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Jan 22, 2014|

Scoot discusses the image of the Republicans political party. Why are they perceived as "bullies" in certain circles?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talk about legalizing marijuana is hitting close to home Louisiana lawmakers today met to discuss the pros and cons of legalizing pot. And I just wondering if if you think about the state of Louisiana legalizing pot. Okay that means if you're in the role rust in Shreveport. -- -- -- he Alexandria. Lake Charles. Lafayette. Apple looses. Church point mom who you know we think about all these. All these Louisiana cities where where smoking pot would would be legal. Early some additional matter whether this is do we everything that I am reading says legalization of pot but it might just be medicinal marijuana. But if you think about pot being legal one day in the state of Louisiana. I'm sure one day it will be. I -- it would be legally and all those cities around the state but think about what it would mean if park was legalized. In New Orleans. In the French Quarter. Now if -- legal everywhere in America. It wouldn't be as big a deal with it was legal here before legal everywhere else that you think about the people who are going to Denver. And Seattle because they can they can buy pot legally. They're there are places that that there are are -- tours that they're doing. He excursions into Colorado. -- to get stone there was one under on the show one night we read. About one company something like them the mile the mile high tour company or something like that. And for 2500 dollars they pick you up in a limousine. And driving to the ski lifts and on the way they give you free pot in the limousine. So you get stoned before you go to the mountain. Now this is really nothing new because having lived in in Denver not that idea and if I did I would be honest enough to tell you. But it -- people are always lighting up and getting stoned on the lists in fact if there's I mean that the -- they -- that sometimes is a guy on July. But the did the -- she couldn't you know you'd see you could tell what people are doing and it did -- chairlift in front of Europe a couple of funny you say that that's nothing new. I've also seen people with -- asks. Now I don't think this is necessarily a good idea. And you can ask people like Sonny Bono it's if it's a good idea to be under some kind of mind altering medication or or something. When you're skiing and I have to admit that in the past. There were times that I would go -- when I was skiing for snowboarding there were times that I would. I drink before and be kind of loose on the mound if you will. And I'm lucky to be here I mean I admit that I did that and it was not it was not -- but anyways so I'm I'm I'm digress and here but so there's -- company -- -- get used to they give you free pot in the limousine. And they take you right to the lists. And legacy pick you up and bring you back to your hotel so there are people who were or are focusing on this but think about if if pot was legal in the French Quarter before it's legal everywhere else. Would New Orleans become the Amsterdam. Of America. Would these. Places that have these these these bars that have caucus. Would they be putting pot in the -- I don't know much about who -- but it's it's like a bomb thing right I mean I guess you can put on a note in -- hookah. Would -- Would this increased the sale of -- eighties. After it's a people -- a couple of joints and you know got really. You know I don't know what the with the ultimate outcome would be. However. I think it would be. I think it would be really interesting to to to see would have. I don't smoke and for those -- you were new to this show like life I feel the need to tell you that. So I'm not promoting marijuana I am promoting the idea I'm promoting it. But I am in favor. I'm not -- any kind of campaign. Because it does it mean inning to me. But I don't think marijuana should be illegal in this country I think we should focus on moderation and not legal availability. Because. For the most part. For the most part anybody in this country. Who wants to smoke pot smoking pot. And I don't know how much that would really change if it became legal in I'm not suggesting that kids should start smoking pot. But many of them are doing it anyway. In the same way that they're drinking underage also -- we're talking about the Republican National Committee opening its winter meeting tomorrow in Washington DC. They have a plan to change the image of the party. To appeal to more people. Is this plan going to be specific enough to really manifest enough change. That the party is perceived. As being more inclusive. Because that's the goal of the hierarchy in the Republican Party and that's that title to -- blog tonight should the Republican Party change. And I know many giving -- the party should not change you can read the blog. Sure we be friends talk about it's on our website at WWL dot com also up a part of my FaceBook page which is scoot. On the year. And you can also join me on Twitter which is acts scoots every WLR. From Memphis John you're under BW -- good evening. John from the action and Chrysler -- include actual. They couldn't get to Atlanta -- loaded into a good person amateur radio I listen to review all the -- who watched TV. -- can you proud and Pierre. No. You're you're -- every important whether