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1-23-14 11:10am Todd: on Jimmy Graham

Jan 23, 2014|

Todd Menesses fills in for Garland and takes calls on what the Saints should pay Jimmy Graham.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- job and this is -- for Carla 260187866. And eight nines -- weights every those are the numbers to call can also text and 87870. Last hour talking about Richard Sherman and the things that went on after that ramps and what has happened since. And a lot of people upset about that got a lot of Texan dates that negates them calls as well. This hour we know what Jimmy Graham to remain in the black and gold but should he be paid as a tight end or wide receiver. He was hired as a tie it and he's listed. As a tight end but he also lines up in the wide receiver slot. The difference in pay. Obviously -- millions. Now the team's perspective is that Jimmy's a tight end. It took a risk on Jimmy trained him groomed him. But he's become a star. In the NFL. And wants -- -- talent never rises to the occasions when you invest that in two folks Jimmy's hands. So should he get to start pay. As a receiver. Or as a tight end what do you think. As a who dat man 26018786688908. Symphony. Is this is like signing of Drew Brees all over again for you. Is this the key cog that we need to sign and he needs to be paid. As the best in the NFL. And his position. But is that tight end. -- wide receiver. Separate jaguar opinion poll right now should Jimmy Graham repaid -- a tight end or wide receiver you can log on and cast your vote at WW dot com. Already those of you voting 80% of you say tight end. He's listed at 20%. Say a wide receiver. Now could you imagine. The saints going into the next season without the Jimmy Graham. Do you think it's gonna go that far now the saints have said they will use a franchise tag on him if they have to if -- -- get anything done. But I believe -- march 11 deadline. But what does your gut tell you is gonna happen. In his -- fan are you worried about it. Remember what we went through this with the Drew Brees. My after the season. Nobody was worried that it would get a deal done with -- nobody's worried about that her second set out your neck -- be economic -- that can. Do that sort of thing. And that went along. That we got to pass the point. Then we started to get in to. Close in the training camp. People started to get upset about it. There's nothing that happened yet. Didn't reach a deal. You got the feeling that this is gonna go. And just like those negotiations. -- the saints have Marty said they've drawn their own line in the sand I guess. The -- the tight end. And they're gonna pay him as a tight end. Not as a wide receiver. And I'm sure Jimmy Graham's. Agent is arguing well you use him more as a wide receiver in your offense. So shouldn't he get paid. Like a wide receiver. 260187866. And eight nines or wait seven is this a situation. For you saints fans where. We got a -- Jimmy Graham at all cost. Or. Willing to take that risk. And not paying what he's worked. And then the other side of the coin is as we saw now. Two years later after giving Drew Brees the big contract lot of saints fans say well we overpaid -- He's not living up to the contract. Are we gonna have those regrets again. With the Jimmy Graham. 260 late 786 -- 890. 870. All right. What do you think who dat. Do you feel about it in -- coming -- -- seventy eights and aces. Jimmy Graham oh how about Jimmy Graham for the Seattle game when he took off the skull cap of the other player nobody's mentioned and that -- aggressive -- that. Situation. Somebody else taxing about. Talk about arrogant cocky players -- Richard -- you know some people view Jimmy Graham's. Spiking the ball over the -- -- economy cocky arrogant thing. If you're on the other team. Go to what Chad hey Chad you're on WWL what do you think. Yeah yeah. We -- It mark that we keep on border it would be like. I mean -- do. Random beauty and I don't coat it by -- not exposed a brand of the vote the and -- -- body. Definite target book but troopers. I mean he's pretty much -- who -- like that. You know I mean why how which wondered -- I don't see anybody or tools like it would do -- -- doesn't look like you do. Okay. That but usually lead. -- -- -- I don't see any welcomed it and so welcome in our -- out there and I'm -- and the best. And at the -- -- the UK. Came in -- Back. That would be. A. Chad do you think do you think that we. May have some buyer's remorse after we pay him like some people are claiming they have with Drew Brees. -- -- -- -- need to check that ultimately. Take what -- got a -- -- and mean -- -- -- scrutiny even though. You can go in -- -- get all of it yet you know rebellion in his view port so. The reason I don't Wear it on record but -- -- that don't pay a lot the -- We -- this computer that we British -- he I mean where