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Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening ordered your show and is -- chilly Wednesday night that quite as cold as it was last night but to a cold night. And you know we're still hearing the slightest possibility. Of a couple of flakes in May be a little bit of -- and parts of southeast Louisiana and on Thursday night to I guess into Friday morning nothing to get excited about -- it's it's always cool to see something like that -- it is in this part of the country. Nothing to be concerned about no accumulation and nothing apparently they're freeze over -- always be careful of is any precipitation. -- -- any bridges or or overpasses and and most of them even in this part of the country are pretty well. A designated as bridges that could -- over you see a lot of those signs so. You know don't just pass up those signs and ignore it and I know during the summertime when we see those signs we don't really pay much attention most of the year we don't pay too much attention the size. But there's a reason that they -- And if you don't pay attention to the signs and something happens -- a lot of that they can actually be your fault. But it you know it might be a little exciting to see a few snowflakes effect will be on the air Thursday night. And so if if anybody in in this area does see a snowflake or experiences any sleep to know what she to a -- calling percent this texted. -- -- -- -- -- It's time for tonight's topic today -- the topic things we'd like you know as we begin our shooter nights on WWL. Number eight. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was highly criticized for his post game rant. About 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree. He's are saying that what he said was immature and he said he regrets. Doing that here's what he had to say on CNN. All they're very much about low grip you know mostly our -- I guess the storm afterwards. We you know with the way it was covered -- -- received in in the attention that it took away from bill fantastic performances from my teammates you know. And that that -- only part of our great you know the way it's covered. You know I it is Woody's work where citizens were saying I've gotten you know I don't say I combat. Probably should not attack another person you know I don't mean attacked him and that was that was a mature -- probably should've done that I regret doing that but. I just felt like my teammates is there -- better and I do not have to apologize to him. As I said Monday night on the show. After the actor got a lot of attention after the game on Sunday as -- you know look this guy was caught up in the the passion of the moment and these guys are passionate I hope your passionate about what you do. I didn't think that was the right way to handle it but I wasn't highly critical of the way he handled that at least he did the -- The F bomb -- the US bombers say anything profane at least he kept it clean he was he was very passionate but you know this is -- this a Smart guy. In a very very tell the players but for those of you who -- parents if you didn't think this was the news the way that somebody should set an example for your kids. Then use that as a teaching moment to explain you can say look. This is how he handled this but here are some of the reasons why this is not the way to handle it and one of the things we've talked about Monday night on the show. Was it if if Richard Sherman gets burned by Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl. Then this idea that I'm the best is gonna come back to haunt him so that that's why it's not always the the best way to handle it but in any event I I was a critical night I think is I think is. Apology or his explanation. If you he didn't totally regret it. But I guess he kind of regretted some aspects of it I thought that was I thought that was totally honorable on his part. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. You know the results of some studies. And we talk about studies quite often at their studies that are released every day. And big money is paid for these studies and people make money because they do research projects. But the results of sub studies are so obvious. That funding is a total waste of money. New research shows that men. Between 45 and 69. With lower levels of physical activity. Who spend more time sitting. Were more likely to have heart failure. While. Boy that's some breakthrough information it. In other words if you if you sit too much and if you don't get physical activity if you're -- between 45 and 69. You might have heart problems. Wow I'm glad they spent so much money and again why is why you so much money spent on studies that yield the same results. That would come from using basic. Common sense and we talk about it studies that are releasing researched this release on -- show what should pay attention how many times we we we talk about. How ridiculous the studies are. Not only that but also. Beat the wrong conclusions. Are quite often made from information and in new studies and research that that comes out. And I guess one of the classic examples in his. And one of the popular but studies the study says that say that if if kids. Played played video games. Then. There are more anti social -- just kind of a general statement -- of this research that shows if kids play violent video games or video games and generally spent too much time playing video games. Their their anti social and -- that causes a lot of people to jump on the the idea that. It's the contents it's the violent video games that's making an anti social. When in reality it's probably the passive activity. I'm sitting there and playing the game regardless of the content sitting there in an anti social situation. Playing game that toward encourages the anti social behavior in my opinion more than the content so