WWL>Topics>>1-22 6:45am Tommy, will Vitter be governor?

1-22 6:45am Tommy, will Vitter be governor?

Jan 22, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ron Faucheux, political analyst & President of the Clarus Research Group, about Sen. Vitter's decision to run for governor

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker -- WL talking about David. Is hitters decision to run for governor of friend runs OJ joins us right now political analyst and president of Claris research group from one Enron. Good to talk to you you stay in more army has snowed in. Bob slowed in and it's pretty cold outside. Great. While let's talk about David -- announcement yesterday year your first reaction when you heard it and there anybody. Any candidates potential candidates they can really take the the crown of coronation -- and. -- I wasn't surprised that -- something that I think he was positioning themselves to do work for someone now. And and you know. Getting in the race you know you start sources as the clip of what we're inning also -- beliefs in terms so well you know. Who anybody else. Who once -- now they have somebody beat now they have somebody to position themselves against. End. And so -- the next governor's race at all. Armed you know onions and -- you're talking about Bobby Jindal and and how he did have national aspirations but he was. Always do electronic media in times in -- contact with the states it didn't really affect the way you granite and when David's -- came out yesterday and says this is the last offers that I'll ever seek with. Was at about sustaining contact there was and about. Meaning al-Qaeda decisions I'm gonna -- going to be best for the state not for national resonate. -- -- -- a couple of things a bullet I think it was a a flight that governor Jindal who spent a pretty good time during your tenure as governor. Trouble around the country. And and I also think it's it's probably -- Of paper -- campaign. Period you know to make a point that a dollar should focus so state and needs to focus on the job not use -- war. -- they have the political ambitions you know he's been a member of congress is that a member of the house and the senate. And and the only other thing at this point he typical fall below what president vice president and and -- that state that he's effectively taking them. So other considerations that so -- -- that probably sport move forward is that. Yes he's he's a Smart guy I don't think anybody can dispute that. But but be it if if for whatever reason he there's still some doubt in his mind about. I used in this is steppingstone to national office because you know when you're inside the beltway -- Intending get a taste of that power -- it is a represented ever as a senator. Com. That troubles that he's had in the past that does he realize pragmatically that he could never be elected to national office or could he end and all of that be behind him. I think practically speaking it would be very difficult for him to be elected to national law first. And so sought think what he's doing is he's being realistic in saying well -- -- he's not going to be a contender for national office we might as well you'd record is better now. And ultimately when it comes of the race and Louisiana were very very red -- Any that the scandals from the -- matter which isn't all about his voting record in the senate and maybe even as far back as -- house and some of the stances he's taken lately. Well what's in a political campaign everything matters. -- -- The vote the voting record of candidates. Their personal lives. Everything. Every news story that's -- over the years -- all that matters but. But the question is whether -- -- Foray in the forties as being about the future being about states' future the State's economy the educational for the in the wake government laws and and and could get motors and and the election focused so that as opposed the current. On the if for whatever reason he has a legitimate and and explain to me around about the primary system in Louisiana it was one way than they changed it than they changed it again. We have an open primary wherever it's -- its -- horse a horse race fully open the field and -- I get to Republicans and -- run off to get a Republican and Democrat never run off and everybody gets to vote. Yes in in the governor's race actually it was the end and so the top candidate would look at all or somebody -- majority. In the in the primary so are so you know. One of the big things about it -- candidacy would be to determine whether or not he would be able to win it in the primary whether somebody getting there are off and and that would depend on the -- candidate in the race. In the front of the candidates in the race and what. That would be -- -- candidates both Democrat general bulk. In terms of the scandal and and you know he's he's said that he sand and he made it up with guy and his family. But that -- meted out in created it you don't in saint. I'd is that fair game for his opponent Dillard's is that the kind of lower the whole level of the thing -- DA kinda launder that through a pack. Well you know there's attacks on him on the issues we used extensively when he ran for reelection to the center. -- And you know and people forget that those pretty cup campaign. And that are ultimately water -- bird life more. So. So candidate solo -- against that are older have to make that decision. You know to what extent is there -- their use. It's perhaps in order to his voting record the thing. And and then the figure out where that -- -- on -- people taking polls will be looking at. Current situation and but a lot of the pendulum you know who the candidate to what their chances of winning elections and their ability to raise money to build a statewide organization all those things -- -- -- it is. Run appreciate your time I'm guessing you will not be going out making a snowman today. Are correct you you're -- -- have a great day thank mr.