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1-22 6:15am Tommy, Vitter for Governor?

Jan 22, 2014|

Tommy talks to Pearson Cross, the Head of the Political Science Department at ULL, about Sen. David Vitter's decision to run for governor

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm looking at our real challenges here in Louisiana. And that's gonna start with K through twelve and higher reds and the start -- growing brake jobs in our State's gonna start with our tax and spending reforms so we can get some real budget stability. -- David -- I wish I had hair follicles for every time Jordan says Ocalan. We played -- sound bite and then -- talker right and then as soon as the commercials stops I start talking if I had hair follicles for every time it happened and at a parent like man. Who has been here 618 Peterson -- -- right now. A friend of virus from new oil well one of the State's more respected political scientist he's head of the department of political science -- -- -- morning's. Good thanks taking time with -- let's talk about David theater and I guess first off from any candidates perspective what it takes to get elected governor in Louisiana. Takes a lot of money. And it Jake's name recognition. And then probably favorability rating pitched this higher than at least is not under water. -- -- name recognition I would presume -- hands of the due for a number of reasons both famous and infamous. And when it comes to give money that comes from if you're not independently wealthy from. But you tell me how how does -- legitimate gubernatorial candidate Louisiana go about you say enough I guess an organization to bring in the money necessary. Well his fundraising machine is in. You know is irrigated crops which you raised a lot of money in the city campaign or -- -- -- -- -- -- -- track which is -- supporting the student -- In turn -- the 100000 dollar campaign limits. You know and to that organization he's going to be a very formidable fundraiser I anticipate this being extraordinarily extension racial or twenty million. Now when you say a 100000 limit that's not on spending that's on and contributions from the. -- contribution -- contributions to. Outside. Now -- said he sent it out. Yeah well it's set up again and support is sport -- ambition actually he's not -- in -- hand in the -- He's got approached you minutes you know this is -- of -- thinly veiled. You know -- -- they don't coordinate expenditures and pray and almost sense that things. There a question and that organization's largest electoral corporation. Between campaign proper and be packed. That's so writing and it's -- spending our money to support he would then theoretically here inside the limits or. The DS Citizens United ruling from the Supreme Court was at just about federal elections are set all over the a country being be it local state but happen. Now a state senator -- election laws so there's a federal elections I think that Louisiana's election law it's a affected as well. So would do what is the deal Louisiana's and a 100000 limit from each. -- -- For each correct a change I'm resting on -- so you may catch of course it is early to appreciate you know. -- aggression and it was interpreted this. You know what his sister order number interesting questions I mean if you win is get away. You know well how to get a break it mysteries -- partisan scheme that would -- here. You know primary -- these -- candidates. Which you get what flights these electric and make sure -- and because -- what does that do to -- -- -- much real question. Questions first thing I thought of too because we've looked up what happens and I think they're supposed to be. A special election right for his seat -- so many months. Yes -- -- be as as a deduction GQ will be able shoot you if you were to win and the hours you would be important successor but then that would be an election that. I think it's within. Term social networks that person he points which serve. Remaining year of the term and then there would be an election just in the usual term. 2016. And it's become tradition I guess usually when these kind of things happen -- Lately at least it seems like they take pledge they tended to come out after the appointment as -- says look I'm not gonna -- or she says I'm not gonna run I'm just here to. Represent Louisiana you think that's likely to be the case here if all of this plays out like David that are -- -- ten. Oh you mean in terms of the person who reject that currency yet on Monday when you have an incumbent advantage. Yeah it will probably bidder would appoint someone. Very likely reports Obama. That is not looking to inherit that seat you know he leaves himself open for -- Chiquita port so electric -- let anger over. Are you know unlikely but it junction that your Bobby Jindal do you know watch the seat you know so probably it would be replaced cheaper. Give a couple of minutes left so weekend. Talk about the future David's -- 52 years old he says is the last political office is ever gonna hold. What do former Louisiana governor's dude do you think that's actually gonna happen and went to get a taste of Washington. And I guess that the process there was in the beltway how easy is it to just come back me governor and -- -- -- we talked for a couple more minutes. Sure I go get a cup of coffee and so are we woke up this early be sound great to saint -- and crossed. -- department of political science at ULL your questions well when we come back. At 260187203866889087. Right now time for -- WL traffic. Tommy Tucker -- WL talking about David -- plans to be governor with Pearson cross head of the department of political science. And you LL so Pearson David that are 52 years old he says that's the last political office he's gonna. Ever hold that inning as the senator was a representative before that got a taste of Washington some of the power that goes along with that. Yelling -- his problems in the past and and every time he runs for different authors he opens his family out to all of that again so. You tell me do you think this is the if David bidder wins is this the end of his political career and it would as the governor of Louisiana do after he's governor. That -- really good question. I don't think it's in -- political career I have often said part of the the only bidder could reproduce career a way that would allow it become president -- I think straight needed to get at the senators voted unit in the senate. That and the would continue to be the first thing that comes out. That he becomes the governor does a really good job here for eight years or so. I think that completely repay achievement an achievement position perhaps to run for president you know which may or may not be an -- and ambition. So I think it's a effectively. Or at least at the legislative branch out to Italy for a scandal but I think. You know in a different role they kind of don't release and that's what you are accurate during the gentle terms on the. Just anybody in general historically I know Mike -- was older Buddy Roemer I don't know he wound up -- but. I would think at some point six he's a little earlier retire he has so got to provide for your family because this. If you only Megan -- which is not bad but if you're only make incentive money here only make in governor money as we kind of hard to shut it down and it. -- and it's hard to the people who walk away but of course most of them by the -- NATO and that they're they're going to be on so many saying boards and their portraits of foundation and you know the money -- -- -- here and actually most people. Make more money after the -- offered for governor already. Where whatever it is tends to be at an afterthought for most people. Is included 100 or did he make more was you know the experts -- I wouldn't speculate about it and victory. Mean here. It's just tell a joke which is -- around here. Com so we're asking people without -- jaguar opinion poll is he the best person Louisiana best person in the pelican state to Sydney governor's mansion but. Let me ask you my guess more politically. Are there any viable candidates is going to be a coordination for him does he really had a fight on his hands. -- Well he needs to take certain. To secure the seat that based on that last late in the state in -- current -- -- -- that she intended it seemed like it's probably -- -- -- -- nation. -- Mika universal. Change gonna have a lot of money he -- and they're very effective campaigner and very effective. Saying directing -- current situation. Be he expects all currently in a very reasonable standards. Campaign for governor he talks all -- a good government stopped about getting the state of public. Securing health care education making tough choices and the and that. And I think report. The others adamant that he didn't pick and angry Leo. That as being exchanged it just means that you have very typical politician and as you know can present a good spokespeople. Hey thank you peers and appreciate your time is always -- he --

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