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Jan 22, 2014|

Dave talks about your favorite burgers, a porn star high school student, and stuck in a windshield

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's January it's the twenty seconds it's 2014. Hey it's an important day -- he had it isn't it. Guys now -- so cold this morning and then you weren't even thinking about now I wasn't I didn't didn't even consider it at all so running. I didn't have to scrape now and allies and ebony eyes. Know your prices over apparently that's good boy -- mean windshield going on in that -- -- blow and that's -- -- feel it -- called an eight down in the twenties and a lot of space at places yup yup we've got to you know undeterred 27 on the -- sure looked around for something cold or not. That's about -- -- -- that's cold enough are you ready damn ready at the news. Yeah it's quite good. -- -- -- Have -- on you know. Let them. And as you well he's got to go we said. Very critical about it. Home and inundating you -- -- as you like good hamburger. -- -- -- -- -- everybody that they all around town you have Americans by and large that's a favorite there. And we've talked many times on this program about the hamburger wars underway -- Across greater New Orleans now with new hamburger joints showing up all the time and you and I've been vary. We parts persistence -- trying many new burgers and many new places across the region that are personal kind of hey -- would you -- your favorite network with. There's a lot of good burger places across and a lot of the new ones that have opened up lately. Given the established. A long time favorites. I challenge and yes and yeah this is a lot of good burger places but. Time magazine. Has come out with its most influential Berger of all time. Wow yet I'm a big one EA well actually it's a little. It's the slider are low rule from white castle which I don't have a white castle now and -- We got a crystal yet again -- the burger in the French very close yet and read time magazine notes the now iconic square at the -- debuted in 1921. In Wichita Kansas was the first burger despondent fast food empire. Mike Castle has been based in Columbus, Ohio since 1934. Of course then came all of the others -- time -- white castle. At the top of the list of the most influential -- of all time beating out burgers from McDonald's and out which is used in the -- up. So oh. It's amazing yeah in a web -- yeah some funny. I've never had a white castle slider but I can understand that I'm more grown up up north they had them. But I'd never -- -- and I've never had a white castle sliders so I guess that next summer travel somewhere there's a white -- And is the most influential Berger of all time isn't something I should probably one yeah out that it ranks -- because there's really hardly any meat on the thing. You know when we're target of these these not a not a whopper not the quarter pounder that the big man doll and then now these things like upscale -- whatever you want a column on gore neighborhood gourmet burgers around time. In our -- regular series -- meet. But on the sliders like like almost like a postage -- but yet. And -- -- what's your favorite burger folks text mandates that all that Gregory who's got the best burger in town whether it's fast food whether it's one of these new upscale are gourmet burger places or whatever. -- make a confession. My birthdays. That's my point -- Not a commercial on TV for the stuff burger maker have you seen this -- I. I don't if you want the as the united TVs that -- I'd sometimes I got something you want. You won't want the help of the stuff part of our stuff burgers at -- every now and -- yeah yeah and it's kind of a sloppy kind of stuff it in their doubt over. You know sometimes values like a muffin -- that you output to meet down and to make a little bit that is rarely works and you just you know elite circle -- -- looks like it does Scotland. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I like make its effort I eat and stuffed -- And burgers last night something about a golf snapper Tonys and onion soup mix ago. Not in less than fifteen minutes more news here -- -- him well him implement it text messages coming up what the best burger in town and an interesting debate. -- this program several times we've talked about it teacher who is found to be a porn -- be allowed to continue teaching. But we're gonna expand that debate coming up in just a little while. WAM. From the forecasted sports. -- -- -- teams about that you've been. Your burger text coming up a fair one which can repeat and Howard about the slider -- the most influential burger while time according to time magazine and -- cancel. Some of the influential does not mean tasty in your absolutely right to get that went up destined and it's good if forecasted it like he called it. The cold Temps today in the upper forties even with that sunshine he'll probably want the heavier coat for much of today. And tonight look for lows dropping to thirty on the North Shore and 37 south of the lake. Then for Thursday look for Temps are around 55 and some clouds increasing. Also a 20% chance for a shower an overnight Thursday night into Friday morning. That rain could turn into a little bit of light fleet it won't last very long and the rest of Friday looking partly cloudy with ice cold in the lower forties. