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WWL>Topics>>1-23 9:10am Tommy, Winter Olympics threat

1-23 9:10am Tommy, Winter Olympics threat

Jan 23, 2014|

Tommy talks CBS London Correspondent Larry Miller about security concerns over the Winter Olympics

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- David thank you get Larry Miller CBS correspondent Sweden join us and talk about this I don't know if it's real or perceived threat of terrorist activity in. Sochi for the Olympic Games in Winter Olympic Games starting soon. On the war I believe. Some attacks in Volgograd Russia which killed 130 people like this be -- talked to Larry about it mourning Larry. -- are good thanks taking the time. I guess with the with the climate is in Russia in terms of potential for terrorist attacks and -- -- -- and it's -- you know for a -- Dillinger some and -- talk about it in advance of the games. -- -- I think -- the the threat is injured her real does not being over to the Russians have thrown and between. Of 40000 and a 100000 security officials police. -- army. They've created a ring of steel around Sochi to get in and out. It is very very difficult. You have to have your knowing your tickets you get your passport but also you have to have a special security. Bed. That is issued by the the in the picked. -- -- there that we allow you to get into the -- -- that ring of steel with the Olympics village areas -- -- the venues. And today you know if they want and you for whatever reason they can just say no. It their victory. Very worried about. I Chechen separatists. Who might try to look. Of course the problem at the Olympics have been threats are ready. It was a video released over the weekend with a couple of Chechen men. Saying that. That the Olympics will be attacked and chemical weapons could be used. So. It's it's being taken too seriously the plumber -- -- the -- President and the President Obama have spoken about it on the phone earlier this week. In terms of that ring of steel and if it's a harness on news report last night reporter's name of the -- get X -- by the time you. He goes through different detectors takes about nauert even get in the thing -- remember. Yeah well right then the the threat of terrorist activity would be to the surrounding areas north hotels outside of his ring of steel. Well awards which you have these speculation Warner's. All the focus is going on the high profile event called the Olympics. But that these holes soft underbelly which is called Russia. And as -- as you mentioned about regret in December. Two back to back suicide bombings killed 34 people and injured a lot more. So that's what they're afraid it as well with all the focus on security for the Olympics that leaves the rest the country's. It. So would that be a threat then to people visiting Lance -- is typically about hotels are tailored to Russians. Well. -- I don't know anything. Yet okay -- The the Olympics is -- is what is getting the publicity right now about the Olympics but what. Did these groups wanted to do and they're based around the court the Pakistani you may know that name because that's where those two objection Brothers who. Accused of of them brought Boston Marathon bombings spent six months there did becoming radicalized in 2012. And so what the objective is to focus. As much attention caused much destruction and damage as possible if they can't get into the Olympics they may try to put themselves. Com. I see Russia -- you know anti aircraft there. Use the weapons stationed in Kaczur -- and attempted it. In London it is well during the Summer Olympics. -- before us and you -- -- ground to air missiles on a possible parliament buildings and parks you head. British warships in the River Thames with the helicopters armed helicopters. So that those kinds of precautions to take -- for the Olympics you know it was that long but you Munich massacre this is much bigger scale. And that's anything's wrong with Danica as a reason I danced to is. Really where the potential holes other then outside of the ring of steel I guess right in and alternate targets besides the Olympics itself so would be like -- a -- attack this area outside of the Olympics is all about obviously terror and it's all about you know headlines with terrorists they wanted to -- know about it. Well -- definition of terrorism you don't know what's gonna happen next and you don't know where it's going to be. So all in all would you -- and if you go one of the Olympics or not Larry do you feel are you know and. No I'm not but it I'm not going not because we understand that the terror threat level -- -- -- -- moment. We would you trust from what you know year year child -- -- -- your offspring if they were competitor or family member or mentally maybe another family member than just wanted to go. I think the competitors going to be pretty safe. I think people within that ring of steel are going to be pretty safe what happens outside that ring of steel. It is it's anybody's guess but there's -- soul. There's. -- security is gonna be just so amazingly tight. Is always the possibility of lone -- come you know to come and contribute and but -- even stop people taking -- now on trains in the area. As as we are stopped on airplanes so that it and so many precautions I think within the Olympic village it's gonna be safe. That that area. Outside of that you've got maybe another issue. I'd if you hang on line -- noble -- to go if you had to compete in one Winter Olympic event will would -- Well what what I competitive -- had to pick one. So. I I think probably. I'd like to put on. -- scapegoat -- don't know yet. I would be a speed skater because you've never seen me rock one of those anti announcements. -- -- it very appreciate your time pleasure.

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