it it it's it's fun to try to you. Re analyze some of the studies that come out and you have to realize that a lot of studies are done with a preconceived idea of what's. Researchers want the outcome to be. And they essentially find the research that fits the preconceived outcome which really doesn't make it objective. A researcher at all number six on tonight's list of top eight at eight. Ultra right wing conservative TV and radio. Personality. Glenn -- He has had some wild things he -- some wild predictions he said so many things especially recently. That did not come true and yet there are still so many people who Revere him bow down to him. He did an interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News and he said quote. I think I played a role unfortunately. In helping tear the country apart. And it's not who we are. Glenn Beck now saying that he believes that he played apart and tearing the country. Apart. Now. Is this a sign. That America is starting this is something we talk about all the time -- issue. Is this a sign that America. Is starting to move away from. They did -- it hate. It has become such a major part of political debate in this country. It's going to be interesting to see if if if this is maybe just another sign and I think there'd -- many sites on the show that we are. We're we're trying to cater to and in appealed to this part of America. These tired and fed up with the divisive hate and hate of of hate sake. And it comes from both the right and the left. But for somebody who is as hard core right wing. And definite in all of his thoughts. As -- -- decades. I find it interesting that he would admit on fox and this was it in particular his his show on Fox News the Fox News Channel. I think I played a role unfortunately helping tear this country apart and that's not who we are. Now since Glenn Beck and and many people do everything for. For attention and publicity. You wonder if all of that in the ridiculous at any I don't remember them specifically other than. There was I think it was shortly after the NSA revelations with -- Snowden. And if you go back and looked this up specifically but Glenn Beck was making ridiculous -- I got a few emails from people you've kind of you've got to read -- if she got to hear this Glenn -- -- making predictions that there is that he had sit inside sources. -- -- reveal some new information. It would basically. Rule in the United States bring the United States to its knees. And a lot of people were like listening to that -- oh my god what could it possibly be. Days went by and nothing happened weeks went by another and I don't know that he and I don't listen to going back but I don't know that he really. Explained it so I find it interesting that that now. Does Glenn Beck greed deceit listened to the show. I mean is he is he or maybe he's feeling the same thing -- Which I felt for a long time and that is dead. The pendulum needs to swing back away from the hate. And divisive nature. Of the media -- talk radio. In particular. And last night we talked about what the Republican Party needs to do to change and this is not something that that I just bringing up. The Republican National Committee opened its winter meetings in Washington DC today with the sold her -- not the sole purpose but one of the main purposes. Is to work on. Growing and developing the Republican Party changing the image. So what appeals to more people. And becomes more inclusive so this is something we'll continue to follow in the show. A number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Thousands braved frigid temperatures and a lot of wind today to protest legal abortion on Capitol Hill is where his son at the the National Mall. And also on on Capitol Hill many in the crowd were high school students from all over the country I -- I don't know if if any went from the New Orleans area but I know from the new world cereal last year there were a high school student reviews a year before they were high school students. -- in Washington DC for this march for life protest it's it's an annual protest. What's interesting is an and you know maybe this is a reflection of the Republican Party. Possibly changing its strategy when it comes to abortion. The strategy seems to be shifting in this fight. Between legal abortion and the theme this year of march for life was. Adoption. And noble decision. And there are promoting the idea of adoption. If -- if you get pregnant instead of having an abortion they're focusing on adoption which has always been an option. But this might signal not a new strategy. And I think it's a better strategy in the strategy they've had up to this point because. Whether you'd like it or an otter one awaited metered or not. The strategy up to this point has spent chased a lot of people women in particular and younger voters away from the Republican Party. And if the party doesn't change that. That ability to. To invite people in rather than chase people away. They're not gonna win in 2016. And you were over this last night as it last night that. I really think the stage is set for the Republican Party to win the White House in 2016. But only if they field the right candidate. And denounce the extremists. On the far right but this idea of adoption I think -- have a great idea and I've also mention of the show that I I have but dear friend in Denver. And she and I became very close and she and her partner. -- they both have adopted a child. Here's a child it didn't have parents. And now this child. Has to Paris. -- lesbian couple. But they're loving couple giving love to a child. That didn't have parents. Isn't that better than a child not having parents. Many say of course but yet many say. No way. Number for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has just returned from an investment seeking trip to Japan South Korea and Taiwan. With no deals. And known