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1-23 8:10am Tommy, feel safe in the Quarter?

Jan 23, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about whether they feel safe in the French Quarter after a recent string of robberies and assaults

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I David all morning long we've been talking about these -- severe beatings that happen at different people. One of them Corso relative a friend of dollars a Doug potter Dave potter his brother works here David W Allen. And the second gentleman was one cup for real well known and intensive care. Medically induced coma as. And now we find out from the the eighth police district. That they've identified both of the -- that are responsible for Doug -- beating and I believe one arrest was made. -- they have the art computerized. Sketch if you will again yesterday morning and got that out and a man that may have paid off. And there's still low still looking for another so Reid -- and Arnold was in capacity it's central lockup on an unrelated charge was later re booked for second degree batteries apparently he got popped. After the beating -- allegedly Terrell -- and is currently at larger Warren's been issued. For his arrest the police are saying and maintain that this was. And verbal altercation. That Rashean Arnold struck the victim and and those Rashean Arnold and -- -- be mentally isn't notches. After the verbal altercation. Lewis said that. Words do not give you the the right to. The no reason to beat somebody's senseless. I don't know what that's so about it. And the other thing I found is interesting on a lighter note you know so many people have. Taken Richard Sherman to test the Seattle cornerback -- to talk about this tomorrow about Richard sermon and -- rather and how much. Does he have to apologize and what is it about it that budget is so much. But you know sometimes NFL films -- these Mike these guys up. He -- out -- early on -- that's the whole thing you still hear the actual what what they were -- and. Actually in a pair of scratch and so forth so actually what Richard Sherman said to Michael Crabtree -- Was. You don't care Sherman closed after deflecting -- pass out dampened you're chairman falls down. He gets up he chases down Crabtree. And as Crabtree he's more into walking toward the 49ers sideline Sherman slaps him on the button says. You're ready for this off. This this could be the thing that just makes the whole the whole top blow off the entire hey. Hell of a game. And any repeated it held a game extended his hand and Crabtree. And rather than accept a handshake he could see Crabtree put his hands on. -- face mask and shove him. So that's what the microphone proves. Always said was held again our game -- okay game. So I don't act as I -- -- they get some bad blood -- goes back between. Crabtree and Sherman and -- after trying to extend his hand which Crabtree denied. And saying how the game how to game maybe that's what it Richard terminal angered and I can't -- blame especially this probably goes back -- their team it's great. -- keeps everybody else hang on one line open if you wanna grab a -- six 1878. Toll free 8668890870. Captain black. -- -- If not the -- net and Z. Says. The knockout game does exist they call -- polar bearing and it. It started in the black community now it's black thugs. Not all like -- thugs and clear this that thugs that are black. -- attacking white people in Jews which you would think would be a crime I don't know you tell me afraid to go to the quarter this weekend enough. Tommy Tucker back in a -- under the WL six captain black the good conservative I think he called himself gave us some addresses you can follow him on Twitter and again a lot of tanks about this at. And they DRA -- CIA. His phone number of final 42143082. And there was also something about -- conservative that I didn't get that we're trying to find out. Right now -- in new -- as we continued talk about crime and French Quarter good morning your on -- WL and thank you for your patience. And -- good morning. And stringer. -- different school. And the crime -- -- like activity and -- and act and act the way it. EU patrol. And prior to Katrina on links from. We -- you. Are happy and that and out they -- don't let him. The only I would say. To take politics out of this is. I don't know if NO PD wants the criminal sheriff's deputies there anymore I don't know if if it's a problem with paying them in budget cutbacks on the part of the city's side you know these sheriff votes former sheriff vote he is and a and I campaign right now against. His opponent a man and he's a share of criminals a darling gossip and that's right Mancuso. In don't take sides in that at all borrowers start this is a campaign for either one but I think it is interesting that you say before Katrina. You found it safer and you know so many times we heard after Katrina they Katrina man lands and that it was gonna get the thugs out in town and then. You're saying