WWL>Topics>>1-23-14 10:10am Todd: on Richard Sherman

1-23-14 10:10am Todd: on Richard Sherman

Jan 23, 2014|

Todd Menesses fills in for Garland and takes calls on Richard Sherman's interview outburst following the NFC title game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And not so much Garland today. -- and -- in four Garland Robinette you know the numbers 260 donate 786 exit 890870. You wanna get in on the conversation today -- and -- little under the weather. And what whether. Good weather to feel under -- Icy cold outside -- electrical. And a lot of people around here don't like it like pickles how equity at school it's nice to feel that you know. There are other seasons besides. Summer and spring. That we can feel down here in south Louisiana occasionally. Makes you feel good. 2608786. Exit 8908 -- right here is gonna talk about -- today. On our show coming up a little later on. We're gonna talk about governor Jindal saying he's gonna take a closer look at legalizing pot from a medicinal purposes. But he's gonna veto any attempt to legalize recreational use. The evening pot should be legalized in Louisiana for medicinal purposes for recreational use for -- or not at all talk about that. Coming up in the noon hour. Next hour -- double talk a little bit about Jimmy Graham. Wanting to remain human black and gold and how the saints be able to do that and how should they do. Should he be paid as a tight end -- wide receiver. He's been one of the things. That the they're debating right now we all know which way they wanna go because one will be two more money than the other. Oh I think we pretty much know which side both. Which end of the spectrum both sides are on and that argument. This hour though I've been here all this all week long. Getting things ready for the the other guy shows and and talking about sports and everything and the Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman. Now. In the rant that he had would sure hate. On Richard sure. Would you want to Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. On you -- team. That are pretty jaguar opinion poll question you logon and cast your vote on there. And amassing a -- were you outraged by his rant against the 49ers. Wide receiver Michael Crabtree. After the vision championship. Now I gotta tell you. I did see that. Live when it happened. In my first reaction was. Wow. He's really. Am -- jacked up for this game. And he had just made in game saving play. The play. That sent his team to the Super Bowl. Over a wide receiver that he's had some history -- And he made those comments. And you could tell it was in the heat of the moment it was passion was. What he was doing what he was feeling at that time. I didn't think anything -- I don't think most. Folks in the media. Are too much of it. Then social media exploded. And people started making all sorts of comments. About what he said. Calling him a thug. Thing it was classless. Thing was uncalled for. But this was all done in the heat of the moment. So my question you. Do you. Dislike. Athletes when they express themselves that way. When they seem cocky or is it just. You don't like him because. They're not on your team. Think about it. If Richard Sherman. Was playing for the saints. And that whole situation was reversed. And Russell Wilson threw the pass. And he played for the saints knocked it away. We intercept it. And we go on to the Super Bowl. And he says the same thing. Are you just as upset. Probably not -- I gotta say you're not. Seahawks fans aren't upset with this guy. I think will be look at it in the big spectrum as a fan. We tend to get upset when. The cockiness. The trash talking. Comes from the other team. Am I wrong on that. You let me know 26018786. Exit 890870. Get a lot of vote would you want Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman on your team know regardless of which -- team if you're not a saints fan I don't care which team you follow. Guys a good cornerback. He was on your team if it was your team and that situation the team you follow the team you pull for the team you. Bullied its colors for. And he made the game saving play. And still had that same rant on the sideline. Would you still be upset about it. I don't think most fans what. Because again as I said I don't -- Seattle Seahawks fans. Upset with the guy. And I don't think if you were a black and gold uniform. Saints fans would be upset with the guy. My Dick what do you think. We'll take a break to be right back mortgage your opinion on this 26018786. Exit eight nines -- which of MI totally off on this. Are what. I think it was just raw emotion. And he said what he wanted to say. In that moment. It's a lot better than here in the standard answer we hear all the time that we always make fun out from athletes. Scott in for Garland will be right back keyless. In the WWL. Ride coming up today on the Angela he'll show. For the New Orleans -- afford New Orleans coalition of