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Jan 23, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: Musician beat in FQ - in coma - robbery apparently not motive. Is there a growing sense of revenge on the streets? Is the knockout game and are attacks a way to of seeking revenge for frustrations of not having more? PLUS: Christian bakery in Portland faces huge fine after being found guilty of violating a lesbian couple's civil rights by refusing to make a wedding cake for them. Do businesses have a responsibility to serve everyone?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talk about George join -- swayze -- let me bring up to date on what we're talking about tonight's a Christian bakery in Portland Oregon and we talked about this before but now there has been a decision in this case. I'm a Portland Oregon Christian bakery is facing huge fines up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. After being found guilty of violating a lesbian couples civil rights. The bakery sweet cakes by Melissa refused to make a wedding cake for lesbian couple. Now before you are quick to pass judgment saying well if it's Christian bakery they. Should be able to serve -- wanna serve. Should businesses. Be responsible to serve every. That's -- -- WL party -- opinion poll 17% say yes in an overwhelming 83% say no businesses. Do not have a responsibility to serve. Well maybe this is is not quite worded properly but here's the intent of the question. Obviously if somebody is drunk. If somebody is violent. If somebody showing a certain kinds of behavior of course she shouldn't have do to serve them. But should you be able to not serve somebody if you -- in business. And your abiding by. The rules of of the state in the country and the city -- Should you be able to. Pass judgment. And not serve somebody based on religious beliefs. You Richard -- by going to our web site WWL dot com also if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Enter text -- receipts have any it's having -- -- also talking about something has been very prominent in the news in New Orleans a -- as police are looking for suspects in the beating of a local musician. Very early this morning at 1205. In the eight or block contact Doug potter local musicians. Was attacked by -- two suspects apparently there was a verbal altercation. -- interests are so severe that he's in a drug induced coma. Robert Reid to -- appear to have been the motive. Soldier was it robbery. Was it revenge. Was it. Was it hate. And and I've I've I'm talking to NO PD again about the case for my attackers. -- about it a year ago. In downtown New Orleans. And they're seemed to be some striking similarities between. The video that I saw. Of this case. And my case. And also the fact that robbery didn't seem to be the true motive. In my case. And then what also stands out in my mind after hearing about this. And thinking about my personals and I'm not making this about me I'm just sharing my personal. Experience with this. Somebody told me and I was introduced to a black gentleman. And I hate to bring race into this but it does give a certain perspective on this and we're just having an honest conversation -- by Israel restraint. This guy was introduced to me and in introducing me. They do for the person we knew. So to mobilize an instant what had recently happened to me. How sad it was that happened. Without hesitation the guy said well they attack to -- official white it would wasn't about robbery. And I don't remember what it was revenge -- and I realized that revenge is a is is a personal thing. But I think you could also apply the word revenge to getting back at those who are perceived to have done wrong. To a group. And I'm wondering if there isn't something legitimate about this idea. -- the knockout game or get some of the the crimes on the streets. If not demoted by Iraq by robbery are motivated by revenge. I'm motivated by hate are motivated by frustration and attempt to get back. And a race that is perceived to be a race that has suppressed. Now if you listen their show on a regular basis you know that I understand history. And I understand. Racists and and suppression and I understand it still goes on today. But there's something inherently wrong with. Passing judgment on an entire group or single single singling out people who you perceive to be culprits. When they might have really had nothing to do with anything. -- -- -- If you wanna join our conversation tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. -- summer is a symphony center editorial text are just a moment -- like tonight is titled is revenge motivating attacks on the streets of New Orleans. Read it give -- your comments and share with others it's something that you might not have considered that may be needs to be considered. Because the best way to fight evil is to try to figure out the motivation. Behind the evil. And it's -- -- cited a BWL dot com for mobile David you're on the strip show. -- Quickly yes -- I think motivation as revenge is the real motivation for assault and hate is the underlying reasons revenge especially because of -- like for example here -- We just had to teenagers convicted. For gunning down a woman. And the reason they -- outlook because -- them out now and ever. And Archie was -- out but over but teenage daughter and one. I mean that your yes I think engine