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1-23 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jan 23, 2014|

Dave talks about minimum wage, popular passwords, and side by side toilets

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the 23. Of January 2014. We are almost there it's the day before Friday welcome to Friday eight. Yes and Friday today's tonight's we celebrated twice here it is VW -- says it's like new years or other things that have -- Friday deserves one Q -- -- this morning really not that COLT now you know as it's not on comparable no freezing and no it's freezing and in fact. Louisiana may be the only state in the nation where there were no freezing temperatures this morning now go to one of 33 in the -- -- where the ball a spot so -- just hanging on MI dropped a -- -- freezing in the next -- number that's it's but another one tonight another front -- 44 now at the -- -- -- 35 officially flight now but yes tonight. Everyone drops into the twenties sudden and tomorrow at this time now high days. May be in the thirties Ike's most areas may not hit forty degrees. There's still that. Teen -- mean teen ninth seed and the police he -- he chants as minutes -- that of some injury -- -- -- After the -- watery mix well with the eyewitnesses forecasts are you saying is amazing -- sleet pellet or -- One or two now. It's somewhat now if you really are dying to see a -- or two allies in every day blog but I'm numbers show right. I head up north. I -- -- era I think you know they're they're telling us at least you know north Louisiana maybe -- Than you might see yeah -- actually -- even in Mississippi yeah LT five and 59 and up there nephew on the few flakes on him here. All the boss our guy out negotiate some solemn -- it won't be in the opera. Adam Brody once do every year for New Year's Eve would drive. It's far north as he had to -- And sometimes that would only be a couple of hours and sometimes it could be much longer -- -- But -- -- that that was a New Year's Eve tradition. Weather map and go find -- just -- -- haven't yet maybe 101214 hour drive before they got there in May be a two hour drive depending on the year it. If I had to walk in the French Quarter late at night. I would have some but he -- You don't wanna go to loan. Especially if I'm going off the beaten path. I'm not sticking to. Burden. OS. Decatur one of the major. Well list. -- I don't know. If you read FaceBook you're convinced that every single city in the nation. They're there having people doing this -- out yeah in his tonight in knockout game knockout ritual what every one call. Where people for no reason other than just to knock people one cannot just walk up this summer and generally just put this to the back of their head. These cases here police aren't confirming that -- happened in fact some video evidence suggesting that it is -- a verbal altercation first. Either way. If I have to go somewhere. Particularly in the French Quarter at night at night. I'm just not walking around. By myself in the wee hours. And it. 1 AM 2 AM three day. On Saint Louis -- time I'm just you know you know the street to where there's nobody around on that's. Where there's an open businesses that are there is just not you know a lot of foot traffic because. Whatever is happening now we have two cases gone back to Saturday -- where. People got beaten so badly they were unconscious. And had to be put in a medically induced Comas. So that they could limit the damage that was done it's it really frightening. Yeah I it is frightening in and I would thank you and obviously. NO PD would like to you know see if there's a connection they got a possible suspect. In the one that happened Saturday night now you know where that word goes from there but they need to get this thing wrapped up. Ambit -- you know -- into just terrible it's just common sense. That why you wanna say oh we're safe everywhere we go I'm fine I'm not going to be that victim. It's just common sense to say you just don't walk alone really anywhere. After midnight and before six area -- you're walking down the street the safest city in America. If there's no people around you'd just -- your odds go up -- being victimized by some the by some thought. Just. Odds -- -- room with you on the -- City Council today. Taking a resolution to urge governor Jindal to raise the minimum wage to ten dollars and ten cents an hour. Governor Jindal saying he might support medical -- one -- out a couple of distinct things will be talking about here at WW wells is now Orenthal. Next we get your forecast much colder tomorrow enjoy today. And we'll get sports Steve get out of the Pro Bowl and then the Super Bowl they're both right on the horizon. I'm nineteen Dave Cohen at the early edition of WWL first news thank you for starting your Friday eve it's the date before Friday with this year on WWL -- your colder forecast. The front beginning to move in today so it's going to bring some clouds and a slight chance for a shower 10% for this Thursday. With highs around 56 but the cold air arrives tonight and is gonna drop pretty quickly 24 in north of the lake gate hard freeze expected. And 29 on the south -- and there's that 20% chance -- light sleep tonight and even again tomorrow 20% chance during the day. Because -- Friday only reaching forty. Then Saturday cloudy to start but skies clearing into the afternoon and look for highs in the mid fifties. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm -- to -- opt out. -- no chance of sleep today that's for sure that's all tomorrow but right now it's mostly cloudy 44 at the airport in -- cloudy and 35 at the National Weather Service office in flight down line gave going to the early edition of WWL. First news. Sports time now on WWL and if you've been paying attention which I'm sure everyone's hanging on the edge of their seats you've got to find out how this whole thing picking the teams in the Pro Bowl -- Deliveries and the rest of the happenings squad picked all of their players and finish that process that was the approval. Meanwhile the Super Bowl teams have gotten back to practice they're getting ready to play this. Super Bowl little more super -- -- allotment that rather be in Honolulu the New Jersey. DC yesterday they had to shovel like a foot of snow on the seats at MetLife stadium. Yet I think cultural volunteers coming to help that's -- to do that and I it believe me growing up I -- Jersey we've been through some. Brutal snowstorms and it is no fun being out there folks at all is there's nothing good to maybe get a flask which it was some bail him part of me there. Focus that there's another blizzard. Right before the game just to discourage the NFL from doing any more of this silly outdoor winter stadium Super Bowl stuff so that New Orleans gets more super balls. But in terms of wanting to have an enjoyable -- won't -- good game on television and listen to it on the radio next Sunday. And I want the weather's been the I was blown away that they actually decided to have this game in in the New Jersey because growing up there. As kids we would always say man we're never gonna get the Super Bowl here cause we don't Avago. Sub surprised they ended up going that round -- a -- -- get new stadiums will give you super balls they get a new stadium they got a Super Bowl Steve Geller with sports on this Friday's. Good morning everyone and colts quarterback Andrew -- was the first overall pick in day to the -- rolled draft by -- Deion Sanders. Lefty Jerry Rice on the clock and opened the door for team captain Drew Brees to select his most trusted target Jimmy Graham. The NFL network asked the tide and if he thought he should be the team's first pick the date -- saying he's. He's so used to going to mean you figure. That he would pick me first. Brees would select Graham and then defensive and Cameron Jordan just a few picks later. All five scenes that made it to the Pro Bowl will be playing together on team Jerry Rice. Now let's check and Kristian garic who has the latest on the Senior Bowl. Keep an -- out Vanderbilt wide receiver Jordan Matthews at the Senior Bowl in upcoming combine and pro day workouts. Matthews has been impressive in mobile at the Senior Bowl -- you the most the best competitors holes are terrorists -- our success. NFL analyst -- -- case is debating wideout is projected as a late first. Or early second round pick him today. Kristian garic. Debbie Debbie wells sports former Dallas cowboy George brought Brett has been convicted of intoxicated manslaughter for a fiery wreck that killed his teammate and close friend Jerry Brown. The 25 year old -- faces up to twenty years in prison -- the sentencing phase begins today although he could also get probation. And the new orleans' efforts introduced Andy -- as the ball clubs new manager for the 2014 season. Is entering his seventh year in the Miami Marlins organization. The parent club for the triple A staffers. Today a four on sports -- has the new Pro Bowl format sparked your interest in this year's game. He now think of it as fantasy football come to life I'm Steve Geller with your early morning macoutes. All five cents on the same team -- line. Team rice yes total so different now NFC AFC but yet all the sands I guess it pays to have your captain. As Drew Brees having a say in whom who gets to be -- so -- dreams and they're picking Jimmy Graham. With the first overall selection -- two and then in round nine. Cameron Jordan ended -- becoming coming aboard. And also with the with the rest the saints on team Jerry Rice but did rice and Brees did pick some AFC players -- -- yeah absolutely. Will be mixed up this year