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1-22 9:10am Tommy, online safety

Jan 22, 2014|

Tommy talks to Robert Siciliano, an Identity Theft Expert with BestIDTheftCompanys.com, about online identity theft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Robertson ceiling and -- joins us right now and identity theft their expert with the best ID theft company. Companies that -- good morning Robert -- you mom you know I know what to do here because. How do you know if that's really from target Heidi you know that. The site hasn't been -- there -- in what you're gonna do is turn over the keys to your your financial kingdom if you -- credit kingdom to the enemy. Yeah it's it's that difficult for the layperson to determine if the -- target to. Apologies slash. Get our free identity protection email is real or fake. There are ways to do it you know looking out the going typically is in determining where the -- coming from and all these different things. On all that he says most -- gonna go through that process and certainly it's gonna confuse a lot of people. And many are gonna sign -- today -- it protection because they think that that email -- talk to scam. I will all of England today and maybe he'll help people -- to go through and I did in. I remember I clicked on initially it looked legitimate and then they gave me a code. That I would have to enter into redeem my one year free credit monitoring does so does that sound real -- instructions for activating your Experian protect. My ideas count look it's not about me I'm presuming other people got my got to get the same email and I guess. Yeah I got the same thing to but I hit the -- said -- -- The one received most likely is a real communications. Big -- but like I never click links in emails that I get unsolicited. You know like IE -- will only click links in emails from people are in ongoing dialogue went. All of it I've just signed up for bringing the web site after confirming you know just a quick. But otherwise it's like let's just say it statement from my bank -- if statements -- credit card company that says hey. -- in get Euro you know January statement. I'm not definitely not what many people and links those emails because it -- these decrees that email and sentence -- many people. Hoping you know 1% of the clicked on an and you get their personal information. So in in this regard I think -- economy the target links either insert if you want the record to protect the best case scenario. It to go right to their web site they'll have talk candidates make their home page in a direct Q. We had to go to China for their protection services. I Simon how much trouble -- in because only -- as a response and Amylin and down here go to protect my ID dot com slash target any year activation codes in -- name address email. Create a law against him -- Social Security number and verify identify. Seems like and not such a good thing to do unsolicited email isn't. Yeah there is that asking for a lot of personal information in there are asking for people to take a leap of faith that that emailed it to be legit. There is integrity problems but people skittish right now of people out. You know that they got their guard up for obvious reasons and there have been many. In my field who have said they didn't send out the scene out of context and definitely because domestic. It does look a little shaky. And this really isn't the best foot forward. And you know boom they're going to. Were in the process of face the repercussions of that. So. The the vote for the consumer out there that you just sitting in that getting I think the protection -- dust -- not to quickening about the targets since you. And just really -- to go directly to their web site. Can wanna get that three. Mostly created until -- -- to see you go to target.com. And ending institute conferences station from that side of it. Yeah and so today. Something that the web site believe that. Direction towards you know what the problem is into the fact that they were breached in we have to get -- -- protection and so forth. You know -- home page it says. Important noticed that incident involved in certain guest information learn more. And once you click on it brings you to all the information in regards to getting their free credit monitoring and identity protection. And you click on the one year offer so awful thing you can do all that at target dot coms so that's an absolute no brainer -- much better off to a in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We want you log into target.com it's spelled PA RG ET dot com. Just go ahead putting your browser go to the web site caught a couple things get to where it says the three identical. Protection and that would have been the smartest safest. And most reasonable thing that they could have done the same place. Roberts has ceiling -- -- against identity theft expert with best ID theft companies -- best idea that companies that common. Now Robert until it was Stewart before there was one day where in a matter of an hour and a half my daughter's FaceBook account had been. Packed my email had been to -- co opted to whatever the word is. And get a call from the credit card company that they think somebody's use in my credit card. And it does point out is credited did -- -- get the shot cannot wait for zombies I don't know what the hell was going on. Some Coke and I Kenya it was it was terrifying when this happened is like I'm under assault TO is an al-Qaeda attack. Yeah Heidi you know. They'll likely got a target.com. That that site hasn't been finished that you go out. To the to the right when Heidi you know that that somebody's now watch in that email that you're sending I don't know how you can not be. Completely and totally paranoid when you put any information on the Internet. -- and you should be you know people should be paranoid you know we've gone. Good by the excuses it was a significant data breach like this one. You know where they -- as an access to a hundred -- -- compromised. In people kind of forget you know they they move on and forget about these things. But now that is you know the most notable breach in recent history it's got people's attention going to forward -- definitely going to be paying more attention. You don't really -- loses -- the bad guys used to get out do you you know. The regular consumer. Is usually to get things. Males in the fishing of course spelled. And it's. When we get these emails that look legit that we start clicking links that. That's ultimately what. What gets us in trouble when we in fact powered devices with the viruses that these are emails might contain party down vote by clicking post links. It bring justice spoofed web sites epic website that look like a legitimate ones. They can't stand the personal information. So -- probably are aware that that's going on that you're not going to -- -- you know occasional randomly. You know navigating the web and cooking whatever. And then you keep