WWL>Topics>>1-22-14 2:10pm Angela: with mayoral candidate Danatus King

1-22-14 2:10pm Angela: with mayoral candidate Danatus King

Jan 22, 2014|

Angela talks with New Orleans mayoral candidate Danatus King ahead of his bid for election in 10 days.

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Well this is our day to talk to the candidates the candidates for mayor. We just spent an hour with Mitch Landrieu in our next guest is -- this -- who was a civil rights lawyer. And president of the NAACP. And I thank you very much for joining us that the new thing I just learned I always thought the head of the N double ACP that was your full time job and then you -- the law. It is a full time job but it's a volunteer position. And fought it my own law practice -- private practice and a new -- adjustments schedule is needed to do the work of the NAACP. What made you decide to throw the hat. A gentlemen love -- concern for a city. I'm very very disappointed in the direction the -- is going. There has not been a recovery for. Animals. Hardest hit there is about studio from Hurricane Katrina. And one of the things that that we know. That our city cannot really progressive and in obtaining. Is -- accomplishment. On this the entire city. Prospers and when you have a party city. That's not really. Progressing the Padres down the rest of the city so. I knew that if we stayed with the leadership that we have in place. That focus -- -- go to -- parts of the city they needed the most attention. I knew that if we stay with you should that we have right now. The crime problem that we it would be no change in leadership of the you know treaties that -- did really be no change in our crime fighting so. That's -- -- -- -- rating and -- myself to continue Saturday and the citizens of new laws to continue serving. Because. At -- with thirty years considered citizens. As -- 99. Abusive citizens in the capacity of the president of problems -- NAACP. But let's start with crime could she brought -- surpassed. If not surpassed -- Someone I can get the job done someone not only get the job done. The someone that the the citizens. And the numbers of NO PD. Can have. Confidence in. You -- it's is is interesting. The selection. Of -- surface. I was voted for your listeners that may not recall. Before but the current men before Mitch Landrieu was sworn in. He assembled a task force to assist him in selecting it police chief. Applauded that work of the task force -- the -- whole public meetings. If I was appointed to be on a test for us. We the -- public meetings and at the public meeting the citizens one allowed to come up to the microphone. And express what it is they wanted most. In the next police chief. And overwhelmingly almost to a person everyone got up to microphone says it. They want is someone that had no ties. To the force someone they didn't have any connection with the force because citizens want a tide of the scandals that had been a connected with the force. And they were tired of all the other negatives and they won the French starlet. There. In a process. Against some of your your listeners may recall. I resign from the test would not resign from the task force. Because it wasn't would have been advertised to be there was not that transparency. In in the bottom line is that members of the task force. Warrant even allowed to see. -- -- -- Of the people that -- apply for the job we want even allowed to know the names of the people that -- apply for the job. And it that was completely contrary to what they've been presented to the public. And present it to the task force who when was selected to our resigned. Ended the process went on. In at the end of the day this was supposed to be a national series and ended the day the number one thing that department says that they didn't want. Is what we got and we got someone four police chief that it ties. To the force and AM really when you look at the ties idiot to the force do you have gone back to denying east. It was a lot of it would negative ties. Perry chief. Had been reprimanded when he was a member of the force. He had been disciplined for did scandals are relating to. Cell phones and in allegations of kickbacks. Deet tails probably deet tails. The very same scandals and problems that we have right now. He had been disciplined for that when he was on the force before. So. The team members to current members of the police department. They know. Who we is they know his history and India you've you've seen a letter. That was edited and unedited that produce. By 100. Also glasses of them hit a panel police association and while it's. Where he said that the problem on the force right now why they have the manpower problem. Is because the retention problem that do such a low morale on the force. That and -- determined he used is a blue hemorrhage of offices leaving a force so we need to have a change on the fourths. OK and that is clearly one of year near. Big important point let us move on however to. Some of the other issues -- you're saying that the city isn't going in the direction should be going mr. And yet and the UNL poll of last fall clearly the majority of people in this community feel that it is. That. The present mayor is doing okay. That. That we have gotten. You know more of the economy back. That things are falling into place. Not easily but they are it's happening but you're seeing that differently. I am I am if everything -- images. He knows it it it makes me think of the there was there was a story. A fairy tale. You know the