names of companies he visited. Now there is a possibility that this is all normal this is a normal part. Of secrecy -- not specifically saying what company she talked to this might be a normal part of a big taxpayer funded trip. For a politician. But I couldn't help but think today in announcing this of Bobby Jindal I'm saying this of every politician. Republicans. Democrats. Independents. Locally. Statewide. And nationally. Should there be more. Ways to hold politicians accountable. For expensive travel. Too exotic places in the name of doing business for the state. Now this is not a this is not criticism of Bobby Jindal strip. But I found it interesting that and the media reports that I read today. Made note that there were no deals announced he came back with no deals made. And did not announce the names of the companies he visited. I also got the impression that its secrecy of who you visit is is part of this. Also he did announce that there would be some companies from these these countries. In -- to be some businesses it would be coming to Louisiana. I wonder are we can pay for them to have a nice trip are we gonna reciprocate by giving them an extra or they're paying their way here again I had I not be critical -- simply asking questions. But it seems to me that is it is voters and as taxpayers who we have witnessed. Not only locally. But nationally we have witnessed an -- about the case is we don't know about it. But we have witnessed so many cases where politicians have taken advantage. Of the air. Power to go on trips. In the name. Of doing business. So should -- be -- a whole politicians more accountable for results when it comes to exotic trips to wonderful places around the world. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. There are construction projects all over downtown New Orleans. And some of these projects are the conversion of office buildings most of them yeah have been on occupied. Converting office buildings into residential properties. The truth is downtown New Orleans continues to develop into hot trendy. Desirable place to live. There are also a lot of businesses. That are that are popping up downtown opening up in the CDT. Didn't they are not to support other businesses not to support people who were just downtown doing work. But to actually support. Residents that we talked about -- on the -- before -- -- downtown and I'd I'd love living downtown does -- mean that there -- some -- beautiful places around the city and and throughout this area. But I would not have fought two of living downtown when I was growing up here and when I was young in my career in New Orleans. But it did this city has really transformed that a lot of that transformation began after Katrina. Why would you. Or why would you not. Want to live in downtown new worlds. There are a lot of people who. As soon as the kids around the house as soon as they're free and can downsize. From their house. To a Condo or an apartment downtown. There are a lot of people who wanna do that. And it also with this this medical complex being built. Think about the people who are going to be seeking. Apartments downtown now what I've I've signed my most recent lease. My A -- went up. And I expect it's gonna go up again weakness property downtown is now prime property in the proximity of downtown. Just on Tulane avenue to the big a medical complex and you really wouldn't even need a car you can get there a public transportation or. Mean actually you could you could walk from downtown to the the medical center it's not that far. So that properties going to be even even more desirable. So why would you. Or why would you not want to live in downtown New Orleans. And this this is a question for those of you who don't live in the city if you had a chance to move to New Orleans. Would you wanna live downtown. If you would join our shooter might we see your comments are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And a text number. As a 77. -- here's a text that says says saint Charles Catholic in the applause sent students to the abortion march. And I know that I believe it was in in saint Charles in the central -- John parish last year. But there or the before there was a school that Santo markets. -- like -- been it was a school there were sure they said tickets are also. We were talking early you've just joined us about the the big march for life the annual. On abortion protest march in Washington DC. And there are always so a lot of high school students a lot of young people involved in that and this year was no exception. Number two -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. New Orleans police are looking for suspects in the beating. Of a local musician. And this happened Wednesday morning very early this morning it is it trouble five essentially it would it's. Thursday on Tuesday night to two most of us. Protectively 1205 this morning in -- 800 block of current -- Doug potter was attacked by two suspects after of apparently a verbal altercation. A -- injuries were so severe. Yeah it's my understanding that at this point he still remains in a coma if there's an update on that will certainly let you know we get the full story on our web site. Every WL dot com. Because -- potter this hits close to home for us. Is set a date potter who who has worked at the station for a long time Dave potter. Is Doug's brother. And so this -- he would close to home for all of us. But even if it doesn't hit close to home with you Richard it close to home go all of us because it it it could have been it could have been anybody. I'm getting. A text here from John -- -- producer of dating -- it's a drug induced coma. But he's obviously his injuries were severe when they do that your injuries are severe in your obviously in a tremendous amount paid. But here's what's really interesting about this case. Robbery. Does not appear to have been