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01-22 11pm Scoot- muggers and sherman rant

Jan 23, 2014|

Scoot discusses: the mugging and injury of doug potter; a well liked musician in the French Quarter, and the tv rant of Seattle Seahawks, richard sherman.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to our short leg ledger with us on this Wednesday nights it is senator Cilic I would remind those of you who listened to -- two -- show and to be WL. -- FM 1053 and if there's a pelicans game on an aura sporting event like that on the offense station we are on the AM while that's going on FM. And -- you can join our show right after your listening to the game if you -- it became 11053 FM. Ultra rightwing conservative TV and radio personality Glenn Beck said in an interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News. I am I played a role unfortunately in helping tear this country apart. And it's not who we are. What is Glenn Beck admitting to. Is he admitting that far right wing. Ideology and on radio and television. Is tearing this country apart. They'll be a lot talked about with this revelation from. Glenn Beck. If you wanna join our -- tonight with a comment to our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889070. Protects Amber's -- 77 -- detects a racecar I heard this from someone yesterday. America the brave. Is still afraid of gays room maybe not celebrate. Here is so. A text scoot to all of the you have to have a gun crowd. Twice in my life I did have a gun at the moment of truth. I had the upper hand. I can tell you -- because I know. Thinking you're going to have to kill someone. Is one of the worst feelings you can never have. Have one of these guys. Actually used to gun in self defense call. And tell us how wonderful idiots. And that's from John. Intentionally. Here's a -- reads. If if our forefathers. New. It's always many of our forefathers knew that their -- would have been visited upon innocent family members. They would not have killed. And abused us. We're talking about a Christian they create Portland Oregon the story when it was popular last year because it had just come up but now. The state of Oregon has determined that sweet sweet cakes by Melissa the -- By refusing to bake a cake and serving a lesbian couple by refusing to do wedding cake for him. They violated the lesbian couples civil rights. And that's the ruling from the Oregon bureau of labor and industries. And they I'd say that they violated this this decree violated the or again and equality act of 2007. Which protects the LG BT community. Are under state lost there's going to be a period of reconciliation. If there's no agreement reached this this -- faces. Several 100000 dollars and finds. Now the bickering has since gone out of business because of the backlash. Against them not. Making it take for this lesbian couples so why I love the idea that the free enterprise system. Has spoken and that's that's a part of the way our sister or I I like I like that part of it. But do we tolerate discrimination today we're also talking about. The idea that may be revenge. Retaliation. Or you know -- He's motivating attacks. On the streets of -- -- -- And we're talking about what happened to a guy named Doug potter a local musician who is apparently leaving -- can going homeless site. -- was attacked. By a couple of guys. And they're described as black males and in the video -- black males and he's a white guys. And apparently robbery was not the the -- I can say that that's pretty much what happened and -- robbery was apparently not the motive. Of -- not the motive is a retaliation and is a revenge this is not something that I would have actually thought upon my own but as as I mentioned tonight. Somebody who met me and somebody told and why wasn't in what it happened to me and out how terrible they thought that was -- to the couple black guys. In -- black -- without hesitation said you were attacked for -- for robbery reasons you were you were attacked because -- white. And trying to get back -- Because your -- in the frustrated with. With points in general. Now I'm not visiting that attitude on all blacks. Immediately if you or should they -- a regular basis you don't -- -- say that but for those who don't listen on a regular basis I feel the need to. It just to say that I'm not passing judgment on all blacks. But if there is this. Mentality. That some young blacks half. They -- out to get back at two at whites. For past problems. That clearly needs to be addressed as part of an honest conversation. About race. And I got a six earlier tonight from from someone who said I'm -- -- not talking about. The the way whites have suppressed blacks over the well. You can't talk about every every scenario whenever you discussed one point topic. And that's something that we talked about a lot on the show the past and how the past is really not that far behind its. But to judge. Innocent people on the street. Because of of past. Injustice. Is wrong. If you wanna join our -- relied on numbers 260170. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- 77. -- from New Orleans east Cedric he owns -- or good evening. You know. And -- -- -- -- explain to me I eat a little. Is Sadiq because of revenge. -- flexible. -- eventual. And you can look to the conclusion. Well it was what somebody said to me I never I never thought about that when it happened to me I didn't I didn't consider that. And and somebody brought that up in my mind and then. In thinking about now what's it about robbery. And then this case involving this musician from last night apparently robbery was not the motive. Than what we don't -- the. After that I think it's premature for -- jump is there that I just my opinion on the annual. But just like to sit in the Arctic. About. What happened to the next two years ago and that is true. Then -- -- -- and whatever from the rhyme or reason. Anything in the you know. And we got the one widely -- what it would delay -- because of skin color. OK so my little cousin that's in pictured should I be attacked on the street. No and knocking on the percentage should be attacked. But I don't think that you can jump to that conclusion because. And in the truth be told that blacks were being attacked on the street and that effective being killed about a hundred. And in order to -- effects and so. Where where where blacks being attacked on the street to 100. You don't hear about the new opponent knows when blacks were found shot and killed or whatever. You know very little -- being. UBS -- elected. People okay -- we hear about it all the time. Okay missile went payment if is that the case if there. It can't be isolated incident was at peace with incentives. I don't -- -- -- many of the blacks who who kill other blacks it's about drug deals it's about arguments. But 22 randomly attack somebody on the street does it suggests an argument it doesn't suggest a bad drug dealer doesn't suggest. Gang territory it suggests something else. But but but what you're suggesting. You know not criticizing it as you might think but if you in the French Quarter and I'm traditionally is. Predominantly. -- So the chance -- -- -- being -- let it be black or whatever it is is more likely. Percent to close this thought came to this pistol was brought to to my mind because a black guy told me that this is this is what he hears in his community this is probably. What. I'm bringing this and asking the question I always I don't know I don't know I don't know for sure and asking the question is revenge. A motivating. And -- and I would disagree you know it would phenomenal if there isn't. But flexible. Why it was why was why it was so why would somebody be attacked if its not about robbery. You have to find out from from those people what would be a possibility. Yeah you you've decided to kick away the key is that but the picture available. That you can get -- you know hasn't it was a pleasant and I came out of -- House one night and to -- the -- proposal and also to but my neighbor's house. And they were attempting to break an -- a little bit and no I looked among them as a holiday it's been an analyst they have a blank I'm McCaw. And humbling -- So what I'm saying is. People is that now looking -- -- This is Dylan and people in not so -- -- black people. You know what does not output just felt like this so I need is some mentality of the -- industry untraditional in the French Quarter legacy. -- as little black and Italy pleasing being attacked. It's more likely -- I don't know I don't know how much time you spend in the French Quarter but it and -- -- often noted -- -- and -- -- we did happen a week there are sections of the French Quarter. Close to canal on a weekend night when that's not the case. It that you don't have a party in this conflict as an individual but the residents of the -- -- residents who continue with the resident reported in the if -- -- and what is most certainly untraditional. I would -- I would agree with you I don't know for sure but I would I would agree with you that devotion to quarters populated with flights. That would definitely increases so you. Under I would agree with it but if somebody is randomly attacked. On the streets. Is it possible that they're targeted because is it even possible that they targeted because they're white. -- no there's no way there's no way. I disagree with so but I would citizens closer and then he Italy is still well. It'll -- that we can both pre order. -- I do agree with that are going to call the show but I don't think it's it's it's wise. To rule out any possibility. That he's somebody if if blacks attack whites. -- of whites attacked blacks. And it's not about robbery. I don't see how it would be. Reasonable. To rule out the possibility. That its target because of skin color. From home court you're under the WL. -- -- -- -- only happily. At the right individual. -- -- -- Actuality gay straight whatever. -- -- Well we'd done it. Gregory. And when it when it comes to this this display Korea I think if there if a Christian decrease as well. I'm not gonna make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple because I don't agree with lesbians -- being married I don't agree with their lifestyle. Then it. Again as I said earlier if if you're going to serve only to people who don't send the only person you could possibly serve to. Was killed across over 2000 years ago. All of our but does right it just. Court I'm glad tickled -- thanks frosting if you wanna join us tonight with -- your thoughts and feelings -- -- our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Late seventy. And a text number is 87870. Here is attacks that -- -- African Americans. Feel anger toward whites because of slavery. Of their ancestors. This. This they are the only they think they