going to be a tendency here to wanna blame the presence of a gun was -- if we just didn't have a gun here. The people wouldn't commit suicide. It's unfortunate. That a gun makes killing people and makes committing suicide. Easier. So we really have to focus on. The mental health issues. -- somebody to wanna kill themselves in the first place I mean think about it. It's. Like it's gonna be easier to. I guess it's gonna be easier and and quicker to. Shoot yourself with a -- and then to to yourself it in other ways to meet people don't stick their head to ovens anymore. Because most ovens or electric I guess. And there's so many different ways to do it but if there's income there it's justice this immediate. This immediate. Gratification. For your goal. And the same thing with the with the murder I don't think the gun is is to blame at all. We need you really think about what is causing some might wanna commit suicide in the first place org or kill somebody in the first place. And if somebody does wanna kill somebody. If they don't have a gun and it really wanna kill somebody the gonna kill somebody. One of the one of the things that the -- does. Is it makes killing impersonal. You can be a real -- court and and kill somebody with a -- Because you don't have to touch that you don't have to get close to -- To kill somebody with a knife you have to touch their body you have to you have to you have to make contact with then it would be more personal. To strangle somebody to kill somebody with your -- hand you'd have to touch the -- -- -- Makes killing very impersonal and that makes it easy for a lot of people who are essentially. -- Number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Democratic. State senate candidate bush actually she's she is a democratic state senator she's running for governor of Texas. Governor for Texas in -- and she's running for governor of Texas she's campaigning her name is Wendy Davis. And conservatives have launched personal attacks against her she was a single mother who raised a daughter in a trailer. She's been called a fake and a genuine head case. Now there was a comet made by a Fox News commentator Erick Erickson. And he called her abortion Barbie. Who had a sugar daddy can't. Now if she was famous for her filibuster anti abortion bill in the Texas states and you might -- remember seeing her last year she got a lot of national attention to this. He says this fox pundit says state. This is not exactly the biopic. She claims to have had Rush Limbaugh called her fake and a genuine head case. And the criticism is that she said that she was divorced and a single mother at nineteen. When she was separated at nineteen and are divorced had become final two issues 21. So I guess that's a big deal to lightly you know everybody should should be honest and and and be accurate. Maybe in her mind she's gonna try to justify -- -- misleading people again I don't know exactly what this really means if this is really legitimate criticism she says she was divorced did. Ninety Richie was single at nineteen it was technically divorce until she was 21. All Scioscia had difficulty raising her daughter trailer. She also mentioned in 2012. That her mother only had a sixth grade education. A mother actually had -- ninth grade education. So every -- as this is this is this real. Legitimate criticism or. Are people just trying to to pick on her because it looks like she might have a shot at winning. She was married a second time in -- she still merit to this attorney Geoff Davis who helped to pay for her law degree. He cashed out he's 41 K plan and the two are also took out alone and Wendy Davis says that she played -- a big role in in paying this back. By -- Ericsson for Fox News that Limbaugh. Have referred to her as a person who has a sugardaddies. Which I think this is kind of a cheap shot to politics aside if somebody marries somebody in -- they have the means to help you get a law degree that you -- at law degree back I don't think that's exactly qualifies as a sugar daddy. Maybe these two people don't really know what sugardaddies. I would take a quick break we'll come back with number one on tonight's list of the top eight at eight Louisiana senator David bitter says that he's gonna run for governor has really done a surprise to anybody that's -- -- W a party general opinion poll tonight. Will you vote for David -- for governor. Right now 46%. Say no they won't and 54% say yes they will vote practiced all throughout our show to give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. A tomorrow Angela hill an open mind. It was gonna have the three candidates who want to be the next mayor for New Orleans slaughter show at 1 o'clock mayor Mitch Landrieu -- in the studio. If you voting listen to what he has to say. At 2 o'clock did not as king listen to what he has to say and 3 o'clock Michael Bay -- listen to what he has to say here's your chance to get. Up close and personal with the candidates you'll hear on -- tomorrow Wednesday Angela an open mind Wednesday from one to four here on every WL. And finally tonight. Number one on tonight's list of the top -- and you know you join us -- -- tonight. We're running -- because of LSU mr. basketball -- LSU did. Beat Missouri earlier tonight in -- The Republican National Committee is opening up its winter meetings in Washington tomorrow. And there's a plan to change the image of the party to appeal. To more people. The the -- Republican chairman of the Republican National Committee. Is that essentially presenting this mission statement. About the party. Change course. Modernize the party. And -- once again how to appeal to more people. Those are not my words that's from the leader of the Republican National Committee. There are a lot of conservatives in this area and around the country who were going to. Vehemently. Resist this change because they want the party to become more conservative. What do you think needs to change. About the Republican Party. We'll talk about that after the news that's the subject of this -- blog tonight's. What should change about the Republican Party. -- the Republican Party changed you can read it it's on our website at WW real dot com share it with your Republican or your liberal friends for that matter. It it's things that we talked about before the election last year. And -- the Republican Party is talking about right now must changes for the Republican Party read it share it come merit if you like it's it to be to -- dot com. This is the scoot showed we'll talk more about that right after the news on -- WL.