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Jan 21, 2014|

the Republican National Committee opens its winter meeting in Washington tomorrow and there is a plan to change the image of the party to appeal to more people. What do you think needs to change about the Republican Party? If you’re a member of that party should it change and if you are an independent what would they have to change to make you join?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is a very very cold windy night even in the deep south but if you're listening in in other parts around the country day you might be any winter storm so be sure and -- drive carefully. A cold and windy here and very cold across much of the country another Arctic blast. About 3000 flights have been canceled wind chill overnight in New York will be twelve below. Which is really cold for that says that part of the -- call for anywhere brutally cold for the northeast winter storm warnings are in effect at all or part thirteen different states. And parts of the northeast will get over twelve inches of snow and there's so much knowing that a part of the country. Here's a good talking about it tonight the Republican Party is beginning there their national committee meetings tomorrow for the winner. In in Washington DC and there's a plan to change the image of the Republican Party to appeal. More two to two more people because one of the things -- Republican Party is done recently is that they've they've they've lost they've lost voters younger voters. They've -- women. They've lost minorities. The women who supported the report not not the actual women but women the women vote the supported the Republican Party in the past. Has not DN as strong -- supporter of the Republican Party. In recent years and I believe that's because of the social issues that have been drawn into the political debate. Also a critical moment ago from somebody and at Kentucky. And I had mentioned earlier that there are there are some similarities. When we talk about change there are some similarities between. The same sex marriage to date today. And the fight for sector of the fight for integration -- the fight to end segregation. In the fifties and sixties. In the past. Now. The argument is that -- there are few comparisons but I think when it comes to. When it comes to. A fight for equality. There are similarities this caller pointed out though they went to. Consenting adults do something in their bedroom that's their business but essentially he was saying but if they try to promote that outside of their bedroom. Then that's wrong. And I would agree with that but I'm not so sure that the gay community is trying to promote something outside of their bedroom as much as they're trying to protect who they are. The problem is. If they are gay. Then you assume what they're doing in their bedroom. And if that cause issue to discriminate against that. They're not throwing it in your face. They're just openly. With another person at the same sex and that causes people to envision what they do in their bedroom which is nobody's business. So I I think that is misconstrued his is being. Promoting the lifestyle when in reality they're reporting a lifestyle that people simply just want I don't wanna be judged for what I do in my bedroom not that you're gonna see it. But I don't wanna be judged. When I'm out in public I wanna be able to be who I am. I don't wanna be fired from a job. I wanna be able to go to -- business. And and be treated fairly. Whether to wearing a wedding cake or whatever so. To me. Through the ultra conservative perspective. And through social media there is this hysteria. That the gay community in general is trying to cram it down everybody's throat. And that's not really the case. Now you have to be careful how you perceive the news. Because you can't judge all conservatives. By the ultra conservatives the extremists. They get attention on the news because the news always focuses on. Extremes. He can't judge the entire gay population. -- -- The gays that they tend to get the most attention on the news because they -- the more radical extreme members that's the nature of news. And that goes for really any group you can't judge all women by the the radical women's rights activist. In the seventies. So we continued talk about it changes the Republican Party should make. If you think the Republican Party should make changes the scope blog tonight asked the question should the Republican Party change. You can read this you might totally disagree with me you can share -- others and they might disagree or you might totally agree. It's treading on our website tonight at WWL dot com for page. Under our opinions and this doesn't. -- winter meetings and opens up tomorrow in Washington DC. Is is all about broadening the the GOP's appealed to target new voters and winning back voters who have defected from the party. Which was obvious after the after the 2012 presidential election last year if you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And our tax -- -- -- seventy. Here's a texted her -- does everything to do what we're talking about but -- it's it's kind of a lighter moments before giving to your calls I want to share this with the this is from summer -- I believe this area code is in Pennsylvania. But this is totally off topic and irrelevant. But I hope you'll appreciate it. After living away for too many years it is thrilling to have access to the