are the only race that's ever been enslaved every race has been enslaved. At some point and they don't all acting field negative toward the race that enslave them. Well there's a there's a lot of truth in that. But but in in in our in our history in this country. There is no question. That. The white. Enslaving. Blacks. Is so. Dominant and recent in our history. That it's hard to ignore that. And I understand that. And I mentioned this earlier I mention it on the year after I saw the movie the Butler last year. Did the racism that has been passed on. The the the the actual experience of -- segregation. It has been passed on to two young generations today is not that -- and our past. Because teenagers today hear stories from their fathers. Who heard stories from their fathers and their grandfathers. And they were actually part of the the generation that was physically segregated. That was not include it. And I think in in some ways these two topics -- together there are some parallels. Between the fight for. Same sex marriage rights. And gay rights in general. And the fight for equal rights. For blacks there are some similarities. Now there are things that are or are different about it that there are people who will argue will you bored with your skin color you're not form a sexual orientation. I don't believe that I believe your former your sexual orientation I know I was born -- mine is -- I can do about it and heterosexual. I can't help and I knew that at a very very early age. -- very early so it wasn't a decision it was something that was just very natural to me so I can only assume that sexual orientation is something that your pitcher born. But even if somebody chooses something in this is America. Shouldn't somebody should be free to to make that decision for themselves if it's again if it's among consenting adults. And we had this discussion all the time and it it just does this discussions not gonna go away. And we continuing to progress as a nation toward acceptance. Of same sex marriage and that is not going to ruin this country. There are many things that are ruining this country. But acceptance of same sex marriage is not among them for Jeb -- showing your on the -- shown to be WL. Yeah school yeah. There that you guys -- total. Lack of unity. Total -- -- -- because you're worried what happened at. Like. And it's great quarter. In you know people daddy taught in the white one black line with a title like that that need to be cleared out -- -- Yet be needed between a man -- yet -- -- Is big indeed. You know. And I don't. It and that and that that is that's possible that's why I asked the question because I do. It's typical. You know you get. Great city which is -- you know but it is big demand you know. Why is it dangerous. Well -- you. That you would like to look at full. -- something. I've been assaulted twice but twos who once was more serious it was -- four guys in apparently robbery was was not the motive and and it I thought about what this person told me especially after I heard about it. The the attack last night. What did you get beat we will need to steal -- you know he'd more probably so. Where -- I was very good point of our board as part of our art. People you know it shouldn't call the executive board to are at -- need to be clear about. You know black yet -- need to managerial. It is showing you may be right on to -- right school what you don't look don't -- -- knew. It was coming we -- -- Or -- in the -- are collectively. It was shown I'd I'd I'd I tried I fought my way I fought. These -- well -- one in particular I guy. Sean first show and showing. You weren't there. What -- what you weren't there with me so don't judge what I was going -- don't judge what I saw. Don't judge where I was I was on a lighted street in the CBD. That I walk all the time from between the station and work. I was doing the morning show that morning and it was 4 o'clock in the morning. And four guys on the other side of the street. Now one of -- wearing a reflective vest and honestly my first thought was. These guys are going to work early in the morning just like me. And they cross the street there was nowhere for me to go and I was attacked. There -- to be at school but what I've seen as an hour or so where my surroundings. Now I don't. The bottom aren't you need to be anybody going in the credit score. Is -- -- be. That they. I don't go -- I lived down here. I don't live in the quarter but I live very close to the quarter it in the CB diesel that's my neighbor. Shot like what I'm saying is I always thought I was. Don't know nobody. It is well that's a legitimate about it because it -- -- -- local subnet. Is it possible. Well it some people would do -- it. Was -- and I appreciate your insight and at a bar. It's pretty beauty queen. Street for. There are terrible. -- -- -- I agree with. IC. -- -- I appreciate you calling I appreciate your insight and that's why I want to have this discussion I mean I I I think we should have. An honest discussion about race and if if if somebody has the impression that there's a possibility. I talked NO PD. And it a police officer. I sent a text -- I'm assuming it's a police officer we don't know for sure but I've heard from law enforcement and I've talked to that there is this mentality of retaliation. That's all blacks. But some may have that mentality in the same way. That there are a lot of whites in this