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm dropped just -- block. Tell me yep money -- twenties across the region this morning especially north of the lake officially in Slidell the National Weather Service office it's clear and 27 also 27 and balls to -- 27 am and the people's personal thermometers are telling them it's even colder 25 with frost. South of frank Clinton says one text messages -- seventieth avenue houses 24 and independence. Does this 22 in Franklin tenths of a two people texting. At the airport in -- it's 34 degrees under clear skies sports time now on WWL. Thank you like to get -- just as much as anybody else -- Steve Geller. We've we've been having our little discussion that we frequently have in the newsroom about who's got the best burger in town yet we've been going around typing every. Place that's popped up and we just actually be true burger this weekend yeah and very good you -- Blake and I kind of I think between three of us probably had. No less than. A hundred burgers in the last couple months as we've had this kind of discussion people -- texting -- at 87870. From -- days in Baton -- it is fantastic what it does Wendy's is that -- partner. As -- you can buy a box of castle burgers at -- -- -- -- -- has Gold Coast burger and race and says what a partner. Bacon haters as another company burger -- burger. Port call him one of the old favorites. Did it and my own murders says another one yeah mine I make the best aren't -- -- -- -- -- the ground -- And we'll share more coming up after sports with Steve Geller -- on WW. Well good morning everyone that NFL great Jerry Rice won the coin toss over his rival Pro -- captain Dion Sanders. And -- -- quarterback Drew Brees and rams defensive end Robert Quinn to anchor his team. Three says he likes the new format that the game is following this season. I'm actually I'm really excited about obviously. It's an honor to be you know of the captains and have the option to be a part of this draft process. Brees will have teammates Jahri Evans and banned drugs as his offensive lineman in Honolulu the Pro -- draft concludes this evening on the NFL network. Rudy Gay dropped 41 points on the pelicans lead in the Sacramento Kings we've won fourteen to 97 win over New Orleans. -- head coach Monty Williams says his team just like that spark on the floor. Resistant Arabs a lot of juice collectively from our starters certainly didn't play with any kind of intensity. Meanwhile in college hoops deputy Ricky made four consecutive free throws in the final minute and LSU held on for a 77 the 71 victory against Missouri. Javon Coleman led the by -- bagels with a season high nineteen points. Now for the latest on the Senior Bowl let's check -- which six -- Kristian garic. The -- has some needs on both side of the football they break down a talent. Coming up from the college ranks general manager Mickey Loomis says the team is still trying to size of their needs in the draft and free agency begins in March. So what we're just not far enough along in the process for -- to really comment specifically about -- offense and defense early in this process. In terms of what might be available until we might. Like in in terms of free agency. -- says -- to try to get in position to draft the best available player. In May's draft crushing Garrick WWL sports today -- four on sports talk -- -- comments by Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman rubs people the wrong way. Too cocky pro players turned you on or all as a Pena. I'd Steve Geller that your early morning sport -- 23 Dave on Steve get on with you on your radio happy whole dating you and yours Steve -- forget to -- that. What do you think about this whole. And teens for the Pro Bowl silly -- And -- tainted your opinion by things that in this you know it's something that's needed against it change it -- beat because of the lack of interest that's been -- -- over the years. It's yeah going to be just because they pick teams doesn't mean it's going to be a good game right so slightly -- because they don't play hard like the product on the team on the field is still going to be pretty much the same I'm thinking by. At least -- was competitive against last year is just one or two years ago was just completely horrible like you look like people were standing around. And not even trying and I'm hoping that they can instill some kind of interest in the game because I mean it's it is. You know the best of the best out there but it's how do you really get them to try hard in tackle each other. With nothing really on the line except for a little bonus features and you don't know what's her problem don't want to hurt -- pro ride I thought it was funny though that you know Brees was talking about how it's so much fun and interest in to have this entered into conference deal now. But he goes and takes his two offensive lineman. To be with him on the team wants to be protected right exactly knows what he's getting from those guys I've that I finished taken teens tonight. And then well now I guess tomorrow who's on which teams right Cisco came Jordan and Jimmy Graham out there to see which -- it's like if they're going to be on Drew Brees is team. The end of fun Deion Sanders Claude. I wanna see him Jordan coming after drew how low can you imagine Kim Jordan tackles through unheard of in the Pro Bowl please have -- Jordan on Tuesday. To me I think itself silly but whatever battle at. That's what they wanna do -- it's something different I guess in the -- Andrew reason. I would like it when it -- more sports here at WWL. Talking more about the thinking process and we'll take aspect to our great school days would -- get back together and equipment to more sports tickle your -- forecast and swerve your best burgers right after this. I when he it let's get your forecast. The cold weather is here and Temps this afternoon not very warm 48 today even with that sunshine got tonight few clouds around. And that quite as cold thirty on the North Shore and 37 south of the lake. Then tomorrow -- 20% chance for showers heights reached 55 but some cold there arrives Thursday night Friday morning so -- think slight chance person's sleep to mix and before the skies start to clear on Friday. Friday's high school only at 42. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- box itself. Yet suggests it's gonna be called folks 37 now -- 34 the airport 27 in -- 37 minutes after 5 AM this is the early edition of WWL first news this is January this is the 22 in this is -- -- fourteen. And it's. How this helps. It is and I'll call eight cents just giving away I'll take -- with -- -- at alien and all right so we've been talking about time magazine naming these sliders and white cast now popular -- of all time it's some attacks made a 7870 that you could buy them in the frozen food -- several several local grocery yes you -- -- -- -- -- -- better off throw on the burger -- and the cardboard box. If you're gonna by him throws him a look at the that box taste better than the frozen -- well I have to admit I have done the frozen ones. And home. -- -- You -- here really careful. It was duking it and I mean really careful you can get them to come out pretty soft and and use the you got I mean you know regardless of actually twenty seconds you're right he's -- put -- -- -- like government at every -- forty seconds you get cardboard. Undergo -- Out real good burger is people attacked me I -- Berger and lake view Brewster is in shell met Alberto burgers. Bears -- -- meet -- all the while called Betty -- in Picayune and when Edward -- crazy about crawfish and need -- -- -- fills grill. Alligator burger. My own home made QC Jumbo -- gas fills -- mug shots the old dollars in block port black keys in my sport. It was in the work I young moms in Hammond who are -- that these are all many of them I've never heard of mug shots in Covington. Hurricane -- and need a burger and Lou -- Hard rock in the quarter has great burgers Royal Castle burgers. Hang firehouse burger from driving those best burger and made in my house with point 5% ground Akins can dry ranch dressing. I use the onions to make but at the ranch dressing vacancies that -- -- backyards smash burger crystal burger. I'm. -- -- these parties. Can't. Order call was always affairs has some of them we've gotten at least one of those another Brewster is a five year. -- a Friday hamburger and my mother mother mom makes those. White castle sliders. Great -- and tidbit though. Andy that the list so far of people the additional won the people's favorite bars I got a question for yet. You and I have talked several times on this program about teachers who have been found to have been either former or current porn stars. And the question was would you want a porn start teaching your kids. -- a teacher who is found to have a porn history or is currently making pornographic films be -- -- allowed to continue to teach. Well in Central Florida they have a different question. Should high school students be able to go to school -- their porn stars listen. Melissa leaves school officials didn't just suspenders on because of his after school job he is expelled. Due to his explicit. Adult lifestyle. -- eighteen year old Robert Ritchie says he appears in adult videos help -- out he says some students Coco high found out bullied him. He was accused of making threats but none were ever reported to police. But the other students who supported his cause -- now says Brevard County schools spokeswoman Michelle -- this student is welcome to come back and talk about his educational options Peter King CBS news Orlando. Eyes of the -- Florida's eighteen and a high school I was gonna say anything aiding your porn movies to make money for the family. Obviously distraction it's cool I would think so but should it mean that he's kicked out of school because he's making. Pornographic films -- doing his homework and make in grades. Does it matter if he's now in the war. And may be the kids who you know once the initial bullying anger harassing its you know would reduce got to leave it alone after one I don't call today. Or is everytime I want to rumor come down away. And I and they do that looking at pictures of him. Making porn on their phones that it looked at him. I'm so I IC both sides of this guy you could you would say maybe shouldn't be at school but other reasons that may be should be would be quite a distraction. It does raise money for his mom mom since we don't support of her son's eighteen year old son -- -- -- yeah I'm sure the cash is nice. -- ourselves out interesting debate Alaska listeners to Texas today 7870. Kitty eighteen year old high school student who's making war. Be allowed to stay in school male or female. This -- this case it happens to be a malveaux will talk about that thank you it will talk to you and less than twenty minutes more first is Chris Miller joins us from the West Bank where it just think things are happening at the trial over whether or not Jefferson Parish should be held liable for flooded homes. After Katrina. An odd and I feel