unique delights. Offered in the New Orleans area. We just splurge. On a slice of don't bash cake. It was delicious. Recently had a great king cake nowhere else in the world offers the delights we enjoy. As you probably agree for many large and small reasons. It's great to be home. Thank you for being an ambassador for city and that is from lower. I here's a -- the mission statement of the Republican Party which is that they hear the mission statement of the the meetings that are opening up in in Washington DC. Is this. Change course. Modernize the party. Learn once again to appeal to more people. Well that all sounds good but that's going to mean. The party's gonna half to. Get a divorce. From the extreme right. If the party wants to and I had a caller earlier from Missouri a -- did that I'm wrong that the party needs to be more conservative. And I just don't see how that fits into the political math and political reality today. And to the do with the way pollster or her or showing the the the the swing of opinions in America. Here's a -- the mission statement should be. How do we how to we'd be more like Democrats. Here's another text the American people want to vote for somebody. They like for president Republicans need to -- somebody that is more likable than a Democrat I agree I. I think Democrats can win by default. But the Republican Party I believe that might I say this in the blog if you are rated. The Republican Party. This is their election to loose in 2016. I think the stage is set for Republicans to win but only. If they feel the right candidate. From New Orleans train your under the W well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you able then you know -- kind of pay attention out against their you know thirteen sixteen year old. You and -- you know come across and if you kind of know that they chose a lot more the Republican Party. Is that down. I feel like. In Indian people my age you know you're entirely agree. At that point there when the battle -- -- or the economic issues as the social issues. I usually don't feel like. You know what -- McCain and Romney. And you and just kind of -- there might wrongly. What I I did and I think he can go back to Bob Dole as well and the Bob Dole John McCain and Mitt Romney were. Where prototype. Moderate conservatives. And so the perception is moderate candidates can't win. The problem is is that if you really go back and see what steered the Republican Party and the image of that the party. Was not the moderate. Ideology represented by dole McCain and Romney. The the image of the party under these guys which which represented by the by the the more extreme right they they pull these guys were pulled to the right. I just don't think Mitt Romney was was comfortable being something that he wasn't which was more conservative than he really was in reality. And I think when you. When -- when you try to fake it. The you don't come across as being sincere and their four. Voters should knock -- -- procedure was is being sincere and and these social issues. There are part chasing younger voters away. In droves these these. Social issues -- disguising. Did the strong fiscal conservative. -- ideology of the Republican Party. I totally agree and I think on it's it's even more on that today because. I really feel like our generation is definitely very unique in that response tightly. -- personal social media and you know just modern day technology. That. I really don't want a different level that sport issues like gay rights. Marijuana and think like that. That down. It is really terrible boating and that Ali and say -- -- all is well. I think a lot under the Republican. Yeah Agassi in the Republican old dollar the rhetoric does seem to be very page in well sometimes the envelope as. In a -- careless because. The -- and he language as far as the outlook -- of force they would use in this situation that situation. And also powers YouTube because our generation one would no doubt they're you know I think. Yes. So if if you're a conservative if you're Republican listen to this guy -- 43 years old. Any speaking for people who are younger and when we talk about younger Republican voters were essentially talking about people under 45. Where we're talking about several younger generations. That are starting to have a major impact. On decision making and on the outcome of elections even though -- large huge baby boomer generation is now the establishment. And I guess at the control everything which again made it brings me to. My description of myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. Yet as -- told that you know. The Republican Party on commodity. You know that it. I guess you could say and in a way you know. That's what conservatives you know socially in a little morsels to power I guess is that the correct word in counties for that but I'm just seemed like. There's a battle right now inside art in I think. Ever since you know and George Bush. You know term as president I think the party has really lost his identity because -- because of the downfall in the economy. And a lot of other issues. -- I'm really glad you called the show and I'm I'm I love that you're a young person and and you care and your politically active I don't think you should get so wound up in politics that you don't enjoy your life but it's great to young people are involved in the in the process because it's. It's it's your country too and you. Your vote is