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Jan 21, 2014|

the Republican National Committee opens its winter meeting in Washington tomorrow and there is a plan to change the image of the party to appeal to more people. What do you think needs to change about the Republican Party? If you’re a member of that party should it change and if you are an independent what would they have to change to make you join?

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It's cold there's going to be -- hard freeze north of the lake and a -- free cell -- it's also very windy making it seem a little bit colder than it really is. But the northeast and in many states effect. And there's a winter storm warning right now in effect for all or part of thirteen different states in parts of the northeast are expecting Robert twelve inches of snow. I it is no way to get to twelve inches of snow -- as it's going to be is it's amazing if you've never been in that kind of environment before it's. It's -- it's it's truly amazing I mean it's beautiful one way but it's really inconvenient in many other ways. The wind chill overnight in New York is going to be minus twelve. And I think -- last time I heard earlier today 3000 flights had already been canceled so this isn't. This is part of this whole system that's bringing the cold weather to -- dipping down this far south. And bringing us some cold weather you know I I guess some people are still talking about that slight possibility of -- A few snowflakes flying around here and there. -- perhaps Thursday but it's have been a very very slight chance and nobody should get to. Ramp up and excited about -- we have all the information on our website at WW dot com but we're gonna have a chilly week. And very cold to overnights and -- very cold mornings all week here's our WWL party jaguar opinion poll tonight. Will you vote for David that are for governor he announced it made official even though people it's been speculating for long time it's now official he's running for governor in 2015. Now he can do that while he is still senator his senate term for senators on up until 2016. So we can't run for governor -- now so that's our RWW -- pretty jaguar opinion poll right now 46%. Saying no they're not gonna vote for him. And 54% say yes they will. For those of you who won't vote for him. Are you still open to. To changing your mind. Talk about that on the show tonight. Also the Republican National Committee opens its winter meetings in Washington tomorrow. And there's a plan to change the image of the party to appeal to more people. There has been talk about this since right after the election. But the party really hasn't changed. The scope blog tonight is titled should the Republican Party change. You might totally agree with me. You -- totally disagree with me. I think the party needs to change and that's something that we consistently talked about on the show that since before the election last year leading up to the election night I found -- interesting. That many of the things that we talked about on the -- here. Were actually. Mentioned and talked about it among Republicans including Republican leaders right after the election. And I guess are wondering what was so obvious to me there was an obvious to them. Even the chairman of the Republican National Committee thinks the Republican Party is not right. And I don't mean right -- left isn't right. The chairman says that it this winter meeting he's gonna percent of strategy that's designed to expand the Republican party's reach to include more women. Minorities. Gays and younger voters the strategy is titled growth and opportunity project. And it's gonna attempt to change the image of the party to be more inclusive. At the -- to broaden the GOP's appeals gonna target new voters and winning back voters stated defected from the party for the upcoming. 2014 mid term elections in November and then of course the 2016 presidential election the Republican Party has lost the popular vote. In five out of the last presidential elections. At a recent Gallup poll shows that the party's favorable rating. Has fallen to 32%. Down from 43% immediately following the reelection of Obama last November. The same rating for the Democratic Party -- has gone down as well. But there's a consensus within the Republican Party that the image of the party. Desperately needs to change if the Republicans want to win control of congress in November this year and -- the White House in 2016. Now much of this is political fact and in our realize that there are a lot of people who still don't wanna acknowledge that changes necessary. The change of the Republican Party changing the image of the party is not going to be without a serious fight the Republicans have been having this. I -- -- could call it a civil war within the party it's been obvious since after last year's presidential election the influence of the Tea Party. And ultra conservatives have painted the GOP as far right wing. But the GOP can't win if it's far right way and yet they are -- people in this area and around the country who are dedicated to pulling. They -- Republican Party. To the right. But the battle for the soul of the party is over whether the party should be more conservative. Or more mart. The image of the Republican Party has been damaged by Republicans extreme views on things like abortion. Abortion and rape same sex marriage and -- and even birth control. All these views are no longer could grow with the views of mainstream America. So the question is does the Republican Party had the courage to divorce the extreme right wing views. And much of the base in order to. Migrate back to a more moderate position on issues that many Americans consider social issues rather than political issues. Considering recent political trends. The 2016 presidential election should be the republicans' election to lose. I think the Republicans are pretty great position to win. Americans tend to resist change every