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1-22-14 11:10am Garland: at the library with Wendell Pierce

Jan 22, 2014|

Garland takes the Think Tank on the road to the Orleans Public Library and talks with actor Wendell Pierce.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You're hearing so that you don't often hear. This is the New Orleans public labor. Apparently walked in here are very quiet while we're doing. Argument they're trying to break the good news world book record. When it comes to young people the name to. A story book they read through them and for and to become. Or -- -- you schools literate city in America. Or 300 birthday 2008. Somebody -- you may recognize that the window appears welcomed -- show data you are actually. Through Medicaid the wire. All the -- you're trying to do locally to throw it all the time travel around the world album Michael do you know. Yes really at all -- -- judge lifted my mother always did make hay while the senate side. -- make it -- there's nothing left in the field here and there. -- -- get involved in this room or what you'd do it would tell them about the will he do. Didn't do the book was a book written by -- segment called the urban street band back. And we want it to you wanted to read. The book and break a Guinness record of having when it is largest. Reading lessons. In the world. And interactive lesson also. And it's near the music in background he has a second -- everything we wanted to make it a great experience and that's what. Turn the page it's all about. Turn the page is. Our attempt to make sure that new -- is the most literate city by -- tries -- city. In 2018. And up from mean. In honor of my -- and all the teachers who gave me that love of Reading and love of literature. I want to be a part of this survey gave me equality would you share this it would be a part of it but I sit apps that movement because you know education. And knowledge the first well that she didn't. It's both but the most valuable things that you can have your health is the most important and then. The other wealth is the wealth of knowledge that will never be taken away from and that that the gateway to attaining knowledge and being being able to -- It is the one thing that we know. Six kids on the right path gives him the the opportunity. To grow up and be successful men and women and we know that that is. What it did that. What are the ways that we can bet on preventive side. Of of all the big negative impact that can happen to these kids until bring them benefit and I just want to -- about that I think. Is the most important thing as I took the kids. I just in the past two weeks in New York Los Angeles Seattle. Philadelphia. What's the VC but -- first started traveling and kind of getting that wanderlust through books these go do my homework it you know library. And you -- efforts with the New York you would -- these efforts you know studded going around Los Angeles. Walter Mosley -- easy Rollins now. Mickey Spillane and it and it discovered the west you know Monument Valley and all through -- you know Ansel Adams photography you know so its -- Acquisition of knowledge that the only team to beat. Is one of the most valuable things that we give to these kids and also is that it's going to benefit them later in life you know. What -- emphasis of our work with -- and wolves. Has that we are still issues. Point 7%. A quarter. Over a quarter of artwork which has -- now today imagine when we get rid of that how that skill sets are true. It it builds. A skill set that would bring more value jobs and and better and more in expensive jobs. And it just brings value and -- level and now it's also an economics at that combats. Fly literally combats crime we give people ability. Go out and the -- a life of values that life and permanent. That's all from just being eaten it. Executive director of the library. Told me that there. A few more lenient or functionally illiterate and a lot of these kids when they go to school. They've they've -- out there are no books at home -- they don't know how to read. Putting the -- -- that when you talk about a player in the boards make because the moves that route sitting. -- Try in the Euro where we begin with that. Is this easy go -- Percival. Marshaling resources where everyone's on the same page to make sure that we. We recognize and and have the same value of making sure that this is Haram. This is our priority to make sure that these -- have the ability now more than ever -- when I was growing up you have to have the physical book. Now the it is with the -- bit of technology. You have a book available to you almost instantaneous with it and it even you know a multitude of people more. And more access to knowledge you know I've visited hallucinating now there have with my friends. -- why we even have missed compasses and we have requested embody the street Lou why we've been there -- a let's go in and it we have that knowledge accessible to -- The way you do it is make sure that everyone's on the same page and that. Every day every day we make sure that these kids have access. And knowing gauged. In. The literacy. The act of literacy. -- reading of being engaged challenge that. In it's. Encapsulate entire day for him to make sure my mother. It's something that we all went through when you and when you have a family of educators with people wouldn't agree to a premium on education. She would always say several television. Read the book even if you sit there and you just play with the pages you're gonna sit here and spent some time with that we'll. That I remembered her philosophy was that you may not even wanna read it. You may just play with the book eventually your curiosity. In the part of human nature that is in use in the -- what is this. Why you keep sitting me down this. You may not see the value and it has a child the venue ultimately come to understand it's