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1-22-14 10:35am Garland: at the library with Charles Brown

Jan 22, 2014|

Garland takes the Think Tank on the road to the Orleans Public Library and talks with library head Charles Brown.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to -- here's something. A little bit and you used loud music at the New Orleans public library. We here because there is. From the crowd. Wore their room do them. Break the Guinness -- -- or group of people reading -- book. And more importantly. They're kicking off. Multi Hillary. Campaign. To make New Orleans and surrounding her as a liberal cities of the students in America. While our anniversary. Of 300 -- 2008 feet. That it quickly Charles Brown or rather to correct the library. -- -- thank you. Confident that should thank you accidentally killed people but this -- I don't -- -- in -- -- that you collaborated in particular acting like that. I would Def playing in a better -- rather it. We're kicking off today. A major regional with -- -- -- turn the page. And the effort is to -- really highlight reading an important reading. In you know throughout the metropolitan area. We have four key areas that we're going to be focusing on. Battle over the next thirty days but you know for the next few years that -- effort to become the most polluted city in America. One of them is early childhood. Reading readiness to prepare kids reading. Article like this. Much has many parents and caregivers realize that this meeting to -- Fifteen to twenty -- that they can make a world of difference. In terms of -- tournament and it's a day. It is to expose them to do everything -- enjoy reading. Unfortunately so many children and our community. Don't -- a book until their first day of school. A no one's ever read to them their notebooks in the home and the really wanna focus on the importance. Learning as early as possible. Because you never too you never too young to learn and it's important that children have that kind of exposure. Says its -- silica. A -- simple question but -- I have a daughter and early on Cuba's most of the good education -- groups. Was just not interested in reading and I would re cured and so forth until -- good. Interest and child in reading where they start doing it for a short right that in that -- -- the -- Well that's where the role of collaborating -- I think you have a parent or caregiver have the conversation with a library and in terms of identifying with the child's interest might be taken by you to buy the book. That'll help spur that interest that get kids interested in reading an excellent athletes both the things that they initially -- elected leaders that -- they're really passionate about have a real keen interest in the library -- -- your best friend in terms of guiding you. For that -- Hear. What you're saying for the fourth pictures spotlighted the program or early childhood. It I -- three is right part of that put one ill or elderly. We're also well clearly felt primarily regretted getting them ready for school. We also another -- that -- with the rest of the element. -- -- -- -- -- Because that is the key element of child -- not mastered reading. By the third fourth grade they're gonna be lost the educational system that we really what if -- thought about recruitment and support the classroom teacher. In terms that the whole learning process and especially. Instantly reading skills. We also going to be another area written books on the digital literacy. That's an area where we have fallen behind all those -- region. And digital -- is still important today for example you can't apply for a job usually they would -- -- on line. And we feel with -- battle with the -- but -- who will provide computer classes. Because many people that worked around computers. Come into the library that even over the mouth. That this is the period threatening environment. To help people learn you know how to use the computer. In the utilized the really important things like you know you know like application growth a variety of other things that -- and use -- -- that he'll learn on line and in the appear resonate. You know -- you know technical information. Know that all can be done. You know through the use the locker computer there's no torch. And then finally. The goal of adult education. And including English as a second language for many the new Americans we've moved into this region. And so the library you know wants to play a role -- that as well in those split -- that as well. Phillips at the -- Here is the people who accused. You're talking. Never. Advocates who never seen them and it doesn't -- a lot of that has to do with poverty when it comes to. Getting into the library -- me in the streets -- some -- owners got. Parking news. Restrict how do you train and support and -- kids to the library. To make it there. Well many of our neighborhoods throughout the city that we have there you know in addition to the -- -- or -- the libraries and spread throughout the city so we hope that there's. -- access to -- -- with them you know from the kids. And that's giving the -- by predict that if the child you don't have a library every neighborhood in such a young and political that the parents and caregivers is to get -- The program -- do so might be used to win that's the problem other like -- some. That's not technically a part of this program we hope to heighten awareness of the importance of Reading that -- to care -- will make the end to get their child. It is it's so important about you know so itself says that they you know enjoyed -- reading and you know we hope that this campaign -- you know stressed the importance. Our work cut it right back we're talking with this short on the record record or whatever reason we war. There is sort of slew of very in this report from. Number of positions. A lot of computers and it organizations. Behind the push to make New Orleans and the most literate city in America. Or 300. Where. Else in the senate where the -- of -- that we call. That would've you know celebrity immortal life -- Welcome