you agree with that are not as opposed to factual just -- occurred to get their ratings. And now I appreciate usual text and as word. Keep approval. John I appreciate you -- in Memphis tonight and there we're here every night if for some reason we're not here sometimes there's a sporting event at the station has to cover and we that we cover that for those of you -- -- listening on 1053 WW relish him. And I if Theres again a game on like pelicans game for example tonight it is a game and -- WL a -- -- not on will be on always right after the game. Here's a text -- not happy with drunk drivers here. Not ready for people to drive high more accidents insurance rates will go up more. There's always that possibility again I'd I'd buy promotes. I promotes a personal responsibility whether it's drinking or smoking if you do it responsibly. Then I don't have a problem with which you do if you're making decisions in your own personal life here's a text legal -- in no law. Would lead to increases in crystal -- sales. We just might have to monitor the Alabama fans from Biloxi Jerry -- -- was she going to be WL. They they -- going through each year you -- In our church -- a charge charge his McNabb to agent. Art is -- and that they can get should be you know what. I mean leisure I'm not gonna promoted in -- Asia I younger promoted I mean honesty and fortunes -- you really you really want to what general. I don't I'm not I'm not promoting it Jerry but I'm in favor of it and I think there's a difference if if you promote something that would mean me coming on the air. I liked by saying what I'm in favor of I think that's a little different than than having. On an agenda to to promote something I I I think it. I guess some people would interpret that as promoting it but I -- intent is not to promoted my tennis to express my feelings that. I don't think marijuana should be illegal. Well actually say it won't need pink sheet company in California. Offered to -- -- 2000. So wrong. You know you mentioned mainly to exceed -- -- and they don't want -- -- On a year which would he would get -- crumble into work a little. Not only would that be promoting it but that would also be illegal and it's it's illegal for me to do that in -- I can't do that it. Well and you know by BAB and you actually similar to paint company on days. -- they're dead then they're they're paid to do that within the context of a commercial. Now a company could pay me officially to do a commercial for them. But they couldn't they couldn't they couldn't just -- they couldn't just pay me to say hey -- in this on the show. -- award that school if you. Should get paid for Cromartie could still do it how are. Correct -- and that that would be that would be promoting it and if if if if marijuana was legal in Louisiana and somebody asked -- to do commercials. I would do commercials. Now if somebody asked me to do commercials. For a campaign. To make sure that marijuana remains illegal. That would go against what I truly believe so will be -- raw data which Arnie do the Marshall. Dry next down listening and I appreciate QB -- -- could -- -- you know what you announced I mean. Apple actually and you know what you know what you know glades. Which they have one injured nobody -- -- upon you know. It's not that there aren't people who do stupid things when they're stone but there are people who do stupid things when they're not stoned and and are on itself I don't think is a threat to this country although there continues to be this. Residual irrational fear. Over what legalize pot would mean because. That represents change Jerry and there are a lot of people in this country who cling to the way things are and don't want things to change. -- you know war. First formal rescued together without the farmers -- -- animation should be there premium. Let's talk to him -- -- how they can make more money. What are you think the day would come when you know we're we're talking about the cold temperatures tonight and had the effect -- being brought in on the citrus crop you think one day on the year I'll be saying. Well freezing temperatures tonight marijuana farmers are having to protect their plants. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Gold Coast Audrey you're on WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was -- you we are -- and I'd darted out of the road trip and kind of culture keep watch you know speak pretty. Close that trip where including. School take a close look at government -- should -- you. Do you think that's something they should see I mean that's a little. Exposing your kids to pornography. Well -- did you talk to reload -- Interest thing tomorrow is capital. -- kids in the group like that hundreds from all over the country right sure that they are. Getting together yes there in. Delegation. On the -- this amateur at that represented. Well yeah. Nobody else can we had a all of them the week -- -- there aren't there he. And apparently no. Q to -- received. Etc. but our treatment isn't that a realistic view of the way government works. If they're not there -- devoted thing. About these kids idealistic. Someday. Maybe I mean they learned about government that -- about how should be. -- so -- your your so your daughters away and a trip to new and her husband are playing on the Gulf Coast. She -- the responsible thing learned about government and how public policy and they do ended a bench you don't