country who passed judgment on all blacks because of the behavior of some. There are people who think that every black person that as of putting on as a criminal. And that is wrong. This is the -- show. We're coming right at your comments into the WL the results of some some studies in some research projects are are so obvious that the funding really is a total waste of money. Will we talk about. The results of of researching and in studies. Quite often it's just it's so obvious that you wonder why the money was spent but let's remember that there are people who. Who get money from grants. It enhances their lives financially. Our our government contributes to this. And some studies are subtle ridiculous that you wonder why money is spent on well here's what I think is one such study. New research shows that men. Between 45 and 69. With lower physical activity. And who spend more time sitting rather than walking. Are more likely to have heart failure. There's a shocking revelations. Why is money spent on this study that tells us the same thing that our common sense should tell us. You don't walk around you sit too much. And -- You don't exercise so -- oh my god you might. Be more likely to have heart failure and a study was done to tell -- that. Money well spent on. -- from Gulfport -- year on WWL. I sort of remind people did this country uses that very under -- so long -- people in spite of our races couldn't believe. For thousands of years and we've come a long way short period and where it. We're a progressive. Countries. Will fall rapidly. And if you think about it we have. In such a short period considering. Where we have come from and that amount stop. Well I would ago I would agree with that team but I don't think we should accept what still existed I mean I agree I mean that argument can certainly be made that we have made a lot of progress in. Who we talked about this Monday on MLK day. With the did the whole idea of the dream that Martin Luther King Jr. had did to people that essentially you're judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin and there's so many things that we did. And do how people are are being judged it. In -- -- it's almost as if we go a lot of our ways to look for reasons to judge people well he's a liberal lie he's a conservative. He's a Democrat he's -- he's gay he -- to. You know we've we've we look for reasons to to judge people and while we have. But we have come a long way. I don't think we should expect anything. More of ourselves other than just being the best we can only. No but I mean still we're a resilient country you'll eventually the it's it's it's common around it's just that something happened over night. -- I agree I agree an and an end. People will be forced to accept change kicking and screaming in the same way that people were forced to accept. Equality among the races in the sixties. So I mean I think we're gonna get through I have total confidence that we're gonna get through all this and one day. I will still be doing this show. And will be talking about remember years ago when we were talking about gays being discriminated against remember how ridiculous that debate was so -- I agree with you I'm totally optimistic about this country we'll we'll get through it. I have a question. About than the people with the -- out you know how long it would. How -- and in business before and were they very successful. Or they're. Was it like the biggest thing in -- I don't I don't get that impression when I don't know for sure. That it did did they did go out of business. Okay well I was gonna say was -- impression that they may have been and like the best thing round at the time. Because you know if you were accompanied cage out. And they're like there's evil bit they'd probably would have run across lakers -- rattle snakes we get -- customers would may have opened the door -- today. And you know it could be the one that that there you know I respect people who stand by the year there religious police but what bothers me. Are those people who are so quick to pass judgment on others. Hi -- glad you called thanks -- Gulfport here's a quick update on tonight's WWL pretty general opinion poll. Does a business have a responsibility to serve everybody this is that the closest the -- been tonight. And it's still overwhelmingly. No -- business. Does not have the responsibility to serve -- -- only 25% say yes but 75%. Say no. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman who we talked about earlier this week if he was highly criticized for his. For his post game a rant about 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree. And you know we played on the show and honestly. I defended Richard Sherman for that -- And it was where it was wrong to specifically target Michael Crabtree at -- that was wrong. And I think it was a great teaching moment for parents looking -- this is not the way to handle it but the guy was caught up in this in this moment of passion. And he's a passionate player. And and most players are passion as I mention I don't think Drew Brees would have handled it that way a lot of other players would not have handled it this way but I. For gave. Richard Sherman does need me to forgive him but but I was -- critical I don't think that was the way he should've handled it but I was and is critical is a lot of people -- Because of of the way he he just. Which were screaming and