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1-22 7:15am Tommy, naming highways?

Jan 22, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Treasurer John Kennedy about a proposal by DOTD to allow sponsorships of highways, ferries, etc.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talk about this DO TD planet they're floating. To name some other roads and bridges in any renegade yeah I guess get sponsors for the DO TD workers vests as a way to raise money they had a twelve billion dollar backlog of of roads and bridges products but they're gonna use that money is I understand it for administrative expenses. I think it a couple of considerations here would something like the Coca-Cola Crescent City connection be a good or bad thing with a wooded body yet. How much money -- actually raised should -- go to administrative expenses and finally. They're gonna hire a consultant. To try to sell these things and I know we've got a whole lot of consultants working for the state now even though. We have budget troubles John Kennedy state treasurer joins us right now the morning Jon made one. Well -- -- old yellow let's get this out of the way right now if you would like to declare your intention to run for governor. Or David -- possible. Vacant senate seat I sure would like if you do right now. -- at all a hero to me without my friend because that sodium -- I'm very very seriously consider running for governor but I don't want a two year campaign. We we need we need to not focus on two years now mapping -- -- folks on. Two months from now we have legislative session we've got -- money -- Harriet displayed in sites money so wouldn't it. I for a quick did David hitters announcement yesterday change. Used you know you're. Evaluation at all or your thought process. -- let's move on this DO TD thing in again I smell so many rats here with. Higher -- was seriously you know with Larry consultant to sell and then. And -- correct and that the money's not gonna be used for roads and bridges are repairs is going to be used for administrative expenses. Well they -- TD has a credibility problem we note. Share of the Newton -- secretary of there I think is just trying. But they got credibility problem after the Crescent City connection tells -- in the collected those stole all of those years and they're exposed to use money to pay -- the debt and an I'm an improved. Free agent of course they did. Remember that dire predictions problems then well -- the world don't Condon and the bridge is don't crash in. And course none of that episode you'll TD as a credibility problem I like the idea. That they -- trying to -- money but. It doesn't make sense to me to talk about twelve billion dollar -- law. And then say we're trying to. Trying to get some money to to repair roads in and say about the way. You know we're gonna do it is to use the money for over and the other -- need to consult and that's just my opinion would get 191000. Problem was and then. Fat one to eight billion a year consultants. And you pick the first. I think in the old there is in Louisiana taxpayers and family there they're Smart enough to -- sad day if you gonna seven -- what what's appropriate and what's not. -- -- I don't mausoleum replaced you know but the great shield of Louisiana with an ad for a Joe's massage for -- capitals like that's appropriate penalties -- -- -- and it's good that you said that because I think traditionally they don't use a man's name at the beginning of that but. That proves to not let them it was a good thing -- may. That you again and it's. Like you said five point eight billion in contracts -- Seeing -- I went to my point too late. He can't account for every penny but five point 28 billion. And contrary to take a break when we come back known -- you and that's the new. Com and new smokescreen when it comes Louisiana that's the new. He used words I am -- -- awarding -- patronage because it seems like. You know we're crying and warm out and number contracts that we issuing governor's office issues I guess Ellis when they come from. Seems like they continued his -- -- -- controls 723 more -- John Kennedy when we come back right now. Time for -- WL traffic in front that I Tommy Tucker talked in the state treasurer John Kennedy in case you nested he has not. -- decided -- -- governors not decided about senator but he did agree to announce it here whenever it does happen. That's difficulty is something close in the sales. I Alyssa DO TD already. Announcing public private agreement with state farm has sponsored those motorists patrol trucks and and they get money for that repayment of that but in the larger picture John talked about that the contract situation in Louisiana and is at about. Patronage news what's it about is it seems like this things ballooning out of control while they ceremonial on any money that we got what is it more consultants per capita than any of state. Yes they look at the numbers numbers from the legislative victory in the legislative. This off its -- -- switcher or non parched. They're not political they're just numbers -- -- we have 191000 consulting contracts. 141000 problem for 50000 dollars or more wiest and -- about what to date. Billion dollars -- consultants. That's almost a quarter to 20%. Of our budget. Not to give you example I don't mean to pick them because this is a probable departments but one department. Department of Education from 2000 flat to 2000 -- -- 5490. NAND consultants. They spend 615. Million taxpayer dollars. We don't need all those consulting contract some problems we did but we don't need now. We were going to have a bill that sparring. As we had last year to. Direct every agency to reduce its spending about 10% but it can -- and in an 8%. The reduced about 10%. Of so many contracts coming that'll generate 528. Billion dollars each. Every year and just been 10%. Analysts shortfall we hear about every year and we'll probably hear about it again in -- million dollars million. Have they always setting up -- short bald but frankly we get more money today. Twenty billion dollars that we never -- even adjusted for inflation and population in the future stay with a money problem it's just been. Some real quick before we go to news who's behind all these contracts is. I agency wanted to ways of its department without the governor approving governor known about it -- he's not in control what's going on. Or they don't do anything unless he signs off on it which would seem a little contradictory to a guy who's very concerned about reining in spending. Well it's sort of planned out the -- under the right nor. I'd just note that we have I don't know about ninety a lot of these consultants and campaign contributions and some Albert politically powerful but we've got to -- We don't -- all of them. I would reduce -- 10% will have a built in network we would dedicate my act that would dedicate money to. Target virtues they've been cut 67%. And it over the past six years from now one point six billion about -- 120 make it I don't know how you and those making. I know it but I -- and I'm glad you said that John is I graduated from -- on I think it was Clancy Dubose said a long time ago you know build the middle class of new loans and I totally agree with that. No question I mean we you'd see you wouldn't like. New Orleans without you and narrow it impacts the entire state particularly southeastern part of its stated. It's hugely important now -- -- put their keep macho. So we gotta we gotta go to John news but I guess the the other thing that I wanted to ask about analysts. Contract stuff is. Isn't as easy as as a new governors and -- enough hours. More Bobby called in -- -- cabinet secretaries and sit cut it back in pursuit yet. You -- at one level probably sacking him do it that's one guitar. Don't get done now I don't think the governors don't do that he's in -- to India's reasons. So we're going mobile to I think -- thank isn't consistent property sanctions but it's not -- different things. But we'll have a deal to do it but. Kate about to spend money that's where the bodies of the spam and when the bill passed in. They if they selling sponsorships and I know we got to go to news and if if it goes of the administrative. I expense or overhead does that just mean that they're either given people raises are expanding the B. -- it and so these things. And use it over and double that product are more people would help people get their driver's license passed so that ought to wait for. Is it -- -- and not public site but there's not -- It's been money there to thank you John receipt. That.

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