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1-22-14 11:35am Garland: at the library with Irvin Mayfield

Jan 22, 2014|

Garland takes the Think Tank on the road to the Orleans Public Library and talks with musician Irvin Mayfield.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well listen very quickly you have -- very intently because you'll never hear this again. New Orleans city library. Will a lot of analysts. Where a lot of people with music and speeches. And everything else. Reason we're here broadcasting -- of -- the Guinness book of records where. Children about war and -- -- -- six. Ripped -- -- -- that sent the games records and it at all. Of a campaign to make New Orleans. The moves that -- city in America. Via our pride in -- 300 -- that in 2008 team. In the middle and their mostly certainly you'll lose you're aware of this urban. It great to be back. When the I was talking to Olivia. And him and are often. It was those trees -- urban development says. He can night's -- Possibly lead you -- something or on your plate. Well which equity credit for it being truly. Idea. Us movements who has been the most letters the American on a slowing -- fruit I can't really take too much credit for that. I think what I really. And the benefit of doing was just beginning got it doesn't get -- Unionists and so when you don't get paid if that's your job it's got to ease religious. You know keep it keep it on the. The things that are important and but I think you're used to. It does it does have a benefit to -- a volunteer you know because. You know you can really move forward and -- think that the revoke which originated and I thought we -- suitable. Skeptic myself that we can have this experience of feeling every day we can accomplish many things and I wanted to figure out awaited. Keep that Super -- feeling of accomplishment. How to begin that long term and I thought man that we can think of ourselves as being in the smartest city. In America if we is New Orleans won only. And do that and -- was gonna happen to I know Seattle's going to you know open up the paper and look at the associated press and gonna say. LD little and watched in DC he's got to do you know what's gonna happen. That's gonna get back -- and -- -- up and say okay we'll show you next year will move from playing five to another number that's lower we'll figure that out we'll keep movement. And then when we get hosting a -- as people know that we really serious. That's what makes this -- so great in the reality is. We have been leading in intelligence. The 300 years. Louis Armstrong -- Right but it's Tennessee Williams need to come against target come here right general -- we created the only indigenous art form. In America how many great visual artists like myself we have in this town right where did George -- need to come to. And what's been really amazing about this process. Has been we recognize that be the most literate city in America. That we had to beat him with that are region. Ten Paris elaborate scheme to get me something that you would never see in government folks gonna get -- just neat to meet an LC you know what we agree Jefferson. Chance of a hold of who Jim we agree. And loans need to needs to receive this credit in this is great all of us could imagine that meeting -- -- a 100% attendance. Others close as Lullabot elaborates it's you know it's the kind of a place that people understand that direct investment right back into the. -- -- -- come -- -- were brought. -- extraordinary. Bit can call with like curtains. Launderers. All helping Orleans every. Vehicle that effort. Or New Orleans become the most literate. America. Right. We. Really different true than today today we're at the into public library in right now. It's quietly -- usually book report that was music and laugh and talk and screaming and celebrating. What we're doing is there there in all -- a -- receipt campaign. Front literally -- New Orleans the most -- Serbia America year. 2018. Years in him or outward 300 birds -- What -- the the people behind this Urban League feel -- -- them. Welcome again to show -- -- is Wendell Pierce who sent him to leave a lot of people that solution which. -- -- -- -- -- There heard people to initiate movement towards that roots and New York afterwards accomplishment. Sometimes it is great -- story. Our -- soon most of sentences and words come from what you get word more. I'm from the all new on race. And where but I grew up uptown and downtown so. My mother's from the seventh ward and a father's from that -- -- though a time downtown institution -- ever meet but -- -- -- Comparison at a college. At the university in New Orleans father worked at the post office among them is a school teacher. And we lived downtown for a bit and moved -- to a -- that was from a bit with the holy ghost. Animators who Catholics who. And then I left holy -- and went to. William. Elementary that I went to France's Gregory -- for a endeavor through and wrote considered the post office feature music. But interestingly enough my mother always wanted to be musicians Jones says she was a frustrated losing -- but my dad went to -- high school. And he's an example of what makes this -- great because he was just the guy -- averaged to a lenient but he with -- has with his great band director of -- victim. And at that school echoing -- than Apple's. It was also made out chatters who Vladimir music instructor regular university for many years. Who has multi