about. The kids we leave them. With the adults. We know how valuable it is we have to make sure that is part of the day and read the ones we Marshal all of our resources and collectively. Collectively as community say this is of great importance. You know like and I'm I'm living in new York and you know we we know that we vicinity of the terrorist target if you see something since. It is something that is just drilled into our heads as we live in New York. In New Orleans should be made sure that -- -- Whenever you engage job woodlands Tuesday. You read this book share what you're reading with them and make sure that you are -- something. So they can learn by example so you can be. -- an example of them and so. I think that it's it's it's easy is that as making sure that we all the same page -- -- at the same agenda. You keep ten more minutes yet but with computers where this. I think you know there is probably -- -- thing called more little thing called for him and -- call. Michael J. Fox in their name in the other areas -- -- of worldwide. We're coming right back we're talking about that to make. New Orleans. The -- literate city in America and by the year 2018. Questions go that Gibbs called -- 60187. -- -- -- Welcome back in Illinois -- here. With a highly you'll audiences ever Purdue's artisan. It's hard and astute -- for me didn't courts. Wired with Michael J. Fox show but for those. -- and that suits. On USA today -- yes. Yeah Utley. Went well -- please welcome we've just talking about the and then put your bottom but it. They tell people -- than just Jordan can you tell us where are we here we're New Orleans public library and it's like quarter. No we're making a lot of noise about what. We are doing over the next couple of news this is the launch of turn the page. Which is a campaign to in literacy illiteracy. And make -- -- the most literate city. By its tries -- and -- 2008. We know the power of knowledge comes from the ability to read and that is one of the first. Riches in life is the ability to learn to read and the acquisition of knowledge that it says Q&A path. Of success in life we wanna make sure that we give. The kids of this generation. That opportunity to be successful men and women when they grow up and that first gift that we can give them is the ability to read until today. We launched turn the page. We want everyone to join us in Marshal their forces and bring -- accused the libraries. We have ten regional libraries. Parishes across the south the southeast Louisiana. And all of them are coming together and we just broke the Guinness book. Record of having the largest reading lesson today. As I read with the kids. The urban street band is back and and so is great kick -- event and we gonna -- gonna make. That a part of our presence in a celebration as we become the most literate city in America right now which when he -- So we got a lot of work ahead of votes so each one teach one give somebody -- -- its share of book every three days. Without kids. Before -- -- like that -- Good looking for more of produce information. Let's turn the page dot com. One of the poor ports that that all would try to -- -- In the news did you lose. It. The kids who came in today. We talked about earlier. The library hits it on both these kids had never seen -- book. And they get school. How -- says that got 400 computers. Scattered wrong all of the live birds here in town. Heidi get them on a computer long enough and often enough to whom. Reacted to rule that -- Well first vote. Access -- computers very important. And that and that's the great thing about the bloggers is that to you the keys that access to the computer once Ewing gave -- The world is opened up it is human nature all with the press this button that happen but missed that but Nike goes in effect that -- that -- it takes me being. And it I've realized that. No matter how old you look. That curiosity that part of human nature is always -- my -- with the united tomorrow. And I got -- good idea and I got him. And not. Forward Chris. And he can't hear so that's the only community facetime and Skype. Decency. And he loves the fact that no matter where I am in the world. He can connect with each year we have bald Eagles that part route mr. -- got to come. We have that -- -- budgetary park and so we've been sharing the photographs that are happening and it's it's great it's great to see bald eagle. You know playing golf under the and it it -- -- -- massive. Influence you -- -- great bird sanctuary but. I was in California. Sharing those photographs from my father back and forth and then we said -- Look let's do some research about so -- -- with like can it be possible and writes in his hand he had the ability to school. And find out about the bald eagle and actually that we have sanctuaries here that this is not a phenomenon -- is not unique to Louisiana lost or short. It is that access to the world that these kids. Must understand and be given that gift. Oh so that's what the library is for that is the role of the library in its in society that this is the big the place. Where we come with the the acquisition of knowledge exposure to the world exactly does that sit before -- so -- -- a first to travel this world through books. My mother of four that would place me but while the work that you know so he would put me in the library of old school. Come out I'm not finished working meet me at school in the library still remember my cubicle on the second floor you know I have a friend in New York. She -- She. Her father was the superintendent who wanted to qualities gothic library it's. In New York in their apartment was in the bulls are. Huge building in New York so that the doors close. She would coordinate -- at the library to herself as a child it's -- that experience that we want you all these kids because. They can then realized that old. So worth the potential and realize that they can go anywhere and as my mother always it can't died three days before the creation of the world. Don't tell -- captain. And that's that that's the sort of freedom. And power and empowerment that literacy is kids we all know it. We all know the value of sometimes is given to. It was given to us like broccoli eat -- -- before it. But will we did today was try to gauge the kids' imagination. In the spirit of how enjoyable hobbies that's what you have one music and that's wonderful book. Gates them in this journey of this campaign and page that we can turn the page is this all contributes to making new laws it'd make it will. I know -- black brown or white thing. But. Listening to the new lips -- it nearly -- blackmailed. 