and its. It's going to be kind of weird like in the probe -- -- know -- like this I guess not because Drew -- is a captain of -- for his team. Absolutely and and you guys it's all the saints on a team that makes it even easier to root for that and we don't have to worry about the awkward. -- Jordan coming in to sack Drew Brees now because he is on team right yet but what about others. Fans and other cities if they have players on both sides of the ball. I'm on both teams. How they note to root for and does that encourage them to want to watch the game -- not only game we called game -- game it's an exhibition yes exactly. And a it's it's kind of funny because they have a lot of trash talking going on in -- try to make it got their bitter very serious about this. And they're out to win this truck the truck as a prize so like what everybody get a truck on the winning team I guess one drug for everything I hear it seemed like everybody on the winning team gets a -- -- that's pretty impressive and I give them some motivation Afflalo Carter exactly thank you Steve and he'll play even harder to get you back here. In more time. In 25 minutes and read WL at the time care truck is put on my toes every player -- definitely a week. -- If that that the the American court stating that I -- -- you gotta come get. I've Tony five objector forecast which it's much colder tomorrow talk more about the idea of the governor willing to talk about legalizing some marijuana and the City Council wants the governor to raise the minimum wage. That. And your forecast after 5:26 good morning I'm Dave Allen thank you for being a part of the early edition of WWL prisoners as a reward I give you the forecast. Today's really a transition day as are waiting on that next front to a rides ahead of it increasing clouds. And low to mid fifties for highs and they're still -- 810% chance for light shower now tonight. The cold there are rides first and then behind it still a shower or -- so we're still can keep a 20% chance -- -- light sleet or maybe a shower. With lows dropping to 24 on -- North Shore and 29 south of the late. Then for Friday cloudy and cold highs may only reach forty that means most of the day in the thirties and there is still that 20% chance. Foursome light sleep Saturday though a little warmer as skies clear we're back up to 56. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and -- brawl just Clark back. How are being so careful not to even say the words you know for anyone to misunderstand what she -- the -- and tomorrow we have a 30% chance of light sleet. So you could see that wintry mix them. Frozen precipitation it is possible ladies and gentlemen. Not right now though 44 degrees at the airport in Kennedy's waited six miles -- much of cloudy and 35 at the National Weather Service office -- slide now. I'm Dave -- the early edition of WWL first news. I have the agenda for the nor on city council for me just. It's as the new world city council's voting on a resolution urging governor Jindal and the state legislature to adopt legislation that will increase the minimum wage in Louisiana. To ten dollars and ten cents an hour. That ten dollars an hour. Ten dollars and ten cents an hour now Charlie can't double that figure the current federal minimum wage is 725. An hour and has not gone up. Since July of 2009. Do you think. That the state should raise the minimum wage from 725 now to ten dollars and ten cents an hour. Are you going to be in the white people file you might be I'll tell you why after this 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's January the 23 when he Ford -- ants. That day before -- hi welcome -- -- Friday leave today snow and ice who celebrated twice we love Friday here on the early. And we love stories -- just making ago. You got one yet have idea and it's been making its rounds on the Internet not you've seen this picture yet. But someone snapped a picture of the men's bathroom. At the cross country skiing and -- at alliance -- For next month Winter Olympics in Sochi. Convinced it was a BBC reporter Steve Rosenberg and he tweeted the vote. And what it shows in the men's bathroom is too -- Toilets. Sit down toilets up side by side -- in one Saul. With no wall separating. And it's gone viral on the Internet. And it's become a national joke and it's being passed around. And apparently. Toilets like that according the Associated Press are not uncommon in Russian doll. That other people on social media have now been also sharing photos of side by side toilets. In a courthouse in cafes. In soccer stadiums in many different place. No divider just now Charlotte right now actually toilet right that's now you are all right next a year and I that's too close for comfort but I'm sorry -- picture shows a room where there are -- of your -- side by side -- three. Sit down