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1-22 7:20pm Sports Talk: LSU Recruiting

Jan 22, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Publisher and Recruiting Analyst of tigerbait.com about LSU football recruiting and the NFL draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Man oh man oh man yeah lots of Bravo Channel. -- -- -- We don't because you know what what what happens and I in the studio we missed some outs and they've -- would be making millions. The evidence to make in -- out. Well -- and Alison and in the united mixology Boston is ending their -- again had to deal like this idea get down. And the media. Think with this -- family radio you know -- vacations and I mean. And I wound up with the and you got together and hopefully. Would go I would ought to -- -- -- -- -- I stopped our tiger bait dot com John does now as is this a couple of week in left. For recruiters recruits to make their visits to colleges and universities that they may be seeking to sign with. My last week it was a big week in take Gaza through what took. I mean the big news was obviously -- I do agree. I've come in person it is an official visit to pop star wide received from John cares but the in the league -- turned around and went to Alabama. I'd still say LSU is the probable. From our -- -- -- that thing even -- Alabama in the Nixon in others. I still think it -- the schools that. You know it is a strong second right now it is it would be forced Lleyton and it was that way before you won the national champions. In my how about it would coach Mara and UCLA. I was reading somewhere that it was any plan that also visit out in. You guys need to get out there before. I think. UCLA is a bigger player for linebacker -- young from Kurdish. My -- so many comments on -- -- the but I am not a tactic -- different angle. Is it worse. What appeared to like to be open all along and and that means somewhere and the angle out of state or is it worse. Fall. Recruiting experts and coaches to say oh we got we got a strong hold on got a strong rule on the -- -- to us. Indicate go somewhere else goes to me I got the feeling of just the Peabody Colorado's. You noticed that Texas on the second. The days of the ball which is also on -- game. And they weren't they already mad or upset when they were disappointed cause acute. We're not going to LSU. But they almost Iowa one who has -- done a -- on these kids early into oil issue an eagle it's someone else that that's -- -- could -- Woody would be upset. Well and and in what we all were getting the same information myself. -- to compete. With all the networks. Everybody was predicting knows you need to go -- -- for. Well on January 2 and it just it didn't materialize but when you step back and you look at each one of those kids. You know in not one of them included an infinite -- burnout still achieved last you know what the announcement of the football game. You know -- reasons and anybody and I'm -- -- she just keep decline. You know Tony Brown certainly would never tell anybody that in the last information we get on him in the past cornerback from -- Was that he was concerned. Over affected you played two freshmen corners and that those two as a player at such a high level. You know we've kind of discount them because the systems in the truck program. He's been about two times in and the ownership coaches were very confident about him. I'm boring as the game out I knew pretty. I think it's very important. And I and I think they will but it's. You know is that there's a lot of it is perception on the you can look at who Jones and certainly he's had a high ranking most of the year. But you know it's and in -- -- -- think the the coaches do it in a predicament -- You know there's been accused of the recently not in his class but previous years work. You know an out of state SEC school student scholarship offer. And I wish you maybe offer him mostly because -- didn't -- -- -- go out of state to another school perception reasons. And you know so there's a little bit of gamesmanship on we're seeing right now it's definitely. Scholarship offers have been limited to 2015. Kids. And believe me coaches and those schools say you know you know kind of force that was his hand on that cute and make him extending all four. Even though they don't think that indicated decide they they think he has. Now my I don't know on this guy's name from San Antonio Texas be with the tackles Thursday's trade. -- Lee Bailey -- to fail little. -- and I and it quickly in and I'm probably budget myself. I was tolerating where he was a form University of Texas commitment and and has interest in L issue. But the team to beat would be maybe the Oregon Ducks that what is the status and him. Yeah we we got a story -- him last night. Had a great detail wishing he could after the weekend before the weekend and he was probably 85%. Again. And now -- probably -- only two and fifteen. Percentage points separating. Organ and I was -- organs still is his leader. Now what about the west gate tight end -- Corey Washington. Didn't big commitment problem common. He's gonna stay that way. So he's got his they would Ole miss that night because I'll just -- -- may -- possibly could change as mine are are but we're going along those lines. We see you -- Ellis SM BC any players. Like maybe being wishy -- you know they have made a commitment. Come actual assigned -- who would you be wired about -- who you think LSU my game. Well you know to -- chills kind of shown some need a little bit which she east over over the last six months. I think he he'll stick I think two of the commitment the one that's the concern beyond record from Oklahoma. They're pretty confident the state Oklahoma that it slipped. To the sooners on national signing day and I think that's why you're seeing those you coaching staff going out and really make accomplished. Prologue these defense -- line between possibly lose to him. -- -- it would have blown his knee out the first game of the season and -- Ngo was committing to Florida. That's like you've got to -- down -- from Florida in the Arctic Ocean leads. Right now the defense to tackle. The element of caller from Georgia was in this past weekend along with trailing and not to fail. And only Nadal. The -- incident from Michigan. Will be in this week as well as. The -- Clark. You know predicament to shoot for all but. His mom's divided -- fighting illness in. That is a lot of pressure on him and they beat Clinton and stay home. Might have an M I get the latest and most comprehensive Mason our recruiting and LSU and. Yet checked -- tiger made that comment and we got to chat rooms start at 8 o'clock. Mike are now. The new haren and offensive line coach -- to feedback you big game. I I talked to Auburn last week talked to Virginia Tech and a lot of positives to say about it. Deal and I talked about this story on four. The national championship game and how he was. In an integral part of all of the players there. In their development in recruiting many of them. Virginia Tech was highly upset but there's you know the salary. -- suddenly that they couldn't compete at. Be heady territory inside the stated -- -- when he was at Auburn. Did you recruit well but he was he was known for going. Across the country and in getting offensive linemen in and -- a really good job. So. You know I happening combined with his style and in warming. That's why I'm in good movement. In these different things with. An athletic quarterback to do that -- -- agree more opportunities that's all positive. Now on my game -- his name became the visit from Norcross Georgia defensive end Lorenzo Carter. Now in my understanding. That you look at is kind of Georgia Florida State and then the part of the deal with some corn NATO at the Jeremy Pruitt. He took the job at Georgia so you think it is it almost as slam dunk that he's going to charges Ellis have a chance of him. No we haven't been accused him on the well he's very difficult to get -- in view. We got in -- we -- we haven't gotten him after. In Georgia think. George is up -- in and -- the last official visit with recruiting period chosen that an advantage for them. Mike Scott about tiger made outcome as I guess Michael comes up on the Jets the night. -- it -- talk about lot of these cute backwards and forwards talk about any additional staff changes -- -- could come about the coming weeks and we've tried -- and she basketball sums it is that they want talk about. And I don't feel good stuff might give the -- -- -- -- drug -- big victory last night over Missouri end up playing pretty good right now. Yeah I'd you know that went in Tennessee loss is back to back they've they've got to make up for that. That got the typical awesome games. But in the SEC schedule department. Picked to win. I think that probably. Missed about a little bit but I mean there's still hope to do it there and NCAA tournament game. -- anacostia type of baseball team -- rank third in the collegiate baseball. So. We have we have next week yet so I'm not come and mine I don't know. Tiger bay dot com and double national signing day Mike was rookie closely thank you so much I -- but by Lima.