of real motivating factor. It -- especially because. I don't think that what the point you were trying to -- But I do want to -- that. -- David and in this particular case I'm asking that question is we we know there are white racists we also know there are black racists but. It is there this motivation to seek revenge against the white race. Mean obviously whites in some cases seeking revenge against the black race because they don't like the black race in and and and vice Versa -- are some of these attacks. From people who have been taught to hate the entire white race. Yet it yet. Some local -- but. On the -- so quickly a lot of time and about the governor's trip. To Asia -- economic. You know probably in some may not. Actually bought the building a facility and so -- -- hasn't. Yes and we will. All politicians problems develop them but last year to be going to Hamburg Germany but the Europeans. -- sure. And security you -- about there's. It's like in the ground there. That will lead to future. Companies especially our upcoming mobile. And Alabama and we know that because we. Read the reason we. So the is because the relationship. That was played out over the previous decade especially with tanker contract. -- -- -- I understand that David and I know that there are a lot of that is successful. Business. Seeking -- trips. But we also know and I'm not saying this of our governor Bobby Jindal. But we do know that there are politicians. Who. Seemingly. Have taken advantage of the power they have to send them selves on on a wonderful trip. And I couldn't help but it may be its protocol by could help find it but -- it for staying. That the media sources that that I found today. Went out of their way to save the governor and came back to Louisiana with no deals. And without mentioning any of the the businesses that he actually contact and I'm not saying there's anything suspicious about that but I I can't help but ask the question. David I'm I'm going to color shield us from the world's Mike -- on -- WL. Thanks for college it's one of the country where he -- saying. -- remember why we -- -- And pat I agree you. Somewhat like -- traded to solve on Horry Keener. Common. -- Back our police wouldn't support. Barack can certainly understand. Back -- debate we're not sure sure back customer. Or court do you from our customer. But if we we -- archer. Common ordinary. Our -- and people of good behavior. And re -- mayor nature not chew. Sure -- -- -- of -- hour and sexuality or. Not like we we need to look at just trust -- labor law. Yeah a lot to -- or able immediate law Packers know that they are shared a laugh out. To not terror. Couple the most ridiculous thing. Well I also might think it's it's it's hypocritical if if CNN is so important to a Christian bakery and why would they not question. Everybody who comes in have you had an abortion are you pro life or pro choice are US swinger have you cheated on your spouse died there there's -- in list our sins that they should go through if their goal is to if they don't want to be hypocritical if their goal is to not. Serve. I had a lesbian couple because of this -- they perceive they're engaged it. Sure I agree you end and you know interest in bank and a bit. Cautiously because I'm at. All you Asia it would lock everyone one into one hole. There are a lot its phase. And sometimes. Try to hide behind christianity. Or or time catch spiritual. What presentation if you -- -- and all unpacked to you know -- From it it doesn't surprise me that even -- -- claim to be accretion bakery. -- about an acting this way. Com security that they want to just quickly share a year and and that you actually you can believe -- our story. -- and oh wait you're salt. Walking I think you'll walking home tonight and on New Orleans and how it and we -- and and how we approached. -- very angry. Disgruntled. African American gentleman. And leave mine my life and and child. Or when a bit. And down. On my ground game because I was in Europe and then it it's -- yeah. Lisa but he wouldn't he wouldn't need to be -- JEY. And mommy and politely that. Not interest earned your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Charlie if something happened actually in the face -- And it can happen and it's funny wind. Were not. And it. My mile lights -- that my eight year old basically told -- that -- -- you know he I was gonna we're gonna kill. And and obviously happier now and bottom. Extra -- to try. We -- a -- We want. We want -- But I'm like yeah. That EU wonder in Iraq cannot be out at this time ambient air pocket -- And. At a general Michael outlet living downtown I have run into some people who were just really nice if you say there's no -- to request for money they -- -- you know god -- should have a have a blessed evening. And then there are those. A few who do get aggressive and you know you you have a right to ask somebody for money in my opinion but you do not have the right to get angry because nobody has to give you money. And that mentality has got to change. -- culture where -- and I think I think do you warn a similar situation although I think you're by yourself. You know -- again. Fraternal staying dark yes. You know high Hispanic and -- -- -- -- natural light. And light. About Gingrich got kicked my life it would like what I thought about why can't allow -- -- -- and -- chart. And that's the -- issue that you should damn Mike I'm really going to call the show and I'm sorry that haven't even appreciate you sharing your story with -- and thanks for listening to derivative -- night. Here's a Texan reads on an atheist does that mean I can't shop at that decree. LO well. Yeah I think that's that's a good point. If you wanna join us with your comments tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text numbers -- of the gates having here's had a VW project opinion poll does a business have a responsibility to serve everybody. How many people acting crazier and Michael Drucker stove and violent. Talking about. People who come in just to do business with you. Does a business have a responsibility to serve those that they might even disagree with in some ways especially along religious grounds. This is a Scotia we're coming right back after this quick break under -- well a Christian bakery in Portland Oregon is facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for being found guilty of violating a lesbian couples civil rights by refusing to break. A wedding cake for them. Here's -- -- W a pretty general opinion poll tonight in an update does a business have a responsibility to serve everyone 22% say yes. 70% say don't give us your opinion by going to our website WW well. I don't count before about your calls I want to mention that I'd like I failed Friday after the news to talk about. How I'm going. Which probably not the answer in my situation and the big gun is not always the answer -- we get to more of your calls and a couple of text before vibe I get to that. Here's an interesting text that says if you're trying to have an honest conversation. And why you glossing over what whites. Have done to blacks. And whites are still the beneficiaries. Of past mistreatment of blacks. This is just so indicative of how people hear what they wanna hear. And there is a tendency. If you don't mention every aspect of the scenario when you're discussing one. Topical pertinent issue if you don't mention every possible scenario which is impossible. That people think that -- your myopic in your views and you'll only see one side of it and anybody who listens to the shorter regular basis knows that that's not me. I have never and I'm not tonight and I will never gloss over what whites have done to blacks over the years. But what this Texas suggesting. Is that because I'm white because of that. And I recognize the past but because of that passed I am guilty. And you can't hold people guilty by association. Any more than I can can judge all blacks. Because for black guys jumped me. I can't percent all blacks because of that and that's more personal. Than our past. But it's wrong to pass post -- judgment. Our groups of people win those who -- pardoning. Really did not contribute to the problems at all from -- and Jonathan your understood shown to be WL. What the common. They are so. There you. I looked at and so. Sexual -- call. Automatic. And our tree you know the question -- -- -- sport my interest questions. -- They're seeing rated. You sort of -- it -- to a couple. Strokes are very sore. Arm. My question but. In the are you sir. I -- motivation -- -- that. Balance. I don't think that -- it is is it because mr. Obama. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or or even bother to elect -- it sometimes it's it might be more obvious it might be more obvious that a couple is. A lesbian couple or gay male couples sometimes that might be obvious based on on behavior. On what's not so obvious is if somebody has had an abortion if somebody is a swinger. If somebody is in Japan not -- or in two on on a litany of -- since it is so if you're serving. People who are. Without -- your motive. The only person that you could serve. Was killed on the cross. It. She is it. The tree. And it. Just to. Get out here you know you don't look at. -- -- -- -- -- -- Situation sit here and go -- -- -- question that not only. Because of what you. Eight. That what he still. While I agree with -- and I think there's hypocrisy to refuse service based on -- and and not receive refuse service based on. On another stand when you know in reality. Jonathan it's. It's up to all of us to lead the life it it fits our moral compass. And as long as we're not hurting anybody else we know ultimately have to answer to that an individual basis. Jonathan I've enjoyed your perspective thanks for listening to our show. And let's go to a ruling Charlie here on WWL. -- -- Thanks to call should you know. I'll I'll I'll I'll tell you. What musician. One guy that is all. A relative. To act and all that result in severe. Trouble. And so this person and Bert actually. Struck you could I just like model that. Which was not -- I want the respect that they are all crying is wrong. What -- like black it's not why. You know. When people. Take the right -- not personal way I've beaten to mop up what. Now it is true it is true that -- It is true this is why don't white. You know with. Ethnic groups and it's true. There is caught between the races and the motivation. Problem and issue shouldn't and it couldn't race. And outlook that. There is such thing that matters a lot. On the start because you're on -- fine. Crime however it was a lot of people. -- -- and right now legal search it is pretty well again I don't want. It's a race issue and that's what class why. So. Andy