toilets all the same open. And apparently in Russia it's not that's just the way it is. So no idea the worry about terrorist attacks if you're going to the winner -- him this but appeared. Go to the bathroom -- You might just have to sit there right in front of somebody else right next to somebody else is just -- man getting doing their duty. You're going to New Orleans. Image that they feel they'll close up it up. Those goofy commercials for the eighty medicine with a two people on the -- holding hands you know I don't understand that and the sunset you know what they didn't separate Tom I don't know. How is that gonna accomplish anything if you -- look ended. While I think he's gonna wanna be the same to Canadian supposed to be after the you know wobbling but I -- -- a lot you get after that alone and you go your separate -- and then look at them it's his country. What are in this case it's the toilet -- close enough you could sit at -- to avoid it but you could sit side by side and hold hands. It's a closely thing man for purposes of scale and put this picture. -- done my page at WWL dot com. There's just a trash can in between the two sit down toilets. And it almost fills the entire space parking details about three quarters or man two thirds of the space but that Madonna -- even have a trash there it's just not that that was just there to show you how close these two actually I I mean you really could be voted. Rubbing -- for God's -- Yet -- -- -- I don't know you well I don't know what is. I go there because I'm thinking about the whole tab in the foot in the airport bathroom story I thought I don't think this discussion and well. Apparently in Russia. This is normal. In fact. Vasily Kono. Wrote on his personal Twitter account this is what the -- look like at football stadiums in Russian jets in a mean man. So now it's just us. You know it's not right now you know what toilet right next to a. Yeah it's looking to save money and dividers. I mean that's all right it's the only thing I can think I guess and a picture these European bath houses without -- at that. Massive hot -- together in Europe -- in the -- all together the next day yes it's just the cultural difference but it you know it's just weird. You know it where do roster at least. Apparently not to them yeah I'm not even a fan of the journals that don't have dividers in between in the awkward moments that create that people wanna talk to you in the that's I hate talking in the -- To me at the -- him as the no talking. -- -- may be at the sync all right but I don't like talking between -- -- like talking it side by side Europe -- That it's a time get your business -- and yards and another analyst Richard chatting but and here's the next question I'd be wondering is what goes on in the women's bathroom no pictures provided of the women are carried out to be taxed yet well we'll have to get our research staff on thank you David -- -- -- -- twenty minutes more prisoners here at WWL. Alone god let's -- have a direct the Eyewitness News forecast center and changed the discussion quickly because some texted me -- me. Meteorologist that what is. It would Russian. Different. Part of the world culture its art you know. We -- travel over the year and -- no. I laid it up to you you'd be happy with different -- you know different AP have. I guess different that's up from bathrooms in restaurants all kind of stopped and I did its part the European. He wanted to European back -- Russian mathematics at right next to another woman who is taking care business on the toilet cubicle with. But I like in Europe where you walk into the bathroom and it's a hole if even though I had a little foot plates may put your feet maybe company hold onto it there's a toy I went with and do. -- for. That's apparent. You look at it right of glass half full and that one of the patron noticed there's only one at least in the picture you can only one toilet -- spends a yes or that problem on the other side and I have yet to show I don't know you can't -- -- -- where they -- if there. But there may be a -- noted -- there. Tonight you know it's it's most likely going to be and western Louisiana -- Lake Charles Lafayette. An essential -- in Alexandria rather good -- it that way that's your best at that's the thing about not products in too much here. And southeastern Louisiana at sleep Pallet here there. Maybe a little flicker snow here there and you said yes word yet but it's not going to be much and you know it's going to be one of the things real. I -- might be now wait that's not dead yet. That it's going to be -- private situations like not a lot of moisture. It's likely would be between about nine. PM dominant and that we might CNN Atlanta and honestly -- or may -- -- in a Lake -- I say Zanardi I don't mean you were Atlanta mean areas north and west