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WWL>Topics>>1-23 7:45am Tommy, crime in the Quarter

1-23 7:45am Tommy, crime in the Quarter

Jan 23, 2014|

Tommy talks to Captain Black, a community activist with the Home Defense Foundation, about recent crimes in the Quarter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tommy Tucker continuing a conversation about crime and a French Quarter to. Victims violently knocked out within days of each other hospitalized with. Induced coma as serious head injuries six six armed robberies in the quarters cents. Sunday morning I think it was and kept in black joins us right now he's a friend of -- and as is finger on the pulse of what's going on in the community and and also his is free to speak his mind morning captain. Good morning you know instead of my finger on the pulse like my attention lounge and grow. I hear now who are let know a lot of people are gonna like what you have to say so. If state and if you're on Twitter I don't know if yes I am I it's again -- -- addresses are also somebody once again -- -- get your emails. If somebody -- an analyst for those are good timing how they can keep in contact with it. Sure our workers. Is an ADR AEC. As Monday doctor and to just. The type you can go to my blog. Sorry it is CA people. Who have conserved just type that in the undertaking strict mom brought -- or you can call. Kabul 42143. -- to. The -- conservative that name wasn't taken. -- Added that you -- tell me about on your take on what's going on in the quarter and again as. Maybe we can begin with his knockout game polar bearing you know silly things -- -- on the Internet there's is no truth behind it all but in this case maybe there is not know what you think. What regrettable. If this happens Monday. Ironically on the same day that afternoon in the 11100 block of canal street which always -- well. It goes installed was attacked. By a group of the you know drove to whom you -- open air market. Because those regrettable and we have to -- -- first there are responsible. Desperate. Young people in the city. Video from the big black I would be better communicate some -- -- here. Who like to one of committed people. All -- certainly. The public accountability go -- there's regrettably we. Understand. Demoralized police department and some people more. Fantasy DD year which barely any police presence in certain areas. That essentially. Been received little to follow. I don't wanna get into specifics because -- -- -- legalities of that are but are quick demo business -- retirement the fast food place. No capital Brussels say -- well. I got you. Is does not tell in game money and I understand that you know I I guess. And especially in a pack of wolves and that's not to be. Deed characterize anybody but -- and get that white black whatever young people might think if they get an impact then all of a sudden they. They have control that they didn't have email they have power that they didn't have. Is it all about the opportunity. The knocked out in Israel and anti crime that looked like muscles around the country you have the gentleman short. He used in darkness and this effective restarted in the vicinity directed against solo in the city residents. Black -- black. It has people would you follow me on the spartans. To narrow target. White people. Target due. To -- good women revolvers. And we give ignore. What we -- -- as at all -- -- So called -- That's slid deeper deeper with god knows what to when people afraid to talk about more wrong it was a look what the court. If there weren't very true in the all want you. To beautiful people like you were here. Payable on black peoples was apparently. They don't torture right. Would be. I I think. -- armed I think I think you would have the Justice Department investigating it if for whatever reason and edges turn the term around it instead of polar -- and it was black there. -- The -- to what we so true. And you can't -- the civil society. It is people wanting -- teach it and what are the reasons particularly. If you look people oh and -- you start as well lone car. -- note written shall listen I won't mention -- -- Lady was walking with our -- Down from court. Chief -- No rhyme -- reason wasn't proper. Wasn't that a person -- -- she did not know obviously answered -- separate more more. And durable all the law party solutions to folks know we do not have enough beliefs you ignore. They know we -- will be shortages and they are taking all the -- -- and we need to do so open about it or. We need considerable terms. -- and only a very proactive guy and time's running out here. It isn't always groups of people living gauge in this. Some. Basically. Monitor your personal space and strangers -- to -- an important reason and you have to worry about -- street. You can always navigate away personal corporately wanted -- -- that particular. In and at times over the French Quarter where. Assailant looked for people were drawn out war -- -- -- -- all of war of course if there's probable. Would have marked. New -- after it digital rights of people technicals in Europe not by around. Yet in which your real name again and the people listen to your -- -- will not -- in and personnel. In ADR. Last name ENC. You can put. Some not an artwork reporters. And heated phone number one additional probable for. 214. -- 082. And he says it was obliged to grind. It's CA people. Who would serve. -- so you know what struck. I feel free use that line today it's yours. I appreciate you time Niger thank you.

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