opportunity they get. But if you look at recent history. Repel Republicans -- Democrats. Served two terms and then there's that there's a there's a switch in the party. So Americans do like change when it comes to who controls the White House. And I think there's going to be mood for change after a two term Democrat in the White House I think is going to be a mood for change in 2016. Furthermore if Hillary Clinton is the democratic presidential candidate for 2016. Her image. As an established Washington insider. Completely clashes with this growing contempt that Americans have for the political establishment. Now Americans had negative views of both parties during and following the partial government shut down over. But it seems a Republican Party took the bigger hit in all the polls. Now there are many conservatives that assessed the image of the Republican Party through the air narrow perspective. Of what they see. What their friends and family members say NC and -- conservative based media and social media. And so they projected this perspective perspective over the entire country but those conservatives. I think are in denial. Of the image at their party holds for -- across much of America. You know you you can't. You can't judge the country by what takes place in your house. You can't judge the country by. Your personal views to be you could you contrived but in most cases. That's not going to really reflects America. So there are Republican leaders now -- take an honest inventory. Of the Republican Party and they understand that changes vital for the future of the party. The question is will the Republican Party change. If you wanna join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And it -- a -- 7870. And for those are going to be could definitely guilty and and and criticize me because I'm criticizing the Republican Party. You would have to criticize a lot. Of your own Republican leaders if you want to criticize me because. Now they're saying. Things that we were talking about leading up to the election and we continue to say some of these things following the election. The party needs to change. The Republican Party and top candidates. Really are not going to be able to control some of the maniacal rants. Of local and national candidates. Who seemed to be more dedicated to pushing their social agendas than than actually winning an election. And there will also be those candidates. That did share the view. That -- party. Is what they think it should be and they will continue to blame the liberal media for defeat however. Failing to recognize. That the media really doesn't control elections. Is only gonna lead to future party losses. With. Intense rhetoric from the conservative right during the elections of 2002008. To 2012 when Obama was elected and reelected. In the face of dire predictions about America's going to hell. Did the economy is is is is gonna bust if Obama is reelected. Those things haven't happened. And for a lot of people the economy has really turned around even right here in this part of the country. But in the face of all of the intense condemnation from the conservative right. In the media. And social media. President Obama was elected. And reelected. So. I don't think the media. Really has the power that you might think it hands. And then if the media is as liberal as its perceived. That had a George W. Bush win. The first time -- how to he would reelection. This perception that most Americans have that the the media controls everything. I really don't think is as accurate is as you might think. And there are younger generations that are now starting to to change. Change voting and changed. Opinions of how people see certain issues in this country I think the stage for the Republican Party to win back the White House in 2016. Is set. But only. If the party unite behind a moderate candidate. It is willing to resist the temptation the far right to make social issues a major part of the GOP and what it stands for. The far right of the Republican Party really contradicts its own ideology. Which is based on more individual problem solving rather than government intervention and that even comes to what goes on in the privacy somebody's bedroom. Promoting government control over issues as personal same sex marriage. Continues to inspire migration to the Democratic Party. President George W. Bush ran as a compassionate. Conservative. Implying. Moderation. Implying a moderate position. The Obama administration. Has not -- without controversies. And these controversies. And the long range impact of the Affordable Care Act obamacare. Could indeed have an impact on the election in 2016 and could taint the democratic candidate by -- I as I said earlier I also think that that Hillary. Represents the antithesis of what people hate about government right now which is Washington insiders. The Washington establishment the political establishment she represents that in addition to having some things that that may -- her image. If Republicans failed to field a moderate candidate. Or if they fail to loudly denounced the right wing extremist during the campaign the Democrats. Could be handed another election. Should -- The Republican Party change. And -- to change. That's Cisco blog tonight it's on our website at WWL dot com you can read its common ever feel like and please share it with your friends -- you you -- totally agree human totally disagree. Here's attacks that reads the liberal media is the biggest Smith since SaaS swatch. I I tend to agree with that and I am part of the media I just don't know anybody who has. Testified. Not necessarily court but is has testified to the idea that. Yeah well you know I was I was conservative and and I don't know the liberal media changed me really -- as the media really change your opinion. And the Republican Party is opening up their winter meetings in Washington tomorrow should get the party change and what should change about the party. Our numbers 2601. A