he. And restoration like I mean Libyan pastors like the -- or not. General would be and I assist everybody that's call on hold on though give your calls in Texas well. What would be more. The more immediate thing to -- you think we should -- Jimmy Graham what he's worth or make sure we have a good offensive line and pay them. -- -- lead you to protect now I mean dependent arm. I don't know what Alex appears -- -- -- can't think right now we're going to be a little. Right well I -- dependent. The development of younger guy has yet Richard. You know look into elaborate here you're out there aren't. I mean we got out of Jimmy -- out of but I'm well. I mean you hate to -- -- do you have now. Hi Janet thank you for the call man. Excellence that they for the comets do 6087866. And eight nines -- weights every jets says. We got to pay Jimmy can't imagine without him what are you guys stink and how should he be paid. That's the big question. And do you think we might have buyer's remorse when it's all said and done. Because I know sitting here after every saints game or before every saints game the next week. I always get texts and calls from people saying we overpaid Drew Brees. Andrews not living up to his contract. So do you think the same mistake will be made with Jimmy Graham. Are not dominance is in for Garland Robinette will take a break. And be right back WW well. And welcome back cover ready jaguar opinion polls should Jimmy Graham be paid as a tight end -- wide -- 69% obviously tied and 31%. Say is -- wide receiver attacks coming in an 87870. Page Jimmy -- a wide receiver another text says. Hell -- of some little cornerback -- about golden Graham shuts down. -- the Texas I think as a tight end Jimmy Graham needs to learn to block I would not give them -- long term deal unless he can be there on running downs. Because he's not in there on third and inches and he's receiving is receiving threat. Is not they year. Larry in Algiers say Larry thanks for -- WWL. There -- regulatory Marco. Position immediately. In. One -- -- Well -- but that's the question. Defeat the bill has. They have certain things that -- -- position. An and that's what they look at is the highest paid in this position. -- their average. -- typically don't make as much as wide receivers as ours he scale. Now would you use a lot as wide receivers to the question do you payment -- that's his agent is going to be arguing. And where you make the more more money now listening to say hey. Your -- and we drafted as the tide and we play in the -- in position knew this that is tied. Aggregate time and money. It would. Interpret. I think Perot with him. So what yeah. You got a -- This might -- you know we take. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. Would -- would be more risk. Larry Page and Jimmy Graham what he's worth and not having enough to pay some of the other guys. On the offensive line maybe. That all I don't know. Well Nixon or maybe maybe even on the defensive line what about the -- Jordan. I didn't bring. Artery. Media. You know let -- The saints in Mick Mickey Loomis has been. Able to do that he's been able to balance things -- Drew Brees said it would consider restructuring and they ask him if it helps free up some money in such. They haven't come to him and asked him yet and I'm sure at some point they probably will have to. But but is it you know is it is Jimmy Graham that I -- to this offense because a lot of the away games this year he shut down. Yeah well. -- -- You'd deliberately. Because you're prepared. To -- -- -- all day. -- -- -- -- In that period. And you go. And it wouldn't take career. I'm currently in the number. So you're saying go ahead and roll the dice take the gamble pay the man grow. -- pride Larry. Hey Matt thanks for Colin thanks solicit. Do but like 6018786. Exit eight nines -- -- seventy Tex coming in at 8787 payments tied and -- build him up in the top five all receivers pay. Someone saying give him an average between what the highest paid. Tight ends and wide receivers. Get paid. And work it from there. Another text that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard about Drew Brees now playing to his contract. Yet we get that all the time -- we should just the knowledge that people who think we overpaid drew are just idiots and move on. Another two exits as. You can't pay breeze Graham Keenan Lewis and -- Jordan and then have to pay 49 other guys. And think it's harder to find a defense of and that can play the runner past and to find a pass catching tight end. Like Jimmy Graham. 