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WWL>Topics>>1-22 8:15am Tommy, rent or own?

1-22 8:15am Tommy, rent or own?

Jan 22, 2014|

Tommy talks to Arthur Sterbcow, a local real estate agent, about renting vs. owning

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A quick note on a suggestion about naming a road -- highway to bring in some revenue which is not -- the Sherwin-Williams boulevard. Like. We talk about real estate now own property and read a story about a couple and actually built for houses the first time was a big house and they were anticipating children. Many children laugh so they built a smaller house and the children came back with their children saying build an even bigger house. And now that everybody's gone again they built to medium house kind of hedging their bets. So it's going to be interesting to see if you think your house is too small to bigger just right now if you can do it all over. Would you do the same thing would you own would you rent which you by Condo. And I think is interesting would you rather have a big house on a small piece of slanderous small house on a big piece of land and I would up for the big house. -- -- and small house and a big piece of land. And most people -- agreement. There's their coach joins us right now local real estate analysts talk about that the trends in. A new loans and the surrounding area and their people big in building bigger or smaller -- morning Arthur good morning good morning thanks to take in a time with a so. When when it comes to trends and we see a tonic condos going up India. Is mid city downtown area exactly right described it. Omni is is the trend toward condos now -- do people generally goes through cycles. Directly go -- cycle and it's an economic cycle right Al all the work -- coming out of the national downturn. Wherever and a huge proliferation of apartments that are being built in the CD warehouse area. Unprecedented frankly. Pretty similar to big huge apartment Starks they grew in -- in the seventies. And it primarily just folks that are deciding you know what you know most people from homeownership right now with a plot insurance issues. And we're having a growth in population in New Orleans this kind of under the radar so. It is looking very opposite of where the whole housing community boats and homes. And apartments not a lot of new respect new construction. Some a lot pretty good helped -- -- cost -- to being built. Let's talk about those homes they is that I still trying to build as big as they possibly can nor are they trying to come up with Sumpter and medium so they don't go to the big house small house stage. Well I think it's you know it's everyone's a little bit different to some people Baker's daughter does some people they get bigger. Better. Development shorty got -- are looking all ought to open spaces -- -- Oman like. Because programs like the open spaces. We got some areas where they're just -- of -- so you know it's it's everyone's. Give billions of people in the world -- -- like -- -- So back to releasing that is being that's really changed dramatically from years past. Other and as a general rule the average house is -- -- that it used to be average square. Oprah. But that's usually a matter of people -- becoming more -- more energy efficient. I've learned my lesson more to clean more. Morning -- -- cool -- maintain parent let me ask you about it condos are their begin this condos morneau one. I've never lived in a Condo but today and for people are thinking about this but I have lived in an apartment before bind my daughter's house and and care for at all between the noise between the some people's mode and there's some people don't constant coming and going his. Is a Condo lays the same as an apartment or house a different. -- -- -- -- That ignore it until the last -- straight years or not like -- condos of the seventies and eighties Nadal. Much more noise insulated. Been much more upscale amenities in the east. And pre world war for the most part December restrict condominium association laws and regulations. So keep moving and readers conduct -- they're very carefully. Note on their underdog some sort of talk about what kind of course you can mark it's very very strict. And parking is pictured in in most. By our convenience. And low maintenance and quality to preach to -- considering. In a lot of schools and big happier news. Outdoor grills. And a lot of the condos and -- on our people are steady. -- -- apparently some so these commanders in the parking lot several -- But what about time and the median rent to about time shares because when I was thinking -- -- our parenting and IK. With a Condo as opposed to an apartment yet people literally buying into and as a result there. The MC -- same people over and over and and and they have something invested in -- and it's not going to be. Trenchant sometimes like an apartment has -- that and think in this money owns listening at a time share you don't know who's coming on constantly. Well that's true and it's armchair you're really kind of at the -- of whoever's and there are a lot of control to police sit on what you're doing your own individual recent book aren't sure which is very certain. But as a general rule the -- succumbed to armchairs are usually. Fairly affluent are fairly well but hey folks. That you know avatar pictures somewhere else and they want they charge you respected to do so. Aren't they haven't seen a lot of problems with the charge is in terms. -- being world are testing some owners of cheers. You know keeping them using kind of you know beaten down. Furniture and things like that -- usually we -- -- to cheer complex. About the individual unit itself -- in the complex. How is that one B. And could go to you know shared one of -- -- one markets -- -- Yet registered owners to -- You know levels of management possibly in and complex well. Real quick again the -- this question and you can't -- the middle you gotta tell me to rather have a big house on a small diesel Lander a small house and -- easily. Our our programs. Are small. Small houses Maltese a land. Less to maintain last night active they are -- things -- take your -- is lectures though is Arthur -- -- local real estate analyst.