seventy. Toll free 8668890870. Texas a 7870. -- scoot him will be right back with more on WL David -- -- and he's running for governor -- that -- like that was a really big secret but now it's official assists for the elections here in 2015. Our -- WL pretty general opinion poll asked the question will you vote for David -- for governor 49%. Say no and 51% say yes. Give mr. Pena were -- in this poll throughout our show this is an unscientific poll that doesn't represent the state is simply represented those who are listening to the show in responding the poll. But you can give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com a Sissy Republican National Committee opens its winter meetings in Washington tomorrow. -- we're talking about this new strategy plan which is titled the growth and opportunity project which is designed to change the image of the -- a birth of the Republican Party. To make the party more inclusive. To reach more women minorities gays and younger voters. Is this the right thing for the Republican Party to do. Or do you -- resist the change. If you wanna join us with a comic tonight our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a -- amber is 87870. From Okaloosa bury -- on the -- show good evening. That is. Oh the problem would be Republicans in my opinion is that. They have been strictly the -- had -- the people. They -- -- -- -- -- to repeat order extreme right wing conservative. And militant. -- even to become. Jittery people at the top how to deal. Do you put you spoke that you could tell a broad appeal you run the people -- A big big but the that we would -- -- the national. Election to the democratic what score known that the people think it's well known. Fought and fought for the right. People look at the populace. Is about the extreme right attitude -- Purdue credit too big -- but against the certain agendas that they that it. Moderate Arab would come down to the next level we come together. And we try to -- So I'll probably be Republicans -- be able -- -- legitimate candidate and the the other -- have a pulse of the people hold them. I think you're I think you're right Barry now there are those who argued that the Tea Party is not all ultra conservative but the Tea Party does represented. Pulling the party to the right that is perception whether that's reality or not that the Tea Party I agree with you has -- -- has hijacked has hijacked the party. Do you have got a question below and the atlas on Hannity to compliment the radio it would be good could be the idea. Any bond that this -- to work with the Democrats it's well worth the don't try to bring an important -- to the middle being a colander. Traitor turncoat and all -- would do what it is simply -- it. Deploy it to the people who would like to come together and -- at 21 against the -- Democrats. Don't have a board to constitute what it is what is blown out of people like what the ball. Very -- I agree with Cuban goods those ultra conservatives. In the media they cater to the audience that's there. And I love having the opportunity to show that there is there's that there's a different side and you don't you don't have to. Try to. Instill fear in people to get them to -- your radio show or. Support your candidate. Mean you're right -- and culture the Republican pundit and conservative author. Said that anybody who disagreed with Republicans over the the funding of obamacare partial shutdown of the government. Should become Democrats. Well that's that's that's it's inaccurate to suggest that everybody has to agree with everything their party is supposed to stand for. Their problem. That's splitting people completed. -- only -- Republicans because we've been at the White House to -- it predicament that divorced instead of these at least two extreme that that other people out there -- It's India reaching the global -- he would do what he would be off at the -- we'd like to have a twelve. It's hold -- bet -- to improve capital brought national appeal thank you. Barry I I agree with you do the Republicans have the courage to say hey now we're not gonna cater to the far right. If -- if they don't have the courage to do that I can't see them making gains in November this year and I certainly can't see the Republican Party winning the White House. Into the 2016. If you wanna join us with your thoughts in your Felix tonight our numbers 2601878. Beating the Republican Party should stay just the way it is. Now they are those who say well America's change but the party shouldn't change we just stand for what we stand for. Well you know parties do change. And this country changes it doesn't mean that this country changes always in a bad way. There are some bad changes in this country there's some bad trends in this country but all change is not necessarily bad change. And we'll be go through these times when there is serious debate and and I guess that. I know there are a lot of differences between the debate over same sex marriage and the debate over equal rights for blacks in this country there are a lot of differences. But there are some parallels. And some of those parallels are centered on the idea that. There are people who think that this change. Is not good for America. And that there's a dismissal of the characters who are asking for the change they're not worthy of the change. We went through that in the 60s50s and sixties. And I'd like to think we're a better country because we went through those changes. That I think the time's gonna come of the future when will look back and go. My god I can't believe -- I can't believe. We had that ridiculous debate about same sex marriage. Then again I liken it to the debate that this country was having in the sixties about birth control. There was so the moral majority in this country which trying to ban birth control. And the Supreme Court ruled that a ban on birth control was unconstitutional. Based on right to privacy. Based on an individual's right to decide. And is this not