WWL>Topics>>1-22 6:10pm Sports Talk: Richard Sherman post game interview controversy

1-22 6:10pm Sports Talk: Richard Sherman post game interview controversy

Jan 22, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the controversial post game outburst from Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number three -- sports dog he's a Kasey Kahne and Bobby -- and the ability OW about this past week in NFC championship game what's the Seattle Seahawks beat. The San Cisco 49ers. To win the -- over in advance to Super Bowl 48 against the Denver Bronco. Operated jaguar opinion poll Duke hockey professional athletes players turn you on all off as a -- Cast -- vote on line Debbie did you have dot com following the sea dogs victory. Over the San Francisco forehands widely considered the best defensive back in the game today. Richard Sherman. Was interviewed. -- interviewed by fox sideline reporter Erin Andrews here is what took place. Why not playing today we threw away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- now the network. Ramirez means of people lose. And never jumped the gun there. -- did that did lose control of thought it was gonna cars and yet they've -- -- thought it was on cars but what they probably missed. Was more of an opportunity to give -- more attention. And -- -- some behind closed doors I always -- sorry I've made a save rule now. As a not be with sound off about that so for. Richard Sherman was later interviewed. On NBC sports is about two minutes is an interview. Listen you know a lot has been made about you know. Microphones being -- the faces of other athletes it is kind of a reality television based society today. Explain to our losers if you will Richard real quick what was it in the heat of the moment and I know you've since apologize for taking which you should America but -- away more than anything else from off from your teammates produced just -- -- war. Our listeners out there where you -- explain your actions after the game. Well there will be television moment there have been tense moment just notably play them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You are just -- order Serbs for do you all. Look frustrated by by the attention or not be a -- my teammates you're more dominant ever had an incredible game -- -- under -- had the best game of life. Our moral comic had a great game you know James Carpenter are broad Bobby Wagner are tricky track who don't always had over a hundred yards -- -- think. You know I just I just don't feel like it's unfortunate that although finger being overshadow. Bye -- you know what's what's going on so that got swapped our dog could have been much you -- Herbert. Well you know like us there early I don't think it was revealed apologize if there was anything theory you could just have a even -- to do. The choking symbol not a -- commitment. The problem in the world today have you run your mouth you got to back it up there and -- he ran his mouth. There's no clearly you shut him down and then obviously made the big play of the of the game put. You're just so everybody just kind of what led to that because I wasn't which you live they're Larry's deal out here in Arizona. If people don't really understand. The history -- at all. Well -- narrative is just there's just a lot of a lot of confrontation arm more prepared you are out -- return to tell William Pitt. And a couple of regard -- where have you been you know yourself to go and -- -- -- and you know guy can't primary uncertain current terms or -- you Terry Burton out. And you know I told them out so we can't or don't do at our club brought do. Artists -- course amassed by obviously abused you bolster air hairdos the death is how much you can -- I've ever heard a rookie pool play. Like your -- don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do different colors ever do you have been off yeah. -- it's cheap to opt out Darvish due to open up so called dark -- -- Sergio or didn't look -- Bench he appreciated the raw emotion and it got up third or -- but that's. Started every year the -- -- -- -- it was done in the name yet out -- it's like right now but you know I mean it. Like I said in the in the structure of the NF -- in sports. There's the coach handshake. Ankle tonight and have you come and all the field. Now. Now after negative -- on the Bobby Duke UK it's on my -- but as far as coming off the field. On their network agreements is contract tool and you get a player in generally what happens. News a lot of times. On the net were reportedly made the news and the beat him Solomon and -- they were and he sat line. They won't go to the person -- on to him and he relations but it team. This is who we may walk in -- -- has done some some way to victory I know what I'm telling you is they want to retirement at. Exactly. -- don't meet an -- you told me hey you know. What I'm trying to say at times. You have time to request to play. And in other times it's like to vote Tony. -- -- -- When -- assassin guy everybody Miami's Garrett go days the world in two things related finance and not because Joseph Montana did to -- now by a detail oriented in that though would. So they requested -- charm. -- into action that's that's immediate impact like Bobby talked about earlier a lot of emotion. No I have no time to celebrate its its famous network getting year. There is what is called a cooling off period. There's reason why reporters who were porous I'm not allowed in the locker room for a certain amount of time. -- at that time period is the coach addresses his team while the media weights. The coach it addresses the media. He's actually had to to cool off in -- his team in the way you want to talk to. The whole while. No actually worked with players also does coach Moore when he called you yet in the -- and they open -- the locker room at one damn Bobby. -- had a chance to eighteen point thirty minutes to at least status of things think about it. We all -- a big mean you may have at work at some you had to deal with. You all get your amp up your emotions I'm not giving these -- I'm just paying your pitcher. Where the other players -- locker rooms. Technical and all the Richard Sherman -- they got him at the point as soon as the game went on network TV. And naturally his emotions. On being more sky high and the whole concept -- -- that I didn't have a problem with it. What with what he he would vote he caught -- Michael Crabtree but he shut and Crabtree is definitely not in a game Sherman in two years. That thing -- -- might. It took I think -- and yes and Crabtree. There's a track record there. Even when he came in to really got to Texas today he was that a humble receiver about -- and a lot of receivers that talks smack right but then all of -- -- I think -- -- chairman caught him in the emotions. Was that he remembered you know a lot of times as you like elephant. Okay it will be like he's having a COQ -- we get in the field. Now listen you know you victorious via being just like birds and and that's why I was right then that is Crabtree talking about entertaining was the. The hole in the whole -- I was a lot of them. This was to meet a lot of deep idiot some people take it take to approach it like whatever was said earlier in the week it really wasn't much. -- this -- gotten once the game is over. But among the players. The players don't forget to go about it and you had to bail you got a title belt to meet when you win. Did you could talk noise this comments like whole act like you've been there and I'll let our march may have answered by at all north. After they won and somebody at all and ought to have them my -- where innocent and -- beat and don't do nothing in the and you lose. Well at the united -- in view him today he's talking about the challenges going against the lights probably emeritus Tom. The top receiver. In a big receiver for the Broncos you know against. New England -- seven -- at 34 yards and he talked about the respect. And the challenge that he's gonna have trying to covered with individual he let them back and now that's something I think it was because obviously in the division. Trash talking between Crabtree in December this goes way back. I guess that two lead there's a highlight. Things and probably say this game it might have earned it. It's in the Saints laws that we called the color guys down past chairman is right there circled on the ground. Germany and in his hand. And picked up Marcus Colston and kind of patted him on the bus ride so was in the -- it was anything but I think holly came out the raw emotion about. Seattle might as albeit a different country. You opened the gnawed away at some people that might have been their first impression averaged Sherman especially from New York art in northeast -- this guy. He ran in Raiders elegant black men and that's it -- and -- the way you'd just an it was probably the least it was it loses a lot worse than that but because you know you watch well full volume might not know all these players of the ball a lot of exposure alleged eleven and probably west. You don't get a lot of -- you don't know. Like these Seattle Seahawks players so that's why I'm saying it looked look look what he's overcome and life. And I think people to take to approach it first impression. And that who you surround the way it no matter what parts of the country are it is different different mindset but I still think we're we're still affect us that this earlier. They cane accepts the line in via little louder. A little prouder are little different from the people we surround ourselves when you were under the hood yet his. And aren't allowed -- independent and he's proud parents -- because again that's economy buying out -- -- it feel uneasy with him right. And you know at at and what they wanna see when the now all of a sudden that's elected people like around the country like the Bronco. They wanna see Peyton Manning burned Richard Sherman and he's not that they wanted Manning no no they want to disdain for a share it they would and I tell you Russell Wilson that doubles nothing -- they're -- -- -- pretty swagger. Did a boom and all that -- date talk smack but he can back it up. But Russell Wilson. I would -- -- you know