respect. That opinion. IIIR -- Audrey and you know aren't more people should have your attitude. Without that we enjoy it you know -- -- called earlier and you haven't changed a lot easier. -- out of an idea that we. Have been saying. Well you know you can you can get older but you don't have to get old and had their a lot of things but needed that haven't changed I can't complain Arab I've seen some. I am glad you called you guys go have fun. And I'd. I didn't stop listening to the show and go effluent. I'm -- will be right -- WL. -- I had such a crush on turner Phillips. Has still been. When he was you know but -- -- you know. Wilson Phillips is part of the lineup -- fatally -- this year. And Mardi Gras applies it -- free concert for the families before and after them raise their memory causeway and and veterans highway. Wilson Phillips. Also. Electrically orchestra. Cowboy Mouth then there's such a great great fantasy here. And Michelle she's always fun. Seat empty next superstar Courtney coal and Montgomery -- -- who will be here also blood sweat and tears with American Idol finalist -- vice. And of one of the guys who was the lead singer of a journey is going to be there as well all that it definitely draw this year. This is this -- at a very cold Tuesday night and -- even in the deep south it's cold but if you're in the northeast of here -- -- some of the states it is the north of the New Orleans area -- -- some very very cold weather. -- either part of all of thirteen states are under a winter storm warning. And parts of the northeast are expecting on twelve inches of snow or more tonight. And and for the northeast deal for places like park city Utah law and Denver it's not that unusual but that amount of snow and and in the northeast is. Is it is a little bit more on usual right here in in our area north of the lake hard freeze sell the bully a light freeze its cold. And it's -- Senator David -- has made it official most people only politician anyway he's running for governor of Louisiana 2015. His term as senator comes to an end -- 2016 so he can announce this before his term comes to an end. -- do you think that he's gonna make a good governor answered -- BW will pretty -- opinion poll will you vote for David bidder for governor it's been very close all night here's an update. 51% saying no not gonna vote for -- 49% say yes they will. And with the with the poll like this -- I just want to remind you that this is an unscientific poll and doesn't represent the state of Louisiana. It represents those who were listening to our show responding to the poll tonight here on W if you atomic Tucker will continue this conversation -- data represent the future. -- the past. For the Republican Party and the Louisiana so join Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning to be WL first news six to ten under WL. Democratic Texas State senator Wendy Davis is campaigning for governor in Texas. And some conservatives have large -- personal attacks against her. This year it was a single mother who raised a daughter a three years in a trailer. And this year has been called a few things got a call a moment ago from irises very critical of me. And in talking about is he was suggesting it will what about what about criticism of those who said ugly things about Michelle Bachmann and Sarah -- First of all I don't know Wendy Davis so I don't know if she's a really credible candidate. I thought Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin were a -- -- store. I don't think they represent. Legitimate political. Candidates. And shouldn't be taken seriously. However I I would not be in favor of anybody saying ugly things about them. Rachel meadow kills coral for many people and MSNBC it said very very ugly hateful things about conservatives -- pressure. Just because I don't mention every case scenario. When talking about one new story in the news. Does that does that mean that I don't think that those other things are wrong as well. And it's a mistake that I think a lot of people make they they hear something or what about all these I can't possibly mention every single scenario. Every time we we talk about a new new story in the news. As of the challenges listen over a period of time and then you decide whether or not we -- fair treatment. And by the way this is talk radio. And we've learned that you don't have to give fair treatment talk when I don't have to be fair. I can be completely and totally one sided if I choose like many people on the year. But I choose not to be that way because there -- enough of those people and that's not me anyway I'm just being honest. In the Dallas morning news. There were some questions about it. This a candidate for governor in Texas and Texas State senator Democrat Wendy Davis. And she parent as a single mother. And their questions about how long she was. A single mother and when she single mother dot shortly she has admitted now to to line. About her bio and you know that's really stupid because it's like if you're a legitimate candidate people gonna find out about -- Now if the name Wendy Davis doesn't sound familiar she was the one who got a lot of attention recently because of that that filibuster. Concerning the the the abortion. Law is in in the state of Texas. And she got a lot of attention. Attractive person and she's not running for governor for the state of Texas. Now a Fox News. Pungent Erick Erickson. Said. Referring to her