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Scoot Show 1-22 10pm Racism & discrimination

Jan 22, 2014|

: Christian bakery in Portland faces huge fine after being found guilty of violating a lesbian couple's civil rights by refusing to make a wedding cake for them. Do businesses have a responsibility to serve everyone?

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-- sure right wing conservative TV and radio personality Glenn Beck said in an interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News Channel. I think I played a role unfortunately in helping to hear the country apart. And it's not who we are. Glenn Beck has should DN. Spewing hate. And absolutely ridiculous. Predictions for a long time and yet the guys a multimillionaire. It's a shame that people can get rich. -- By doing that but there -- people who do support that. If you listen to the issue on a regular basis. You know while we're on the verge of representing. A lot of talk radio listeners who are not represented. By much of mainstream merit a -- rate radio crosses this country. And and Glenn Beck to get to this point. Of saying I played a role unfortunately -- helping tear our country apart it's not who we are. And Glenn -- again has made absolutely ridiculous ludicrous. On. -- Predictions that that never came true about the country falling apart and and right after the NSA Edwards student. Information was revealed he said. I got new information. It's coming out in the next day or so that is going to bring this country to its knees it's going to be essentially the end of America and remember his exact ports but predicting the end of America because of this information from his sources. There was nothing. So I wonder if this is his ploy. Of trying to now. Get attention. By reconciling some of the idiocy. That he's present on the year and I I really am I'm not prone to to target other talk show host. But in this case the temptation was slightly overwhelming. A Christian bakery in Portland Oregon is set facing huge fines after being found guilty of violating a lesbian couples civil rights. Sweet cakes by Melissa. Refused to make a wedding cake for lesbian couple here's -- WW a pretty -- my opinion poll does a business have a responsibility to serve everybody. 17% say yes but an overwhelming 83%. Say no. It is your opinion are going to -- reflect -- W dot com also tonight we're talking about new Orleans police looking for suspects in the beating of -- local musician Doug potter. Who is the brother of somebody who is part of our family your WWL. -- potter has worked for the station for a long time his brother a local musician -- bass player had his said the standup bass with him. I was attacked and I mean this is somebody who obviously on the street is is rather vulnerable because he's he's carrying a standup bass. This happened at 1205 this morning basically last night the B 800 block of contour. -- -- two suspects his injuries were so severe is in the hospital in a drug induced coma. And now I just found out that WW LTV channel four is reporting that two men. Remain hospitalized. After French Quarter attacks. This could block tonight is titled is revenge motivating attacks on the streets. Of New Orleans. And it occurred to me that there are some similarities between the attack of this musician. And -- attack on me. And somebody told me something about the attack on me that it it it didn't occur to me it never occurred to me until this person told me this. He had just met me and EP. Was -- -- I wasn't there when it happened to me recently. And without hesitation he said you were attacked because -- white. And it was revenge it was retaliation. Against. Whites. To hold me accountable. For any discrimination in the world. Is is wrong and is whites. Judging blacks. Because of the behavior of some blacks. I'm gonna get to more -- texture just a moment but look let me give -- your calls anyway if you if you want to read the -- blog you can read it and shared with your. Your sensible friends. And I'd love to get your insight on this if you are common ordered to there's a place to comment at the end of the at the end of the blog. Do you sense. What may seem to be. An issue that maybe wasn't wasn't talked about and that is revenge. ABC -- if robbery is not the motivation and -- wasn't obviously wasn't a motivation -- and it wasn't apparently it was in the motivation with -- this. This musician who attacked less like if -- not the motivation. Is it revenge is it -- retaliation. For New Orleans although year old Debbie WL lecturing and on. Yeah. It is six do you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The case you don't know it's what you preach. I try and I -- issue if you. In between Tokyo at Kennedy is. And but he should. Be in big Cuomo. Well why. We shouldn't yeah. -- -- -- -- Don't. Cry. When it. Gotten. Out in society. Did it. It. You. -- -- And patient. People in different countries. In -- it. Acceptable. -- The abuse. -- -- -- -- -- That is about he should. Be. In commercials. The if I could. Get support. I don't know I I agree and in many ways so America is angry with politicians but we shouldn't judge every politician by the behavior of some and we shouldn't judge everybody by the behavior of a politician to -- can't label all conservatives a certain way year old liberals a certain way all blacks are all -- a certain way. What she didn't do it could be. So -- these people also. Commitment. Helped. Orchestrate. -- -- -- -- What we've seen. In its. Formula to -- All of Lou I I do understand that time. I appreciate you sharing your story with this -- thanks for listening to WWL. At night. Life isn't fair. And there will always be things that frustrated the system or whatever. But that should never be an excuse for acts of violence. Here's a text this is not about the last caller to caller we had dinner right before the the news shoot at 10 o'clock. A skewed is that caller really thinks that the only color in life is now green. I invite him to watch -- roll their eyes at me in shops. Or watch -- catcher cam or watch some people looked at me. If I happen to be dating a lovely white lady. And I agree with you. I see that sort of judgment all the time and that is. Unfair. Here's a text about a caller we had a previously. And this Colorado. I don't like to mention name callers -- and we can't there's nothing wrong with it but I don't like to focus on callers and in veto it as sometimes it's fun to do that but I generally don't like to do that. Obvious caller is is scary. Quiet whisper. Of a big at rationalizing discrimination 80% of your listeners just don't get it. And that's a reference Georgia BW a pretty general opinion poll tonight and to be honest with the I'm I'm surprised at this poll. The question is does a business have a responsibility to serve. Every war. 17%. Only 17% say yes and 83% say no and we're not talking about it. I'm consumers who were rowdy we're talking about customers who were trying to cause trouble who were intoxicated or Drucker may be pose a threat to other consumed. We're talking about discriminating in refusing to serve -- those signs generally as far as I know they generally don't stand for. You can just not serve anybody. Based on skin color gender or sexual orientation. Is is even if you're Christian businesses is that a legitimate reason. To not -- somebody. If you're so concerned about serving people who CN. Then the only guy that you should be serving died in the quotes. Why would you not questioned the sins of everybody who comes into your store if that's so important to. Here's a -- -- -- a male stripper in the French Quarter. And I was denied service by a local CPA firm to do my taxes once they found out what my profession once. Is that discrimination. Sounds like it to me. From both -- barrier on the -- showing -- WL. -- yes sir I think it. Any kind of discrimination. Against individuals who grabbed a restaurant. Washing the not tolerated I mean it's and it's Cutler got -- -- -- to attribute it. They have the right to discriminate amid civil rights -- -- and probably. And it wouldn't gamble called in people talk about public political and you pick up. I didn't -- a -- Racism and discrimination for Latin that would back. I'll loud -- I'll probably go Portland. When would it be original content and blacks couldn't come -- -- -- -- -- what kind of money you can get you to meet a period from the -- dual -- at all ought to -- you could commute. We -- stated that people -- That it could -- -- processors get. -- in Sweden now it's slippery slope the group put the right that will look at look where certain people want not. Teaching to the popular -- of public. Some of the reason why they want to exception. And very one of the things it occurred to me after watching movies the Butler talked about this show is that is it. Serious racism. Is is not that far in our past that there are there are teenagers today. They had been told stories by their fathers. Who were told stories by their grandfathers. Who had firsthand experience with latent physical. Segregation. And -- the past is not as far back at some people wanna think it is. And then look I -- restaurants. Not that counties. And they know about times and it is rapidly and take over here. But it's good to accommodate the -- and I commuted -- technically at the end of the dual command in recent equally critical. They will come back next year in the he period about it but it would bet my beat it to bite the I'm the did and it recognizes people wrote an -- look at all -- You'd think he would. Our group and outside your race and I think that's well so I actually. It's a brazen escalation. If it in my opinion in the myopic recently -- do quite real. No I would I would agree with -- -- unfortunately it is it is true Barry thanks for listening WW -- at night. Now you know there's there's there's always the there's always the possibility. That. Did you might get a bad waiter or waitress. And if you're black you might think -- they're discriminating against me. And -- they might be. But I can tell you as a as a consumers a white guy sometimes I feel like I'm not. Given the service that that I should should get now I can't blame it on my skin color. It's just a bad waiter waitress so I'm not saying that that kind of of subliminal. Racism or in some ways it's not so subliminal the -- kind of racism doesn't exist. However -- There may be times win. There's just not somebody who is. Good at their job. Taking care of -- Here is so a text. That -- many times it's not about color. Or revenge. It's about gang initiative reachable. They shoot or kill to become gang members and that's from. Dave Newman from concealed carry no. Pop from home Paula your WWL. Do people. The baker -- -- a couple of days. Because he acts -- a decorated baker KK. There are so -- participating in their celebration which goes against his religion. They would accept that our house what do diploma in Iraq -- the authenticate. He would provide the sort he would celebrate with. I also heard they ought to make indicate he just would decorated. Also heard it called about baker who say he would make it four. But he insisted that he do. They may have been trying to make a point. No words can -- What are the product that putt in my opinion the pod needs to be stirred because they were or are some people who are willing to discriminate based on their perception of morality. Well it's also a bit tentative agreement religion. But what -- that instead of. Okay I'm gonna ask your question I asked the caller earlier on there was a time in this country and there are some people who still hold this belief that he is immoral. For whites and blacks to marry. So what if and black and white couple a biracial couple comes in two to. Get business and Andre Barrett. They don't they don't know they don't really shouldn't be in the next couple. There are people based on dear Christian beliefs is there were in the past there are people they've called the show people called the show I don't know what specific I -- I regret that they have they -- -- so he is is that fair ball. Our picks up that election equipment that we should be ridiculous for a moment we're diabetic or black. Errol widening achievement award and a ticket takes celebrating slavery should have bickered before the -- they take. I'd have to be consistent say yes. Not yet predict a -- -- the government telling you which you have to do you know that's that's ridiculous packaging. But the government tells you can't discriminate based on race. The Civil Rights Act of 1964. And -- but I don't think that I thought it -- nick has been held by and they decay developers slightly opened at ghost there's so you can use you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay we'll so if you're if you're against government controls and you would be you would be against a ban by the government of same sex marriage. You know. I don't know would be reports that's government and the other. I think the government shouldn't regulate marriage should be -- book offers -- ought to get out marriage ought to get to stop giving tax -- about people without children about it. And that that could be done under the religion like most of. -- but but if if if people have to have a legal license it to Mary -- You can get married in the church which FL licensed to get married and -- something that comes from bureaucracy. -- -- -- -- -- There you go to a considerable -- you know I I don't you agree would you call the toll. In the minds of a year European mean if you what the government out completely then you'd be for same sex marriage and for for nobody going to a City Hall to get a license to get married. Our our production could put down like about -- about more freedoms the government. -- regularly yet removal but well I totally I totally agree with the government to do what directly takes it got more problems more serious problems in regulated -- Well. It's it's it's one of the discrimination battles today it's a group is facing today it's it's sad that there are there are some parallels between -- past discrimination flights in the current discrimination fight where there were dealing with. But I'm willing to break. Good I don't show and thanks hosting general. -- did your -- stay with us for coming right back with -- -- your comments it's the -- showing a cold Wednesday night. Especially Europe to the north of New Orleans and some of it. -- -- -- in the states toward the northeast and Kentucky and Tennessee and knows it's very very cold tonight stay warm we'll be right back into the WL is revenge. Motivating attacks on the streets of New Orleans there seems to be talked about this based on some. Some recent attacks. Sort of things are talking about that's a scoop on to race on our website at Debbie WL dot com. You can read it indenture with others and you can agree or disagree -- here's -- -- -- can you finally drop your cowardly stance revenge. It's hate stupid. I think you could argue that revenge. And hate are almost synonymous. Here's attacks white black or otherwise these thugs will hopefully. Run into someone who will put a bullet in their brain. Is it any wonder why so many people wanna carry a concealed weapon for protection. A for Slidell John your -- the -- show good evening. -- think he's cute and good. I. I have had a great privilege of going into also to Christian churches after it became Christians feel comfortable in pretty McKinney want. Now. And most of the church has not been -- others to. Holy spirit holy sacrament. Won the holy communion. Some turkeys practiced that on the regular bike and so on haven't -- the launch monitors and the other is only meant for. And so. I don't think -- biker. Well it was a -- We refuse service to you in other word that the people to come in and bought open -- the -- cupcakes. -- report whatever they came. I don't think it would have been repeat service. What are your previous caller mentioned it. -- -- Since they believe it it's a holy matrimony in god is present in the relationship and the Bible believing Christian. They don't believe this relationship -- -- thank depart by. Can't. So they kept them to go elsewhere in Iraq is -- but. You've had this on the economic