and hot today but I thought if we play your themes on this meteorologist Laura but now that maybe people would feel little warm well that thing in mind that right when you look at all warm and cozy with your oversize sweater -- And I makes me feel warm and I was wanting yeah it's a date yet to dress warmly and it's not fairly to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- began fifty for a high and it's not real warm I will say about that we have plenty of sunshine today nice blues -- -- maybe that'll help ASEAN little sunshine with your cold wind in your low temperatures and a pilgrim. They go at a picnic point. Frolic. -- fifty can you frolic affected maybe are you being facetious now. That's actually be pretty. Pretty well they I am but it's not gonna warm up much at all this week. You know tomorrow a little bit -- -- back into the mid fifties but then cold again on Friday at this time Friday clicking pretty brawl -- or -- mainly cloudy skies on Friday. And highs around forty -- have had to pick between Wednesday and Friday yet to apply it today sunny and fifty Friday. Cloudy and 42 days 48 tomorrow's 55 and then Friday at 42 -- yep Friday things. That's not you know a cloud cover things at Friday's I'd be pretty and there is a slight chance of some suite or something like that yet about on Friday for that chance apparently Thursday night right on down 10% -- not it's not enough sorry now know why it's not that kind of -- the weekend any better. Yeah it does warm up a little -- the mid to upper fifties for Saturday. -- ego folks that is your forecast all the way into the weekend from mr. meteorologist Laura but now. I have a fantastic story from the why probably people file this morning. -- of Wisconsin okay. It's gonna read. It was Scott's a man who became lodged in the -- shield of a car that struck him. Steady chart of the driver and said quote hello I'm the guy you hit on the bicycle. So where is his head is sticking through the windshield of the car. -- driver did not respond but continued on running a stop -- hitting another vehicle and then arriving at his home. This would have -- this cycle list. To hold. The media about the incident and said that the man finally noticed he was. In the windshield when he stopped the car at his house is this an intoxicated that. He looked at me and said who are you what are you doing in my car. He started freaking out -- go to jail on go to jail I think he would be and a the man then blocked the corridors and went inside this all leaving the guys stuck in the windshield this weird. There's something there's more story -- style house where the driver twenty year old man was founded as common treated at a hospital for a serious threat to its hand. He hadn't been formally charged as of yesterday morning. But he was facing several eliminate charges including suspicion of drunken driving -- didn't run very odd -- injury and suspicion of failing to render aid. -- I don't like a guy who stuck in your windshield a low. That's -- that is very strange and I can't imagine someone being that drunk that they don't know someone's picking through their windshield. Well I mean you have to because that's only had to figure -- I'm standing. I can even imagine it otherwise even locked our doors -- got out and -- -- now highway and side. Right that's like so they're must he must have been on under the influence spot. -- that there's still if that's the case. I think he definitely wet weather would no matter what else happens with the legal system he lands in the wrong people file are rights they can. -- about the ally avenue right from the Eyewitness News forecast and I'm Dave Conte will be back with sports and some more of your favorite burgers after this. So even ask him you to Texas today 77 in response to this story about a Florida high school Cady was eighteen years old who's been making porn to make money for his family who -- kicked out of school another thing may come back we'll talk about it. One person -- me says no porn makers in schools sorry but no way I would rather this line of commentary be about the mother was allowing her son to do point. And accept the money WT. I -- well. He is eighteen but mom is very supportive as you heard that report. But most people are taxing us. Are supportive. This is what does a legal job whether -- a Burger King have to do with the student who's in school another says why should he be allowed an education it's not illegal he's already showing responsibility. By taking on the task of a man of the house. And another says sound likes it sounds like he's got his stuff together. Making porn and making money for his family well would you want your kids in a classroom with an eighteen year old porn star. Britain will continue to discussion -- that's never sports. I'm WW wealth Steve galleries got that on this home that. Happy how did you and happy hump day everyone in state quarterback Drew Brees and rams defensive end Robert Quinn. We're Jerry rice's first pick at day one of the troubled draft. Presets like the new twist on the game it's trying something different in order to rekindle fan interest. Because. Fantasy football element to it you know where your fees and all that positions together on conference so you're. Healthy mix on each team of they have seen an Aussie guys saints offensive -- Jahri Evans and Ben -- were also picked by rice's team and will be blocking for Drew Brees. The probable draft wraps up this evening. The pelicans came out flat in game two of the back to back him most of the Sacramento Kings won fourteen in 97. Coach Monty Williams says his squad just took the night off defensively. 