so abortion Barbie. Had a sugar daddy can't. Anti. Went on to say that this is not necessarily the bio that she claims to. To have and I'm not exactly sure what the connection there but he he's claiming that she didn't have the right by jail where she lied about it well now she's admitting. If she did lie about. Some things on her by. Rush Limbaugh said that she is a fake and genuine head case. And the criticism is that she's a divorced single mother. She said she was originally she said she was divorced in nineteen. Well it's been learned that she was separated nineteen -- divorced had become final until she was 21. So was that an honest mistake or was that real deception. Again I'm not supporting deception at all but 1921 -- mean is that something worth attacking somebody personally over. Because again that the Republican Party has this image. Whether this is is reality or not the Republican Party has this image of being the party that bullies people I don't make that out. That's the perception that many Americans have of the party. So. When you attack somebody personally. And that already feeds into the image that you have with many Americans. That's only gonna -- enhance. The negative. Image of your party. Now the other thing that she and if you can she was living in trailer. -- her daughter I don't think anybody should be criticized for that because not everybody has a choice not to do that that's not necessarily choice. The that a lot of people would choose if they had other options at this summer very happy they're. She also mentioned in 2002 that her mother. Only had a sixth grade education. Now she apparently lied about it. A mother only had a ninth grade education. Now again is that significant and the chief it is being dishonest about that I'm I'm hoping that she just made a mistake but here's the part that I think he's really ugly. She was married two her second husband -- she still married to this attorney Geoff Davis. He helped her get her law degree. He cashed in a 41 K plan. And then the two of them took out alone which Wendy Davis says that she was a big part of paying back. So. Eriksson and Limbaugh are saying that she had a sugar daddy. I don't know if they really understand what a sugar daddy it's. Because I don't think that qualifies as having a sugardaddies. If I'm not mistaken a sugar daddy is somebody who pays for somebody. Pays for their expenses. Just to have sex with. Well if you marry this person I don't I don't see how that qualifies as being a sugar daddy. But again the perception is that is the temptation. Of the Republican Party that's the perception that many Americans have. And that is an issue that the Republican Party needs to address and again Rush Limbaugh and his fox content Erick Erickson they -- not part of the Republican Party. They're part of the conservative media. They're part of the media that's trying to get attention. And they get attention by speaking. To -- troops. They try to rile the air troops up. Brothers then honestly assess the situation. And I guess it's compelling to go on the air and hateful. That's not me. And if you're looking for a home for hate. You know I can find this year. If you wanna join our show -- the comet tonight our numbers 2601872. All 38668890. It's seventy. A text number is 877. For medicine bill -- year on the -- showing every WL. -- don't Goodling. That one question that you would Democrat Republicans I don't -- You don't know that on. The -- is the reason I. The reason I don't say is because. It it's not that I'm embarrassed. By by what I am I really if you listen to the show I think I'm pretty clear about I don't really like either club I don't want to belong to either club specifically. But I don't say who I vote for and it may be one dale called change that that philosophy but that's a philosophy that I've I've had through much of my career. -- is because if if you if you say who you vote for. Then there's a tendency for people to call you up after the election of something if something is negative about the president well you voted for him well it's your fault. And I went and got a brother I'd rather not have that late pocket. Spaniard the public. But on our you know -- give it a comment about the lady from packed with about all Republicans sort of bully and a couple of feet. Hey the only person -- could beat Obama was hurricane outlook hurt anything. -- got bullied. More about it either a Democrat but say he -- -- out when he couldn't run for a. Roy I don't I don't disagree with that and like I said just a moment ago when when I talk about one story in its new in the news it it doesn't mean and I'm disregarding. All the other things that have happened that are similar I can't possibly mention. Every aspect of of hate and criticism and and careers being being destroyed. I don't know if it. I don't know that Herman Cain would have won but there are a lot of people like you who believes that he would have won -- and what you point out is that. Obama wasn't elected because he's black because Herman Cain. Might have been elected as well and and I don't know what Herman Cain would have been like had he been the official candidate the Republican Party he he he certainly might appoint. But when I when I talk about. The Republican Party as being a party of bullies. I'm very careful in saying that's the perception that a lot of Americans have whether it's true or not that's what a lot of Americans