Harris who was my band directors who was my -- at section leader. -- -- all the other folks who wanted to play offense dominoes fan and always -- -- his high school expanses like most folks -- has good experience here. You know I used to with these guys who become legends you know daily basis so he looked pretty -- play trumpet and and he -- look at -- tunes from playing -- he gets a cousin who played fats -- and so. There's just something of -- series he went to army you -- such an army. Fourteen years -- -- taps will be played at Q school he was also boxer. On the player's box and it's about time and it's on the -- works out well like Miles Davis was about to -- And when I asked that get the thing with three buttons on -- 1009. He say delegates is gonna -- -- didn't -- we wanted music store I had never knew he played ever hitting point. And I try to get us out of the trumpet and I couldn't -- -- on a planet I was just in and shopped. So it became the first trumpet teacher and then and never knowing he'd you don't -- it -- about it. And first from a set at the piano he's not a plans as down militant group there you're on a panel and a I. -- -- You know learning from him pound piano. But really a lot of the magic came from his foundation he created but he always got me with folks who can really teach -- on elegy is -- man. Most seniors -- his plan. The -- and -- a bunch of guys old guys who taught me everything in new -- that the launch edition athlete organ in church to church on West Bank. Baptist Church but I'm with can't steal from them also then I got induction into the you know ha that the Catholic traditions of New Orleans. And then what I got to do on a center for creative arts was when I fell in love with. And I said I would do this for ever and I started developing my real first and then tourists got in -- We'll tell you again. There's New Orleans a lot of musician -- in -- you're in the enemy. But what I heard a lot lows. He can't do it if you. If you don't do school is certainly for instance that turned out full scholarship at Juilliard to attend the university in elements two at the suggestion of Ellis Marsalis. So. I went to universe in -- loss of study underneath him. And turn on a scholarship and folks like completely -- that illustrate about what to do that I'm also the first guy really to never leave here. -- really spent a lot of time and another place Annika was saying. I've really made it -- here in had to national profile which I was really lucky to have but. But the reality is also part of a city where there's so many great musicians I mean. Which has Blanchett has done. But Nicholas -- Has done what went Marcellus is. And of course the foundation -- -- like Louis Armstrong making out of the foundation that the elite. They've made -- so you know the guy like me. To come out and just do what he loves to -- wanted to base. We -- we only a couple of minutes of the young people listening Tuesday that or a liberal or struggling. With -- literacy. You say to them when you say you know we've never had change you know we we can't do that just look ready. I would say bad. Even for those who are literate. And as you know Garland at the end of the day the reality of life is that the most powerful thing it is an idea. And if you wanna see groping a life you need ideas. And the only way you can accomplish -- -- -- your ideas is through being literate -- that's just the reality of what may Louis Armstrong. Such an amazing brilliant. Genius. Blows his mastery of ideas. And is very clear when you read his books Louis Armstrong with the first -- to write a book. Very absolutely is very clear to see that this is a man with deep profound ideas that's why the arts. The arts is so important to us to move towards -- -- society because in campaigning in a book. In a recording over the best ideas and you could have conversations with. Geniuses somewhere here in some who've gone before. And that's what that's what becoming literate is all about if if if you already literate is on the ticket to the next level because you have growth in your life. If he can't do the basics it is very difficult I know as we hear a lot of worth a lot of folks. Through this campaign had just. You know they've been -- -- that it make it analyzed it OK so far it's very difficult what we're gonna say that -- over this is very easy. For us to work with these folks to work which you that you'd get the tools you need to continue. To be successful and have more options if you're. If you are sitting in -- struggling you can manage the -- you have the basic to. To be able to assess what's on paper you can't look at these words you don't have an ease with them. He has an opportunity for you to make it easy opportunity for you to -- -- more for yourself. -- And we should all have your success thank you so much for giving us hope and I'd like dual follow up on that any time off your so let's take a look at into your own school. Absolutely we got a long. We have a long runway here would get four years to make this happen and I am I'm passionate about it I'm gonna be a part of it they're a lot. Smarter -- of people working on this than me I'm just glad to put together at the door wide open thank you don't think -- And I just want to let people know that if you'd never see what got a -- it looks like the fact that you -- -- his staff -- tuxedos on top hats if it's amazing at all in the when when you grew up in the 1850. -- Come right back but Nokia.