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1-22 5:20pm Sports Talk: Senior Bowl

Jan 22, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Saints Sideline Reporter Kristian Garic about the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- bone forward all of alcohol on the West Bank as a proud. Sponsor of -- Senior Bowl reports from Mobile, Alabama Saints on that -- Kristian garic. Joins us now we inch closer to the Senior Bowl that takes place Saturday in mobile Christian -- Yes certainly be achieved Jordan map he's continued to be dominant name that keeps coming up along with. To grapple eastern Illinois quarterback. You know -- a lot alike. Eight you know it had he not gotten an opportunity in the East West Shrine Game. My he even found his way out here -- out here. You know to the Senior Bowl and in of course AJ McCarron. Turned down the opportunity to open the door for Jimmy grapple -- A lot of folks aren't quite a bit about them but Jordan that he's been captain talked the one receiver out of critical. They don't double coverage and he you know he can help a lot wake up and press and the guy eat -- you tell the want to. To be great so politely smiled but. I mean I think you get a lot and quite a bit you know here -- did in the late bill. Is is Robert Meachem and you know -- and -- today earlier today and feel like. On that he's going to be first round pick. Our our second round they only personally that -- they might be there. When the Saints select the round 27 and -- you know I don't know what the -- exactly it that deep record in like he looked in orbit. That do you play -- -- title on in terms of the Saints are showing some interest in. Christian. You know when you look at it this is a game the Senior Bowl -- of players they have used all of their. College eligibility it's you know I guess the best seniors against the best -- -- But to me I think some and I hear from the analyst they always printed -- you know one or -- a Senior Bowl. It it if I don't know the same is leading all -- assess -- yourself open maybe something's not there. Redding is not the best against the Bears because a lot of the best players that are projected to go higher. On the class and it's really a shame is not a format where we could see all of those guys compete. -- you like the underclassmen. -- at 98 album that are coming out this year trap it may. And you know he'd like to see him in the mix along with the seniors and you know ultimately. -- articles that -- today and he's the executive director of these Senior Bowl who also spent some time off the Cleveland -- Philadelphia Eagles and other -- been around the game pro. Coached well and they feel like you know some because of the collective bargaining agreement. These players these underclassmen inspect it and you know 98 of them there might be tortilla on nickel undrafted. He even after coming out of school early when -- but it stayed in school year. It and improve their draft stock or maybe gotten selected and hit ground. But it because they -- again started on free agency one year earlier. You know getting through that first rookie contract it. That clock ticking on that second contract and it it would be etched in the see those years in. But that means leaving Connie was at the Senior Bowl the other day that. Participants of the spectator and -- a lot of a lot of the you know talent that is in that underclass that junior class. You know that. People talk about with is the second year well she was lost a lot of underclassmen and on the Alabama also would have -- with five and Ellis Hewitt chicks so. I just think it because of today and now. They're trying to facilitating this because the way to new contracts -- are are set up with the slotting system. Opposed to the big money used to go it would be different view you know your first round pick. You know an opportunity to really catch it and then -- a key dates and it -- with the CB yeah. Yeah I cringe -- etc. who bring -- you talk about LSU players and even early you know what's your opinion on this and and and I thought it was seven and you -- -- if I'm wrong thing Jarvis Landry would go back in junior Jeremy dale Alfred blue. Eagle Ferguson Anthony Johnson entry turner. Still -- the reason why bring that up in -- LSU for the second straight season as the most players have any school to leave early. Seven this year and then you look last year eleven. Left of left early so. You could see why they had this thing is treats you know most players when you look like you said Alabama. USC they had five each. So well when you look at at programs that you know would have NFL type players on a -- in your opinion. It edict is for financial reasons why these players are leaving early -- aero wise -- should be -- that number. -- you know I think. It's hard so specifically about Allen issue but how big a hole. It's about trying to ticket their families. It's an opportunity go try to make that money early earlier in the -- they normally would. You know it's Mark Ellis shoot cartel. You know -- Kind of feel like it's a little concerning -- little alarming that any. In -- in two years. You know are just. Talk to anybody would -- certainly better than me. The the -- and yet -- -- program. But I think all all I think it just goes back -- every program -- You -- the Alabama -- she would that -- would whichever program talk about yet that many. Underclassmen that come out I think it just that in the back that it is deviate structure with you know four years you don't that rookie contract. And it's all about being paid as a veteran that way. The guys a player representative structured this TBA -- They no longer it's the guys that stepped in to leave that don't pass and -- fell into -- and also get all that money. As -- go towards veterans in these players coming in it happened to themselves no action. On your second contract so I think it has -- trying to. -- the clock indeed that process underway. And they go on to it to try to work out that second contract if that's. I -- -- I want to -- questions for getting a Senior Bowl update from Saints -- reporter. Kristian -- him he hear him -- about a bit weekday morning 6 AM to 9 AM. Double curve to morning drive on thirteen 50 AM three. WL it's a Senior Bowl report -- by dumbo for -- on the palpable vote on the west bank and operate jaguar opinion poll Duke cocky pro players turn you on. All off. As a fan vote on line. At WWL. Dot com more from Christian possibly tomorrow and -- and we'll lead off all calls to be a real news times 530. I've the first news new go to Dave call and welcome back visiting with saint sample or Chris again -- covering the Senior Bowl for us. I'll -- in mobile before you met Chris and it's a going to be an on line to -- thank you for calling WW -- Yeah begin Bobby Allison yell -- truck stop caller. But but I think that might have a different perspective. On on the -- chairman interview -- I think that NFL. Promotes. Want to. I think that -- if you go to that if you go to the NFL outside the program that to ditch. Every day dancing with the bowl and anyway you cut it back home. It day in and day out there and then they take it the greatest team sport. And that -- individuals that fantasy football more or less