think. And if if you know it's like you're if you're a football player and if you have the image of of of cheap shots on the field. Then if you hit somebody even if it's illegal hit if it appears to be cheap shot you'll be accused of another cheap shot. Because that's what's your images. Whether it's real or not if that's what your -- you have to work on that and I think this is one of the things the Republican Party needs to work on. And they're they're opening up the year. A winter meetings for the the Republican National Committee tomorrow in DC and they're they're talking about a serious plan to change the image of the party. -- Don't look so men and disagree with -- tonight but you to have great. Have a -- man. Roy I'm going to call -- thing. So even the chairman of the Republican National Committee believes the Republican Party is not right. It needs to change. Andy's winter meetings opened up tomorrow and in DC and we'll see if there's anything that comes out of the meetings and at the earliest. We'll start talking about it tomorrow and the rest of this week or any time it makes news. Via the strategy is titled the growth and opportunity project. And they're gonna attempt to change the image of the Republican Party to be more inclusive. At this plan to broaden the GOP's appeal is gonna target new voters. And try to win back voters who defected. For the upcoming 2014. Mid term elections and of course the 2016 presidential election a couple of years. The Republican Party has lost. The popular vote in five out it's the last six presidential elections. In a recent Gallup poll shows that the party's favorability rating. Has fallen to 32%. That's down from 43%. Immediately following the reelection of Obama last November. So right of the election that favorability rating of the Republican Party was 43%. Now it's down to 32%. That same rating in the same poll for the Democratic Party has also fallen. By. There's seems to be little question that the Republican Party took the biggest hit it. Recently especially with the that the plan to defund obamacare and a partial shutdown of the government. Even though both parties were to blame. The American people blame the Republican Party. A little bit more than Democrats. But changing the image of the Republican Party is not gonna happen without a fight. The parties still fighting a civil war from within. And this was something that started before the election last year and continues to this day. The influence of the Tea Party and also ultra conservatives. Have pain at the party and is a party with the far right wing image. And so the battle for the soul of the party. Is over whether the party should become more conservative. Or more marked. And the image of the Republican Party. And spin has been damaged in my opinion because of extreme views on abortion rate same sex marriage. And -- birth control. Many of these views are no longer congruent with the views of mainstream America. So the question is does the Republican Party had the courage to divorce the extreme right wing. And maybe some of the base. In order to win back in moderate image and win back voters in particular younger voters minorities. And women. And considering that the recent political trend. I think the 2016. Presidential election. Is the republicans' election to lose. I think they they're in perfect position to win the presidency in 2060. Americans tend to resist change. But they seem to embracing change after it recently after two terms of one president in office the opportunity is there. For the other party to win the White House. And if Hillary Clinton becomes the democratic presidential nominee for 2016. -- image. As an established Washington insider clashes. With this growing contempt that Americans have now for the political establishment. Now Americans have negative views of both parties. But again with the recent partial shutdown of the government. Over the now there were many conservatives that assessed the image of the Republican Party through this myopic perspective. That includes the review what their friends and family say. And the conservative based media and conservative social media and the project this to to be the the prevailing opinion across America and it and it isn't. Which is why so many people were shocked that the Republicans lost the election last November. But many Republican leaders are now taking honest inventory of the party. And they understand that change is vital. To the future of the party. On the Republican Party and and top candidates. In 2014. And then again in 2016 they can't control the maniacal ignorant rants of local and some national candidates. Who seemed to be more dedicated to social agendas than actually winning an election. And so there will be those candidates. That will safe -- -- tarnished the view of the party in general. Unless. The party and the main candidates. Aggressively denounce. These. Maniacal. Statements and rants. They've come from extremists within the party and the image of the party will be taking it. I also don't believe that -- the liberal media controls votes and I don't think the conservative media controls votes. If you think about the intense rhetoric. From the conservative right during the elections of of 2008 and 2012. Ended dire predictions about what's gonna happen to this country if Obama gets elected what's gonna happen in this country if Obama gets reelected. Those things happen. And