civic business and -- groups has released the latest scorecards of the -- oral and city council's candidates responses to eleven issues platforms. Principles of reform that would make the city government more open accountable and transparent. Do you know where -- candidates stands on the issues and -- feel about that plus. -- go long while the men who want to be the New Orleans parish next corner doctor van alana. Doctor Jeffrey Rouse we've reached out to third candidate doctor -- Kana. As well and hopefully he will be on the program also would that be coming up today. With Angela 260 -- 78668890870. Top witnesses in four. Garland Robinette and -- coming unity 7870. Talking about that Richard Sherman and the reason -- bring up is my first chance to get on here and talk about it I've heard everyone talk about it we've had time to digested for this week. And I think a lot of people are. Saying different things. About what he said and why he said and how we set it but I think we're all boils down to is for fans. I think were upset because. It's not the guy on our team doing it. And I think that's what it all comes down to if Richard Sherman was playing on our team and made the play that sent this to the Super Bowl. I don't think saints fans will be upset. He was play in four of the forty niners the niners fans wouldn't be upset. It's happening replayed for the Seahawks Seahawks fans and upset it would he said. Some -- community 78 said he for everything I heard and saw a Crabtree deserved -- games talk about Michael Crabtree. In that -- and they have a bit of a history if you haven't heard about it. It's dates back to last summer they went to -- together in Arizona and apparently Crabtree was running his mouth the chairman. And chairman this is just the gist of -- or what we have been told not the exact words are things that were said than they were supposedly pretty. -- Chairman to say hey will settle it on the field. And he did it first time they met Crabtree was out. And played again. Here in the playoffs. The third meeting -- -- present and -- got to make the play. And at the end of the game he was Mike up. NFL films they -- when you see chairman go over to Crabtree at the end of the play. Crabtree Germans extending his hand to him. And apparently what the mics picked up was he says -- we'll play held a play held a game hell of a game. To which he extended his hand. To shake his hand and Crabtree then. Pushed him into the face -- grabbed his face mask and pushed him away and that's when Richard Sherman got really bent out of shape about it. Because he was. Trying to be a good sport about it but Crabtree was. 260 what a seventy -- execs at -- -- or Reuters go to Patrick in new on these -- Patrick you're on WWL. Articulate -- yeah. I think the one or one very. And -- -- T shirt would be lack of sportsmanship. You know it should they actually think that law that. Our players. That call to victory to call to Ishii. Think you should know cheaper -- there what are primary. War sports participation. Outside -- the program will beat you always expect panic always remembered that sportsmanship. What is the most important factors went to state. Well I'm not sure that Sherman is one of the higher paid players on that team I -- was drafted in the fifth round. It was a 154 selection overall. So I don't know if these if you consider -- one of their high profile players now an entry will get a contract extension at some point. And be one of the higher paid one guys that. But we don't you think that was just the raw emotion after what happened especially the history with Crabtree and then when he tried to extend his hand to Crabtree and say hey hell of a game. He then pushed him away instilled. You know get out of my face type thing. Like -- -- shows -- -- -- it toward you you would be even considered more it teetered. If you maintain your dignity. Okay now in reference to what is it that changed players. -- Biggio hit just support. Just sit here right now with the situation with which copper. You don't shot reward the face of our back you know nine. And then we hear this you know this stuff Camellia about to about shopper -- that -- would so you know. If -- -- -- I would hope that our guys would always be it Drew Brees so we're always beat a pre Grammy. Because again -- to troop increase -- with sports should be about. That's where you upset when Jew born. Would do his antics after he scored. It didn't know I don't know I guess I'm just and other other players thought Joe Horn was arrogant and cocky. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bob iTunes 601878668890. It's a team that that's what I mean and at some people are texting yeah I don't like -- worse saints player I didn't like you and Joe Horn did it. But as Patrick just now lol what about Joe Horn from when he pulled -- the cellphone and would do all kind of crazy things after want. TO we used to do that. Terrell Owens as the guy that started that stuff and everybody thought he was cocky and arrogant hated him. Joe Horn did in the -- got to -- And it's so funny. Same thing. Same thing. But he was on our team. 26018786. XA 90870. All right let's see here we get time's gonna market nor -- mark. -- aren't and that it prop it up immediately let bill. Well you know what mark here's the thing the media didn't bring it up it was social media it was the fans that blew this up not the. They -- -- let you know B -- we're talking about -- about. I mean you you all. Channeling aren't aren't. We let. You know. On the and the way we. And little. Roger Roger will be in Sweden anyway regardless would have and so that that doesn't matter mark Roger's going to be in a sweet. They to be played a Miami and Roger would be in this week they play in a dull moment Roger would be sweet. Be on the weather. -- But yeah this is where everybody's talking about -- -- right. And my take on it is -- talking about it nobody's got a an opinion on it. And I think a lot of those opinions. Charges based on what other people -- say did you actually see it when it happened. Lot of people didn't. Lot of people. Are going by what other people's reaction to it is what other people sad about it. 260 what a 786 X eighty -- -- will play woody said. You're just a moment. Up to Aaron Andrews in the original interview. And then a little bit later on after the game he talked to Ed werder. From ESP yen. Said the same things but not as emotionally charged. And then a little later on. A couple of days later. He says what he really thinks about it and the whole situation. And we'll get into that. Right after we head over to the news with Dave Cohen who's standing by Willard WB well news headlines and back Mort your calls and text. You're on WW well. And walk back to 60 what a 7866 -- 89087. You know those numbers give -- -- architects of -- 7870 -- well are ready jaguar opinion poll would you want Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman -- On your team. And a lot of folks there upset about the what he said after the game immediately after the NFC championship game against the 49ers. As he made that play with Michael Crabtree. He's saying you know he's he's upset that it's taken so much attention away. From the team. And the team's victory. Are pretty jet or peoples always say it's -- unscientific. Poll you guys logon right now 55% of you voting say yes. You want him on your team 45%. Voting saying now. You wouldn't want him on your team. What do you think. About that. Let's go -- we got that by trading -- this is this is what he said. To Erin Andrews. Right after the the game when she grabbed him right after the play in the field. Really yeah good. Yeah and a lot of your techs who Erin Andrews she looks scared she was scared. She has said in a later interview she was not scared. She was that look on her face she was trying to think OK first off. What's he talking about secondly what do I ask him as the follow up which is why she said well who's talking about -- if she thought he met the media was talking about it. And her next question was I'm going to be. Went to Crabtree say you guys had words. But the producer then started telling her in her ear were cutting away we're cutting away we're going back to that to the play. So that's why she had to cut out -- back to you GO. Real quickly so all that's going on and fear in the media you don't have one of those things in your your people talk and -- at the same time while you're trying to talk and while you're trying to think. -- you kinda get that look on your face like it's. -- far away and and you're you're trying to think and she says that's which she was doing now some people -- -- -- she has to say that you want to -- her job she was -- -- Texting. Are you can do is go by what the woman's that and that's what she has said enough other interviews. Now later on. After the game after body had it said gun and done and most teams have gone the locker room Ed werder also spoke. With Richard Sherman here's what he had to say then. Last drive back. -- the ball away -- game clinching interception what I told the crowd to a mediocre. So I would never let him -- the game went home it's. You're -- the you're described as the best defender of the bailout in football but did you send them. Well again -- what she knew that looks like we'll have a great game. The local -- the Lambeau leap. Would that feel like that they'll bring up bad -- Home gold you're the number one defense of football they've Manning as the number one offense and -- mom what's that -- going to be like. Obama hasn't. Richard surely go to the Super -- -- nothing -- a lot of. A -- so. Said the same things. Just. Not as emotional about it. But he still said the same thing thing and -- when he said the thing about you know on the best and you can't he winked at Ed -- at that point. Hearsay you know he kind of wink the smile that -- you Richard Sherman Anglican to