emperor has -- locals. That everyone and was still emperor of Grady Little when he was actually decade -- took a little job. It is come -- -- -- -- -- -- So everybody knew it was seen things that they had been told to see. In -- fondly when he was brought to the attention everybody saw the upper hand. On the locals. And also the wizard of -- -- of the -- sit behind a tree and in this given this illusion of things that are going on but when you look at -- aspects. You -- is completely different story there's look at the hard facts of what the city of New Orleans if everything is going so great if everything is going wonderful. Why was there -- need. To increase our rates for the sewage and watchable why if everything is -- so -- I don't think it and not. Appointment trouble for years and it. Just 40% of our water going down -- 200 girls as well. To race and it -- and you say we have to raise it. But there is no restriction. On using other funds. To do the work that's needed with -- If we're doing so great. If we're doing so great why do we need to raise rates. On how sewage and water why if we Doris O'Grady if we have. All this money that's coming and we're doing a fantastic. -- we unanimously for the -- other than -- was just sitting there. It's never in oh OK okay to make cuts and certain things just so he could prioritize. Well this is in the -- again that -- lies in a statement that we're doing so great usage is now that you have the make cuts will. If we're doing so great why do we have to make cuts and not only make cuts but would I say it is now in with a reality is we didn't only make cuts but we raise rates. Now we we did something. In in the in the backdoor way we raise taxes that's what we did we raise taxes we and we agreed that the sewage system must be fit -- I agree I agree I you're saying we should have used money from -- No I'm saying that this city isn't doing so great as it's being. Bringing the propaganda. That is not doing so great that we're we're balancing the budget because -- cutting. We cutting services where raising taxes. Through backdoor way the next thing that's coming up Angela you've heard the discussion has been floated out there that would like to raise our. Energy. Entergy rates and this -- that will we have the raised the Entergy race week in and again in a roundabout way into the taxation. So that we can get out street -- six. Well I'm scratching my head because I'm remembering that what may be here also go. We have money that was supposedly set aside to fix the street lights now we're being told that well the street guys that terrible. People are dying because street lights -- out they -- that two people that got killed on all Claiborne avenue because the lights were out gave people a dime because the lights up what what happened to the money. That we head that was supposedly already there in hand to fix those replaced. All we had to use up with something else but so would doing so great. We're gonna take a break please stay with us as we continue our talks with candidate -- this -- Our guest this hour is do not this king who is running for mayor civil rights lawyer and president of the NAACP. The tough little bit about crime let's talk about economic development. In the last couple of years we really have had. Short of a retail boom -- we've got the river rock going and all these -- the places that have opened that's bringing in jobs what do you city. If you were elected mayor to bring in more jobs. Would you do it here. They have gone back to where that would have spoke about the analogy earlier about -- -- was a -- And never has on locals. A number of the projects that we see now the trains there. Our projects that war. On the drawing board before the current administration took place in displaying the simplest affect them when we look at the hospital in east. Hate the problem with the hospital and east is great. That is under way now but the big problem about is that issue of the big completed. Years ago. Before the current administration took office there was money appropriated for it. And more in the things that we know is that the project was held up and was held up until the current mayor could get his people in place. And then it was allowed to proceed but that hospital should have been opened years ago. People's lives could begin saved. And when we talk about an event under the Nagin administration you're right right on the big money was appropriated already. On the Nagin administration. Something that. I am. A private citizen. My undergrad was in business three law. And one of the things I learned. Busy busy business major how was that a big businesses the way the operate is they look at not only the current. Social climb into the city but -- look at the economic climate of city and you look at the political climate city to determine. Where they're going to make their investment in if you look at the investments that are being made in new laws and one of the biggest things that you hear the administration speak about oh we have a Wal-Mart. Opening up we have only problem we have to Wal-Mart is opening up we have a Costco opening up. Well you know -- but I have nothing against Wal-Mart I shop at Wal-Mart. But look at. The income. Bracket that Wal-Mart is targeted to. That's still where are the a Macy's. Where are the dealers where are the heart and retail. Out there and argue that Tiffany's. And -- to be here in month and they are going to be located where. And you said that that's gonna happen in in I -- you that you -- -- but I'm