yelling that he's the best and Michael Crabtree is a mediocre and is not a good receiver don't you ever talk. Anyway I'm sure you you heard the rent. Well here's Richard to here's Richard Sherman now. Actually from from last night on CNN he was talking about how how he he kind of sort regrets the way he said. All they're very much by the low grip you know mostly our grid. I guess the storm afterwards. We you know with the way it was covered -- way it was perceived in in the attention that it took away from bill fantastic performance -- -- -- teammates you know. And that that -- only part of our great you know the way it's covered. You know I it is -- work where citizens were saying I've gotten you know I don't say I'm about. Probably should -- attacked another person you know I don't mean attacked him and that was that was a mature -- probably should've done that I regret doing that but. I just felt like my teammates deserve better and I do not have to apologize to him. I think it's a very articulate way to explain that he was Steve's gonna and in the heat of the moment got the best way to handle it but I I wasn't. Critical of have that passion I mean I -- I can think of times in. It in in my life when I have forgotten just in incredible news of being victorious. In in a situation and I don't know that I always handled it wins. The kind of of dignity that I would handle it today when when I was younger I look back in I did there were times when I was even more brazen than I am today and I'm not a part of those moments but I think those are forgive them bull moments. -- from New Orleans. Byron your into the WL. -- -- -- You know it or did not need people jump ball. From the oil. Midterm review orders -- the -- -- it would jump the little guy. Caught up in the right -- well okay. -- Michael orchestra and be viewed music Cutler. It is to me like a competitor. But -- People ordered Chris Christie. Whitney Whitney. At that -- asked about what you're cute goto. And Chris Christie. Hearing of people release it wayward it would be repeated it -- Yeah yeah I don't remember -- area. I don't remember that specifically by Chris Christie but I do remember him being an in somebody's face -- and if it's fair to say that Richard Sherman was not in anybody's face even went back and apologize to your -- Of fox sports I'm saying I wasn't yelling at you I was just yelling and I I totally understand his his his passion. Com and elegant -- Period right put me in the that -- traded practically -- -- -- -- -- After some what you that they're like -- should be bought deputy mayor. But it but it to put out on a great alternative -- And Byron there are people who probably. Is still judge people like Richard Sherman for. His hair. And -- and the way and an effect these blackened and fits the stereotype that they have been in their mind and it's clearly enter. That joke maker in -- go to every person look at what the manner appeared -- -- -- at all I did didn't he go to Stanford. They -- -- and graduated you know go to he graduated cycle. Even graduate spent. Graduated the step up outta Compuware who. -- -- their -- carpet. It's my understanding -- Richard Sherman is. Is a very Smart guy and a lot of people may not know this but I believe Stanford's one of the schools where they actually make the players go to class. That's. And you know -- we need to count you know. A and about what. It is an ever been -- department. Of law law. -- had a week that he's ready at all. Yeah out what you're Twitter and given -- the public that -- go 00 whale web site. But it it. Would be able pitched well enough to make these rates are we are it was that you wait that they have. But because. -- -- What to. We waited people come out the people on Twitter and an Internet we don't it's -- belt you know it -- it remains. -- Byron you're you're you're so right about that and you know and I I I see it every night when I I sit here and get text I've I don't I don't scheerer has often is probably I should be very complimentary text because I don't think those are as much fun as sharing the really ugly hateful text some of I I can't even read on the air. But there are people who do not hide behind. Their social media I shield. And say things that they wouldn't say if they were held accountable and those are true true cowards. That's right there -- their their -- column but you're gonna have. You're gonna do it took partly outside that are there people told. Don't you. It's something -- order. Right between them at all on portrait. You about it and be able to go out -- out 0000. And it delete. The way to -- shot all deployed to our typical or it -- better Rawls. Well and and -- what people need to realize is that people who who do this kind of bullying -- day they they they make these comments on and on social media Twitter and FaceBook. Now FaceBook is a little more revealing -- guest and then there's Twitter but you know what went right when I say something that people know exactly who was coming from. And yet there are people who are willing to say things and again hide behind what they believe his total. Anonymity and I think that is really to of the badge of a coward. That -- you know -- like an old trees in the background as used to children they'll. In company in a political -- created the -- white. Nobody in the world was good to know. When people. Ought. Would be -- -- are racist that you sent out