cultural long time ago about not a war. I think what -- most -- biker. They might actually it physically attack or a problem like you know I don't think it's here to speculate on that. What else do they make you need to reach some more things that are going on in the world today like I -- Well that's that's -- Nigeria John in the where we're talking about the United States of America and in their bad things have happened in other countries and and bad things that happen here as well but I don't think it's fair to say. It's if there's a Muslim baker -- I get and quite often I get in camps. And to drivers are Muslim. And we have conversations I'm not afraid I'm gonna be attacked getting you know a camp driven by a Muslim. Which are not asking for. Empty except again like apparently took a day that I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They report they or they depicting openly gay bar. The full extent that more but I'm just saying they had done to me at least it's a cryptic looking for. Tolerance and acceptance and if you want to be tolerant to you want except -- -- in my -- on -- being home. A lot of -- And and and tragically get a lot of our young -- is true per bit extra I mean I'm talking about very close cute people that aren't really your belt. And I we're still here. And I don't want to continue. Now some real life startled and brokers and content in its -- people are Christian Bible believing Christian I would -- right it would have been. Terrible just would have been respected these people simply found another brake pedal away -- field. Thanks John a political show -- and by the way for the record this to speak Korean in Portland Oregon sweet cakes by Melissa. They went out of business. So that the free market society in in Portland. I did. Voice their opinion and there was so much backlash they'd actually went out of business. I hear is attacks to about economy about Glenn Beck it is your right to not agree with panic it is my right to agree. That is what makes our country great and to not be a socialist or Communist country it is important for people to study history great countries room for instance. Fall. From within a close our country. And he sees. -- It deterioration of values and beliefs that made our country prosperous and great. Can we all read history to see would meet our country great what we can learn hopefully together. We could try to make this country -- in in all ways. Well it to a degree I I agree with that my point about somebody like Glenn Beck is Glenn Beck has just. Made. Ridiculous. Comments and predictions on the year. And I just find it interesting that an -- and yet if people are OK you're OK with me to fight -- at some of the things that that he has said. There'd be people who would be just. Highly critical and there are people who -- critical -- -- Big -- could certainly have a right to agree with anybody want to. But -- it interesting that Glenn Beck now says. That he believes he played a role in helping turn this country apart I don't know if his ego should be that big. He's giving himself credit for playing a part in tearing this country apart saying it's not who we are. 100 to turn this country apart. Through his. Divisive state to his his divide and conquer. On air mentality is is is that what he's. He's done he's confessing here. I hear is attacks Tug at your calls here in just a moment here's a text it reads I tickets just a matter of young adults with absolutely nothing. Else better to do with their time pure and simple. And you know that it was a case of those. Those a Caucasian. Teenagers know I think it would they would both of education and black with three teenagers in Oklahoma. Which they kill somebody because they were bored. Again. No excuse. It might be the recent. But don't excuse and I mentioned a moment ago -- WW LTV is -- is reporting that now there are two people in a hospital I guess this person. Doug potter the musician I've beaten up last night as somebody else to men in the hospital. Head injuries as a result of senseless attacks in the French Quarter. And if it's not about robbery. And in my case it was in about robbery apparently it was done about robbery. Is it about revenge. For Mary Bryant your under the WL. Basic -- -- -- this straight it's the people on this bakery well it could be -- with a monster we're gonna take this couple's money. We're not gonna take back couple money. That is. And the smooth developments you know but it does kind of hurt. Says. -- just what the Christian churches over the weekend because he went ministries for fifteen years. And he's got an interracial dating six months ago. When he should the church people didn't like. That's a real Christian thing isn't. And be easy and not about it is he Wasilla dump salary -- come typically Christian. You know. Look like that he would do about our relationship meanwhile he the same thing about gay marriage -- -- man of -- that is gay -- is that we some grading tape for the go met at the that's -- that's interesting. And hopefully -- inspection. You know it's complicating. Pickle our people need extra -- the program. Brian actually agree with you and thanks for Sherron eyewitness here's a -- private business can refuse service to anyone free market can decide. Well. But it's. What was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 about you can't refuse to service somebody based on skin color we -- refuse