absolutely not would you -- Would you go to the French Quarter tonight or this weekend at nine. Absolutely not it Alec that we Karen line while we -- now. I'm. In New Orleans but I cannot. All of -- when it comes the experience Livan and a quarter is it. Too noisy too crowded or was it just the perceived danger that -- you know. That completed the Internet and I'm on the air in Bali pack to be able to locker. I don't lie eight. Definitely a crime -- now is definitely. It and dishing -- bring you that there. Thank you lord and lady called in and -- the time they won again on do you believe you know between. When you say patrol and repeating outlandish. As they are. You -- on that on -- you know I eat out -- term and -- -- blocking their pockets -- well I would police are thought it would be able to put people. -- -- Q how is not exactly opposite and that fact that. I have no Leslie and even let you Kyle thanks a lot to keys in Dallas on penalties -- Sarandon WL. I haven't got that that would more I hear -- Well it's not a primary things are right there. I did you know neighborhood as a major -- -- -- A couple -- like the boring now is. It may come -- not what a law. That three prompt care aides. What do you all hate crime laws being and so. And it -- and that is because -- in order from. -- of course it's just that one cent. Average college. Who's been a judge about what you believe so like that epic ever. And bill that Yang who NAACP. Would -- -- -- Cromwell. And added that these people call. And -- their state law hate crime laws or nine I don't know if it's just a federal law day be a good question some money answer I wish I knew but I don't and then. Which somebody with those story because -- happening in the city in the -- oh so right now in front of the I'd like to know let -- stay. I do know this and Angela had all three of them on yesterday and and maybe you go to the podcast is brought up I don't know. Okay and then announcing it like to ask you legally. Kenny. Actually -- cities and four miles per. They're. Can they export a national goal for help. I couldn't get the police officers that they need to you know Bobby Jindal -- -- they are a national audience. Help protect the people and the so gently in the oval ramble -- that would. Siri could -- but now he's here from the people. -- involved did it is that the National Guard would pretty much -- tourists killer and after Katrina was one thing but if you bring him in now. I mean you can imagine how we all Feldman a Super Bowl was here previous time that last time but after Katrina there. Armed guards all over the place and I don't think it's gonna -- French Quarter. Yeah yeah they look at it two ways eagle and candidates you feel super secure because there there you can always also look at it is. From the tourist respective. But it limit they NN the National Guard out here within sixteen how dangerous is it. And they once the media takes that up that the National Guard has been called doubts it protect the French Quarter. You can imagine what that's going to be due to terrorism any other question I think is one of effectiveness and and if you got a -- -- nearly done and he's not trained to look for crime more or knows the individuals involved now effective he's going to be. But case and they'll chase I'm glad it's at the time to call thank you more calls when we come back. Right now the deadly unit traffic gates when he for here is Sara Robinson on them. I Tommy Tucker talking about crime in -- French Quarter and and I mentioned that Richard Sherman cornerback does get a lot of heat Morgan talk more about this tomorrow in terms of does he really owe anybody an apology how many times city have apologized. And what is that they got you so angry about this -- a lot of people's so angry. And you know they might at these players for NFL films and the NFL's released. The tape which says he you know every deflects the passing Dixon self up runs -- Crabtree pats him on the backside as football players are one to do. Dances. Held a game. And it's no response in -- is held a game. And Crabtree turns around and puts his hand in his face and pushes him away and others bad blood they goes back to the offseason and then chairman says like if -- -- know what happened. Talk to Crabtree about it but it. I just wonder why so many people get so upset about it and Billy on the North Shore once a way Ian hey Billy. I'm audit you you. Anybody looked up you know these guys are professionals there -- well. And everybody. Current title so their opinion. On how they want to react. Anderson elderly. Besides the fact that they're professionals and have a Little League and wondered. You know voice your opinion. Children young kids look up to these guys. That we Yo-Yo. Today. That something that mr. Sherman. On television. Ads that woman questioned. That the product they -- -- a lot of people is. Question just the willingness were at that. Doesn't that anything to do with the open it would be seen. Anything to do