glad you bring those things up for the past three and a half years. For the past four years where the -- Whereas any kind of retail development on that scale in the Ninth Ward new law disease Algiers where is it. Is not there in what's best what that is saying to me they would say to anyone that's that's the -- is that. The national chains the national developers has -- looked at. Economic and political climate of this city is said that this city cannot sustain having that type of development out. Spread across the city that's been saying so this is not what would you do it. You do. To change that. No one make sure there's a focus. On going in recruiting. Those developers make it short of the story gets out that look. We can sustain. Upscale shopping in New Orleans east new waters -- debt for capita income is certain there are new aussies is equal to if not exceeding -- of public view. Around the holiday season when you go out too well. -- to make side but -- would. What do you CC nothing but new -- residents spend their money in those stores in those malls is is unconscionable that we don't have Amal. In -- -- Aziz is unconscionable that we don't have a mall in Algiers. Now we have one regret that but not in. Algiers but even prior to the storm the big mall it was. Just. Started dying on the mind. And and right now you say even before this on. We're talking about what's happening on this current administration and whether the current administration has the vision and has the will to get things done how would you get. I just I just spoke about that no one would pick up the phone call these. Various companies and content. It's not only pick up the fall the mic is Sheila that we have workforce here. That is able to work in those establishments. Making sure that image that we project is not only. The river walk. The French squad there making sure that image we project. He has a broad broad broad based community stretching from new -- east stretching from Algiers a word for us -- there. Ready willing and able. And consumers that are there ready willing able and did not limiting it to that is only sections of the city that you can locate your -- and businesses. What other industries other than retail do you city. That you would like to see come to this community the whole community whether it's New Orleans east -- wherever. New -- Is that is a natural for business book. It's natural. We have the infrastructure that's in place when you look at the the 510. That -- is there in a all the -- electrical. It's infrastructure you're you're drainage all that we have one out in the east. A small business are you that you use Greg within the word and in the small business thought right even smaller this book Alter it. And why is that. I I submit that is faltering because of a lack of leadership we have the land as Dick let me let me tell you for the -- weeks when we speak about outspoken about it as far as division and play. -- is doing so. That we cannot do. And that's tax credits we can offer tax credits to retailers. Offer tax credits to other business persons that. Locate in this very area that employ. Residents from a certain area make it. Attractive for them to locate. In a particular area and a -- to them to have residents from a particular area. That's something that we can do in -- is not a -- -- original with me is that the net is doing right now in and closed some of us that don't. Realize that tax credits can be offered. By a local -- dispelled as a sick and is doing it. A new law that does -- taxes. Today we we do charge taxes. NASA did that we can get bills different retailers the business -- a tax break for locating. In a certain area and look at the spin off. -- -- If we give those -- that pointed out to me. When you when you go across to him. A lot of people when you think about going across -- opium and jobs and -- one know. We have an extremely large part of New Orleans that is across the river Algiers extremely -- If you if you look at it. Well we think about. It is there there is Hu 20 in. Across from him. Their -- says -- But. That's. Regret it is not all -- why don't we have large hotels. In out in Algiers why don't -- name me why don't we have upscale hotels in new waters east that's a natural. That's a natural to have upscale hotels in -- waters east yeah did that not to not to knock. -- hotels and motels and out there and he's now -- but why don't we have some upscale hotels out there and did you study showing that it. Did it could be supported he would no I haven't done studies but what I'm saying is that studies have been done showing the median income. In that area what's not only in that there it was supported but. When we talk about hotels is not the residents. They utilize hotels right now is visitors right so when your marketing hotels whenever we have B Mets and we year. The hotels in Biloxi a full. Because of things that are going on in new laws what does that tell you that tells you that it's a neat we don't need another study it. We already have that the internal information that is needed right now. Stay with us we're gonna continue our discussion with did not -- -- but now let's go to the newsroom and Chris Miller. Candidate for mayor denied this king our guest this hour. Look let's talk about. This parish doesn't have enough money -- in May never have enough money but it really doesn't have enough money now. In and the one of the reasons is because we have these multiple consent decrees that really kind of knocked us to our knees so we have to pay