the basic foundation of conservative ideology I don't understand why this is so difficult for some people comprehend. Why would you want the government in faulting anybody's life based on your moral issue. Because that means the government could be involved or a moral issue that you disagree with. This is this good show our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Wait seventy. A text number is 877. From mobile David you're on the schoolchildren -- -- -- But. I'm also a party -- your -- The Republican Party to realise that young people like me. He's. -- he's got out my pocketbook. Yet in the government involved in my whole life when it comes to. They didn't indicate. What what that does not in the jet. Reasonable. It's hypocritical. And hypocrite of the the Republican Party need to change to that focus on at school. Attack. Lower than our budget and get out of the of the of the social. David you're you're right and one of the things that distracts the Republican party for from being a heroic party. And in standing up for fiscal change is all of these other peripheral issues that are social issues in moral issues and they bring these into the campaign. And disguised is what the Republican Party really stands for and people don't pay attention to that. And when you talk about yourself being a younger voter at the age of 33 you're absolutely right. Younger voters now we're talking to. Are under 45 and when you look at the polls on things like same sex marriage there's a big difference between those who were polled under 45 and those who were -- over 45. Now since the baby boomer generation has been such a large generation throughout its existence it's made at such a large group portion of the the population in general. The baby boomers have this really Eagles like we run this country. Now that they're the establishment. They're starting to realize that there's that there are a couple of younger generations out there with differing opinions and they're starting to gain some control. And I think it's a sub conscious resistance on the part of baby boomers today to reject those changes. Which. My theories that. That you're under. The rule that. When. You. -- the Euro. I think that's a great way to put it David I enjoyed our conversation and yes his 33. 33 -- a younger voter when we talk about younger voters we're not talking about it. New voters who -- just turning eighteen. But the problem the Republican Party has had is alienating younger voters and those are people like under 45. The Republican parties had a difficult time with women with minorities. Blacks Hispanics. And -- the debate over same sex marriage goes far far beyond gay people in this country. There aren't there are not enough for gay people in this country. To make this the issue that he -- It is an issue because so many of us who are not get. Understand how important equality is how important freedom it's. And we know people who should have those freedoms. I have a dear friend. She and her partner. In Denver. Just recently adopted a child. And they are the most loving wonderful parents after I got a picture of the of the day. Of their their son who who he did have parents. And now he's got two great loving parents. And that they're not gonna turn that that little boy into a gay person. So what they do. Governor raise a child because they're human beings you know last night on the show we we talked about some of that the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. since yesterday it was an -- day. And what are my dreams is that we in this country we realized that we are human beings first. American second. And then we are conservative and liberal. We need to first recognize that we're human beings and we don't seem to recognize that right now. Some of these issues that had become big issues with the Republican Party. Are issues that really distract from. Solid. Things at the Republican Party really does stand for like fiscal accountability. Mean that's really important. Shrinking the size of government is really really important. If it's like you've got a business. That is going broke. What you and you think making the business bigger is gonna somehow help the business. Now. But these other ridiculous issues have been ruling the image of the Republican Party. You're talking about this tonight because the Republican National Committee opens -- winner hearings in what in no Washington tomorrow. And they are dear. They -- Campaign is titled the growth and project opportunity and their mission statement is. Change course modernize the party and learn once again how to appeal to more people. That's -- upset a lot of conservatives. Should the party change. That's a subject of the -- like tonight it's on our website at WWL dot Barroso talking about it tonight if you wanna join us with your comment. Our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And -- -- ever say 77 from the nor short bill as you're on the -- show good evening. -- deal. -- Padilla -- as if he -- still there here's a text that reads. I have a right. To be the right well of course you have a right to be the right. You can be the right. Now nobody's telling you have a right to have an opinion. But if you. But if you if you look at political history. You'd really be hard pressed to talk about how. In extreme right were extreme left candidate. Want a general election. Ronald Reagan is perceived as being. Very very conservative. But you can find a lot of information that it makes Ronald Reagan -- not as conservative and much more of a compromiser. Then he's given credit for being. The other thing is that Ronald Reagan just had such a wonderful warm persona about it. -- Ronald Reagan could say something really tough an ugly. But it was -- Warm comforting words from -- grandfather. And I mean that in -- most complimentary way. So even though Ronald Reagan may have been more conservative and that the perception was this warm caring man. I mean he invented. He invented the term Reagan Democrats. So many people migrated from the Democratic Party to vote for Ronald Reagan. And that's something that the party has been missing. And the Republican Party has lost the popular vote five out of the last six elections. So you don't want the party to change. If you and -- join our -- right our numbers 260170. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. And a text ever is a 77. From Missouri tong here on -- -- show on WWL. It never understood that it can birdies tonight. But let's send your discussion but the last fifteen minutes. And I disagree with -- your take on what the Republican Party needs to do that you're claiming. That the Republicans need to go more to the center Angela and put up moderate candidates yes I'd ask you -- -- you know what classification would you give to Mitt Romney. McCain. Bob Dole it's Federer those folks are moderates and as he correctly says they loss. Well -- -- if you if you if you look back at old -- you're you're you're you're accurate dole. McCain and Romney were all moderates. But when they became the presidential nominee. They were pulled to the right and they were forced to take on issues that we're not congruent with the -- The -- core ideology I think Mitt Romney was very uncomfortable Mitt Romney was the ideal moderate candidate. But I don't think he was comfortable in his own skin because he was talking about things that that really weren't part of him they were part of the Republican agenda. And I can say the same thing about McCain and I think back on on on Bob Dole as well these were all. These were all perfect moderate Republicans who should have been left alone and I'm wondering if the Republican Party has learned that lesson. And then -- and one other thing -- and then when you when you had Mitt Romney running last year what tainted Mitt Romney in the Republicans were all these like wackos like. Like Todd make it. Saying stupid things about rape and abortion. And -- -- those voices were not denounced enough and they were linked to. The image of the Republican Party into the Republican party's gonna have to deal with that and again. Got Aiken is not a whacko he's from Missouri. And. Not a whacko because he's from Missouri's a whacko because of what he says. What he says it was a slip of the tongue and we've all made that mistake along the way certainly but. You know when you look at the Republicans for the purpose. Campaigning and elections is to win elections. And the moderate course for Republicans is not the way to do disagree while I made 11% but. The people on the right are not extremists that Tea Party folks I'm not extremists. They're promoting traditional. Family values and what his ideas economic values. That the moderates don't. Adhered to and the Democrats of course the community either they're just big government all the way. Audio but you're not suggesting that that Democrats and moderates don't respect family values -- You know I think this is one of the things that damages caused people to. To defect from the Republican Party this idea that -- only we know how to run -- we know how to run your fairly -- and you know how to run your Fam. They Republicans and not saying that the Democrats are saying that very specifically. There are telling people. They're telling women hey we agree he should have full rights over your body. But we've got 41 years of that 41 years where 56 million babies have died to abortion. And where as a country now as a result of that. Far worse than we were thirty years ago forty years ago. But we're not worse off necessarily because of that. In large part. In Europe I would say yes in my opinion. There's nothing that there's nothing that links. Any negative trends in America directly they're no studies or research that links that directly to the abortion rate in this country. Actually there are. And if you do a little research on that you'll find them. Well you gotta be careful where you see on the Internet. Well -- -- you have to evaluate carefully what you see out there but. You know how does that -- a great tragedy of our time all. Our support but but time here's the here's here's the ultimate point. The government can't force you to have an abortion. Or anybody in your -- They're trying to you know they can't they can't throw the -- they are track they can't force you to. So people are left. To their own decisions. Which is really the foundation of conservative ideology. Well you you may remember though that the Supreme Court let this pass by. In 1973. Coming across what would Roe vs. Wade which legalized abortion. White garlic powder and legalized on what grounds and -- -- support because because murder in this country excuse me. Murder in this country is not legal so they did legalized murder. But they didn't technically. Technically that's your opinion the medical community is not agree. The medical community is not defined the fetus at that point as a human being. I -- well Iran. That but it but legally. And in the medical community in general there's no definition of that's why people are attempting to pass these personhood laws where even a fetus. He is is is granted. Do the full protection of the law and that has yet to happen so. That's really the course that pro lifers need to take that's what they need to work on if that's what they wanna do. But and and unless the government can for somebody to have an abortion. I think this is a personal decision on its own decision I would make. But but who might tell a woman what to do with her body especially if what happens to her body as a result of a man who doesn't care about honor and and sometimes that's the case sometimes that's not the case. While you are entitled to get for your opinion to share your thoughts. In terms of what is best for her and typically an abortion is not best for the person undergoing it. Depends if he's all the women. Who had abortions that are having problems with that thirty years place. Yes and Tom yeah you're right there