pass or Democrat Connecticut passed over me. And he winked and smiled at that point. So this is a history between those two guys and look. Richard Sherman. Is a very popular currency. And I've got Tex coming in here -- 787 people saying that. I dislike the media talk about why -- doing this and kids are watching and it's not a good role model for kids and so forth and you know Richard Germans it's not Richard chairman's job to reach your kids well Richard Sherman does a lot of good. In the Seattle community. He's known. Going to schools helping out kids. -- just showing up at schools doing all sorts of things for charity. You know he had they said that the -- tonight fans were lined up around the building to get his autograph -- an autograph signing session. He's done a lot. Of good. In his community. Given back a lot to kids. And as far as being one of them high paid an overpaid guys and their egos get -- I think he made 550000. This year that's his salary. So he's not one of the highest paid. Or overpaid guys. Graduates today. 26018786. X eighty -- -- within a couple days later. After all this continues to blow up here's what he had to say. About that to a CNN. All they're very much by the low grip you know mostly our grid. I guess the storm afterwards. We you know with the way it was covered -- way it was perceived in in the attention that it took away from bill fantastic performances from my teammates you know. And that that -- only part of our great you know the way it's covered. You know I think it is -- work where citizens were saying I've gotten you know I don't say I'm about. Probably should not attack another person you know I don't mean attacked him and that was that was a mature -- probably should have done I regret doing that but. I just felt like my teammates is -- better and I do not have to apologize to him. All right so there you go he's apologized to his teammates. He says he probably shouldn't say that about Crabtree was in the heat of the moment and again they have a history that started. In the summer. And it event they went to an Arizona by another player. And Richard Sherman Brothers back that up in the Crabtree was talking a lot of trash then. And a Richard basically says it will settle it on the field. And I think he did. I got a text from the candidates 7870 it's as. A level when you play that the by about Crabtree. Being overrated makes me laugh everytime who -- So there you go someone else yes I would like Richard Sherman on our team imagine Richard Sherman on one side and Lewis on the other. I think every -- but like that that's our question would you want Seahawks were at cornerback Richard Sherman. On your team its operating jet -- opinion poll 55% of you saying yes. 45% right now saying no. And as far as the thing about. Well you know kids are watching and and this is not good sportsmanship for the kids. In that the same thing. That they do in pro wrestling. The kids to watch. These wrestler to go on these rants. And talking about sportsmanship and I know pro wrestling not a real sport. The outcomes are decided. But still the same thing kids are watching it. But he has a problem with that. What's the difference. Is it because. This is a real sport. And they're not expected. To have emotions. I've said many times on man's first -- and fans of the pro and have just -- there with the with Steve court. I get tired of hearing. The interviews with players. Before games. And after games. Where they're not saying they're true emotions. They're not doing what they do what they really feel it's the same thing. What do you need to do to win this game. Well way to execute our plays and and not have any turnovers and if we play our game plan then you know we we hope come out with a victory. That's the standard answer. After it went well I credit our wins fact that we were able to execute our game plan and we came in and weird defense was able to do we wanted to do in the offense to do what they wanted to do and and we -- able to a score more points the other team win. That's not what you got -- Richard Sherman. You got an athletes' emotion. In the moment after making the big play. 26018786. Exit 890870. We'll take a break here we come back we'll get more you text that are blowing up the 87870. Here. Got some calls to look at Bob hang on to get to you guys as well. And that coming up the next several start a little more about the saints and Jimmy Graham. Are you concerned. About how we're gonna signed Jimmy Graham. And Judy be paid as a tight end or wide receiver. Big difference in the pay scale for those. And Dodd and for Garland will be right back you listening to WWL. And -- and Tex coming at 87870. Says Richard Sherman has gained from this negative media he has 50000 more Twitter followers yes he does is Nike shoes are selling well. He's a top five Jersey in sales now and he's now a household name nobody knew he was last year. He did a clip for dad's been interviewing 49ers