people many people who were predicting the economic demise of America. Are reaping tremendous financial benefits through the stock market and other aspects of the economy. The perception of most Americans want indeed the Republican Party to control America. Is created really by the new ways it's made by a vocal minority. It's more the silent majority that control the outcome of the last couple presidential elections. So I think the stage is set for the Republican Party to win back the White House in 2016 but only if the party unites behind. A more moderate candidate. And is willing to resist the temptation of those on the far right to make social issues a major part of the political agenda for the Republican Party. The far right of the party. Contradicts its own ideology. Which is based on individual problem solving. Rather than government intervention. Promoting that government should control personal issues like same sex marriage continues to inspire people to leave the party and go to the Democratic Party. And we talk about younger voters were talking about voters say under 45. We're talking about just people who were just winning their right to vote. George W. Bush became president because he ran as a compassionate. Conservative. Which implied a moderate position. The Obama administration has not been without controversy and mini controversies continue to grow. And we still don't know what the long range impact of the Affordable Care Act obamacare is going to be like. So once this really sets in. It might be really easy for somebody who has the attitude of being a compassionate conservative type candidate. To win the election 2016. If Republicans failed to field a moderate candidate. Or if they feel to loudly denounced the right wing extremist during the campaign. In 2016. The Democrats may just be handed the election. By the Republicans. And tomorrow the Republican National Committee opens his meetings in Washington DC. The hierarchy. Seems to indicate that they want change. Will they change. Screw blog tonight is titled should the Republican Party change. Is turning on our web site you can read it chairman others. It's a WW yelled -- come. And if you wanna join us for your thoughts tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688970. A text number is 877. This is -- show. Like for New Orleans a cold Tuesday nights and we'll be right back on -- WL. -- things. See you. -- Almost -- Some Cowboy -- back again. Then -- draw -- this year. President alone Gelman. This is guys. -- lives the and David advantage. Boy. In a helicopter went down show -- you better be in case because. If you follow along with frank you're going to be exhausted. For mid city Michael here on the -- show on WWL. -- at -- good. Our call about. It would bitter situation in my opinion there. Repair -- Very good morning. Governors. Go back basically published data entry error. Arabic read about what I think data treated me -- David -- With the whole actual handle. As arms which right wing politics. Not to server did. Service well your that we and think that really really think about who. The -- or ethnic he's just basically they're here. But Michael with that with the sexual scandal. You know we're we're all human and we do make mistakes -- As far as I can tell David -- and this is made a mistake. And apologize forward and hasn't repeated the mistake. It's when you repeat the mistake that I think you should be held accountable for us. But -- part of their. -- right wing hypocrisy. I I agree with you it is and right. It's worse. And this is what we've been talking about tonight it's worse. If a Republican cheats. Because Republicans. It's boast about family values and morality. Now it shouldn't be wars in Rio should be worse but he is perceived as being worse. -- I understand that and you know. That sort of mentally. Back. You know. The thing that's you know. When we get our regional. Regional goes back to. But it got -- in that department. Result. And you -- you DeWitt hit it out what you know about. And we are you -- based not based -- -- had ever get on the. Well look we we know the politicians. Deceived and politicians and generals say whatever they whatever they wanna stated to you -- -- whatever they think they need to say to get elected. And you know David -- talking about. Education reform I'm talking about the economy. The problem is these. These candidate politicians. Talk about the same damn things. I don't I don't ever hear anything fresh or new. It's it's all the same it's all the same stuff. In Italy yeah yeah we are where I. Really think about who we're where we're going their awards so it kind of restraint. When someone that can really help us. Track around the -- one of the great stories we are we have we have been doing pretty good recovery -- -- -- -- -- that -- track and I don't think that you. Tribal leader that. Well and -- Michael this is the conversation that will have from now until the of the election. Are -- our coach preached you or you know -- appreciate that -- effort each and articulate. Different sides but what -- it. Michael I I appreciate did you notice that basin -- oil. -- thanks for listening. This doesn't happen very often but here's an update on our -- WL pretty -- opinion poll will you vote for David bidder for governor. 