2601878866889087. It was go to a Jerry and applause say Jerry Iran -- to -- well. Thank you protect all. What are involved a dispute. -- -- to bits and spam and all involved. For human quality -- Indian wielding. You know the put money out there -- quality players. Option and it's the -- -- -- that people think that Drew Brees has not been out this contract yet that's ludicrous. How -- put down -- -- cents a lot of thank god for what they did do this year but we -- we we struggled there so that disrupt department. As well as the game you know for our game plan of world war accomplished but. I think trooper restructures its contract look when that do it. Thank Jimmy Graham ago to point. He wants to be a sign of things he does we all morning. I think built on happy medium where it can pay them. Well it could be wide receiver. You know that's OK but. Overall I think that. We know other needs we got some players we have droughts and you know peace and change in there. But overall I think they'll get the job -- that witnesses as ingenious set bring in all this about. So. We just get a view. Players ship that ran on you know get some more players and it can help us as well -- absolutely. You'd. You know we can get back to super -- Yet more endorsements give more company and then. And cheer like in the back late in the possibly ladies players a little more. All right Gerri do you. Can you imagine what what happens if -- franchise. Tag him and he decides to. And out not play. Yeah that is the -- and like that. That you know in the it would be but then again in -- -- we understand. Hopefully people to go to other Super Bowl or posters of oh. -- -- Or another right now. You'd be willing choose. You know do what's best for the team as well. Some -- make. It will. We're all go we have all you know the level it. Real we have you know what -- quality jeans for three years well because. I think I'm not a Smart thing we have to do. Spotter quality quarterback and that in back Drew Brees so that way when dust from property in the step panel. Drew -- had time to mentored him and trying. So it's. -- that that that model is long gone in the NFL Olympic Aaron Rodgers may be the last when you solve that. -- sits behind a guy in and and gets to be men toward sold so to speak out I don't even know how much Brett Favre actually mentored characters to be -- yes. I got important factor Joseph Montana in Bosnia and yet though those deputies along the answer -- -- a lot for sure now. Expected to get the guy at the draft and and have the court quarterback start which we've seen happen and have success with some of the guys like. Andrew Luck and it will be -- to -- with the John humans though does. Next season as well if that happens to him our Gerri thank you for the call etc. now to do Dave Cohen. I'm sculpted on name's Dave I don't know wide. OK well good Dave Cohen sitting by -- -- WWL news headlines and back for more here on WWL. And welcome back -- and -- in fort Garland Robinette coming up in the next hour new Orleans city council's consider a resolution that would call on the state to raise the minimum wage from 725 to 1010 and our. Do you believe it should be rays and do you think 725 hours a living wage. And also. On the same note governor Jindal said he's gonna take a close look at legalizing pot for medicinal purposes. But he's gonna veto any attempt to legalize recreational use. The big pot should be legalized in Louisiana for medicinal purposes for recreational use both -- not at at all. -- about that coming up in the next hour right here. On WWL 2601 late 786 exit 89087. -- get a lot of tax people ask him. I don't get it Jimmy Graham the tight end not a wide receiver even fantasy football considers him a -- and won the debate. Because of the -- be the latest collective bargaining agreement there's something in there about salaries based on positions. In averages and where a team uses a player. More what position he kind of plays in more than they lying Jimmy Graham up more. In the slot as a wide receiver. So that's why his agent is arguing he should -- wide receiver money which is a little bit higher on the scale and tight and money. When you look at the averages the highest paid tight end doesn't make as much as the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL. We will all know that that's what they all look just like when. Drew Brees got his contract you looked at the highest paid quarterbacks. And you figured out you wanna make him the highest paid now the question is also should Jimmy Graham. The highest paid. Tight end. In the NFL. -- The highest -- wide receiver. There's a big difference. In the paid millions of dollar difference in that pay. So that's what -- -- argue about button. The question is. Which way to UC most of bans on our poll at WW dot com corporate jet or opinion poll saying -- programs at tight end. 69% of -- 31% of you say he's a wide receiver. And I like this text it comes into this if Jimmy wants to make more money. They should sign him on the pelicans they could sure use the help right now. Remember he was a basketball player. In college for most of his college career through 6018786. Exit date -- nearly -- gonna Jason -- chasing chasing