fans about themselves they were calling him names talking badly about him. Who introduced himself as Richard Sherman is they never saw his face more. And it's like always any allure the idea they're a good player. Are pretty jaguar -- -- would you want Seahawks cornerback Richard true on your team 56% of you saying yes 44%. Are saying no. And I text here that says those that are saying no or in denial you would want him on your team is it good player. Another Texas says that reporters need to give players more time to celebrate and gather their thoughts expect the unexpected in the heat of the moment. -- Someone else says I sought and was shocked however now that have heard your explanation and their history I understand the reason for his behavior. Let's go to Bob in Metairie hey Bob you're on WW. -- -- thank you like this column and went into the interview he said the first thing. The first things it was he felt because the media perceive that I don't know what he was again. There's a history between two players in history should stay off the field if you wanna be professional which I think everybody should. So I guess it was a good -- because -- was on Super Bowl and move on. You can't take the adrenaline on the player I'm not much you know that that's gonna happen and that's going to be some don't feel it's supposed to be it's it's a sport that's what were looking in and a lot of things that happened. That's the CO -- we actually what you would see Peyton Manning react the same way or drew breeze these guys -- special. They say they have to say that I can about the game most of the time I'm going to be able to. -- Bob is it fair to compare. These guys to a Peyton Manning and Drew Brees who were quarterbacks in. Offensive guys I mean they're not not the defense of guys that true or emotional. Now I'm saying -- -- Richard Sherman went to Stanford got to 14100 SAT they got to do that. That. Makes 1000. It would probably you don't -- but I NFL standards that's not a lot of money. He's not a higher paid stars. But it doesn't make it -- audience way to look at it. What I'm saying what I'm saying about it -- it was at the moment it was the heat of the moment I understand. I don't think you need to condemn the guy because he didn't. Know. And I don't think he's a bad guy because he did it either. It's. An explosion at a company lately a lot of people. Richard Sherman and that was it right here you know it was everything that happened as people forget it was -- past. If that was accurate BC -- just go to -- but there. So you know it's again -- And and in this particular case -- But he should have been gracious about it and not going up most people -- game -- could. I'm just so ominous and you know that could be wrong. But wouldn't -- there was between these two. Time ago one and other. Well in a long time ago it was that summer this past summer. So it could have been yesterday how many people. Well nobody knew it but that's just dead but the thing is he also went to him at the end of the play and that held a game was trying to shake his hand. And that's win Crabtree pushed him away get out of my face and called himself and so. That's what set him off. Right and the -- amnesty and commercials when there on the field and they drop and that's sentencing that's part of the plate then that would concede pollution and probably. Well and flag and because they say they don't want precipitated. It right -- incredible. He says it's been really good partly because it's set to open derogatory and and and even made him. Actually no he was Mike up NFL caught it no he didn't he December. Hell of a game hell of a game that's. -- -- apparently this is my opinion and answered the other question which -- eighteen yet. Isn't that odd well that that's just he's a good life. And it's about the -- opponents the way -- I didn't like him I'm not. It was childish the end and then -- them and you know it's cute and everything you know the -- -- -- games you know and a picture and can help these guys win games. I think he would be a good stupidest. You know unfortunately. Don't have a job. -- Bob but thank you for the golf. Second I specialist at 260187866. Hitting nines are set to take our last break here we come back Luke will talk to you about it as well. And coming up next are -- bring little bit about it Jimmy Graham. -- saints fans what do you think is gonna happen with Jimmy Graham and how should the saints approaches. Talk about lots of money here. Depending on how he gets paid will talk bring it all right back after this break here on WW. I'm coming up next are well -- -- Jimmy Graham into the mix also some other things the world City Council considering. Raising the minimum wage does minimum wage need to go up. What do you think. Are you working for minimum wage could you survive on minimum wage. Or should go up to at least ten dollars an hour of your business owner what would that do for you will be right back WWL.