as important as somebody who is voted. Throughout their life and you're sixty years old today. Really appreciate -- call the show -- thanks elicit -- if your -- stay with us if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy and a text over the states -- recently. This is the -- show. On a cold Tuesday night's. Like from New Orleans on -- WL. From the seventies Electric Light Orchestra that is good to be part of the family -- Find out -- in the north this year. Body growth most of them because -- and veterans wheels at Dallas Cowboy Mouth Amanda Shaw. Montgomery Gentry and others will be there including. I actually remember being here. As a young -- during a morning here. And I was playing this song when it was first relief I think fifth. Senator David -- has announced that he's going to run for governor of. Louisiana 2015. Do you think he's going to be good governor here's -- WWL pretty -- opinion poll will you vote for David bidder for governor. It's been really close all -- here's an update 52% say no not voting for him. 40% say yes. They will vote for it is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com I do and remind you with a poll like this in particular this is not a scientific poll. And this is not a poll of the entire state of Louisiana this is a poll of those people who are listening to our show tonight. And responding to the poll. A tomorrow Angela hill is gonna welcomed the three candidates who want to be mayor of New Orleans at 1 o'clock -- Angela one on one with Mitch Landrieu. At 2 o'clock. Status king will be in the studio and at 3 o'clock Angela goes one on one with Michael Vick nurse so don't miss all the mayoral candidates tomorrow Wednesday financial. An open mind. -- a four under every WL a from Slidell Anthony welcome to description. Hello Anthony. -- were put into -- -- if he's still their here's a text how can the party of wingers. And hate. Everybody who is different how how how can the party -- wingers and hate everybody who is different change. To love blacks gays Hispanics poor and middle working class Americans when they really won a white their hands. Off if they shook their hands. And dinner. Interesting. Here's a text that reads I heard you say that abortion is not wrong because the law says it's okay. Slavery rested -- it wrong. By the law but he was still wrong. Well again I I can't control what people here I can only control what I say. And I just hope that you listen and I'd I'd appreciate you giving me the chance and I jumping to conclusion and it's sort of -- I did not say. That abortion is okay because it's the law. When I said was abortion is not illegal. Because it has not been declared murder. And that is the law. And I didn't make the law so he can't get mad at me that is that is the law. But as long as Republicans and ultra conservatives in this country insist. On making abortion. Part of their political debates. I don't see the Republicans winning an election. The presidential election and they might I don't know what I really don't have a real feel for what's gonna happen November 2014 -- that something will be talking about all year. Leading up to the elections are very very important. A campaign coming up the mid term elections 2014. And a lot is at stake Republicans want to control both houses of congress Democrats -- control both houses of congress. -- I guess in some ways it's got a good when it's split but there's so much gridlock right now that. It's almost as if neither side will make a compromise. Neither side will do what's in the best interest of America. Because it might -- the other side look good. Nobody wants to go along with the president if you're Republican because even if it's good for America they don't want the president to look -- it. And and Democrats to feel the same way about Republicans in the things that they wanna push through. So it really is it really sad because we the American people are the losers -- Anthony you're under the WL. I don't do -- I didn't want to know every night. Out of it until you and and we which you ship out between. Six. I'm not a republic in -- a moderate Democrat. And the Republican quality to Jack. Why -- health care. -- -- -- -- -- Robbery and club bode well for the first round -- apple back in nineteen uncle. What opponent Republican Party. In the quality. Outlook. -- Republican school but the -- Jack. All these products are going to applaud. Now -- -- it is an example. John Maine. Couldn't get out. -- -- -- -- -- From what people are saying that hey. I agree that. John Boehner let agreement about not that. Jeter came back into week. Something you know that because applauding -- -- -- vote. Republican but. All of its green right out in -- social issue. It's growing up applauding. Antennae are parents you a year you're one of arrogant you were one of the Reagan Democrats you -- one of the many Democrats that supported Ronald Reagan. Optic agree -- right now it. Now. I want. Follow -- out front right Google. And everything has -- How can anybody that are rational mind and love and the and -- beyond. That the W beetle in the morning and you at night to Libya. I think we'll have a mockery -- kind of acting on the continent in the -- action. Out beat you opinion and in mind. Outlook notebook and it talking about extreme. I mean people like. And the people I mean it out. On -- -- the issue that stuff. No. -- what it would. Mean to pick up well. Opinion on who. I agree with you