demoted. Are some attacks motivated by revenge. Against people who represent certain. Socio economic groups. This -- like tonight is titled is revenge. Motivating attacks in the streets of New Orleans. And I wanna share with you that there are some similarities between this attack. And the attack that. Did I suffered. Last year about this time. And walking to the radio station early in the morning there are some similarities. In fact I've contacted today in a PD today and talked to them about some of the similarities and they're gonna continue to investigate the similarities but today. I'd love to get your reaction. And an -- This is gonna take our honesty. Is revenge and I'm sure something else is -- a little bit later in the show. Somebody that I -- I talked to recently. Was introduced to me and in the introduction he was told. What it happened to me. This guy told me that I was attacked. Because I was white. And that it was about prevention not robbery. They did take my my -- Which didn't have a computer rated just paperwork for the show. But the guy who was who had me on the ground. Who was hitting me. He's patting me down he failed. My wallet in my front pocket any -- my cellphone in my back pocket and I thought for sure he was gonna take that. But he didn't. So if it's not about robbery. Is it about revenge. To join Russia to write our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. What's happening at a tech's number. The -- 77. -- tonight number one on tonight's list on the top names. And things -- The story first broke and now there is some updated news -- it. A Christian bakery into Portland Oregon is facing a huge find hundreds of thousands of dollars. After being found guilty. Of violating a lesbian couples civil rights sweet cakes by Melissa. What's the name of the bakery. And they refuse to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. The lesbian couple on. Call the state contacted the state and filed a complaint with the organ bureau of labor and industries. And that. Government agency determined that there were his substantial. Evidence. That indicated that this this bakery a Christian bakery. Had violated the Oregon equal equality act of 2007. So. The question is. Do businesses have a responsibility. To serve everybody. Regardless of race. Regardless of religion. And regardless of something like sexual orientation. You know we've we've also talked on the show quite often not to people who say we you know I don't care what people do in their bedroom. I just don't want to put it in my face. And I don't really think that happens. I think when people see. A gay couple together. They invitation. What they're doing alone in the privacy of their bedroom. And so they feel like it's being thrown in their face. It's it's natural to for people to think about that. And I honestly believe that debt that is one of the reasons why people come to the -- the conclusion that while it they're they're trying to they're trying to force me to believe in what they believe it they're trying to force their lifestyle their private life on me I think it's more case of if you see -- decouple it's obviously game. Some gay couples you can't tell her game and on but some it might seem a little more obvious. And if that's the case. And you're envisioning what they do in their bedroom even if it's just a quick thoughts -- consciously. Isn't that the way it comes to mind rather than than throwing it in your face. If you're gonna join Russia with a -- tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 26018720386688. -- early seventy. -- numbers 87870 here's our -- WL pretty jag my opinion poll. There's a business have a responsibility to serve everybody give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. And also why I I would like to gets. Your take. On this idea. At -- is revenge as a motivation. For some attacks on the streets of New Orleans if it's not robbery is it revenge. This is the -- show like from New Orleans on Wednesday night. It will be right back into the WL I say well tonight it's another very chilly night here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. As a business have a responsibility. To serve. Everybody. If your thing by going to our web site WWL dot com. And here is say a quick update on the pole its loading up right now so gaga to that here in just a moment how we're also what talking about. The possibility. That. If robbery is not the motivation for an attack. Is it revenge. And I had never considered this until. Somebody who had just met me. And knew what happened. Instantly told me. They were trying to -- you. They -- you because your white. Now if you listen to the shorter regular basis. That you know I don't have to explain that. I'm not identifying race. Unless it's worthy of being identified. And when identify my attackers. To NO PD or to anybody to give an accurate description. Black. White. Asian Hispanic. Those are all accurate descriptions. It's not racist and accurate description. But I was really stunned that it really made me think and that thought has stayed in my mind that. The attack on me might have been more about revenge. Then about robbery. From New Orleans Eric yearned to be WL. -- -- One of the department you talk about you mentioned social economic -- talk about revenge. And as we go again you know black white -- feel that it matters I just feel that there's a lot of people out here. -- -- And just 88. Other people. And we -- and they don't understand like that so you'll a lot of violent storm -- there have been for reasons other than. You know. Robert. Yeah and it if it's not about if it's not about robbery it it has to be motivated by by something and I also think about it the knock -- game. Which is -- And become a trend around this country and unfortunately. And that seems to be motivated by just. And gain in a challenge to hit somebody with a sucker