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1-22 4:35pm Sports Talk: Seattle Seahawks Football

Jan 22, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talks to Seattle Seahawks Sideline Reporter Jen Mueller talk about Seahawks player Richard Sherman's controversial postgame interview.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- to the Super Bowl they go to Seattle Seahawks at the NFC taking on the their -- next Sunday evening here. On WW -- the home of Super Bowl 48 in New Jersey -- Mueller joins us now she's asylum report. For the Seattle Seahawks network -- Thank you so much all the time and I can imagine how many interviews you've had to do on the team but much -- now this Richard Sherman talk. And now about a week from now Guillen it's. Media day of the Super Bowl is any is it any signs or are anything pointed this -- died down some between now and then. Well I share probably will but Richard actually pocket the media in his normal availability today and he clarified his comments and I -- -- very articulate and well spoken. -- -- Think the story will continue and of course he's gonna get asked about it next week match. He did very well -- not changing -- -- he's not going to -- stop talking altogether it is Mary. Then on in spot -- pertinent I would imagine. You pretty good story like to watch and I cannot wait to see him in front of everybody all media day. Now -- to me what's intriguing. And in the NFL gonna -- you look at the best of the best in the rankings. In comment that is the Richard Sherman in that hole. Seahawks secondary got the number one pass offense in -- one past the -- And the reason I bring that up and then and then you -- the Seahawks what team you would say. Had success actually pass and football are even had one reason why -- say that because. A look at Peyton Manning in the post season -- that he knew when he hasn't won he's mentally -- -- a lot of yardage I I was waiting waiting his number one. In the playoffs -- 9300 yard gains and it just ain't going to be over -- -- the steal -- almost like a miracle now I'm not talked about what did it and I'm dumb -- again -- go. And the first -- when the game's on the line. Right the other -- Earlier this season actually -- open de Campo was no wind and it was shot to see that being pulling out. That he tried to come back on the 21 point deficit captain may end up winning in. It would look at that team there are a lot of except for the Bucs were able to hatch and why didn't so much incorporated. War why that would I'll mention that was poor form on tackling and Matt. Gotten see him more trouble. In their coverage or their person now. Nice and cheery see what he can you -- a lot of respect -- I know that you attack and it was either he can change things up. But I don't eat they eat more than one -- and defense this year. And we are not -- the second theory but it happened on that and so athletic and so mobile in and he's a portion of the pocket with a not comfortable Peyton. -- him more problems. Now -- looking -- also a close games I mean. You know even go to game is close -- like Seattle's always control the games that I watch like to what I mean. Old school kind of wanted to seven out type game in a graduating where nine games out and eighteen have been decided by seven points or fewer. And it's like the Seahawks are comfortable that and and if the would be a shootout type game you'd obviously that you have the benefit of the Broncos. I would agree I agree and that is partly due to the way he talked would prefer to move the ball on offense. It is not a strike and they play often like Peyton Manning would be if he ought to get around our summit are gonna go to the ground game yeah. Yet they get around a -- -- -- -- a run of weather the weather is good or not. Think that. Is going to -- On the side though that you and he and there's in and force a lot of turnovers and can get Manny you lack. -- really the work I. Played in the -- he's cut and the apple where the seat. You don't like ten out 1000 again and all of that I think that was critical when you look at. And you bring up forcing turnovers. What it was that -- can turn over the in the last three wins at home now can they bring it to new yard. Because. To me that at Dallas one Achilles heel. You look at the latter part the Saints could take it away and now it now all of a sudden. You know you give him again and in to start at second water. Well when that I believe thirteen and zero that's almost seems like the Seahawks were about four touchdowns the way to play. You know you're right that was in different annually in nineteen Kirsch are and I argued that it doesn't matter where they quite. -- trying to get the turnover stripping the ball part of the Seahawks V chip you were able to watch them practice that is what they do. They are going to try to force that they're going to be physical they're gonna try to knock the ball much. And he got through corners as you've seen a weed out really well. And you can -- it from about ball you know eight in the action this year Richard Sherman with those in the regular season now. I think that follows them work arbor it. Genuine north south lateral portal for the Seattle -- -- Jan thank you so much enjoy the Super Bowl makes we. Absolutely Angela -- I increased.