what happens right -- actually. Went in my opinion. Cole did that same poll but of course I. Act. And it -- out. And which. It is almost is not -- important an awful lot. Of the issue. -- now the shop the pocket stepping. We know about state issue. All now for -- why it -- why. Hold it. It's good to support. You have it spit it. Out. Now why why a global and. The AA dot at an element call release point he wouldn't -- call -- there on. Obviously he didn't really work. I'm not -- -- -- -- -- Both -- and I agree with if you didn't. Quit. All that it that there was a crime against this musician is even now. We at all. It. Is so he won a look at it. So let it out by law ought not -- the dog got criminals if you don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Charlie and I totally agree I'm going to call the show here's a text. That reads -- it was so very wrong for Mike there was a previous caller to have fun to endure what he endured. At the hands of a bigger my question is of what's significant is it that the bigger is a black man please help me understand. You know the truth is it's it's really not significant. In that case it -- unless you're describing. The visited the beggar who became aggressive and what you're describing that person to police for the purpose of identification. -- shouldn't matter. And honestly when I've talked about that the people who have. Aggressively big with me I have been mentioned whether they're white or black from Alabama build your own dispute show. Haluska -- -- You know. Programs can be done sir. You know economic -- surrogate many. Up and validated -- your -- a lot of violence can be banned for eight reasons. I think of the key people. Not only going back to Nazi Germany were used target of violence and say not this because -- -- so much as a religion. And they got it from everybody and even today. People attack people just because their views. So -- -- eight cram them their their crowds that are motivated predicts that whether because of you know liquid where he's like -- or religion. And any of the is that your talk about it K if she's our member of the some advocates. The New York baker -- and command and this man I was Nazi evidently sympathize or something like that -- time named Adolf Hitler. I don't know if you remember there. And he wanted the bankers to Mecklenburg AK tree it's on mobile. And and put on the cake happy birthday Adolf Hitler. Now the question is should -- does -- -- be acquired. It didn't if it's if writing happy birthday of Hitler. Would be abhorrent to that person's values. Well I don't I I I don't I think you should make the cake and I think that somebody should be intelligent enough to. To realize that this is the name. Of of somebody signed. You know the argument could be may well what if some kid happens to be named Timothy McVeigh. I should. Somebody be able to discriminate against him because of -- Timothy McVeigh did. It spent against the United States killing innocent people including children. Hi is indeed the cake was for somebody -- you might disagree with the name that he he gave his -- but it was for his son it was in four. Adolf Hitler so with a clear conscience I would bake the cake. Well you know the child was named Adolf Hitler and an honor that person. And I don't even think that main should be honored it's it's taken him in Germany it's against the law it is it is. It did you even unions. Adolf Hitler Nazi symbols or anything like that the public how quick you don't -- that CC AL Hitler's main benefits about my. I just don't and don't think the government as a right to require me to do something about businesses apart from -- What if it was against there are people who still believe it's immoral for racist to mix. Could it could have business refuse to serve a mixed couple. You mean if it's pretty Peking man and they were they were. Couples of two different race. The only what if it was obvious to me nicely mixed couples downtown I mean I can tell that one's white one's black. I it's it's not a politically mixed race couple comes in pricing -- -- race I mean they're little. Hey if they wanna have a waiting game you know which you -- I think that would be wrong because they were mixed couple personally. I don't I don't see you know adults see now some people think that's wrong. I think the law says it's. If you he's -- somebody -- visits because their rates in January and certain kind of business interstate commerce at that potential law. I'd hit it isn't is it morally wrong to refuse to serve. A mixed race couple. -- based on your personal beliefs. I don't think that mixed race -- couple was wrong. I don't think that's morally wrong for people did the big. It but there there are they're people who still hold that that belief today. And it was and that was an unfortunate part of this this country's past it was. Immoral for whites and blacks to Marion I'd -- believe that was in on the case who went to the Supreme Court where the Supreme Court had to to player that he is constitutional. For whites and blacks to -- Some people some people think that's wrong they don't like it. And then -- bit laws to protect you from racial discrimination. But I don't think there's any religion that teaches each is that. There may be some people would have that kind of religion like the black Muslims. Which are yet to reformers but I don't think any