those. What areas do you think we could generate more money. We talk about generating more money to about expand these men and apply. And we've been talking just. For the past 1015 minutes we've done about economic ago. There is a lot of money that's on the table that we haven't really touched him speak about my -- -- with -- development spoke about. Increasing retail. In industry in new -- ZK that. That will bring in more money now as something that we have a really -- that. We have reason that it is in discussions. Is do we really need to bring in more money. On do we need to capture more of the money that's already flown through this is -- that's a question. We've been billions. Of dollars as flow through the city. -- Katrina. Where is that money. -- my losses sits on canal street. Across the street from the new construction for the medical complex. I realize that that's a state project but it's indicative of the other. Projects going on in the city while we as -- that we see all different types of the state license plates we see people that coming in. From east and the west taking the money this -- through this city and taking it. Out of this city if we only hit that the first of all the vision. In the will to capture that money keep that money here in this city we wouldn't be having this conversation about increasing revenue for -- city. And the -- is plain and simple and one of the things that. I talked about. How can we how can we do that if all this money is flowing through here. We have something that. -- contract. We talk about contract. On the books right now. The city's ordinances there's an ordinance that also a certain percentage of DBE. Contractors. And local contractors and I repeat local contractors. If we enforce that audience. Then -- -- billions of dollars in the -- through here local contract get a certain percentage of -- That would increase the guy that with. Make applies the laws we would have had this -- this discussion about what we do your. Thinking down the all of this building that's going on all of these repairs have been going on. Are not going local. Yes yes I'm not only thinking that but if you look at the companies that had these projects that -- these contracts that will bear that out. What we look at. Local contractors. One of the problems that we've we've run into with local contractors. Some of the projects. City projects. Not only construction projects. But the contracts with supplies. That put out to did we see that there's an unnecessary. In a term that I'm going to use is bumbling. People that love me with the -- tracking. -- with a mean but let me explain -- bundling means that if you have the ability. To be built. And you have certain components -- that you might the -- kuwaitis to be done plumbing we're pleased to be done. Eating vacuum that needs to be done. You bumble it. And you say that -- I'm gonna put all of that. All that together that we yep they have some -- can be doing all of them where. If there's an instance where you don't happen here at the same contractors. Doing all of that work. Then that means that the bid will be smaller. It is project for any particular project would be smaller and that means that they even local smaller companies can bid on that in one of the obstacles to some of our local contractors bidding on projects is because they don't have the financial capacity. To carry a payroll. Four that two or three months that it takes before they receive their money from the city. They don't have the bonding capacity to be able to get the bond that allowed them to bid. On the project. Is to say things when we talk about supplies. If the city needs. A million pencils over the course of of the year. Why put that. In a request for pupils that we need -- by the give us a million -- if you don't needles billion councils on that one time if all you need is 50000. This month we'll put that out they gave somebody can produce 50000 and that gives a local guy attracted the local supply an opportunity to bid on that. Okay. We'll talk about another suck -- right after this break we're gonna go into solutions to poverty in our community. Financial on WW. Candidate for mayor did not risking our special guest for this hour. Before we get into the poverty thing I just -- today that the forward New Orleans organization always gives out. To all candidates. If they will support a platform of issues and you among the three that would not pledged to any of them and I could just ask why. I don't recall. The four new loans pledge but you know you may. Understand and it may know that candidates receive. Pledges from all over the place. 11 thing about it is that some of them asking the -- things. Others -- you -- write paragraphs about certain things. As a candidate. There is one thing that that you have to do that he I have to do. I have to listen to the people. I have to pledged not to any particular organization. The pledge to the people. And when you look at my website is WWW dad DK for -- dot com. Visit that website and you seem pleased about pledge is contained in the business do what I'm -- to the citizens. And I'm asking people. Don't rely upon anything any candidate including myself tells you would during this election cycle Google. Google my name Google the names of the other candidates -- find out. What it is that we have done you can best dealt with a man is gonna do but what he has already done so Google. Google my name the names of the other candidate before you go. Sit down in the quiet place with a pencil and a piece of paper. Right down issues that are important to you have to do that right about your position on those issues. -- to do that then Google us NC which candidate's past performance. Most alive with your positions on those issues and that's. When it comes down to giving pledges -- play it's I pledged to continue working for the citizens of new laws. Okay let's talk about we -- -- wonderful community but we have a very high rate of poverty. And as if you were the leader of the city how would you try to fight that. There is an excellent report that was prepared by the -- to -- -- Over at the university law. -- that that report. Prepared about had a box and it noted that fit -- percent. Of working age African American men in this city. Well unemployed. 