guys write I don't think we should cast the government to be involved in in moral issues and I think that the these these issues of abortion in the ignorant things said during the campaign last year about abortion rate. On Romney not being the full moderate that he was I think this chase people away from the Republican Party in the Republican Party really thought they had this election one. Because the economy wasn't good they were concerns about Obama care. There was high and employment. We're still involved in wars -- there was a lot going against the president but he was reelected. In part because. The Republicans field it's such -- such a pitiful campaign and if if they don't do a better job if the party doesn't change in the region were talking about is -- because the Republican National Committee opens they're winter meetings in Washington tomorrow. And they're gonna talk about the changes that they believe are necessary so this is practiced coming from me this is coming from the hierarchy within the Republican Party. And there they -- listening to people like you. We'll look -- you up but it could. Now -- a moderate. -- in you -- Africa and it bought it some thought and -- and BC. And I couldn't get out outlook the term -- and I compliment he had to open it up. Note these down and like like you did not adequately is that guy. No you know new games now that the Huntsman. You know moderate Republican -- well in. School. Well Anthony you're absolutely right and ended and that the problem is is. The Republican Party or let's just say too many conservatives in this country believe. What day here. In conservative media and they believe what they've read with social networking is social media they believe. The the vocal minority. Those are making the most noise talking about this country needs to return to conservative values this country needs to care about him well of course should care about family values. But that did the party has been hijacked because people get this impression that the amplified. Vocal minority. Is actually speaking for the entire country and they're not. -- includes negative. Mode in America and Europe. But -- -- gamble. On and it's -- good spectacle the quality and that Latin American diplomat and that being. If you you know. On the one. In the Reagan. Maybe you get dental and remember. Reagan took bought in. You know. -- -- Vote and then upon outlook back Republican. Okay into. The period. Need a good move and you know moderate in key figure out -- And I. I appreciate. I appreciate you calling I've I feel aren't. All right Anthony thanks for thanks for listening. I I loved -- this show it does offer something different. Now I'm like comparing myself to the Rush Limbaugh's not I'm very confident with what I do what I say. My stage right now is it is because they -- stage. But that doesn't diminish any -- we're talking about anyone point Rush Limbaugh started out. -- radio station in Sacramento California. With his conservative ideology he started out in a blue state. So it doesn't matter what your ideology is if you if you make sense to people. Then saying it. And I'm very confident with the we talk about on the show. And I'm also very confident that there are many things that we say on the show that I don't pick up from anybody else. This is stuff that you and I talk about is sometimes later it's discussed in the mainstream media. We talked about changes in the Republican Party thinks that were were were not helping the Republican Party before the presidential election last year. And since the election is over and did the -- shocked city and that the Republicans actually lost. They started saying the same things that we were saying on the show before the election. This is not criticism of the Republican Party as much as it is. Based on just my experience of of doing this in and talking about politics for -- for years. It's. It's my perspective on life is your opinion is your perspective on life. But this is all this is all based on. On on what I see and my refusal to buy into the trend that you gonna get on the air and you gotta be hateful and you got to spew hate and you got to rally the conservative troops around because that's the only way you can make it in radio. And that has been the perception. Thing about how many followers there are. And there are fewer people trying to blaze. Any new trails. And at this point in my career I'm I'm very comfortable. With the attitude of the show and and and what we talk about and how we talk about. And everybody is entitled to their opinion and if you disagree with me you're entitled to your opinion. But it did -- Republican Party by its own admission and again the hierarchy of the party is starting to meet tomorrow in DC and they're talking about change. They need change. Their mission statement is change course modernize the party what do you think modernize the party means. That's a code phrase for stopped talking about gay marriage stopped talking about abortion. Stop talking about issues that have led to defeats in the past. Republicans have lost. The popular vote. In five out of the six. Past presidential elections. Their needs to be a new effort to reach beyond. Racial. Ethnic boundaries to get women. To get younger voters. And yet there are still. So many dominant ultra conservatives. Lapping the landing landing the same. Rhetoric. They've. They take it in a neighboring clergy -- this same. Rhetoric. Over and over