he'd -- Into -- And Anbar and an end and people like you an Indian and and everybody else who. Who participates in and Twitter FaceBook we need to realize that that these people are cowards and so we should quickly discredit whatever they say. Bill. There. Are. -- You want to global. And sure people. Jamaica and the man. You're going to. -- -- -- People program. To get treatment -- AD. -- -- WW -- night here's a Texan -- how many thugs went to Stanford graduated with a three point nine GPA. Go -- the thugs in New Orleans if they consider him to be one of their own. Yeah I think you really hard pressed to refer to Richard Sherman as a thug. But yet there are people who are gonna be quick to jump to that conclusion because he fits the stereotype. They hold in their mind of the typical thought. And yet I look at him. And I don't think fund. Because of skin color because of -- -- because of of a reason. A brazen attitude. And again you know this is a Smart guy. You might not like him but he's a Smart guy and it's not they're calling -- on. There are. A lot of bugs in sports and recently CNN did an analysis of of college athletes. And I don't know why this is surprise to anybody because I hear pro athletes in college athletes in post game interviews. And many of them really art very Smart you can't tell me that a lot of these guys are going to class every day. This is this -- -- we'll be right back into the WL have you seen or heard audio from the latest victory and video from Toronto mayor. Rob Ford -- replace it for you just have both. You know we get in mayoral election coming up and while it is a shame we don't have a colorful guy like this running for for mayor might make that decision even easier than it might deal already. A comedian rich here on this crucial at a VW real. Yeah I like -- laughable by Sherman and take a look at the play Crabtree beat. He was wide open and in the end zone. And that pat is our target it's six points. Children want to run that out when -- -- at two quarterback wondered who the pacts. But it be trite that capital offensive line and won the tournament and -- Rich you know I'd I do understand that point again I don't think it was the right thing to do but I do understand being caught up in the moment. I -- you know about this mayor of Toronto rob Ford. -- -- caught on video. Smoking crack. Denied it then admitted he did it apparently. Does a lot of drinking I don't know if he officially as a drinking problem but there's a new video of this this mayor Ford. I'm cursing. Slurring his words. Apparently trying to imitate. A Jamaican accent. As he puts down the police chief of Toronto. We had to bleep some of doubts but here's the audio here's part of the audio from that video that is now gone viral. Yeah. Yeah tomorrow but it's. Easier and almost and I so I. But lose them. And trying to tell me that. Well we're told us. Okay yeah. As you know you guys I swear to god this season. The single -- series. We know we're well beyond. Because there are no god this guy hasn't even though. It's. Done -- don't -- The NCAA it would deep down and -- -- -- and I'll work on. So was. -- -- -- we couldn't play much of it for this elegant old Richard Pryor take that we have to bully now would you play on the air. But here's what I find interesting about it mayor rob Ford. Guy he said in November that he quit drinking. But now he admits that he had. A little bit to drink Monday night well if you get a chance to look at the video it looks like he had. More than just a little bit to drink he's a big guy so I would think they would take ago little more than just a little bit of alcohol. To make the guy truck. But here's what he said to reporters. I was with some friends. And what I do in my personal life with my personal friends that's up to me it really has nothing to do with you guys. And I guess to some degree he's right but how dumb to you have to be if you were a mayor with this kind of reputation. To be in a public place and he didn't he see any of the coverage of the presidential election last year and you see the hidden video of Romney that. Ended up working against Romney so that the guy can't be that bright. Also let me give you this quick update facility that we talked about the show a couple of weeks ago. Morocco's parliament has now unanimously amended an article in the penal code. They had outraged a lot of people in in Morocco. Because it allowed -- rapists. To escape prosecution. If he married his under -- victim. Article 475 of the penal code. -- generated unprecedented public criticism. After -- 2012 suicide of a sixteen year old girl following seven months of a marriage to a 23 year old man she was forced to marry. Because she said. He raped her. She committed suicide. And activists call for revamping of the country's laws dealing with rape. Do you think we have some ridiculous laws in this country -- -- people saying ridiculous things about rape in this country. Can you mention. You'd get out a prosecution. If you Mary you're under age victim. And being forced to marry the guy she said raped her the sixteen year old. Committed suicide. This is this coach -- hang on we're coming right back on this cold Wednesday nights but every WL -- thousands of people many of them young people braved frigid temperatures sent down a lot of wind and very low wind -- To protest legal abortion on Capitol Hill today. They were also at the the