punch to render them unconscious. You know I feel that people are angry and everybody angry about something and then some people can't get out that way. So opted to comments about -- I just feel that whether it's racially motivated socioeconomic. It's that hatred -- that out of us. And so people let it out wrong. Erica I'm going to talk shows specialist and -- here's an update -- to -- party general people to write something else we're talking about on this issue because a business have a responsibility to serve every one. 15% say yes but an overwhelming 85% saying no. Richard manually going to our web -- WW real dot com -- tractor pull at a bitch on that throughout our show before it back to your call shall we get to this text. -- I'm a police officer in the area and I've spoken. To several criminals who have told the that they do this. For more than one reason. They said sometimes. It's to terrorize the white man or to simply hate. They were brought up to hate are race and they believe. That we were easy targets. I need to remain anonymous and I I can appreciate it again. In May -- I am. Just. So colorblind is colorblind it's it is I think I can possibly be. But I never considered that. But yet I I saw some similarities between the attack in the French Quarter against -- potter and the attack against me. And then I suddenly remembered what this guy told me that it wasn't about robbery it was about revenge. And naturally disturbing. That -- to be addressed. The -- like tonight is. -- saw -- on this subject. If you read it you can read -- share with others and become an artist you like if you have any experience on this if you have thoughts about. About this -- -- factory and and don't just say oh it's it's revenge just because that's what you think that's what you wanna think. Tell me why you think it might be revenge. But to join -- -- right on numbers 260187. Let's take a quick break here John 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. And a text amber is a 7870 if you were on -- stay with us this is this good show and were coming right back. Under the W well if robbery is not the motive industry to attack. Is it fair to say that revenge might be the motive as Cisco blog tonight it's a turning on our website at WW dot com you -- read picture and others. And I Quetta Shura or reaction to that or you can call our show it to 601878. Toll free 86688 -- nearly -- Tex is a 77 he also telling we're talking about whether or not a business has a responsibility to serve everybody. Republican Democrat. Straight game. Christian non Christian. And this is about a a Christian bakery in Portland Oregon. That -- I went out of business because of the backlash from refusing to serve. A lesbian couple when when they've requested. Then to make a wedding cake for them and because of their religious beliefs they said now. -- that he calls his quick Texas says that most businesses have assigned -- that we reserve the right to -- refuse service to anyone went about the business owner. Could you refuse to. Serve if your black business could hubris who refused to serve a white person. If your white could you refuse to serve a black person. And I know well what if he knew somebody. Had an abortion. Could you be able to refuse to serve them. I think it's worth a discussion. I here's a text. I mean business to make money white black Hispanic gay straight Republican Democrat rude nice whatever you pay me. You get my service. And from army keys here on the -- showing to be -- well. Yet that used to. A couple of points I like to bring up with. Talking about the Republican Party reaching out to minorities. You know let it Ronald Reagan put -- -- comment on supreme nominated opposite drink cola. George Bush nominated. Clarence Thomas or Supreme Court. And how -- you remember yes but it was 4080. White male Democrats -- -- getting -- -- that Italy won that get to vote. So that's white male Democrats will -- the black means we on the supreme. Cases that this is not just coming from me this is coming now from the hierarchy of the Republican Party they feel like they need to reach out. Okay and also on the on the cage if you -- Albert -- and bought it yet. These guys thought apprehend him will you let him -- hate crime so what -- so that when they -- them that it just get them say on the -- And I hate crime charge you think mr. Canada admirable goal but that. Because Mitch Landrieu has been mayor's -- -- do you think he will press -- hate crime until it is and give Mike an extra ten years. -- if if if that was an option it would be something that I would have to consider I'm not prepared answer right now but I mean I would certainly consider that again I don't know that it would be an option I don't know if these are the same people although. On I am in contact with with NO PD because they're arson. I'm striking similarities between this case it and I don't want this to be about me I'm just cheering my my personal experience that was similar to what happened to this. Musician last night -- potter. Who -- very early this morning at 1205 ways. Was beaten and -- and drug induced coma right now because it is injuries or are so severe they're just some similarities and it doesn't seem as if robbery was the -- in either one of these cases and I wonder if if that's the case with other cases as well. Well I agree to an old saying is that if if people want hate crime legislation. And they need to courses and that's what they need to do. -- hate them I'm glad you called the show. I think this is I think this is part of an honest discussion that we should have. This is this is not about. Calling everybody who's white racist -- everybody who's black racist but. It if if this police officer this a police officer who did text me earlier as say that he's talked to criminals. And they have told him that yes it is hate. It's to get back at the white -- which