request Billy was asking. And ET if you can't. -- a professional at a lot going on a what is the yes you know separate. And a professional you need to separate. And and become more focused on what you gonna say to someone ought to go to a public. When you're when you're speaking at a public forum. QB Alex odd thing but you know what to the army I think it was just. You know that it was the port a lot of people just upset about and it upset about the -- Children -- looking up to these guys in it that's what we want it should allow children. What do you know what what kind of people we were. Got to -- we had to move on and is quickly let me ask you about the French Quarter. Would you go this weekend -- -- guru would you be afraid to go this weekend and I. -- I probably wouldn't go in August you know just at night usually not a that would not me almost certainly. I got to thank you Billy I'm glad you took the time Nicole and if you agree or disagree with -- I'd love to hear from -- At 2601872038668890870. The only thing I would say. Is that when it comes a Richard Sherman were really to talk about this more tomorrow because this. Crime issue in the French Quarter two people beaten in the into a coma. And six people armed. Robbed at gunpoint since. Sunday. And that's a pretty jaguar bring people would you be afraid to go to the French Quarter at night this weekend and how. Heidi get a handle on a crime isn't because of a depleted police force and do the do the thugs know that and his second back to residency requirements are. Did di -- work etc. take -- calls -- come back right now time for DeVon WL offers news and for that. We get a -- -- enough ready jaguar opinion poll asking people would you be afraid to go to the French Quarter at night this weekend in 61% are saying yesterday 9% are saying no but. And I think ending his six on number six armed robberies since Sunday morning I'm sure there have been. At least said many throughout the city and -- Fannie limited to one neighborhood or not that -- -- just get the attention because it is the French Quarter now. Two people being beaten severely out coma within a couple of days pilot is an anomaly that that doesn't happen all the time. So. Yeah only come Baghdad I'd like to talk about that do you think the crime in the French Quarter is any worse than anywhere else in the city. And although the French Quarter again as it's been says the economic engine -- That fuels the city new Holland's. -- -- She of the -- be given more attention and I'm not trying to make it seem on caring -- in the people that live there all the time and and if there are not enough police officers. -- -- said the get rid of the residency requirement or what is affecting net do you think it's that. No confidence in whoever's leading in and like it'd be very careful here in political season and I'm not. He campaigning for -- against anybody but I think it is fair to take a look at. Where we are I mean like I always say -- a motion picture not a snapshot in any gifts from barely here and and how did you deal -- And is as Kenya -- is the answer more cops on the streets and if it is. How would you get them because we hear. Sometimes. Districts have two or three people covering the entire tapestry what you heard that if you get -- little concerned now I hope the French Quarter would not be that way able talk about it. The other thing from that I thought about yesterday and is just a weird thing it happened. Sent me news footage of the Carrollton parade I think it was maybe the mid city parade back from the fifties. As looking and it ended and it is much is you know people were drinking and hold me in Milken -- bacon and eighties and and sandwiches for lunch and solid stuff and there wasn't any low fat there wasn't any and and then now. Anybody in a crowd was thin -- NC any heavy people in the crowd. Celeste and I was able to be sandwich and I drank an actual. Delaware punch -- an inning diet stuff and house and I do -- sugar Naomi I don't drink. Diet Coke and a ticket. And I ate like half of one man on the plate -- one which wasn't a whole lot because sugary drink kind of filled me up. And decided on doing at all and look I know sugary drinks are wasted calories and a great way to crude your teeth and all of them but I the AMA trying to XP are meant for a week. And drink regular full strength drinks. With meals and see what it was -- to happen Straka what do you think now if you blow up like double on -- well. It. I take that is like now -- -- -- well I take that as a compliment because I was afraid you're gonna say well if you blow up like a balloon who'd notice. Thank you days is very nice citizen council of so I difficulty 60187. Neitzel 386. Candidate nine's 087 he is. Crime any worse in the French Quarter than it is in other parts of the city and how logistics and it was about a -- shortages -- go back to the residency requiring. Requirement restructuring the overtime. You tell me back in a flash -- WWL I Tommy Tucker thanks for