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1-22-14 12:10pm Garland: at the library with Christine Guillory

Jan 22, 2014|

Garland takes the Think Tank on the road to the Orleans Public Library and talks with Christine Guillory.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No doubt about it or rather different. Think tank today were broadcasting live. From their New Orleans public however. Yesterday government show girls that we've had our usual meeting. There's several broadcast live -- the whatever. -- you can be quiet. And the total and complete music and speeches and waddle. And celebrating its condolences. Everything else as a -- and -- Well they're starting to improve. To make New York. The moves that are at Sydney and and there are. 2000 -- 2008. To Morgan averaged 300 year anniversary. And we've had everybody from window appears to meet you oh and number of others. Prominent doctors that are heavily involved in this week in Asia and the world. World -- -- record broken Tuesday. We had a it was well over 400 you rated to. So we may have created a world record. And one of -- it's. Been heavily involved in this -- and Kristen Gilbert. That's right you're the bites here. I'm the vice chair of the public library part but enough because charity campaign. Isn't and you understood what was it you were. Arlington. I -- Hezbollah and told again well you are on the air and your title -- the -- -- welcome. Well I'm. Started with conversations between -- and I about literacy -- how important is in the city. And group because quickly a lot of other people -- the apparent conversation there were volunteers that came out of the littler -- celebrities athletes. Political officials and just. All the innovators and idealists of the city kind of said we will not put an end to poverty and literacy. Aboard one of the people that the gun show I think. It was a director executive director of video library news. We've got 13. Of New Orleans populace is functionally. Feel that that's right. And you had everybody jumping on this trend and chemical the united didn't anybody say. Are are you kidding me in four years. We're gonna turn this around why do you think people are suing -- again. Well I think in some of Disney recently people who don't like libraries and Alec people like motherhood or apple pie and and people care about the libraries and they care about reading and its width on those things that's just sort of tiny leak it so no one's gonna turn their back on it and everybody wants to make happen. I think it's a very realistic goal because people are passionate we have a lot of energy in the city right now around. Being better communicators having a better understanding one another and literacy helps us to do that. And if -- than it they're there for basically. Program one of them is programming related to early childhood. Every -- of earlier guests. A lot of the kids who were here today. When they went to -- when he first arrived this group they had never -- the book. And no -- at home reading. How do you turn around and what's even -- And changing the program that -- Well the first step is that you each other in the right way to hold -- many of these kids have even seen and not until they get to class. So cold outside. That and some of that is sending them home of the but today everybody got a copy of the book and read during a reading lesson. It's about making reading and literacy in general important there's all kinds of -- -- food me. The food and music literacy has artistic literacy visual literacy. Com and those are all important parts of that undersea conversation teaching kids that literacy is more than just not the ability to write and to read it's a tool communication effort. In the end. When we look at are our education system all the -- Suggest. That in the a lot of people that they need to put a lot of people give pretty good statistics. Since Katrina educational system's gotten together and and or or teachers telling you or business people telling you. They're reading or the breeding better because all of or is this just flat standard flat footed and jumping on the -- got to get this done is it already on its way. I can do better than teachers telling the kids are telling me it's a student here in the audience is who were just so attentive and so involved in selling days and they were reading along and when the volunteers asked them. Well you know how are you such a good reader it would say. I have a good teacher. And that is a big. Difference when you hear kids talking about meeting at six and seven years all that's a big difference in. Sort of the energy around it so everybody's already on the chain including the kids and it's so important to hit the kids at that early stage where they're really eager and ready to learn. We also do the adult literacy peace but. That's bigger struggle right because you're balancing other things other. Commitments in life and so we have that. Designer programming around that issue but we have these young kids who are so easier to read that comes back to the houseful that. I'll get incorporated and so everybody's focused on the literacy in the communication understanding on another matter. Or lose look take comfort break here just or just. Rather extraordinary. Today in New Orleans public order and it's quiet Mercury but he wasn't quite a lot of celebration here. As they kicked off an effort to make New Orleans the most literate city and a miracle by the year 2000. But I don't think it's seventy -- -- -- Really different or we think we don't do community live broadcast. And disciplined even more different because we're doing it for our New Orleans public amber. Quiet Albert a couple of hours it was a carnival. Music. We're reading some books we've had hundreds and hundreds of young students. And the reason was two fold the more reason trying to set records and you know. It is book -- records for amount of children being read -- good ones and looks like we. Well over 400 cute and like we may end up with record but it was part of kicking off. Very important program. New Orleans and he. It is an attempt to become the most literate city in America. It's 300 birthday in 2000. By chairman -- that have been Kristi -- -- with me. Proceeding. -- there are issues involved. That would convince him to get all important primary of the focuses you'll. That's right but. We knew that's become the most literate city in America we also had to become the most -- it's region in America. And we didn't even have to do any convincing we came together -- as they were a 100% on board. They wanted to get involved they lines do events ominous fact for the next thirty days we're going to be doing an event. I'm Asian parents. Libraries. In each parish and there's ways to get involved to volunteer comment to participate because. They're ready and they wanna be similar to him. Born at the four Olympics and wrote about last night school success. Wounded when we have portable -- here. Person from the audience immigrants'. My wife's a teacher can you -- work. Where she can go to get to monitor them -- equipment that you buy out of pocket and when you talk about school's success. We almost always run into we could get it if we could -- How -- we ward school suits -- can do something differently others and collect the money for. Yeah