peer devices updated with the most latest greatest into bars -- these violent anti Phishing and firewall -- here. Operating system updated with the latest critical security patches and all you know a lot of people like -- medical hold their heads but the this is really basic stop it's kinda easy actually. And as long -- you do these basic things to get into virus update your operating system. Then Indiana girl you know and navigating the web should be in pretty good shape -- that your browser. Encrypt your wireless connections between oil like half a dozen things that you need to do to stay -- on line. And then it's arguably -- is concerned you know protecting your credit. Protecting your social all that stuff. You wanna consider investing in and I didn't have protection like when you see these commercials I don't know protection that's a good thing you know it locked down -- Social -- credit reports so propensity. Bad guys have opened up and do our comments on your name and also considered getting in critic -- -- -- a credit freeze as a tool. They'll also locked down your social Democrat report. Preventing the bad -- opening any new accounts party here social. So at some point you had to give music Social Security number if if you want credit monitoring or anything like that and I get. Very upset when you have to put the Social Security number on -- Doctors formed as you know who's gonna see it on the Internet terrifies me is -- checklist. To go through and and you just gave us wondered maybe something simple where you would simpler aware you know about flags -- a -- military if you don't go to the source or. If somebody asks you for this you know I mean warning signs for the average guy. Yeah so he you know any inbound communications generally want to think in the most of my patrol -- on the email account he -- -- called the company used rhetoric you -- the man now -- coming to -- generally be suspect. When you go to -- right when you when you are prompted to go to like you know you might. One -- a -- protection service commitment by something of mine and you do some basic searches on these devices are relatively secure our. He should be pretty cheap. It's kind of -- your scam intelligent popping -- security intelligence is kind of like being aware being alert. You know to see somebody paying and wanted attention to a mystery but he simply later in the parking lot these things they're gonna make you aware -- -- like they could be potential danger around the corner. And it's the same thing with the web you know he's got to kind of tune into these things -- be aware of them and into the Internet as we know what the world wide web you know. Cruising the net buying stuff online gaming on this topic is less than twenty years old you know we've really -- going hardcore -- collected fifteen. And so what are just kind of learning how to still working and going forward we all have to pay attention. Even just can't opt out of -- click links in just go on line do that you want -- to nothing's gonna happen if you. You have to be aware adopting -- devices have to invest an identity protection -- -- credit you have to. Be conscious of what -- you're clicking and you know it did it really does boil down to Jewish -- I basics and fundamentals and as long you're paying attention is on your way there on major alert. But in general should be important shape you know leave it. Articles you read books you know watch videos whatever conceded teach you -- security. Pay attention to what you spoke her mind on what you eat your eyeballs focused on how these things work. Generally you're going to be pretty -- Idea if you can give us a couple of minutes on talk about anti virus. Programs and and there's an MPC you know Mac only come back but I'll tell you this -- I think -- gonna do after -- you. Is go to that vacuum cleaner shop on breaking bad disappear and and pay cash. I know and secondly Roberts is -- and no identity theft expert with best ID theft companies that -- we'll also talk about his company in the services that it offers. And this is a one time thing when you disappear you pay the money and that's it in on saying. Medical sold 923 back in a flash on WW. Tommy Tucker revenue -- up with Robert Sicilian island identity that's their expert with best ID theft companies that come tell me about. In a time we have remaining Robert. Anti virus programs like you're talking about if you click on only -- every weekend I get. Ton of emails on what is both Friday York. For the weekend but you can tell that somebody else's email winning gives you that that one linked it to click on -- first of other what does that always happen weekend deal. I -- all week. It's people you know that clicking stuff that they shouldn't be there devices are properly updated. They don't have the right. Updating antivirus programs. So they. The weak weak link in the chain hasn't sank. That they infected they did something wrong or they didn't do something right. And they're the ones to spread viruses you know -- move. Date need to clean out their devices they need to update their operating systems in. Running antivirus and in some cases even -- install their operating system to get rid of whatever is on there. And I'll PCs now not next. I'm talking about generally -- -- PCs -- Viruses targeting Macs still -- you understand there are millions and millions of buyers. The target PC you know windows operating system. Direct thousands and thousands targeting -- -- other part is many targeting -- but they still do exist. And then there are several thousand targeting -- android operating system which is prevalent on. Mobile devices and tablets now very few if any on the IOS devices such as your iPad in your iPhone. -- -- around town tell me about antivirus programs of this once again. So I am to McAfee is one of my clients they certainly like McNamee what they do. I've. I have to work with back a few laps in other tech people and that's some pretty intelligent people out there and it really -- -- the pulse of information security sell. And that -- at -- -- in -- eagle on line CDs you go to the refuse sites they generally -- -- what's good. PC magazine generally does have a pretty good job of solid in the ball up with a different options now as well. I appreciate your time I really do Robert -- tell me about your company. So best ideals to companies dot com what the why. It basically refused all of the different I don't think that programs out there. I didn't approve prevention programs and services in which you -- to feel important tools speech. Protect directed me tell you that the pros would constitute about what the different options are and so what we -- -- And let -- -- you know audio works that you had over two best idea of companies dot com he could learn more about the best way to protect your identity. Thank you Robert Cecilia and -- a great day we'll talk to you again tomorrow -- or.

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