back. What's your listing -- believer in god. It's a library. New Orleans without reply and broadcasting live from -- library for a couple we've -- Trying to break that get records over children listening to. Your group. Or get somebody may recognize. When pierce. Reading through them in New Orleans musicians for all of it including. -- -- threw in that the basic reason I'm so I'd. Give this book records. Is there was going to be attempt to make New Orleans moves that routes that he and America. -- -- 300 birds -- 20030. Yeah and also surrounding -- Whether we're pro room on the record record. The library welcome productive use them. Can we do it's it's. Just told. -- -- of New Orleans. On the field. Jim we welcomed the moves and hundreds of. We can strive -- And we certainly commitment commitment to its the other young young younger generation. Will in time. A raise some of the major literacy challenge facing the community. I think we start with the current you know group of young people and instill in them love and passion for reading. The city's future will be even brighter. So we certainly -- area operational. In terms both striving to reach that goal by. About when he team but let's hope that if -- if not the young people who with -- they primarily first and second graders. That that generation will certainly make -- Make is the most -- in America moving forward. That this problem and electric fuel because your your head at the library. But our -- -- scales who works with families and when it comes to reading and its vision. -- the people in the audience -- appearance. There -- feature and Missouri play if you could go to get supplies shouldn't pay for it out of room pocket. This is a broad based programs have you heard anything about. Boom boom police say the school's success is one of the importance of looking at. Seems like that he wanted to basically we get supplies that teachers and anything in this program that does. I'm afraid. Weird you know certainly are partnering with schools and educators. In this effort but in terms of the supplies appease. You know -- -- about Actividentity equation. But -- old. Literacy. I would assume. That if you hit adulthood border. I think I hit about fifty. One -- Cuban government -- It becomes exceedingly difficult to become moral of the mind that time. Finding the resources. But -- what are your meeting go well it looks. Well two things I know your general public library we actually the holds the white and ths program which of the though literacy program. -- community all that and -- from here classrooms here at the main library. And we also have a -- from space and another local facility we also are great resource in terms of being an information. Guide to. Adult literacy resources throughout the city of new world so. Even if we can off the cliff this year with -- through the redirect people. You know to appropriate resources and we also. Have with part of our -- -- -- called -- -- high low high interest -- reading ability. Through these are adult level materials that -- a relatively low reading level. But so can get people comfortable with reading. -- the width of the ministry of Reading and can help. Any type of structured classroom environment. To enhance -- as a mid to early to the kids to really practice that -- For the adults listening right now. Part that they who they called what did they do to protect and broke. Right since -- you know this is the -- are things that the zone a region wide effort. But that's not the first stuff to be calling or visiting their local life. You know unethical you know it makes about coasters resource with many of them are Oman and electronically that individuals have. It appears -- their home -- could look for literacy. You know organizations. In their respective. In their respective community. But you're right I mean it is mortality I think for an adult. With limited reading ability and for child distorting you know starting out. But you'd be surprised the number of people were really striving -- realize that -- you know personal professional and you know their limitations. Due to the fact of their inability to reader to read well. -- -- prepared to take the ministers that degree that. -- are there any of the programs like this or around the country in the think we you can go get a blueprint of how to war any other ideas like this -- this wonderful -- as far as we know. As far as we know there's some of this particular program -- turn the page initiative in unity. Through this area. A given -- we go back to the digit rule slivers of the colts and a young people. Somebody's computer lottery how many computers have. It is -- time restriction on how does that work. We over 400 computers across the library system available on -- plus for the general public. In most cases there is a one hour limit however no one's leading you know for computer a licking the you know you can tune it you can continue your session. But there's just such high demand. This can be in this community and our issues -- the norm. One final question when you look at his school with this plan. Didn't own room but so complex that race -- surrounding. A beleaguered. Either in Lebanon like 211 has put Erica. Inspecting it today include most of the public -- But it's not all. It looked like almost all the so hopefully we. And -- -- all everybody. -- seen action plan and rightly pollutants. Most of you know -- the same action plan. We have a web site that's available. You have the atmosphere by the I believe it's turn the page -- On sugar coated -- -- go to somewhere. Minimum in my -- world. Group and we'll make sure. Okay it's let's turn the page dot org once again let's turn the -- that war and you can follow the you know program in general as well with a specific. Programs offering at your local blogger to reflect. Your -- and lose a -- gumbo yeah. I'm still discovering them. At a fairly it would prides themselves on their on their go to court -- Program. Directors the library thank you -- but you thank you for -- for. I've come right back. Arlen Robin and -- that we call the.