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1-23 9:45am Tommy talks to Chief Ronal Serpas

Jan 23, 2014|

Tommy talks to NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas about recent crimes in the French Quarter and NOPD recruitment

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker -- WL morning long we've been talking about the crime in the French Quarter a couple of guys. Severely beaten Monica pretty ill and died potter and chief Ronald surpass joints right now join in discussing in more ninety. Good thanks has taken the time let's start with the arrests segues it has been made and who. At least in the potter beating a -- disease still looking for. But in the first -- -- talk about the you know demand vehemently in the music venue where he played. We know what -- And in that fight we know it occur. It's not appropriate for me to -- -- -- you know that was not the knock -- game quote unquote urban issues around country we know it was not that. One suspect is in custody the other and a large -- from the -- unit is looking for him. -- -- district detectives. They have created such a positive and on -- relationship with business and property owners with the use of their videos and our opportunity to solve crimes. And they really are making a difference when these acts of spontaneous violence are. As you know the day before early that day it was there was another occasion not a part of quarter were young man robbed at gunpoint and -- a pocket I was taken. From the young man he was eventually. Cut -- four out of that pocket I. Made an arrest in that case to a topic will clear up a few more cases were back. So you know essentially what happens here is that -- -- district gets on these cases when they happen and we had quite a bit of success lately. However it's always our best interest to put the best forward with -- -- -- reduces visibility. Being aggressive police officers to try to reduce some equality happen. -- you know we're asking people as -- while Poland is highly unscientific would you be afraid to go to the French Quarter at night this weekend 62% are saying yes but. We will would you stated that to the people that are hesitant to go in in terms of police protection officers on -- street is it adequate fervor of the corner. But we know for sure that these last three and a half years have been very typical for our offices -- mixed it up and -- counted -- good job through 22 major sporting event. The French Quarter as part of the -- engine of the city won't do well I would say that. That the numbers of people. In the order of millions. 2012 be in the second best tour issue we have on record demonstrate that people make that judgment values the company won't enjoy this day. We do have opportunities where we can always be -- -- was department there are times when there are spikes of crime. But I would say it is that the public in this is not and this is really not defensive stop and hope you'll help me get this message out. We don't get to pick what the media determine as an important news -- sometimes there's quite a bit of copper rightfully so that might give a larger fraction. But nonetheless we got to do I'm getting the cops. All the assistant that we can get them damn proud of them I mean you think about 22 major event that the French what was the problem all of that activity. And we virtually had no problems left 1415 months. Steve's and did -- in terms of recruiting new officers and I know it's not a budget thing -- you got. He got the money to pay damages in manner get that qualified candidates in the and to what panel has said in the fraternal order -- -- -- -- about. Residency requirement and about what you what you counsel has yet to consider and also about the details thing which is part of the consent decree. Is there really hampering the efforts are Hamachi is -- hampering the efforts. To bring in qualified recruits are true what's the biggest hindrance. To get in more qualified offices on the street as quickly she can in. -- meet with meet with the police association Tia. And sometimes. You know optically political season may say things that they have a right to say but the facts are completely different. And a simple fact checked the civil service you don't believe -- Serb you don't believe anybody does call civil service. Since November when we went with the on line application program where people can apply completely on line as well -- top hundred needy people the plot -- police officers. The civil -- apartment because of Russia applicants at the Q3 exams in the month of January. And I don't let this be anything other than collaborative you know we know. That police offices in the -- was department who stood here and stood the test that. Who came here together in May of 2010 with a pro government left out by our processes. And work hard. They deserve people speak on their back and appreciate -- opium though. So here at the bottom line. There's no question we can hire. Upwards of 150 people here that we've done that before yours recently as 2008 we -- 200 -- -- -- -- -- sixty. It is the question now we wanna get the right people and that takes a lot of work and I'm excited about the future work -- And be scared of you who once you hire me and -- have a reason to fire somebody