Christian. Hold the belief that it's wrong for people to different -- Well hi Larry I've had died I've had conversations with people on their show bill and two. They did not identify themselves as as Muslims and they were clearly against when that topic has come off they were clearly against. On -- based on moral. Grounds that it was it was wrong it was immoral for whites and blacks to to have to -- bill I'm gonna get to a break I'm going to listening in Alabama. If -- -- stay with us were coming right back with more of your calls this is the -- show on -- Wednesday night it's -- mrs. WWL this coming Monday we're gonna start up once again -- 1000 dollar national cash contest sign up right now. For the WWL cash contest alert. SE what we're gonna do is we're gonna alert Q fifteen minutes before each code -- announced to remind you to tune in and listen to WW LC get the code word. All you have to do is text the word cash. Too late 7870. And will soon you'll an alert fifteen minutes before the code work is announced remind you tune in and listen. -- the current word code word and generate. -- WL dot com slash cache and you could win thousand dollars every day. Starting Monday January 27 to join in the -- -- out cash club today and remember to message. And data rates -- on your phones. We're talking about a Christian bakery in Portland Oregon facing huge fines now this -- the Newser not long ago but now they're facing huge fines because they have been found guilty of discriminating against the civil rights of the lesbian couple. And we're also talking about. A crime that took place in the world and it's very early this morning a musician winners that was attacked on the street and robbery does it appear to be the motive. And that was very similar to what happened to me and robbery didn't appear to be the motive as somebody told me that I was -- attacks because. They wanted to rob me. I was attacked because I was white. And this came from. A black gentleman. That was told when it happened today shortly after meeting me and he without hesitation said it's because your white. And -- hate against some. Some. Blacks have -- against whites. In the same waited whites have hate against blacks -- says his hate on both sides but did that I was targeted because I was -- that if if if robberies not the motive could revenge be demoted. Let me share this this text with you. The text reads. -- see where you know sometimes these these text jump all over the place because we get so many in so I've I've. Kinda lost this. It it brought up this idea. That. If you're. It if you're attacked. Because. Of your race. The debt would indeed be a hate crime. And possibly. These hate crimes in these attacks on the street could be the result. Of some of the movies that came out in 2013. About. Well for example the Butler. Twelve years a -- Have these movies. Ignited. Some blacks. Into. Seeking opportunities. For -- When innocent people are. Are being charged and convicted. On the streets of this is the case. And that really wouldn't be fair that would be as injustice. What these movies point out whites did to blacks. From the North -- build your on the school children to be WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's. Maybe then. The -- did violate the civil rights. The new gay couple of lesbian couple but would. These bakeries. Civil rights because we practiced -- on religion it is civilized manner like it was a simple right. A constitutional right before. That -- orchestra the practice of homosexuality in a much -- one is greater than when news. They're equal so. So -- you decide when one person civil rights. Will outweigh another person's civil rights and that inherent right to practice is that -- see -- -- -- and not. Not really because but you can't discriminate against race. Probably the reason why aren't they -- someone want to remember it's not -- -- The goal would be. We don't interpret that one out later -- That was one out yet we want it to a level. But it button to exit sign there one caller -- -- -- in the -- It's great. It if you and business. Debt debt debt not profitable it's. Silly of me and don't wanna go to black people all white people. Agree on boat people are gays or lesbians. -- box called on -- actual winner would. Choose to discriminate. It is business fails because of then ankles. -- until I I I I I do agree with that although like I don't agree with the right to discriminate to disagree with you now but I do I do agree that the marketplace will decide in fact is this decree and and Portland Oregon. This week cakes by Melissa victory. Is out of business because of the backlash so this silly so what is the city's consumers with a -- of business. And so so. That proves my point we don't need the government departments say -- applying all part of the problem vote -- we're gonna make a climber in a all we need to do. It's you know if the majority of people in your community disagree with you. You're not and the business so you can choose to do you ought to be morally right and exercise like -- there. By people who are here to suffer the consequences. In Europe business pat cash register. Bill. Theoretically there could be enough people that would come to the aid of this business to support this business. Even though they discriminated it whether it's against gays are against blacks or whites. Pending depending on the