I think you can get involved you can volunteer and I think it's about. Join the conversation. Being a volunteer at the library being a volunteer. That participates in events like these you start to get the conversation going in and get the ideas. -- about how you get in kind donations and resources there's a lot of corporate sponsorship out there that is an in kind. Donation where people can't necessarily -- -- dollars that they can give you a free resource and that helps you to provide resources for the kids. I'm today we had a lot of people who are paid professionals who came here and that I will give you my time to come play my trumpet or to come read -- -- And they did that for free but it helped slow literacy nevertheless it helps kids to focus on reading. When we medals at the yesterday and one. Extraordinarily. Dumb statement when it says. We're gonna broadcast live from the -- library book and try to raise funds raised -- war. And it's a while libraries still open. -- Believer in their rebel -- number of people out there with Al computers. In one of the things you wanted to do with your education children when -- poorly. Is that you rule. Competency for world that they're going to be moving -- and -- that executive directors the -- says. That got about 400 computers and -- So. I think what actually ends up happening as that we have. Help our librarians to have the -- resource says so that they can help educate the kids and adults who are here using computers. Many of us who have computers at home and ipads in laptops. Forget that there are a lot of people out there who don't have those things comments of their only resource is to go somewhere where they can use a computer for free or paid to t.'s computer. The library has computers also has the free Wi-Fi and we have some laptops here that you can take out while you're at the library. Do yes -- Yes would have for a he -- first few hours while you're here so at -- -- on the premises but. -- it gives you the opportunity to. Get that computer time in and the way that it's worked in the passes that people sign up and they want their hours up. As a backup plan began we have -- to wait outside a library before the doors even -- in the morning many of them were here apply for jobs. Because there's not jobs camp platform on paper and you have to plan line and -- don't have a computer I'm hearing quite as. So it's some of that is educating the librarians on. And how to use the computers and making sure that they can have the resources to educate others bodies computers and then some of that as just. And encouraging people again to join the conversations so that they can help us to get resources and help us to get computers in libraries. Well one of the other guests earlier guests at the one server. New Orleans and functionally in that. And -- things and try to -- improved adult literacy. But even tactic 13. Functionally illiterate and they use. I would assume these are not people in the classroom. And what do you do there. OK so I think the first part is that telling people that this is not an uncommon problem and you know 13 of the population ranked running around who cannot. Read and write their own name and that means that there's a lot of people out there who kind needs someone to encourage them to support them. -- with the YMCA partners with us to do things the LE age partners with us to do things. And also. We partner with. Terrorism and -- -- -- to run programs to help people get the skill set that they need. To get -- So. Some of it is about being a part of a community in being friends and having shared passion for what we're doing. -- and then some of it is. Partners who have -- and help lets you providers -- resources to accounts. What is this. Thirty. In thirty. So it that's the thirty events that we're doing in the next thirty days it's our kickoff of the campaign of course today we want to break a record as -- went to start by saying. If we're going to be the most literate city in America going to start by. Breaking a record to show it. And that's a great way to get started really wanted to do it for the next thirty days and parishes around the region to make sure that were communicating that. We are serious about literacy and it's a great way to get started an article for 2018. Exit get the momentum started and get people's ideas flowing and get people involved in the conversations so that they can. Also come up with ideas and events in ways that we can become more illiterate. -- And we've heard on the program years. More than -- follow their educational system is the parents aren't involved in Israeli part of this program with the thought -- -- and so I'll while. At the library does a really great job of -- aging parents Lotta the programs are designed for kids to bring their parents and parents to bring their kids so that's a great way to. It's you engaged parents in the conversation. -- again like I said earlier bring sending kids home with a block as a way to communicate to parents that reading is important as well some of them. To some of the children haven't seen a document childhood because their parents have pucks so. -- shifting the focus from outside and it's OK to. And I think. Having an adult literacy program having adult language classes having until yoga classes at the library having knitting classes giving parents something to do other kids are getting homework help. Is part of Cali for parents and the conversation. Good news story yesterday in nearly -- collect males. 40%. White or rest. I've reached 43. And the percentage. Little bit lower for a Hispanic but not much much of New Orleans fixes this problem. Combine that with those coming out of prison that I hadn't -- gentrification. Is users were you trying -- -- young kid jurors -- for adults. That these two keep. From Bruce supervising. Can prison. -- -- Sometimes people ask me as. Public board member whether -- -- Focus on. The police or the fire or the library when it is their choice and for me there isn't because I think the more you increase literacy the more. Likely it is that these kids who grow up and not and have residences and systems -- you're getting it on that and and then you're getting in on the other end too because when people come out of prison and they do need resources they need adult literacy programs. They need partnerships with. At companies who want to employ them and coming to library is a resource for. What would you say that the people. Were almost out of time here. The saying that the people -- you know nice try good ideas you're really good people we admire you're thankful. But making this the most liberal city in the country by 2000 thinking Justin. It. I say it is just not it's not possible -- And when you have the kind of leadership that we have had here today. Are you Irvin mayfield Wendell Pierce you've been mayor here you have state and and city representatives who cannot. Everybody knows that the focus is on literacy it's on libraries. And there's no way to -- that goal I think the the folks are shelling out because they want to you and history of poverty and literacy. So we will be mostly at city. Christine and Hillary we appreciate your talking to a particular. During the lecture. Written thank you so much for a right covered up bill -- seventy -- the area that we'll come right back.