kind of jokingly but you don't you don't want your daughter dating football players. But Russell Wilson. About outstanding citizen big walk that talk a strong Christian individuals just grew grew like kind of Russell and testimony and everything -- how humble in how humble he is. He kind of reminds me. Being kind of like when I play -- proving me. You know carries a big stick on the field but real quiet you know and and it but I guarantee Russell -- is glad British -- is on his side. Now WBA you want about different thing we know he -- think the last -- Seattle is -- Bobby. Their high profile player was banished. Because in my city -- tough enough he's always smiled and pretty teeth in touchdown machine but just weren't tough enough. Alexander on as -- or get out there -- Davis. In this summer drastically opposite. You know look at him on the -- drugs he's done all this kind of stuff. And nobody there you know and ending about retirement other -- would he -- -- one seconds and that's Matt. Let in in nobody's -- Tony once again -- not any indication of what nobody is a what they stand for god I don't know I'm a promoter -- thing. Promoters -- -- exposure. Nolan even heard of Richard Sherman -- -- truly follow football it all started when he challenged Darrelle Revis. Rivas obviously you might get a bit of scorn and now Bubba and -- a big syndicates you in I am the guy who's gonna be the best and he backed it up. Gaudy west gold medal we don't follow him know he's from Compton he went to Stanford. And he stayed on the West Coast went to Seattle that's why some of these people that an -- or register until Woody did that night after the game. Overlap no guess to rest of the way -- -- -- early next album won't hear from you come right back to you this is WW. And welcome back he is the case again Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia open lines arrest away -- take. You professional athletes. Players rubbed the wrong way when they come off as being a little cocky. And -- is there a time to be cocky if it is in and after you've proven yourself when you won a ballgame if beat. I don't know visited it there's a better path to being and then all of a sudden it Marshawn Lynch is going beast will not on the you do that against them. You know Marshawn Lynch the imitate his attitude some media members don't like him but -- -- -- -- Duncan. And he was -- that a Seattle beat writers you know I -- have a problem is Marshawn Lynch -- got 550000 dollars mine. Because you got some players on the -- naming names like a high profile hall of famers. They would talk to local media when the national media would come that it. Come around it would hurt and on on it and and and now you can actually see I might -- thing you get seated on on TV now a lot of business is they Cris Carter. Yeah you you you know Chris carded at the Super Bowl how. He was by himself but his brother that two little kids came at the end that was. I really I've really you know sometimes you say something happen and you feel embarrassed for somebody. And if you could be on TV you know and then you know on the room what you'd be in another planet. And we're sitting in well that I don't go to him Joselio immediately -- -- between these shows and in the video room media day we walked over and -- -- stain that was it man am -- he's got nobody. We'll kind of call on dizzy and some weight and -- times and bad read to pay the bills Dolphins and by the ten salute those group of players wants them out and Chris Collins is -- I guess as a friend is a brother. He comes into some located now anyone need I mean I understand everybody -- -- and -- -- lie hit it was he won they won the whole way to when he. Rookie logged over any decision on a -- things humbling. It was like a killer that made it but you know I don't know I don't know and my -- I don't wanna paint myself the way I had a bad news somebody does -- like that was bay. The reason why I brought that because. How weak you know public figure and grows bring in March Ireland at the dog -- have done this and he's talked that is Seattle beat writers and now. Then have a problem Marshawn Lynch because he's not pay he ought to talk to nobody. -- you don't talk to local media art and national media I'm all right with the -- the NFL forces him too. And Eddie and docket today. He was so frustrated when they lost their first home game against the Cardinals seventeen to pin and the Cardinals shut him down. And I idea it and nobody's run against the Broncos got the number one run the fit for the give -- sixty point five yards a game. If they shut down more shall make you feel like he led the team down so Feagles off. These smaller let's -- has a thirty yard run helped the Seahawks win -- you expect them not to show emotion. He's going to be in this -- think he's going to be going rays might end up edges. Like like -- older it is Chris. I have motion now yes exactly are about and I got deduct able close I'm miles of coming straight do you nix the B to -- and whose time is 630 to have a first and it was a good day to. And welcome back to sports talk. I'll -- -- along with a cajun cannon Bobby April like it doesn't achieve Deke Bellavia. 