15%. Have college degrees now it also relates that unemployment rate -- The crime and other social ills that we're experiencing in this city. Now again when we talk about it and vision and having he will. There was something. Before my time now but I've read about it studied. That was -- -- WPA. And for bills. You know this does that mean that would that was that was it construction a project that was undertaken. By the United States government to help bring those out of the recession -- depression. And what it was it was creating jobs for citizens public works. Politics a public -- jobs in many of those properties that were built during the WBA while still serving us today. YK we have a local. WP. -- we talk about a blight problem we have so many blighted houses and properties in the city why can't -- number one. Fine fine. To create training programs. And I'm talking about not just a little small program but a massive program to train to train our local citizens trained him. In construction. And -- some of these blighted properties as writing properties and as they work on these blighted properties and bring them back into commerce. Now we've done a couple of things we've created jobs for someone we've trained them we've just a blighted properties and we put those properties back into commerce so this is again. Addressing you know your question. It takes vision and having a real. No I thought actually. My only hit our little recession little recession in 0809. The nationally they were supposed to come out something like that. Right it that. So that the concept is this up and has tried and true as has been done. They thought about doing it again all of the national level there's nothing stopping us of doing it. On local OK let's say your elected what's the first few things you do. The very first thing is how our new police chief and that's the very first day the second thing is to make sure that we. Have -- this where has been used in this used so much but have some transparency. As to where we actually bought. Financially. In his city and have that. Published -- have that published that if if we. Aren't in ingratiate. Then had to publish if we're not in great shape had a published -- and you know one of the things. I've spoken about. If if you have -- injured foot. If your foot is injured. You go to the doctor. The doctors cheat your foot. He doesn't treat your elbow he doesn't treat you shall he teach you for. In this city we have parts of Nazi. In -- back to the analogy with your foot if your foot -- -- And you do not address that injured foot. What happens eventually infection sets. In eventually that is fiction travels throughout your body. Eventually your body. -- we have the same thing. In our cities the reports about city that are hurt and injured we have to treat those thoughts about city that I injured if we don't. If we don't. Eventually they become effect infected eventually that infections is throughout the reciprocity. And eventually. Our city is injured and just specifically what areas you talked about New Orleans east and north Ninth Ward no aussies. The night -- and I don't know if you've been denied it was. But if you travel with the Whitewater is is a shame UC areas that here. -- -- that taller then houses do you see areas that the likes of rural plot. Of the state rule applaud of the country that's how bad it is in his just no one block of one property. It's it's blocks out the blocks out the blocks. -- new law that all of the little and I walked in what I was saying earlier about this infection sprayed through out the rest of that of the city. Right now you hear stories in in the incidents that we've never before in the city right now. Oh we hear about people that are driving across the minister of bridge in little babies getting -- and we've emerges in the city before he would do -- Nothing has brazen is that in the past three or four years how many babies here we're getting shot. -- broad daylight we hadn't heard about that before. The the problem is for -- -- sprained his defection. Magazine street. Lord god district. For some people they feel isolated we don't have -- where about that but we -- what a month ago was the name bill bulls of the restaurant. That during broad daylight. Held up robbed her body that infection is already start desperate. I cannot thank you enough to not asking for spending this hour with us. We could've talked for several hours. Man of great thoughts but I appreciate this time we should -- in the campaign. And double take another break we'll go to the new no virtually no the break we'll be right back. Well we've enjoyed having to -- is king on in our next hour. We're gonna be joined by Michael -- -- as we continue to talk to the candidates I hope you'll stay with us. Now let's go to the news.