505050%. Yes and 50% of let me answer a couple of these attacks that it just command. This text it's good Republicans lost. The twelve election because Obama gave his voters free stuff. Well that is what. A lot of people believe but I don't know if if that could be proven in this. If if that's true would believe it talks about how gullible. Americans really art. And I think Americans are gullible and in many ways but. I don't know what free stuff -- actually gotten people to the polls now every politician makes promises. That they can't deliver on. So all voters on both sides can be very gullible. Here's attacks I am amazed how you talk about Palin and Bachmann not being real candidates. Or. -- joke but yet you talk about how Republicans. Are being bullies. That's your perception. Not America's perception. I think you -- the bully. And as for you being OK with legalizing marijuana you must be out of your mind if you actually believe that it will be better. It will be better off legalizing marijuana then you must have smoked a big fan joint tonight. Well it wasn't a big fat -- and it was kind of a small hit off -- now I don't smoke at all like an -- if I did I'd be honest enough with the end in. And tell you. Probably but I I I I don't. I don't think Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin are are serious candidates. And as far as that not reflecting America's Hughes. Sarah Palin Michelle Bachmann. Have not risen to the top of the Republican Party because they're not serious candidates. Not only. Do Americans feel that way but Republicans themselves don't see them as serious candidates. Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Do not represent. The future of the Republican Party. It's unfortunate that they they may represent. Some sex appeal that the party wants to have. Maybe more so Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. But I just I don't think there's serious. I don't think that's bullying them I'm not personally attacking them like I just don't. I don't see them as serious legitimate leaders in the Republican Party and I think their status right now. As candidates. Speaks volumes about exactly what actually actually. Confirms. What we're talking about concerning those two. I don't know him I don't hate him I just don't think they should be taken seriously. And apparently America feels -- -- anyway. This is this -- And we'll be right back -- BW well today senator David bitterness made national news announcing he's got their run for governor in 2015 here in Louisiana. -- -- of you a pretty general opinion poll tonight has been will you vote for David bidder for governor and it ends 505050%. Yes -- 50% saying you know. So the NFL is considering getting rid of the extra points because it's so automatic only five extra points. Were were missed this year for a from blocked only five this entire season. We're we're -- so it's it's almost automatic and Roger Goodell. NFL commissioner. We so concerned about safety in the NFL wants to remove one of the safest place from the NFL which by the way I don't have a problem there because it really is. It's automatic I mean it. The only reason to stay around to the extra point if you're watching on TV is to see the rerun of the touched. -- -- only reason you wanna hang around but here's what proposal. Get rid of the extra point. And when eighteen scores. Again at seven points rather than six points. Now they get a chance to to to either pass or run to go for a conversion. Instead of it being two points it would be one point. So if they if they run or pass after the touchdown they get into the end zone they would get eight points. But if they don't get in. They go back to six ports. It's either seven points. Six points. Great points so that would be a decision as to whether -- -- -- team should go for it. And I'm not really upon heavily opposed today that change but -- be a lot of talk about that another. Other possible changes are for Americans with guns in their house sold the suicide rate triples and the murder rate doubles. This is according to new analysis that was a previous -- released from from studies. Now. I hope nobody blames the presence of the gun I don't think gun ownership. Encourages. Suicide or murder. Unfortunately it just makes both of those easier. It's easier to kill somebody with a gun. Then with a knife or with your bare hands. Because you could kill somebody with a gun and you'll have to be personal you don't have to touch them you could kill live from. A distance issued as a distance might be. It it it takes it takes more courage and I hate to say that scene in that way but it. It's easier to kill somebody with a gun -- to stamp some body and touch their body when you're killing him. So guns make murder and suicide easier but I don't think you can blame the presence of a gun. And there's a guy here -- rouge parish in Louisiana. Who shot another man with a shotgun. Over an argument. Of whose pit bull was better. Maybe my dogs better than your dog my dog can beat up your dog. The argument -- of the guy goading to get a shot gun and shooting the guy and that by. Well you know we talk about senseless arguments leading to shootings I guess this was legitimate right I mean honoring. The the the pride in the honor of your pit bull by shooting somebody you know that's that's real bright. A scoop like tonight is titled should the Republican Party changes and we're excited every WL dot com and I think John -- studio producer Jack Harris in the at a studio I'm -- we're back tomorrow night. Love -- New Orleans.