again. And when you've got people in the media. Who are. Who are criticizing. Republicans were disagreeing with their own right wing factions of the party. And and they're saying that's not right. That's wrong and when there. When they're saying you either our way or you're not a Republican. That mentality. Is old. It's tired. It's worn out. It's boring. And there are younger generations. Port tired left. And if you are part of the baby boomer generation. You're now the establishment. Don't be so afraid of change because it represents change. Don't don't. Don't cling to things because it's part of your security blanket. Cling to something because it's the right thing you may think it's the right thing -- again. Think about. The changes that this country has gone through. And we have survived. And we will continue to survive changes. In his country is not going to hell. And if it is it's because now out of the government now because of the media. Because of Hollywood. But because of guns or drugs if this country's going to help it because of the individuals in this country allowing it to go to jail. This is dispute show if you wanna join us for your comment tonight our numbers 26 dome. 1870. Tool free 866889070. -- -- -- -- -- -- blog tonight is titled should the Republican Party change. You may agree you may disagree. Read it purely French talk about it on our website at WW dot com. Here's a text please remind people to keep their pets inside it's very cold wind chill. To wind chill tonight very called my cat just reminded me to text you. Yeah when you catch it also. And again I love to remind their kids to do this. Bring your parents in. It's going to be a cold night if you tend to leave your parents out on a night like this how would bring him and I would even wrap my grand kids bring the parents -- -- -- you know -- -- the house but. Bring him into -- We'll be right back on credit -- if you love. The saints. If you love your football team. And your football team isn't winning games. What do you do. You talk about the things the team needs to do. To win games. And that's with the Republican party's gonna talk about beginning tomorrow with the winter meetings in Washington DC Republican National Committee opens their meetings tomorrow in DC. And I'm sure some additional and a yeah on the news it will be will be talking about this. As as that news comes out we're talking about tonight because the meetings open up tomorrow. And the hierarchy within the Republican party's talking about Simpson serious changes the question news. Will vote will the far right will be extremist of the party. Realize that. If they continue to guide the party to the right they're not gonna win. And while they might not agree with moderate ideology. They might like far right ideology. Would they rather have a Republican whose moderate in the White House. Or a Democrat. There were people who who didn't vote for Romney because he was too moderate. Essentially helping. Obama get reelected it. So when it comes to voting they're hard. There are definite sacrifices to be made. Few people really totally get their way when it comes to a candidate. You still have to just figure out OK who's gonna best represent my interests. And then I think the other big issue is getting rid of these issues that most people perceive as social issues. If you wanna join and an -- and those issues that get people all riled up. Being fiscally and conservative. Talking about education talking about really important problems in the -- that doesn't get people fired up. What would -- say that what gets people riled up is -- should not be able to get married. Nor should legalize pot. Don't just dispose of the things that rile people -- And think about what they're getting excited about. Stuff that really that the president really doesn't have control over. The president doesn't even have control over whether abortion is legal or illegal. The president doesn't have control over same sex marriage and yet so much emphasis is placed on that with a presidential candidate. That they are. There there are so many misunderstandings. About. What a president really dots. And yet it's -- those social issues that rile people up but it's flailing up the wrong people. And it's piling up a lot of people on the other side. To vote for their candidate. It's it's aggravating a lot of people who believe they're part of the Republican Party. Did not vote Republican because they don't like that right wing direction. If you wanna join our show with your comment tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. At a text numbers 877. From Indiana rich you -- on the Scotia good evening. I did in cute. The Republican Party is going to do at this meeting its. Will continue to attack aboard ship and like you've got it toward the -- -- they're going to opt. -- -- single mothers but don't call up there and ball. That's what they're going to do that not gonna change your policy. The Republican Party. Used to be elected Democrats. Then. Once I believe we're not sport for girls under the age of thirty failed conservative. They're like bitterly. Attacked America. -- Saturday. John McCain not out the other guys who don't want that would have 64 nominee -- Barry going. Cold water and that at low laughter. Know what Republican Party that's forgotten which it's got away. And all the words you know what mr. alum I ineptitude that its third district. -- -- -- -- Sixty by 60% heard