the same thing. -- not the team concept dealing with individuals exactly. And that's what they don't want -- promoted. -- they fell bowels and I've been it was created is and the -- a billion dollar industry and in the NFL jump Colonna that -- Sr was here to stay. Yep like but they had on not to look at college college -- do what what they NFL does promote. College college is more controlled. By dictators and they make you think he's different game what they do those key to college is fall fall or greater than what they do improved quite -- -- You there but at the way it looks. Well look like he looks can be deceiving it's one thing to note to give up front will profile -- -- Collins is who'd win. Well did you produce in the commercial -- you could maybe describe the commercially in the song that we can get is Allison back Q yeah that would get her to pick and a the pull it out you know the woman everywhere and college cabernet. Kevin Garnett they -- in here on the right hand man on the men on the man yeah as a as a -- what the team concept is on the man and I and the fans on the NFL's it'd take advantage of every opportunity. The year before of the concussion. They do and I got exposed they -- say -- -- -- you know he has been -- all he got jacked up. Right you don't glorify those hits and if he Iranians. It's a numbers game -- it's a numbers game in if that is not me anyway you save a formal comment anti itself to some that it's quote unquote. Looks bad on not Clancy -- But do you think in one incident that gonna count. That person they'll consider is to withdraw to their numbers -- fail to audio absolutely they would never say oh we promote net but. Look how much more attention. People have given the football this week who don't know anything about -- don't know anything about football although -- Germany -- a Twitter are neighbors but they do this week. Because of that would happen now albeit by sun it was a bad account -- some of those controversial others -- no problem it but they steal. Accomplished the number one goal that was -- and it's. And is day and -- attention and you know it was the same beaten no publicity is bad publicity trying to find an exposure. -- -- -- at least thought about that -- about their brains right yeah and bring him AA everybody's really good this ago. -- what -- a -- my brain you know everybody is narcissistic like man. And in between this site about is that I mean you know it makes Kim Kardashian male or female you know -- -- -- opponents they would loose on the Senior Bowl in mobile about. Kristen when you look are you need the Senior Bowl is that like you said all the coaches general managers scouts that are there for instance. The Jacksonville Jaguars a coach because -- -- I believe he's coach in. The south team and you got. Atlanta Falcons Mike Smith coach in the dark team in and I thought. If you look at like go loss -- the barrel of their representing L issue. Then that I -- a lost in. They're truly the statement that he made I heard an interview with time he said look he said about taking advantage -- opportunity at the Senior Bowl. You get to work closely with the NFL coaches. And they get to know you on a personal level because it's every day I practice not just from watching film. -- what other people. Might say about you and -- we've all seen this. That coaches have fallen mother oh what are practical a player and a common. You know draft time they feel like -- know that individuals so I think it would lost in saying that. The Dallas so true having an opportunity claim as -- it is -- -- so and yet. In his Senior Bowl. -- Eric -- last year I mean I -- the Senior Bowl and make them and eight. You know we talked record all the the other day in in in and a number of players said. You know. The interaction that date and it's very intimate in mobile in terms of it's it's also pretty informal mean everybody comes at these players in different directions and doctor scouts right after every practice. And an all over the hotel lobby. I mean they're stop not nonstop. And I ask questions that somebody like that and some that. And then at the global. Interviews with the clubs every night about two hours changed. Can schedule interviews. With players. And bring him in you know -- one on one and you'd have. He needs a little more upright at that point it. You know think about the coaching stats that you'd -- coached these these kids they're giving guys able in hell on on these players that think that maybe they'll do it otherwise it's. Because you get up to you know work them encroachment for a week you you're getting really a testament C. I just how much there there there football acumen and his net won a thing. The -- -- practices. How quickly do the adjusts. Outlets that he knows that mental assignment -- other mental mistakes and outspoken. Rick Wright -- the other -- the director of college scouting for the saint didn't -- that one. Key element that he looks for in his. -- there they know what you can make can they trust the player to beat a certain spot at a certain time and they paid very much attention of that. Now are Chris that you look at the players come and out of LSU and religion and whose -- they lost in a barrel they're not expected to go in the first round. But but I was reading only maybe one player has that ability that's according to -- private junior while ago back in junior. Potential first round draft pick we -- look NFL draft cut dot com. Scott scalp ink. That they have almost the -- like those seven LSU players and particularly lost him barrel gold being like. Third round predictions. And not necessarily. What these guys coming out early. That they are first or second rounds now yields Daniel -- senior bull you stock can rise. But it's things -- now on the pass to win. When players are coming out early it was like him. The short they thought they were Goran for the second -- Whereas not the case now where -- really would go back and junior is all one potential first round right now. And everyone else like -- Iran or even there are some dominantly Cink is a high number. Wanted to -- -- it will be a free agent. Yeah and I think it goes back into position -- owners because there that then the collective bargaining agreement then you know normally. A junior Heyward did not first round grade. They'd based it's based in school trying to upgrade that position. For the next year but because the money that different really in the back capital -- one. So to round two Venturi. You know what I come out you know I mean what. They're -- -- school but football you know we can like to pretend it's the -- -- an education -- not. Regular they'll look that bad they're going a little. Because there's there like football on an injury engines and at the ability to -- played the next level so -- goes back in the conversation. We were having earlier about the underclassmen. Across the country of 98. Going to be in itself are apply Padilla -- for a. Christie Garrett Saints and the reporter Christian thank you so much of the time in -- will be listening in the morning on a double. All right strategic anti Bob weekday mornings double coverage on three -- real thirteen fifty EM mark Allen colorfully assault -- this is sports talk on WW.