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WWL>Topics>>1-23 6:15am Tommy, French Quarter crimes

1-23 6:15am Tommy, French Quarter crimes

Jan 23, 2014|

Tommy talks to Brian Furness, a member of French Quarter Citizens, Inc, about recent robberies and assaults in the Quarter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So in case you're just waking up and have not heard there they -- it was another victim that's come -- -- that was assaulted in the French Quarter. Just like the gentlemen potter was. He's an induced coma as well because of the severe injuries he suffered and there have been six. Armed robberies in the French Quarter cents. Sunday and -- ready jaguar opinion -- Is asking you would you be afraid to go to the French Quarter at night this weekend. A given the results of that and the minute I also get a text that says it's called polar bearing look -- up. And all that is is another name for the knock out game where where's the there's the controversy as to whether or not this is even a real thing. The knockout game it's as -- bearing racially motivated. Targets whites. You start with a group of blacks number anywhere from three to thirty people as a group they search for white people preferably alone elderly somewhat defenseless. And I wanna target is selected at least one of the African Americans approaches the target then suddenly sucker punches him in the faces -- they can of the victims not doubt that person. That hit them wins of the victim is not not down any continue to didn't kick him and to you too tired to hit anymore until a person is dead. I don't that exists or not that's it's a money texted that's what's on the Internet and I also hear some things that they -- words between the person. That was is beaten and is in the home of the people actually at least one just the gentleman potter and -- the other ones. The people beat him but. In on -- You can do anything you can -- anger somebody and I guess drawn in the no confrontation no matter how redefining words and views it would leave me alone and don't I don't know. Brian for -- joins us right now member of French Quarter Citizens Inc. Brian you lived there. So you tell me how much of these offensive against seeking new and of people that are residents of the quarter. I didn't -- good morning hey good morning in the. It's -- he's an attack particularly the unprovoked attack on the musician. As got to worry people a great deal. Like you. I don't have any information on whether this kind of attack itself holder Barry. Exists but. The prevalence of our armed that. Robberies beatings. That's that's got to worry that worries people off. Do you feel safe walking around your neighborhood in ninety. I do. I we walked dogs. We do walk round and I feel reasonably safe but I cal people La. I -- -- my wife Rania legal bed and breakfast in the French Quarter and we help people big city rules apply. State where it's like they where there are other peoples state words it's reasonably well lit and keep your eyes open. Is there a time limit when using an NB candid with me if you will when it comes a walking their dogs where you. He would tell somebody in the house -- know -- 9 o'clock a medical want to dogs now is I don't be out of content and I'm just -- and those numbers out of the -- Yeah we normally would we normally do it you know before bedtime -- at 11 o'clock after the news actually. And. We live on -- we -- saint James street and if that's reasonably well that there are people so we feel pretty confident and. We know that and we know we know what went around in the neighborhood. But there are certainly areas where people have every right to be concerned. Were concerned about the lack of be real strong police presence in the French Quarter despite its importance to the. City and the country. Give any numbers on you know we've heard estimates of sometimes because of a vacation because of attrition lack of officers because of leave for various reasons I might be only 23 offices patrolling a whole district at night is Sarah. A similar problem in the French Quarter do you have any any concept of of what kind of staffing happens with the French Quarter on a normal mine as it relates to NO PD. -- I've got -- yeah I don't have the numbers that -- finger at my fingertips. But are the precise numbers of the fingertips but I've certainly heard the stories that there royalties paid for rape controller but tour history. The -- parade probably gets a little more pop. Gets a little more attention. But it's been quite awhile since I saw a guy even squad car much less much less -- the other trying to patrol. After dark in the area in which I've -- Have you had conversations with the -- City Council person who I guess would be. -- in just -- Palmer right or. Did the captain of the LTD and in the eighth district which I think is -- quarter and who with a captain being Brian. -- But -- well let me. Depleted senior moment aren't yet but we aren't out there would be a test -- and -- my iPhone I cannot. Tennis brought in on -- via pop quiz. Yeah you did it and it's very soon be. Yes there have been discussions not discussions which I've been involved personally. Are the -- from the French Quarter management district Robert waters. Robert -- -- competitive there rob public safety task force. Has done a real job working with the local merchants. To improve lighting and -- piloted -- Yeah camera program whereby residents who have cameras sign up. And so there's a lot more information. Available. To the police to help solve these. Crimes. But it would be real it would be much better strikes needed if they had. More officers. So that. We can prevent crime. Yeah real quick before we let you go -- a a business owner and a French Quarter how concerned a year that is gonna hit the at the national media hit the Internet go viral and before you know nobody wants to come. And asked that Brian because you don't want anybody to get heard. But you know other than a lot of people said the French quarters the economic engine that drives city and if if this kind of thing. Affects business I think it's a valid concern because you know anybody get -- -- we feel terrible for the people to whom this happened but. He had to protect business on there as well. Absolutely. I believe we're certainly contact with a lot -- -- visitors. Can they stay witness. And once again we're getting a Russia questions about safety. This is something that affects the war -- not only accesses residents but it affects the brain and and that's that's got a -- ought to be a real concerns for this for the city's leaders. That we've let the and -- decline in numbers and force the statistics on murder. Off our positive. But there's much more to it that. But the city leaders tell you when you go Tillman -- with your concerns. The name. They haven't. They said well you know where this name. Where according to him we're going to see what we can to strengthen it but we're not getting that kind of response. -- officers. More staffing. That I think we really need to address the problem appreciate -- time Brian. Thank you very much.

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