on double to -- well. To. Ohio's. Stay about the yeah. What I read stuff. Or hurt or homeless -- -- Such. Metal like. Average of your position. Bush does what he'd be under under. Go out like. -- -- That. Matter what right. Well -- they they use a franchise tag that means he's with us he can't talk to anybody else but he can also. Sit out the season if you wanna do. That is I don't think they -- gonna -- -- I expect now been due to the about think about our daily business and not being struck pay the -- is it. At least possible. Well what is happening is if if we use the franchise tag here's here's where it comes down to. On him that could trigger them that the battles whether he should be considered tight end or wide receiver because how they attack in a moment to me that's with. -- -- Mickey Loomis has stated. -- that the idea. He says is that what we drafted -- -- is that what lay offs. I. Mean I think I think at least at least as much as the top receivers. I don't want it. It on the saints and -- on they might want him at least spot that he did it. They didn't -- and now he's -- combat and two years. -- Policy which at least its business in China if you want it. What they beat him at least at least I seek it out. -- that a lot. Yeah right now the saints are already about twelve and a half million over the projected salary. So. They're gonna have to do some some restructuring of the -- of -- some of the guys at that listed in -- Bobby talked about this week or two ago. Some of the fan favorites that they could release you know year Thomas Lance Moore -- couldn. Those guys all count -- salary cap than. Maybe they you know. They're all -- call and all call in everybody's elections. Let it -- it was an easy. Yeah well it was -- easy but it and this isn't baseball you can't pay on you know -- -- Japanese and a well. Which which keeps the NFL competitive and I and I thought that unlike baseball and that's one. I -- thanks collar man. I'd listen to 6018786. Exit eight nines -- awaits him of the text content. Pay him whatever it takes to keep him in new Portland. Another Texas look at the draft when he pass catchers out there in the bottom round one but I don't see any -- and Jordan. One thing we need the Obama camp Jordan defense is more important. Defense -- -- that offensive line. And it Jimmy Graham. Someone else's certainly need to assess Jimmy grams injuries he always seems to be injured before we make the big commitment. To him and once he gets injured. It's slows him down in he's not a factor. In the game anymore. 26087866. At eight -- it relates to take -- ominous in fort Garland Robinette. What do you think you can vote online at WW all dot com it's operate jaguar opinion poll 67% of you say he's a tight end. 33% say. They probably should get wide receiver money because we use him that way will be right back it's WWL. And welcome back to 601878668890870. Talking about Jimmy Graham in this hour. Should Jimmy Graham repaid as tight end or wide receiver that is the the big debate the started because there were asked a Mickey Loomis was asked about it. At the Senior Bowl this week. And he said that the saints will use the franchise tag on Jimmy Graham if necessary. And that's a move that could trigger the the battle over whether the pending freeagent to program would be either. A tight end or wide receiver how is officially considered. Now Mickey Loomis in the saints say eases tight end. Because. Aliens make less than the wide receivers on the scale. -- citizen though we drafted him as isn't that what he made the Pro Bowl it's. That's what we see him as a tight and that's what makes him valuable. He stressed that the march 3 franchise tag deadline is more than a month away he'd prefer to work -- a long term contract extension with Graham in the meantime. He is -- franchise and if that's necessary. We're a long ways from that I don't know if it's worth discussing right now. However people keep asking about it says we're in the early part of the process obviously what we want to have Jimmy back and he wants to be back. And so we just have to go through the process that the difference between a franchise tax salary for receiver. And a tight end is significant last year it was ten and a half million dollars vs six million dollars so it. Talking you know. But four million dollars here. Programme is the most high profile case yet in what has become a growing debate in recent years over whether a tight -- should be officially labeled. As a wide receiver if he plays more than 50% of the snaps. In the traditional receiver alignment which is what the saints used Jimmy Graham ads. Now according to the stats. Graham lined up as a receiver on 67%. Of the snaps in 2013. 