community the community come could come forward and support discriminatory behavior. I agree completely that you know -- It takes all cons to make all and that's what makes this nation that would that's what made this relation. A great nation would that we didn't depend on government to say well you can't -- that you have to run your business this way. We decide as individuals. Along time ago in the nation a terrible -- that you were ever existed that. We were going to be independent now that we need. I'm an article but we do that we -- know would you denounced the Civil Rights Act of 1964. What it would -- no. And today's society and -- -- are prepared to meet for a list there's go to Florida beat us. Because it because it happened in the first place because it was passed in the first place it led to a more tolerant world that we live in today. So of course it's not as needed today. I disagree or agree but -- -- you do it but you do you do agreed that it was needed at the time. Yet but it's good that the reason I agree I think it would be the time. Because when that was done. We want a global society we didn't have the war while we're on the Internet businesses and -- -- -- like a -- -- Russian. You're doing I don't understand I don't understand how -- -- fits into the Scottish. Well as -- -- dispute in other words. You don't have to market your business just to your community you can market your business. Well not everybody not everybody markets to everybody not everybody has the debate the logistics to market to everybody and some people are. Are are doing business with in the four Paul's. Everybody. Pretty error of their support bill. It's not it's not it's not -- -- have -- -- -- respectfully -- I'm glad -- -- -- -- I've got to -- to break I -- I don't think it's clear to require businesses to do business. On the Internet and to do. On delivery type of a business everywhere. In order to -- order. The the attitude of a specific -- I got so many text to get to get to as many as I can't and also a -- or your calls but when we come back. I have promised to tell you why I don't think -- gun would have helped me in the situation I was in and it may not have helped in the same way. What happened to this new -- musician last night. Vets and more when we come back but more dispute showing every WL there's a -- -- -- are pretty -- -- opinion. Told tonight's does a business have a responsibility to serve everybody here's an update on the poll 18% say. Yes but an overwhelming 82% say no business does not have the responsibility to serve everybody. I'm getting a lot of text from people who say well a lot of businesses have signs up that say. Reserve the right to refuse service. But. As far as I know that's not based on race. It's not based on gender. That sign is up because if somebody is not dressed properly. If somebody is acting. In a violent manner. Then those are legitimate reasons to not serve somebody but those signs are not. As far as I know what you are remember on those signs I don't believe our blanket. Statements giving permission to simply not serve people I also think it's really interesting that there are a lot of businesses that have the Christian fish. As is part of their Durant. Because they're trying to attract. Christians. Would those businesses probably promoting that there are Christian business. Would they refuse to serve somebody who did not accept Jesus Christ. As their. Lord and savior. I think that would be discrimination. So. Once again I'm. Getting comments it if I would have only had a gun. When I was attacked. And if this guy -- had a gun last night. There are people who believe that all you need is a gun if you have a gun you're okay. When this happened and and -- I'm thinking that this or even the same situation last night and I'm not. Again I'm not bringing this up again and to talk about me I'm simply sharing my personal. On perspective on this because it happened to me. -- and what happened last night to describe -- a lot of similarities between what happened this musician last night he was attacked. And and what happened to me is the same people same mentality. Sounds like that those are possibilities. The way I was approached. I would have had to take out my gun. And shoot. Before they had their hands on. If I had done net. Yes there's a possibility that -- put it in court said -- four of them one of me. But there could've been three witnesses. By shot one guide -- could have been three witnesses that said hey I don't know what that. My friend accidentally brush this guy when we were walking down the street and he pulled out a gun and shot. This idea that guns are always the answer is ludicrous. But yet it's it's something that that so many gun activists stand on that that's the answer he'd just need to have a gun. That's not always the answer. And there are countless stories in the news that we often talk about on this show on WWL. Did indicate that having a gun is not always the answer. And if you do shooting kills somebody. You may very well be in court proving that it was self defense. Now the good news for me is I'm OK the bad news for the guy last night and again I got roughed up again beaten up. Had a few issues but nothing serious disguised in in the skies in a coma right now. If you're on -- please stay -- this this is the -- show more of your calls and more of your text our next.