2601 a 786 exit 890 it's him that's the Mexico. Actually big -- now Beckett. Todd and assisted in for the big chief flow with the the cajun cannon Bobby. Collins goal at the phone lines so we had a number of calls that he all -- you coach unit -- you don't let this go on me it would bug in shall man ethnicity but outline for you but would you guys. -- of course yeah. I don't think Crabtree is the number one receiver in separate but no -- -- that -- -- deep and just go. Well I don't know -- like on the Saints. I think Vernon Davis -- tied in would be probably I think. As far as ranked around the league he's in that conversation like with Jimmy Graham light. But I know college cabernet did not have success. When Crabtree was in the game when he started to have success you know he was hurt when he came back. The better a cabernet played I know what it was just it was just ankle on Bolden. And it was a big receiver possession type receiver and Vernon Davis in the cabernet struggling Crabtree came back. And Crabtree had unbelievable game against the Packers. Today if you watched it. But but but that I could tell you know what's impressive. And as good and we've seen Vernon Davis -- as as as great Richards is Vernon Davis and Jimmy Graham baiting you Jack and against the Seahawks. -- look at our Vernon Davis. He got a snot bubble knock it is -- -- -- -- one time in drag across the middle and he dropped the ball bad it it was like -- he gave gotten it was -- it it's like to. That officials almost wanted to call. Apparently getting hit a British shoulder and I mean you could call a penalty in the Vernon Davis two catches. Sixteen yards yeah thanks for problems and man I was all sort of new at -- arm and I. And batting sixth there and making 633. He was in the things -- A thousand via via the new by noon on Friday new. On the team back to -- ago let's go to Nate in New Orleans he's Nate thank you calling to be -- you know. There. You very. Aka on the family a bigger site and had it in that end of the -- -- yeah you corporate partner that he. There the coat without the sound -- -- -- -- Kabul in the audience out there. You. The oh or 30 you'll vote and it was. -- -- Call -- -- we ask -- the policy. We will -- -- we've we've been on Tuesday by. In other words I can no offseason. In. That you know -- got a good. That's what they were. Allen. America. Ellie may nab an Alice talk about his offseason being in any kind of started from there. Value come on Nate. Yeah but now about what -- has done a child you at the open pretty good patience. Well he he he had a change and make it. Yeah pretty well although I did in -- and he got to a point where he said no Crabtree is -- -- -- and that's ridiculous. But he did say in his mind he thought. Crabtree was mediocre not I don't agree that. It come on if he would be on the safe you'd start off for a. If you think he had almost about -- that you dress -- He -- let it -- No it was personal -- -- tell you. It was an NBA I don't know do you say that David had talked about this earlier I'm telling you look at their respect Ricky Sherman had the Marcus Colston. Compared to Crabtree and in the same thing. The challenge always faced this week. Open that would -- to meet consumable it's what they want. Brady what you want our career here but what you know. From but when asked please do all we knew we know now in the middle it appeared that you know it feel for the tempo. And not that that call. And it. Not the play in a while while. Well hey all I know as -- he might he might be everything you say he's in -- I mean things you see it the right now I lead the league in interceptions he's considered the best yet evaluated at about people who played the game and at all hall of famers and and and Nolan and and and his opponents. Players in the NFL they don't accuses of being a dirty player -- guys live and on and Asia with the rules but I mean he's not cheap shot nobody. He does very physical. About a lot of attention to a personal feud -- -- blogging thing it was that deep right now. On and it's so but it happens sometimes but let's just say you know I mean he got a Hollywood Henderson the it was bombing enemies -- -- talk about. The event joking bill he'd had you know some like that in ego that instinct to Dallas is that in on mean running at them in. That that's OK so what you do team. I'm more trying to have somebody talks noise after the fact that they want and they won meaningful. In the game not big -- and Iowa and you bring Hollywood Henderson that you in the lottery twice as the I don't know it's amazing how am not a it is -- in a -- a lot of -- -- got -- to right right. You know you want the most talented players about -- he -- and the -- I'm back return. You know -- get the name Hollywood for nothing and yet you know quiet and humble the get a name like Hollywood going to cocaine you saw a lot of -- neon Deion while prime time. On. Swagger whatever you wanna call the hated like girdle whatever. But trying to get out there and you know put yourself -- -- you