45% in the slot 22% out how wide and 33%. As an in line tight end. Now that's not uncommon in what's happening in the NFL as they're using tight ends more and more. So this question is yes and keep coming up over and over and over. About how the tight end is viewed. Should he be viewed as just basically another wide receiver. And put into that category. 26018786. Exit 89087. -- go to Keith on West Bank -- you're on WW. Yeah thank -- But not in saint Jimmy Graham really the ball is caught a key air advantages. Because you came out there. Likes in the patriots. Do another type. And they use -- and they'd be colts. -- in law could do that side and and and they had these contain now you know. Oh maybe the chiefs. Since they got it you read at. Head coach now. They did you think so it's maybe jar with Eli. Could you losing. -- multiple teams out there. -- there -- a lot there are a lot of he's bought back out there a lot of teams that would want him I mean there's. I got a text that says that they're talking of the forty -- in San Francisco Bay Area sports talk over there is talk about they should go after Jim -- if the saints can't work it. All lot on the bought debt because they got bird indeed it's not on the with the situation is that. Well the question is like you said with the the patriots can you imagine having -- and Graham and your. I imagine having Vernon Davis and Jimmy growth of. Right but that's true but I don't know. Well -- the -- that the patriots could work out it would hurt so I don't know injury here you know I don't know at all how bad it is sports. He has a big stadium like at least four opting out. That beat you -- that if they make criminal -- for the contract ball well you know what some more again achieved a lot. And then not being. They -- goal. Because I don't know I don't know districts are gonna wanna get 8 am what another -- bit -- -- -- -- at the same amount of law. Receptions locals still it you know hot topic at what you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- as a chance to win I don't think -- -- -- -- go to law. You know -- awful. But I think you wanna do that. You know I don't know that there's some players that. You know news of the money's right though -- So I don't know about Jimmy I think Jimmy wants to win I think Jimmy likes being here is they've said. I think he likes being with Drew Brees and some people have brought up the question would even be that good somewhere else and another system. Without Sean Payton and Drew Brees pulled the trigger on it. And the other question. Robert -- certainly wasn't when he went to San Diego will be right back there TWO. Mandel welcome back -- -- for garlic. Are pretty jaguar opinion poll. Should Jimmy Graham be paid is a tight -- -- wide receivers it's a couple of million dollars difference 66% BC -- and which is would make -- with the saints say. 34%. -- wide receiver and got a text -- and asking well why isn't. Sproles or Thomas then paid as a wide receiver -- they catch the ball -- it all comes down -- -- you line up kind. If you were. If you're officially labeled as a wide receiver if you play more than 50% of your snaps in a wide receiver alignment. So Sproles and Thomas a lot of you know there in the back field they'll catch the ball on the -- field line up as a running back. And as the last option they may be on the ball or that maybe the play on the wheel route they threw the ball to. Graham. As lined up in the receiver -- 67% of the snaps. This past season. So oh. Yeah you'd use and more as a wide receiver that you Horry traditional tight end is what they're going to be arguing balls go to Jameel seller quick hey Jimmie your Honda VW. Yeah. It. Can you. Look at thank you. Solution of the problem is -- useless to give him a copy it's absolutely not and to get on really drops and he's been an -- that keeps. -- Jimmy Graham has money. -- that that. That's that's too -- too. Well what can work out you know. You make you regret mostly wide receiver tight like he has in the deter airport and free agency you pick up another blocking tight end. You should be Korea armor like receive like you'd. Probably I mean hundred and I'll use just feel for that now ago we would. We can get an appetite and primarily QB Graham to walkers. Get what you did. So we're -- -- right in the -- And ought to third or city in Korea and get really small bowl receipt. You know -- -- -- that's how they've been lining it up and that's not a -- that's what they're gonna argue that you know if they put the franchise tag on him and it should be. As a wide receiver because according to. You know. What they did their collective bargaining agreement and all that. More than 50% of the time he's lined up. As a wide receiver in -- 67%. Of the time. This past year he lined up. In the wide receiver position Jimmie thanks for the call got a hit to the news -- top of the hour. Coming up with the Dave Cohen then we come back. Let's talk a little bit about time minimal wage. And medical marijuana in the state of Louisiana will be right back to WWL.