is what a black person told me. After meeting -- and lose the person who we both knew I've told him what did the what -- and it it stunned me because I never considered that possibility. But we do know that racism exists on both sides of the of the spectrum. And it we also might be learning that it is indeed taught. Your talked to hate. From the -- -- changer on the VW well. Pit strategy is pretty much made this statement while we -- at your life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- eight. You know what time you know blue collar at Torrey schools like their -- been lol. And knowledge that there are your -- to know how -- how to feel. How to do car accidentally heard so. I think that whole problem getting it yet. We -- not making it resolved and all that we used to do when out. So naturally. Between ninety demo -- country and now. And James. I would think that the that the rap music. More than actually. Inspires -- I I think it reflects that hates that already existed in a young generation which is why the music it is popular I don't know if it's creating paid as much as is reflecting the hate it's there. Where they -- that it actually here and and the answer environmental and I'm not I'm pretty sure you quote not to know the coming up yet to pre -- it up like you know. So you know -- in the Bravo. So when you take on unequally in what happened that was about eight. So are -- -- upbringing you and I. It's not that animal and then -- -- -- his cart uses to Pakistan inspire. And that's -- great. I think it more reflects van -- dictates behavior -- -- -- a really appreciate you calling the show and I enjoyed our conversation thanks listings WW -- night. I here's a -- -- robbery is about opportunity. The easier the better you look easy. You look easy and don't. Take the proper precaution. Your target. Aussie I thought I took all the proper precautions but obviously and I didn't. And how do you take proper precautions. When the motivation is to simply target you as an innocent person on the street. And -- targets do seem to be those who are most vulnerable. Those who because the people who attack. And many times during groups. And they're truly deep down. -- If -- -- stay with us I'm -- we're coming right back. This is having WL it's a call Wednesday night ensco -- -- tonight to another Arctic blast it is hitting the country parts of southeast Louisiana organ experiencing freezing temperatures. Another cold front's gonna be coming through and it's -- as a slight possibility of some free senior. -- Which creates less panicked and we might get a few snowflakes. If you gonna be the latest in -- what's going on with a changing temperatures in the possibility of any kind of frozen priest at. Right now you can sign up for -- WL text alerts simply text the word whether. Too late 77. Is free and it's available on on all phones text the word whether. To wait 7870. From Houston Bob your on to -- -- he will be leading. John. -- drug -- On how are you. Yet yes questionable bench. Bench means a vote that -- So what has skated back action from certain that you did. You'd never did in the production -- before -- and it will be your fault. But you know tremendous people. Though society today we -- withdrawing. Other people -- You know we don't speak up right. Part of our troops we -- -- problem here so a lot of community here in Houston. Of course structured in the appropriate. Approach most serious what are what are -- All of stop triple troop. Does -- -- one document troop. -- -- that and -- it that so it will report from boom. Are past the rhetoric. All of these. The -- so well. What government those -- written prayer at school government can't government didn't -- Europe where. Certificate to go to double to Corey. What -- not -- -- -- do what it does not. Probably double. Well -- it did the supreme normally listen at the advantage in bucket rotations society viewed in the quad Q well and up to a two. -- I would agree with that you know the Supreme Court ruling it out to prayer public school was simply that the the school cannot lead the prayer of the government cannot lead the prayer and did the school is is part of the Department of Education part of the government it. You can't pray I I do understand this this tortured making about a talking about revenge. I'm talking about frustration and our revenge against an entire race and and if it's -- it's not revenge against me personally because I didn't do anything. On no idea what I'm hearing is the possibility. That I was a target and perhaps this person news and local musician was a target in the in the French Quarter the last night for early this morning. Because we were white and I've I've heard this. For people. Well. Right at -- more the -- Black all of partners Michael Clarke wore large. Well well. And so. What or -- -- you as we were able. -- the world should be beaten. Mode. For some. But you. Two we'll read more -- world culture award well. Security topic is. So -- -- a rationale. As a system that is who went to adjust. Vehicles. You only prosper. Wouldn't group of people at the court. -- I retired I agree with you and it's it's it's sandy if there is frustration with the system to the point where. You indict everybody that you perceived to be part of the system even if they're not any of the culprits. Donna logical assurance specialist in Houston if your -- stay -- -- just hang on -- your calls on the other side of the news. Here is attacks. That says the proper precautions the previous texture was talking about was carrying a concealed weapon. You know. I talked about this before and I I can't do it counsell doing after the the top of the news -- is not always the answer. And when I think about my situation may be with this -- situation. Last night and it with -- situations and gun might not necessarily be the answer. I'll explain why when we come back and -- WL.