better go to back it up and the last two season Richard Sherman has backed it up and I think. The reason why they don't call. A more apparent in the secondary pass five yards like illegal chuck whatever is that -- Bulls. Wanted to -- -- -- it's a ball all the rules are structured that. Benefit the offense did. So now do you keep -- and -- really deep into bags beefy eighteen years now on the ballot to get 21 downs in a row and you know so that that's why I say hey you know the Saints have to learn to play. That way art atop the units look how aggressive. We play -- bug us so we played Carolina here. Never and their first water the first third down we missed -- memory and -- -- DB -- calls that around the -- And any call on that any kind of spun among. And it capped amount it getting call at. But they would you know it will be away -- we added three touchdowns second quarter that's never happened against Carolina they call -- three. Penalties in the secondary against Carolina -- in its second quarter some look at the top defense is whether -- production Carolina San Francisco. Of them on the back in the secondary if you look. Seattle know that that it's almost we call a penalty ever play even look at the Patriots whether it's a big player not play. No I mean you almost have to go as the season progressed going forward I'll be calling it and you can just be strictly by the rules you got to be more aggressive. Like Richard Sherman I heard is that it needed he's gonna come up. And bump and run. No matter who he's playing mine he said that's old school football on talk about playing zone or man. How odd job insiders told my hands and bail outside anti and even a five deep third I'm coming up and I -- being aggressive. -- he knows that he could disrupt the route he has confidence that the pass rush to get the quarterback in the last six as he has get a guy playing off. What might you don't even go to is the -- is Thomas. Who is a -- the guy big receiver and the game he had he burned the Patriots watch how aggressive is going to be with him. Now and again they might call up at the beginning I don't know how -- difficulty. News can be in resistin. Back to the especially early on that ball game bacteria phones we go and now let's go to Pete Pete thank you for calling their BWL. Hey -- do you know I'd -- and I. -- from what we're certainly -- the only problem moderately gotten that what cute movie do it and the Internet that there man because them. I mean every time we get a gain on it in the two games this year outspoken that much that that can't even -- saint. To note that a player would have that kind of motivation. And emotion well I made. That's what you wanna see it. And anything horrible in an act and so in fact he was justifying himself -- In about him. Want my players be like that thank you everybody in the huddle and about it. Well not a doubt India ever -- Seattle his teammates they love them outlook -- never occurs in a post game interview. You know I mean -- got arrested I mean I mean. I'm telling you. And like you look at other individuals. That. You know maybe outspoken and -- -- smartest guy is it is god given -- brain whenever. You look at Terrelle would steel it's O cinco how they would talk smack. You know probably combined their brains and not on the level Richards -- I do that this guy even if he wasn't playing football he he's like. He's the CEO I mean he is is that he is that top notch right I mean is graduating class an eagle on and on a bottom. Now all of those like you said guy I kind of agree. We need some minutes swagger too and and and and may be Rob -- and I don't think maybe -- Rob Ryan is the right coach because we have -- ranked for that. You know we need to -- me maybe a little more aggressive. -- -- Oscar in Ferndale this is sports talk -- right material on WW. Grant online to thank you for calling WW. And who made the right there. All I understand it at all that's where we're at that. And yet they get so much at the coverage that much in their own -- I mean it's -- back went out there and and and you know -- that back that grew up. -- all star too much. Greg can you imagine technology Greg can you imagine mom hum how he came out today. It would be ridiculous. I mean I'm in a bit -- this -- this the stems from obviously summoned all appeal and and I mean that. Bobby you're playing army -- -- it bigger part of from a stretch -- -- -- it's unbelievable. Coming in that and that's -- it's a good timing. What did I mean at the end of the game and he was talking about yet taken away from his teammates while he did when he set all the right. They're bought into global. They're really necessary -- Ever tell Greg you do what you just said that kind of contradicts that you Tom -- in your face media coverage if it was -- the media though. The media issue it's the media responsibility to talk about those other guys plan not not his comments as anti -- fair. They should negate Tampa -- and you don't -- in hindsight maybe union I caught him in the emotion the right thing would have been to take advantage of that opportunity. And say maybe get