40%. The single it's actually been in jail or injured quite bill. 23%. Brown. 41%. I would submit. The news or the people that really don't have to change. Who they they didn't. The group the view. Things available you had no plan. Partly a lot of people that is a lot of people and usually those kids available to -- is. Technology in an ability. First of all we don't give up on those -- Even though the adults now where young adults were taken the path and you're going down the wrong -- we shouldn't assume that they aren't excess. That and this is a two prong thing we can we are multifaceted we can do more than one think things can happen concurrent with. So we not only say we gonna give these kids an opportunity not to go down that wrong path but we can also attack. We can also attack the issue of what's where the skill sets that. Weren't developed by the young men that put them in that position. Then the other part of that is that some disparity is not by chance that these that brown black men that happened -- in the disparate view. Laws behavior cults that so we can attack that also so that it's an even playing. So that we make sure that the at this social justice when it comes to. Sentencing. Weren't certain behavior. I remember when efforts -- New York -- more cocaine on the stock. At the stock exchange stocks. But you know have you penalty like the wreck effect that we know about those disparities Solis a tactic get rid of it so we won't have the disparity so that will contribute to it it's not the only. This is one -- That we attack that we know that literacy is important so this literacy campaign it's not just for these kids before these young adults also. Give him a shot when they get out and develop this -- that so that -- ambulance. That it is improve their life. Also if we point to engage them because more people coming out presented as we're putting people in prison. The same amount coming out now we can choose to ignore them and it just comes revolving door or say here. This is the expectation that we haven't you as a society if we're gonna -- you come back into the side we're gonna meet you halfway. He has a literacy program is job program here as an employer. What I need to do as an -- employers say I would give people a second chance. Give give offenders who were -- rights -- opportunity to come back into the workforce. So all of those on the tape was variables to change the parent we know what the shoes off. One of the solutions on the tape you know -- that's been a time when -- that cool threw fuel on the fire. You contributed to the problem not. We know that the whole bunch of variables contribution that put him -- the most important thing is that this with solutions literacy is one of them. Jobs programs and engaging men will coming outlook taken that ruled giving them a chance to go it's. A different. A different path as part of this literacy. That's what creating economic engine it's all about this -- meeting the tools to feed fuel to that fire that economic. Growth and to make sure that. Though since since then would not -- Another prisons than by not bringing him back into the workforce. So bring tools that haven't expectations -- do you view helped you with these tools of literacy that help -- with the top programs I expected to take advantage of and we know that it's going to be beneficial if that beneficial for every -- so. This is just one of a multitude of variables that contribute to ultimately a society that. On hold these the best practices we know is valued those people who are successful know what -- success I know the -- to educate. Access to. -- a jobs program. And awareness of what's available to meet with success would mean now what we have to do is those people who may not have the support that I. Didn't have the parents. We need to focus on the folks who don't know about opportunity show them the opportunity. Engaged them because we know we have. A mutual. Of the mutual. That we we have something at stake. That's gonna benefit both of us we want them to succeed because it would probably be success with them but also approved the society for all of us as a whole. But so if we don't if we don't invest. In the very issues in the very people that we -- -- problematic the problem just continues. So it's not like you give it's not it's not a giveaway it's. And it's it's not a throw away. That was saying we have expectations for a all society in those who gonna be part of the society. That you have to look at your contributions the dynamics that we'll have time to sit back and go what are the root causes of this will attack that at the same time. When computers you troubled. Are so cute good. Very easily just kept going which come back so forever grateful to have to look at this rate now. And Dutch yearbook with someone today. I was -- this time reading the good lord bird by James McBride. It is a wonderful book it was just when the national book award. It is on my nightstand and so when you meet somebody today share a book with them especially kids. Wendell thank you so I think that great. Come right -- own brother know what we call over to the governor of the the celebrity getting them what -- the three.