being with us on this Thursday morning January 23 we've been. Time -- crime and a quarter we get word of another. -- -- assault on beating that happened to Obama. Another gentleman he's in the quarter in the hospital rather with them under an induced coma. Just like -- potter that happened before and their problem also been six armed robberies in the quarters since Sunday. And we're asking you would you be afraid to go to the quarter is crime any worse really in the quarters and it is in other areas. And until we get more police officer's -- -- more resources be devoted to the quarters since it is the economic engine that drives anywhere. Did to locals get first preference. Do you Jews decided as many Shanahan and and divided by the district's. And when it comes in on him and a lot of police officers IE six that because we've talked about residency requirement which the council has yet to wave. We talked about the new overtime policy that's apart in the consent decree and you know police spokespeople -- the people the police unions will tell you that's the big hindrance. Because they depend on the detail money needed to make up their income Mike. Metairie eight 1000000 -- W good morning. -- At what point do we say good morning -- you weren't sure yet and a bad day. Good -- and human. Just didn't blow at the moment. Got the well you know it's. Acted on the of the audience that there -- some of these pictures and what -- -- -- -- there all the little. Let me let me just interrupt you there might you know we primarily. Have an audience's point five to 54 years old so. You're right -- -- in the middle up brand that I just do -- to be misled about who listens and not the go ahead. Tomorrow Portland. Yeah. And when -- Would come join you as well as you know you're you're you'll kind of it would be good to. Cut the it'll support that in. A you could. Actually it was about going on -- I wouldn't. Want. Obama. It was almost -- account. That's in the ambulance that kind of got slower as the continent a book about outsiders to call you get Asian. And next -- you look at some getting you know. Mike I'll tell you this if you have a girlfriend a fiancee and a life. The quarters the least of your problem. -- Adopt you between. -- In the pledge quote I don't know I can't go to that we need so maybe. -- some tribal police -- trust. Equal distance and the and that's really the -- While they're hiring right now Mike you know problem has given people -- to sign up and find qualified recruits let me go back to -- says about agent. And back when you -- on a quarter in a day is that you 46 on the guess and -- was a -- guess it was like the eighties when you're going there are so do you think. Crime has gotten a lot better do you think it's just that. When people get older they hear about it they freak out. I think it's good -- -- at war gotten worse not better. Disputed that and the you're out of -- pocket as bad Q -- So what should we watch. These you don't understand the mentality. Of two. You know dismissed as a society. That respect -- you -- -- it doesn't matter what to amend your form in which it could be a Palestinian shot. Mike I'm glad you called in and you'd take the time -- data do an article that some time. -- and I would you know I'm I'm no Dr. Phil here but I tread back to one woman. Pick one out of those three and then on the other two -- thank you my. And like the draft from the Pro Bowl you just pick one any other team now 853 more calls when we come back. And next hour to talk about the Olympics and I terrorists threats that. -- and like every time you turn on TV a year that all hell's gonna break loose it's so she -- Sochi every pronounce it you got. Parents of athletes refuse ending goal which I find interesting because you tell you can't yet go ahead over there it's not safe go compete -- back on. I would never do that would go wherever the kid went in and watch him come PDA and if we're hitting it. He injured atlas. Unity to say let's all get into together but but I mean I'm -- and you to a different country. Analyst to compete much and on TV but yet say on and on too dangerous 853 time -- -- traffic. And -- and Terrell Robinson Tommy Tucker if you vine if you watch the TV or listen on the radio lately you know the big talk is about. Momentum into Winter Olympics come and not because here. You'll find a lot of fans of combined nordic here in new long ones maybe the figure skating maybe hockey. I personally like -- -- and I'm glad the ladies get to do that this year -- just think it's knots but I'm watching it. Anyway they're talking about terrorist threats in Sochi where in Russia where the Olympics are happening and how dangerous dangerous is its. The FBI is over their State Department is there to protect him and all body any achieving Ghazi comments in right here with the State Department. But would you go to Sochi in would you want your kids to go to complete backing a flash under the W.

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