National Mall. Many in the crowd were high school students and as some from the the New Orleans area from from south Louisiana pick -- from all over the country is part of an annual march for life. But it seems as if the strategy this year might be changing and I wonder if this is coinciding with the strategy. This is going to be part of the change of image for the Republican Party -- -- the blog last night still trending on our website under our opinions at WW dot com. Is about should the Republican Party changed and today the Republican Party the national committee opened up their winter meetings. In Washington DC and one of the main themes is changing the image of the party to be more. Inclusive now a lot of Republicans are nocturnal like that. But. Many it in the -- -- Republican hierarchy are believing that this is what they have to do in order to two win elections. But what what strategy isn't changing is the the fight over legal abortion fight ends legal abortion. And a theme this year is titled adoption. A noble decision. And it's in rather than focus on. The other perspective of abortion focus on. Encouraging people to have. To branded the fetus to full term to have a baby and to have an adopted. And I that's really a very Smart strategy. Afford for them to have. There are still people who just think it's it's wrong to tell a woman what to do whether people who think it's wrong for anybody to get an abortion -- -- -- the abortion debate. Again tonight but I did want to mention that they change in strategy is probably a Smart thing and and might end up being can grow with with the Republican party's thinking about doing in terms of -- changing some strategies when it comes to the issue of abortion when it comes to the issue of birth control and added that this came up in the last presidential election mean that's that's political suicide before the Republicans to to embrace issues like this a while. Everybody in the party does and when you've got Rick santorum's who are on the national stage. I'm talking about abortion. They are people who focus on that in the media focuses on that and that is projected over the entire Republican Party. Whether that's fair or not that is reality in the party's gonna have to denounce. The argument over same sex marriage in the argument over things like birth control birth control and many issues that most people in America seemed to be thinking. Moral on the lines of being social issues rather than political issues just gonna be really interesting to see what comes out of this Republican National Committee meeting with one of the goals being changing the image of the party. That's like coming from me that's coming from the hierarchy in the Republican Party. But I had said it to the party needs to needs to change its image as a final update on -- to -- give you a pretty general opinion polls. There's a business have a responsibility to serve everyone. 24% say yes and 76%. Say no. -- -- tonight is titled is revenge a motivating factor for attacks on the streets of New Orleans. The world's police are looking for suspects following the brutal attack of New Orleans musician. I'm very early this morning at 1205 in the French Quarter -- block on tonight. His name is Doug potter local musician who is the brother of date potter who has worked for -- BWO four for years. He was leaving a gig and was beaten just after after midnight according due to Doug's brother days. Robbery was apparently not the motive. And if robberies that the motive. And if if some attacks are or are part of this this knock out game in America. Where people to seek to throw off a quick knockout soccer punch to render an innocent person on the street unconscious if if the motive is not robbery then. What with the motive. And I guess there are several different possibilities but it. There are people and in when I think about what happened last night and I think about what happened to -- and robbery was apparently not the motive in what happened to me in the CBD. If it's not robbery. Could it be revenge -- the retaliation. Four for the past. That I recognize. And try to understand. But I'm not responsible for that again you can read the blog and share with others is revenge a motivating. Factor for tax on the streets -- -- Here's a -- recent first off I am white tonight which jumped to punch by three white guys. I didn't know or do anything because they were just looking to start something with someone. These college kids were just troublemakers. On the other hand a friend of mine. For the mind. -- -- Mike good black friends. Attacked me verbally without knowing the -- having any provoking whatsoever. But was prejudice against me only because I was white accusing me of white privilege. Which in her mind made it okay to verbally attacked me. Point is there are negative people on both sides black and white but give a bad name to every one else. And do not represent the majority. And that's. Is so true. And talking about this tonight. I never. Attempted to label an entire group of people if hate -- in the hearts of sun. And -- -- the hearts of people on both sides of the spectrum. -- want to thank John wicker a studio producer Jack Harris also helping out in the other studio. Thanks for your calls thanks -- -- -- he defeated caller Texas to consider you to be part of our show every night Scotia was back tomorrow night's undivided Israel -- New Orleans.