about. That's what. Well these are things that they need to talk about and they need to to figure this out if if they wanna win. Mean all the Democrats have to do is is is is put somebody up the Republican Party is. In in many ways destroying itself. What was that was that thing -- on now on cable news today. I won't give anybody Korea advertisement on your TV. Show what they said. Not not tell me that states the swing state but not comparable at all. Op. Or Florida or Ohio. Beat Democrat. Like now what the state that they want the shouldn't. Come out. You know continuously. And Bill Clinton -- -- -- 245. Off electrical votes for Republicans get 200. There's a lot of work to be done and it's going to be interesting to see -- comes out of these at these meetings and and I don't think they can make. On superficial. Meaningless changes rich I think the -- to change about going Tacoma show thanks listing in Indiana. And again I I would hope Tutsis who perceive this more as. An assessment of where the Republican Party is and again. You could be quick to criticize me because of a radio talk show host who doesn't on spew out of hardcore extreme conservative ideology. And it's just that's not in my heart it's not what I believe so I'm not -- dispute i.'s innocent ones that really wonder what some people on on on talk radio around this country. Really honestly believe in their personal lives. I wonder how much of it is really. A show I mean it's it's all entertainment me this shows entertainment every show is entertainment and everybody has to really had to admit to that. But it's entertaining to talk about politics. But I wonder how much how much of their own rhetoric they actually believe and practice in their personal lives. Quite often on the show we talk about. Hypocrisy. And there is so much hypocrisy. In the media and among politicians. There's a democratic Texas State senator Wendy Davis. Who is campaigning for governor. And conservatives have launched a vicious attack against her personally. Some of it may be justified. But this is not the tactic to win the the Republican Party whether this is reality or not it's perceived. As being the party that police people. I'm gonna tell you how to lead your life. And you're gonna listen because I'm right in your wrong. We've lost respect for differing opinions in this country. So we'll talk more about this. This the campaign for. Governor Texas and then some of the vicious conservative attacks against her and and you decide whether or not it's legitimate or if it's just vicious. This is the -- show and we'll be right back -- to -- WL so President Obama is gonna meet with Pope Francis in March during his European trip. Think about that that's gonna be really interesting meeting he got one guy who's got a very liberal stance on many issues and the the guys President Obama. Here's an update on our -- you'll pretty general opinion poll tonight will you vote for David bidder for governor he announced today he's -- -- run for governor it's official we thought that was gonna happen it's gonna run in 2015. This is an unofficial poll this is a poll simply of our. Listeners who -- responding to the poll tonight. Right now 52%. Say don't they won't vote for him 40% saying. Yes they will give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com pretty quickly let me remind you that this coming Monday we're gonna start -- -- 1000 dollar national cash contest again. Sign up for the WW -- cash contest alerts. Text the word cash. CA SH cash. Too late 77. And will lurching fifteen minutes before each code word is announced to remind you to tune in the list. -- the current world code word and then -- to be WL dot com slash cash. And you could win a thousand dollars nationwide it starts this Monday January twins haven't. It'll be the cash. Club for WWL. Remember to messages. Cache 877 to get the message alerts got a couple of text to get to hear just a moment and we're gonna run on time this hour but I am gonna tell you about this and this democratic state to senator Wendy Davis. Whose campaign for governor of Texas -- and she's made some mistakes but some of the some of the attacks against her from the right. Might be perceived as being on the ugly side. For -- Bob your WWL. There on the -- -- would do reduce say that's like -- attacks on Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann. All Melissa Perry's attack on Mitt Romney because he adopted a black child. -- it's -- you do to. Korea right we'll bring them -- up -- just data once not fiscal it's still the same old liberal -- -- thirty years ago and it you common not a closet tonight. And Bob get a life and if they check the website to because actually. I'm nine but I I I I can't help your perception in the united it did to me -- I think you intended it to be kind of ugly so would that be considered not to see I don't take that personally so I really don't I don't. I don't really care what and some people think of being a very confident with who I am and what I am and if somebody wants to. Revert to semi name calling Pulitzer has certainly is their prerogative. I think I've always been a very very open minded and challenging person throughout my life so that hasn't changed I was never hippie. Although there were times in my life when I did have long hair. If you rejoice in your comment tonight our numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 8668890. He Seve taxi 77 he. We're coming right back.