of the lakes that contains about -- Livingston parish. You know closer to baton -- at Washington there's those the areas with the best chance in Portland. It's just I'm sorry Tuesday and gonna happen this time rabbits stopped when he went left and now. They can happen in the future side but today actually kind of balmy compared to tomorrow actually has it you know you get to the low to mid fifties -- kind of before that cold air arrives tonight but tomorrow. Hi it's around forty and that actually maybe kind generous on my part -- and -- at a thirties all -- all day tomorrow and then what about blustery and cold and then back to that red round low fifties -- so on Saturday at about sixty. Policy that will be down right -- -- Sunday you are right all right that's the forecast from this meteorologist Laura about down I've got to tell you yes. I have a story that I have plans -- All with people file which are not sure well no I'm sure -- almost everybody maybe edit it. I play a little Jackson 5 yeah BC one Q3 because. That number five top password. For 2013. That people use on their online accounts and what's ABC. 123. Line that was number five. He gets even better and number four is court Kate WER yeah that keyboard yet ask that you why not yet if they get resident. Top -- top row of keys to be able to -- and that your pinky on the Kia WER TE DI and done that number four. -- here's number three. 123. 456. 78 okay all right and that was number three also last year we've had a change in the number one password. Are you ready for this number two. The longtime number one password was. Password. It has fallen to number two. For the first time in recorded history. Up to number one and that is why I'm just thinking so many people -- this could be 12345. Hello I honestly tell you never want that none of those are my passports for anything what so that's good I'm not all that you don't not for this anyway -- I think we island -- there now -- there lecture. The most common password of all people. 123456. He's been there that. Count these states. They keep it in them theory costly. Capital land where. Not I kinda. Elevation one pound out of period and it and that's about it yeah and I'm -- -- these things outs yet. It can I think of the most obscure pats were ever happen and -- -- sorry that I'll it's like yeah. -- that he had an exclamation point and any get a start with a capital -- like how the heck I remember pats were the amazing thing though is. I can remember like when he didn't -- point different camp that I never thought I'd be able to deal. And our program right at the longer we do this -- more used to weekend using passwords and everything in our allies to do anything that's the password and our car one day it started like its ability -- isn't maybe as opposed to start their -- that's true. You know 12345. Yes that's your password do you belong in any. Problem with people smile. Thank you it. About to live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast estimates as they sure that's not a bad day next to the toilet in Russia yes. -- to sit down flush toilets it's been investigated improvement coming -- next -- as their woman they've been to Russia and their stalls in the winter but just the managed to. Sports time now on WW well for that we say happy DB for Friday it is Steve Geller is the Thursday is never felt so cute Mike and I love and I want some more evident. Man I'm so happy to. Pro ball teams have been selected. Yes sir and after team Deion Sanders and let the colts quarterback Andrew Luck with the first pick of the probable draft. Which was broadcast on the NFL network. -- Jerry Rice captain Drew Brees jumped at the chance to take his most trusted target with the first pick for team rice we're gonna go with don't call me. The -- giant do not call me golden Graham do not call me an avatar. Call me being number eighty tied -- the horse race. Great memories connected for sixteen touchdowns during the regular season. And that will now look to add to that total in Honolulu. Saints' defense having Cameron Jordan was also picked by breezed in round nine. We'll just ten more days -- Super Bowl 48 kicks off the MetLife stadium in New Jersey. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson knows they'll have to be at their best to beat Peyton Manning and the Broncos to such tremendous individual. And he has great attention to detail great leadership. Els won a lot of games and so. We got to play their best football game we know we know that we know that he's he's a great football player and he leads his football team now time to get the latest from the Senior Bowl -- -- Christian Gary. Senior wide receiver out of Vanderbilt Jordan Matthews has been catching the -- of NFL scouts in Mobile, Alabama the Senior Bowl. When Nomar -- -- do the best stated whatever I can't -- just -- prove it. Did -- just us but they make sure -- a burglar alarms were. The six foot 3206 pound wide receiver says he models his game -- -- like one down here in New Orleans Marcus Colston. Crushing Garrick Debbie Debbie -- sports and and the Haynes is the new -- new manager disease or a marlins' affiliate in and affiliate -- -- enters its seventh season in the organization. Today -- four on sports talk has the new Pro Bowl format sparked your interest in this year's game. Do you now think of it as fantasy football come to life I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. Are you excited about the trouble we've talked about it we've joked about it that was a great south of Drew -- I've never heard Jimmy Graham called the -- injured giants but I haven't heard that -- -- John now yeah exactly Graham might bird and I heard a onetime G Jim Henderson call money of the grim reaper which I like like outlook now. And -- don't call those things apparently coordinate -- bridges was to be noticed Jimmy Graham Jimmy -- -- his name in the nothing wrong with that it. We joked about it we've shared our thoughts on it. To meet this makes me no more likely to watch the probable and I would have been otherwise you are all probably have it on and we'll see how it ends up going but. I was disappointed kind of in the probable draft and how it ended up going because. It kind of ended up being just like high school popularity contest and who you were really friends with instead of really the best player that was available. Well when you get down to it. While winning team I -- every player get the free vehicle. That is not a whole lot of incentive they already won the prize to get to go to Honolulu for a week right exactly you can bring your family which as well so tonight's occasion yet. Yes and -- won the prize. They believe -- not in Vegas you can vote -- -- you can bet on the Pro -- you can bet on anything I'm sure Vegas. Graham slams some context indicates that if you pizza do you know the line already are known yet now looking up again I've had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eyes so Steve just told made by the way that the last player picked in the draft the poor -- sit there on the board who had to -- -- please don't take me last list. Quarterback Alex -- The last night taken over all. Gary -- I used to LA you can do it -- can be in my team but don't screw -- -- -- -- -- stand. But he did Drew Brees has. Philip Rivers and Alex Smith as his quarterbacks on the team he picked by the way no line yet on the game. Vegas has yet to determine and who's favored. But that you may favor the forecast for today that's a much tomorrow. On this Thursday clouds will begin to thicken up a bit throughout the day and look -- 10% chance for an isolated shower this afternoon. Highs in our in the low to mid fifties into night the colder weather begins to move and lows dropping to 24 in north of the lake. It hard freeze expected there and 29 on the South Shore with the light freeze. Along with that there is a 20% chance for a light area of sleep to mix and mainly west of the lake. And staying cloudy and cold on Friday another 20% chance for some light -- Hi is only at forty but Saturday we do warm up a little bit by the afternoon 56 with skies clearing. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. So tomorrow's the really cold. Enjoy it today and look forward to the weekend. Mostly cloudy 44 at the airport on the lake right now cloudy and 47. In this city cloudy and 35 at the National Weather Service office in flight. I'd say if you wanna see the pictures of the side by side toilets and -- I've put them in the what wrong with people file which is on my. Page at WWL back on the go click on my name my picture and thank you in my page. The City Council that they got to consider resolution urging governor Jindal to increase the minimum wage to ten dollars and ten cents an hour right now it's 725 and has been there since 2009. That's roughly 300 bucks a week right now is what minimum wages if you work forty you know week and go up to roughly 400 box under this proposal which. There's no way to flawed system suggested that this is bad. And I -- 151000 a year is what you make you can make seven point five an hour forty dollars a week right now I'd be 21000 a year ten dollars and cents. Think that's a good idea brought out thanks for college you think the minimum wage go up to over ten bucks an hour from 725. Chew it. A lot of people. Fortunately they can afford it -- -- you an example. We know. OK a lot of people come from our from the this year but over here. In up north -- -- -- -- -- two all have been instantly view and pick up or no -- rules and. Just -- a little less here but interesting we'll continue this debate in the coming days City Council picked it up today.