to serve somebody because they're black. You can't refuse to serve somebody because they're white he can't refuse to serve a biracial couple. So I'm just curious as to why it's okay to not serve. A gay couple. And -- -- I think one of the problems is when winter and people sable I don't what their lifestyle thorn in our face. OK I understand it. But sometimes people who were defined as gay. Conjure up. People who were observing them to subconsciously envision what they do in the bedroom they're repulsed by it and based on that. The British -- in their face but based on their projection of what happens between these two people in the bedroom. They discriminate. Is that really fair. This is this Puccio if you gonna join us for your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Text is he 7870 it's a cold Wednesday night. Frigid and now much of the country you know still a possibility you might see a little sleet. Thursday night into into Friday morning and and maybe a stray snow flake here -- there. Nothing to get too excited about. Our report about he calls here's a Texan reads and when you're in business. It's this easy. Don't judge just treat people equally do your job take the money keep your views to yourself enjoy your religion but don't behave your way to heaven. On my soul. Here's attacks the problem with you -- is every time you use your critical thinking skills on some of these callers. The Diddy or gross stop it. Not exactly sure. What that refers to. Articulate a VW -- leading. The note quote they -- I want to ignore -- how old problem with that may not -- Yeah you know -- I'm really glad you called the show but I mean obviously that's that's a crank call here's a Texan now you're assuming why people are against gays you're no different than others in the media. You talk about it. -- now I'm assuming. I'm assuming. White people or against gates. Yeah well I mean I I I sit -- order on a regular basis in this topic has come awful lot in the last two a year to. My stance on this has been consistent on radio for the last ten years. I I I I'm not assuming I'm I'm I'm listening and I hear what people safe. Abouts. Their judgment. Of gates. If you're not judging based on a moral issue. Then why are you judge ignite it I mean if you -- enlighten me please please -- shore or send me texted tell me why. Why they would be judgment. Against two consenting adults. Who -- homosexual. Unless it's based on morality. And and it it's it's quite obvious. That there are a lot of people in this country who do passed this judgment. And proclaim the world is coming to an end this is the end of American society. Think about the fall of of of Rome. There is again so often we talk about hysteria in this country. If you go back and look at history. There were a lot of things that contributed to the full Rome. And not just a perceived. Acceptance of homosexuality. But yet it's so convenient. For people to pick and choose. A few little things. In life. And advance to their rhetoric to make their case when in reality it's a lot more complicated than that. In the same way and we've talked about this on the show I've written a blog about it we've done shows about it. There are people who honestly believe and and and god bless him -- but they honestly believe that removing prayer from public schools. Is the reason this country's in the shape it's in. There were so many things going on in this country in in that the sixties. When the Supreme Court ruled that schools. Could not lead. Prayers public schools could not lead the prayer because they. Are an entity of the government. There were so many things going on in our society. -- indicated a transformation. In America. The to blame it on that one thing. Is. Is indication of of hysterical panic. It's not that -- And do you really think that if if kids were forced to say a prayer or listen to a prayer at the beginning of the day. If that wasn't reinforced at home do you really think that would make them. Better people today. Do you think these young people walking the streets and attacking people all they need to do is if there were only that simple. But it's not that simple. You think if if these kids who or attacking people on the street. Perhaps out of revenge or just -- in frustration with their -- -- Which is it -- by the way. If you think that all they need to do is here prayer at the beginning of their schooled in America to do this. It's what goes on in the hole. It's what's taught. And it's what's not talked. The biggest problem that we've had in this country is the the distance. That is now between our society. And personal accountability. And to me that is far greater than. Requiring a prayer and that if the school's gonna lead a prayer again and what prayer. Go back and look at the Supreme Court rule when -- go back and look at the cases that led to the ruling. It's. It's multifaceted it's not just this one thing and and that there was an attempt to be fair -- not an attempt to sanitize this country of of religion. And we talked about this recently with the alleged war on Christmas. Which to me is much more medium height. -- is reality. Because nobody can take Christmas away from you. And and if you allow if you allow. One reference to one religion and based on the foundation of this country. It's right and proper to allow other expressions of other religions. So are you OK with occasionally your kids hearing. A