38 points in the first quarter that it. Best is not something we've been used to around here with our defense and so you know we've got to address some things over the next couple days. LSU basketball what its second straight game taking down Missouri 77 to 71 the bite you -- and out twelve and five on the year and three and two in conference play. Now let's hear from Kristian -- who has the latest from the Senior Bowl lots of questions for the saints to solve seasonally get a deal done what tidy Jimmy Graham. Safety Malcolm Jenkins and a few other free agents general manager Mickey Loomis says the have a better feel Ford needs in free agency and the draft the next couple weeks. We'll have a real good gauge of wherever -- -- You know the next thirty days. And obviously. Later Lewis says a team hasn't challenges trying to get under the salary cap for Tony fourteen -- Garrick. WWL sports today have four on sports talk why did comments by Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman -- so many people the wrong way. Too cocky pro players turn you on or off -- a fans. I Steve Geller and that your early morning look export five to two Q Steve. Ehlers you Dave Cohen is me where hanging out on the radio on this hump day Wednesday morning cold out there for sure. -- for the pro ball. You remember back in school when do we would pick kick ball teams you're. Edmonton teams or whatever teams were you were taken on the playground. Sure there is that stress of please don't let me be the last no one wanted to be the last guy -- absolutely I mean the kids you know -- -- when he gets down to take on. It didn't take -- and -- So in the pro ball -- -- captains and their pick and guys. Should be ashamed if you Alaska I picked for the global. I mean you amongst the best of the best it's still it's -- it it will get the I'm sure it's what you want to be the last person selected but you know what they're doing very strangely two of them are read about this. They had every round was like a certain position group. Select the guards were taken in the group yesterday. Tackles and whatnot so I'm just interest that this Steve what's going to be the last position group. In today's final. That's on the commitment. But under the ticker takers out is it's probably the punters have already been selected so I'd be a place kicker. It -- I guess you're go to why you go to the pro bull you've been voted and you should feel pretty good about yourself but they'll the only -- last night. Now it's like in the NFL draft when -- taken as mr. It. With the Japan. And if you're even pick and our -- our guest will take you don't screw up though. At that at I think. I think you forced to -- sports again in fifteen minutes here at WW. Forecast and more VP I was it to forecast. Sunny and a bit chilly today with highs around 48 did tonight of course we're gonna see those Temps drop the gamble a light freeze north of the -- with lows around thirty. South -- -- -- around 37 then for Thursday we'll see few clouds mixed CNET and they're -- 20% chance for a shower with -- around 55. Then Thursday night into Friday morning a slight chance for some sleep before the rain moves out. Otherwise clearing skies on Friday and even colder highs of 42. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- I'm meteorologist Laura. -- today it may be the best day of the -- with sunshine and highs near fifty right now it's clear and 34 at the reporting candidate feels like 26 like Al clear and 27 with home Winston no windshield there. We've been talking about how time magazine named the slider from Mike Castle the most influential burger. Of all time and -- Matthew what's your favorite burger. Andy -- from the fat cow each corner best burgers walk on. Sonics -- at burger that burger at harbor. I'm -- like in Metairie bozos hurricane it and the it has. Lucia on burger come on man the swamp room and battery lake view harbor -- five guys the alibi more coming up. 558 thank you for joining us for the early edition WL first news other favorite burger people are taxing -- company burger. Another says you can get sliders that tasty and hooked up grill on Madison -- that are browns and Robert. -- better than port of call get real says someone's I guess they're papers particle. The goalposts and -- on any Jack in the Box beach quarantine now whopper with pickles and expensive says one person but the best burger I've ever had. Is it John batches and gave -- it's the early edition of WWL first news and -- We've been talking about this eighteen year old high school student in Florida who was kicked out of high school. Because he was making pornographic movies -- to generate money for his family. And his mom is saying it's ridiculous he should be allowed back in school in the schools -- said -- it will come talked it was worth something now. When person texts me at 8787 -- and I wish they had them porn star career date table when I was at school don't think and the and I think -- David offering. Some announces -- it. Coming up next every WL first news with David -- We'll get the latest on this crazy winter weather not only here but all across the country and interesting developments in that trial. In Jefferson Parish climbing the parent is responsible for flooding after Katrina have agreed --

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