can't fire somebody. As an officer on sandy you know Louisiana as a right. Fired will -- even -- it comes civil service because. If you hire anybody inning I mean within reasoning get an officer on the street. If there are more qualified applicants after that you can't just fire them because we like Jill better than Andy cannon. And you're actually right about that civil service protection protects the lowest common denominator. That's what -- civil service system the protects the lowest common denominator. That's why we worked very closely with the business community in 2012 and 2013. Hiring the best thinking mind in the world on reinventing government so that we could recreate. An employee evaluation system that help the people Moreland. That once we get civil service meaningful reform. We have -- -- value police offices for continued employment and promotion because space or you. They serve the people of the war and not that they serve the civil service common denominator up -- really good today -- to keep the job. Before we let you go tell me about. Recruiting classes fill in the classes and and at the end of say Tony fourteen how many new officers are you looking at on the street. Generally we have one test data month this month we have -- And the way the recruiting process works is we're in agreement in the consent decree that each class will be no more than thirty to -- I agree with that -- as a former professor. Thirty isn't you have a good teaching ratio. That just means we those classes in a year that's just the logistics issue and we can work out and have been planning -- that. I think that you have to recognize that we all have to recognize. That. We just couldn't hire. Took three years that put so little on the well but now that the budget to open now that we -- -- funding now that we have 300000 help us with. Our recruiting and we must -- in laws and justice foundation business community who -- real dollars into the game. Right talk is cheap but the people of the wall -- the business community of real dollars and helping us recruit I think going to be. It takes awhile but we're obviously going in the right direction now eleven while urging bar. In day at the end of Tony fourteen and then add a I'm realistic estimate for and he did I guess to be to end of Tony fourteen new offices on the streets or additional officers. Yeah our training academy classes six months long in the and you get to street performance of field training and in your on your own. My prediction and hope that the and its -- -- fourteen as we have a second year reduced murders we have a second year reduce shootings we have -- second year violent crime going now. And we have about a 109 tapped 125 people and some form -- -- training camp. And in terms of attrition are you still lose in one every three days or is that an accurate number. Well once again our our our dear friends in the labor groups needed to look at the data the data is clear for the last twenty years probably this is the fact we realize the other day. We have averaged a 137. Police officers separating from the police department. A 137. Per year which is about one every three days -- -- last year we had a 112 year before 112 years before that under all that means is that. We're gonna lose over a hundred people year for the last twenty years no matter who the Maryland no matter who achieved was about what the issue of the day was. And interestingly enough up and it was normal life my family's been here since 1940 beautifully and -- -- on the other day. I've found an apple news letter that says we don't have enough cops we need more paid details in crime is going through the roof and -- the publication 196. -- let me ask you this about. The attrition of -- allotment anthology but I guess targeted I guess I get to next time overtime penetration of officers. And at the end of when he fourteen under our. You want to ask me. -- we do war artwork in women stood up to be counted as we know that you. -- since November 12 we've promoted over 100 police officers. What percent raises each in the police opposite system in the stall and 2009. We're in the midst of the laws Arctic and -- -- -- there is an example on February gave. When negotiating with service to produce lieutenant exam early in 24. I understand now. I understand the police officers wanting to get things done because it works or it took awhile in the budget in place from what we -- now. Promoting people were buying new cars were built and built -- We have multiple crude test date in one month because too many people on Monday. I am not going to be pollyannish but certainly not going to be movement do I got a lot on well. You -- numbers guy tell me how that attrition one every three days relates nationally is about the same. -- -- At a that the same exact numbers we saw the chief of the national police department -- department when I was chief lotions -- -- I'm also vice president was -- association's 2000 worldwide number 100 countries and guess what. This is an accomplished somewhat. Everett police department -- people you. I'd if we don't go on will be applying myself so look don't be a stranger come back Eric I don't think I'd make the height requirement thank -- to 99.

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