are exceptions to every single case -- there are people who are of have have to have died from having very very simple surgery that doesn't mean that it hasn't saved a lot of flies. So I'm I'm I'm not here to discuss abortion pursue a by you know you can find whatever statistics you want especially on the Internet. To support. To support your beliefs and I'm you know I'm glad this is America and I'm glad we had our conversation. Well I'll take a look at the medical community because ever since the advent of the ultrasound machine. Doctors have taken a close look concerned yeah that is some living creature. Even at the tender age of one week. But Tom the law doesn't recognize it as murder and until it dies. Legally and technically it's not -- in your heart -- -- it might -- I'm gonna get to break and went to caller -- from Missouri if -- -- stay with this if you wanna join us tonight on the -- she'll. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Cyril H seventy Texas -- 78 Seve will be right back on Debbie WL. The lineup for failing -- this morning gras season has been announced forwards Jefferson -- -- morning golf classic causeway and that are essentially. Wilson Phillips will be one of headlining acts. Had such a crush on them still -- do. A look at soreness and of course Cowboy -- will be part of it a man to show off the Electric Light Orchestra what twenty years of American Idol finalist. Both vice. CNT's next superstar Courtney coal and Montgomery Gentry they're good. He brings a lot of brings a lot of economic impact Jefferson Parish it's free it's a lot of fun it's for the entire family and Wilson Phillips. Is back and they'll be things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very cold and windy Tuesday night. And for much of the country it is absolutely freezing. It is. A winter storm warning in effect for either part of or. All love at least thirteen states and and much of the northeast is going to be buried in twelve inches of snow. A tomorrow on the Garland -- think tank I joined Garland for Irvin mayfield and went appears. Irvin mayfield and -- appears to have big dreams and bold goal they wanna make New Orleans the most literate city in America by its 300 birthday 2008 team. Is that possible. Don't miss the -- turn the page. A literary campaign for new worlds in southeast Louisiana. Irvin mayfield. And Wendell Pierce during Garland Robinette didn't think tank tomorrow. Ten to one. Here and -- -- a bureau here's a quick update on our WL pretty -- my opinion poll tonight will you vote for David bidder for governor the announced today that he is running for governor 2015. I'm a little switch in our poll here now a majority 51% say no. 49% say yes you can give us your opinion by going to WW dot com from Kentucky Billy here on this -- -- good evening. The party it's like first I'm talking to expert I'm a call and hand them and does happen. Picked you up while I was drumming up north to drop the ball and something there really get much attention. Regarding the fifties and sixties you were talking about referring to the right movement. And I'm gonna have you questioned begins the question I'm gonna ask you it might open up a bucket on the show because of my response gonna give. You were talking about the -- rights movement G and -- Couple that I think we're trying. Compared to the civil rights movement of the trip he's in the -- that that would that. No I was very careful I'm very careful when I talk about this because there are a lot of things that are totally different. But the -- there are some similarities in terms of predictions that this is gonna ruin society prediction that this change is gonna somehow lead to the that'd -- the detriment of America. The fact that that certain people don't deserve equality in those ways I see some parallels but it it but but other than that they're there they're not equal of course. Well the redeployment uses candidate like that. Based upon which -- says a lot of people in America today trying to you compared the civil rights movement too geeky right. And basically what the field on the standards this year when it comes down to two -- two different type of movement. There is no comparison and the people basically try to and where. Make the eighties similarly we have a black man I can't prepare him. And here's -- -- like it better -- one person doesn't own bedroom I think you'll agree. -- -- -- But once they begin to try to push their agenda. And compared to what black with -- in the 40s50s and sixties and even beyond that there is no comparison. And so that's -- calling him because that's what the between them stand with Jews think because of the things that. Blacks don't seeing them stand regarding the Democratic Party atmosphere. Unemployment rate is still very high. In the black community so the question that they need to ask them self regarding. Whether it's Democrat. Or Sheila Jackson -- former the current president what have they -- -- -- my -- it is. It's not. Billy you want you to hang on for just a moment I mean like I can sink your buddy I've got to get to break we can continue this conversation regularly on the side of the break and nuggets have more of your calls but just it's an interesting conversation so register descending on. We'll continue this conversation when we come back with more of this to shield. Under the WLR connect our show where up against today's break it -- I'm almost out of time and a lecture I don't elect you get the last word in here -- we'll continue to talk about this after the after the news. The years it because come out here between. Republican and Democrat typically. It. This streak that when people want to you compared the -- right movement. To right movement. And and -- I I I appreciate you giving me a chance thanks to listen to our show by the way -- I appreciate you giving me a chance to -- to further explain that and not jump to conclusions but we'll continue this conversation. On the other side of the news.