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WWL>Topics>>1-22 7:45am Tommy, naming rights?

1-22 7:45am Tommy, naming rights?

Jan 22, 2014|

Tommy talks to Rhett Daselle, the Assistant Secretary for Operations for DOTD, about a proposal to allow companies to sponsor ferries, highway signs, rest areas, etc.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I quick note about our mission statement somebody -- accidents that I loved -- scuttling Brian Williams entries at a couple of cocktails. I guess it's true 74713. Before -- some of the other texts that are coming in. About name and highways they Huey. They Huey. Bridge joy or maybe the IE 610s stoppers. Read the cell Jones and what we'd welcome your ideas by the way it's music's 1870 till 3866. 890870. Rip the cell joins us right now assistant secretary for operations of DOT -- morning rat. Morning. Good on -- you heard any of John Kennedy just now the retirement contracts and consultants and -- one really needed. To sell these naming rights and and I guess we'll take a step back first and ask. What exactly guys proposing naming and now. Well -- we were just looking at that. -- salute our assets that we have transportation assets might be used to generate money to sponsorships. And advertising. Our motors assistant patrol has just recently been sponsored by state form in -- generating a quarter million dollars. So with that external -- first a look at other assets that we the potential to generate revenues to help offset some property. -- -- are you operating at a deficit right now in terms of you're operating costs -- resist an expansion in Iowa. Well this suggestion some means of doing business Smart and needs more -- our assets and trying to get most what we you have. So big you can't provide the services that the most cost efficient for the taxpayers. It is so you and ask for less money in and the following yeah I'm just trying to figure out if if you on operating at a deficit now in the money comes in for administrative expenses. Would seem to be spent on unless you're either common expanding. -- did did I guess the administration of DO TD or you're talking money asking the legislature for less money ranked. Well perhaps that's what the map program the money we get for the -- the state forms sponsorship from mapped. Will likely put that back into the program and tried to provide more service that would market provide another vehicle somewhere in the state that we. Don't have enough operating budget for right now moment that maybe that's good news about -- generic expands services. Or use in the money -- you know offset some -- -- where we have. Cost that are coming in that we need to cover some other property cost Utica. -- so. What would those -- -- and I guess when I'm what I want to say before was a Casey mention those services it. What what else do you guys do besides. Maintain roads and bridge is designed and it's what a twelve billion dollar back load in. A backlog rather of of road and bridge projects projects. Well there's a backlog for capital improvements. But you don't -- me. Quite a bit of improvements. Which spent over five point eight billion dollars over capacity users are -- worker and and put the way that crackled and most of that is capital. These these revenues were going to do back into our operating budget. So -- again which would provide another -- suspicions patrol truck would be searched and money. To provide some of the services were. Dispassionate we launched a way to -- wrapped. That it's this cults in this money. It's widgets on the sponsor. That took place -- the cost of that app and information department had to happen cost about it and summation. Would any of this be put no maintenance more grass cutting more. Blue whatever Scioscia -- him. It could be it could be to cut the grass one more time -- to pick another motorcycle picked up somewhere to get it would be. Money put back into our operating and Magnus budget but it could provide additional services or will pay for some of the current services and it or cancel service. -- besides state farm do you guys have any other. Any other leads that you pursuant Campbell well off off limits here rent. Well -- -- that's just uses one of the preliminary steps in the process stopping. We were going out for requests for information so privileges sleepers and marketing companies out there that can summon. And providers which interpretation of how we should craft this program. And it didn't put together and then we would bring in management -- marketing Arctic opens and just like suburbia you know we're. Basically in the business operated maintaining roads and bridges -- We got a lot of technical expertise and -- -- not a marketing groups that we need to bring in some help from the outside. That understands how to do this and can help -- do -- to maximize revenue generation. Let me give you a specific example here and and you know I just kidding around about there's -- you can tell me if it's off limits are no matter if it's possible. The Coca-Cola Crescent City connection is is that how it might wind up. Governor we don't know right now we we just know that there's a potential out there to generate some extra revenues. And to also that some of our cost and help cover some of our cost more to expanse of more services. -- the storm that we're going to look for is going to help us do it and decide to oust the best way to do that. And on if you heard it or not but somebody texted in the Huey. -- random -- it's at the time withers and now become on again. Our thanks to you bad.

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