a quick synopsis of his background. -- overcame and I can't believe I'm going to it is suitable as boring nobody in the country would embrace him now devastated though there's -- like -- a -- -- the reason why there are -- good thing about it you but he was an assistant golf controlled by you when I mean you use the -- you -- -- you to read it. If if you didn't click on it or you didn't read it they would put up there the reason why they keep put -- -- did you shoulder right now to have seen him lacking. It's -- a 74 days after this happened the reason why is the close games old but it's a wave of momentum so many people are enamored with these. If it was it. They wouldn't be doing this he would meet all the networks wouldn't go our -- Evans scholar Richard Sherman Arabs and I don't know money if problem of people clicks the follow who's watching these pan that's it that's what they do it when I was playing you know immediately go now when -- this -- -- -- legacy. Ricky Jackson and Ricky was details I. Who went it was there were you know he's gonna tell the truth and then them the truth hurts what veto override a wrong. And knows that you want to have those type players that. Joseph hard. You know -- of players -- as the media. Who would -- him because he's in tell the truth there and give his opinion. And I give acting yet exactly so that that's on every team you see that Lee thank you for calling WW. Yeah I don't -- a -- elite and I just one area man. Fellow Northwestern State be -- football here in Portland game. Well -- -- tell you what pardon go demons they got probably. He's in a conversation top three and and then not the best play for the Seahawks Jeremy Elaine. Yeah I -- I think that on Twitter. And you know it's gonna be in the day went ham and leave it watch. Because you know he came -- if you ever want to watch when he's on the feel at times and nickel situations then that actually DB if Peyton Manning they'll try -- pick on him. But he's been outstanding on special teams coverage of the -- -- at -- top gunners have not the top Gunner he's been that dominate for the Seahawks. Absolutely. Hate it too quick comment back Ricky I think Michael first on the ball all the other class coming out. I think what all the money back by committee eaten a lot by committee all the guys that rotate in and out in when you look it. For particular union -- with. It's sports injuries why not come out young player you can get it rookie contract quicker and he got better to -- on the field should be self board that. Second bigger contract. Second -- to you know Richard Sherman -- -- cornerback and you know go on the power and a Beltran. When you look at action like that that's phenomenal man people love love to play against them much. If you wanna be paid like a franchise guy you wanna be different on got act like different guys on and off the field you do a post game interview. Act like their franchise guy I have no problem with talking trash. They would on the field just like you did in Minnesota when he would yell and on the Uga got couldn't. What really got it acting I think what you say and act like as a golf fan. But what Richard Sherman did the other -- has absolutely not one thing to do with how much money he gave me. That I don't need that not enough as I would have included one thing because he has play is -- -- -- him -- -- -- You know I guess I had it -- in the early and that's why I swapped preferences while. When you were talking about money and that's -- purposes just like that. What are you -- has at the nothing do with how much money. Well at the end and not -- you look at the top young quarterbacks. And boy it's a rude awakening if you not humble. When you look what happened it would RG three and and you look what happened -- canyon canyon do all the Superman polls. Well not so fast and NFL it is hard to be dominant that's why I think I respect. Young players -- home they are like Russell Wilson. Even -- Andrew Luck with the Colts I think look cabernet. He goes up and down but the bottom line you are representing the team and you hope. That all these players long term as far as representing the team would be mourned the likes of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady or even Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. And positive with our maybe aaron's not as -- -- but -- -- think. You know he's humble and but -- if you haven't seen him I mean I guess nothing would ability to -- out like did that so. That I need to get in Atlanta zone but we met again by him doing the double check my championship elderly and I would state farm. Yet some say -- it -- that but. If it's unbelievable. Not everybody is going to be how you wanted to be known you know if you do what we all different -- -- -- be great and be like a robot that human emotions get involve a lot with the. This is Debbie did you have all right commit back -- -- David Julius to rescue -- plus legitimate offensive line coach before ball. And where are the Tigers as far as wrapping up the recruiting class acts that's all coming up in the final follows sports -- -- on WW.