Muslim prayer. If you were. If you are strict Baptist. Do you want your kids to hear. A Catholic prayer. If you are. Jehovah's witness. Do you what your kids to hear prayers that are not congruent with their religion it is again I don't pickets. I don't think it's it's. It's right disable. Oh we don't we had this religion because what you're asking is -- asking the government to endorse and support. A religion and I think that's a very very dangerous thing to support and think about how many arguments in this country. Without people realizing it actually senator -- giving the government. Moral power to judge our specific morals. If you want to join -- show the comic tonight's hard numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. In text numbers 8770 here is a text that reads a pot smoking liberal -- Yes you are start your own business. Then you would understand. While many think it starts out labeling me a pot smoking liberal hippy and it doesn't have credibility in my opinion. -- -- And we'll be right back on VW well does a business have a responsibility. To serve every one. Again we're not talking about people's door dressed appropriately. Are people who are drunk or stoned or causing. Or did displaying violent behavior we're we're talking about. People based on. Our perception of skin color or or morals that's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll here's an update. Only 22% say yes a business has a responsibility to serve everybody 78%. Say a business does not have a responsibility to serve everybody. Here is a text that reads you said did we. Are against gays because what we think they're doing behind closed doors. I don't care what they do in their rooms. I don't like what they do in public. What is it that you seagate is doing in public. I'd I'd love to to -- to the net. Because. Public. Lewdness. Public sex acts. Are wrong whether you're straight or -- It's unacceptable I get I don't I'm not I'm not exactly sure where you're seeing this and if you're seeing is somewhere I would be totally against that so. Please enlighten me until we were to tell me where -- -- Here's a text. Of the show's -- here's another tax -- I am a gay man if you met me on the street you wouldn't know it. I don't push my lifestyle on anyone I'm also would devout Catholic. And veteran of Vietnam. I've been with the same partner for twenty years to tell all of your listeners out there. -- Our way a -- that are against my battery older or against my way of life and judge me police say. Police say why you feel like your opinion should run my life I don't feel that way about you. Why do is my life affect you. MI not entitled to be happy. God -- Well I I I agree with that. Why -- I'm still confused when I think about. The battles at this country has endured. Concerning equality. I guess I'm still confused. As to why some people. Are so judgmental. Of a lifestyle. It doesn't affect them. What are you afraid. Tonight are also talking about. Two people two men in the hospital. Because of attacks in the French Quarter. And one of them happened to mistreat me a -- decision but it musicians on the street Doug potter. Who is the brother of -- potter who works here -- Debbie if you don't has for a long time he -- part of our family so this touches close to home. And -- is very close to home to be because it's issued no I would which attacked. Town and there are some similarities between what happened in the in what happened to Doug Parker. And some of the similarities indicate that it wasn't about robbery. It might have been about revenge or retaliation against. Against whites. And judging all whites as bad is the same as whites judging all blacks. Being bad because of the behavior of some. And if robbery is not the motive than than what what is the motive. And it really is frightening to think that they're they're they're may be people who are taking out their frustrations. Bear. Seeking revenge. Against -- walking down the street. Mean that that really defies with this country's about. If you wanna join our show with fewer comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 in a text -- 877. Are we have another Arctic blast hitting the country and parts of southeast Louisiana. You might experience -- freezing temperatures this week. In fact were all -- on the field that is it's not quite as cold tonight as it was last night but we still got this Arctic blast. Possibility of some wintering mix probably look at asleep maybe a flicker to hear there. Of -- tomorrow night. If you ought to be the first to know about our changing -- not only now but really throughout the year sign up in this free sign up now for the WWL text alerts. Just text the word whether. 287870. Message and data rates may -- But the service is free and it's. You don't even have to have a super Smart phone you could have distant a regular cellphone it's available on him on every cellphone. So text the word whether. Too late 7817. And the devious update also on our web site three of the mayoral candidates were going one on one with Angela hill today on her show an open mind. Today at WWL. Video of the three mayoral candidates going on a woman Angela hill. Is it WWL dot com and also the and scoot -- -- gifts on. If it's revenge motivating attacks on the streets of New Orleans. Isn't that a concern you can read that insurance WW real dot com. And we'll be right back after this news break on -- WL.