WWL>Topics>>1-23-14 12:10pm Todd: on minimum wage and marijuana

1-23-14 12:10pm Todd: on minimum wage and marijuana

Jan 23, 2014|

Todd Menesses fills in for Garland and asks whether the state should raise the minimum wage and/or legalize marijuana.

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And not so much Garland Providence is in fort Garland. I think you know the numbers right now. If you don't. -- they are again 2601878. You're outside the final four area code it is a free call for you 866889. 0878668890870. You also Texas and 87870. Coming up this hour. The New Orleans City Council. Has discussed a minimum wage. Resolution. For the state they're calling upon the state to raise the minimum wage from 725. 21010. And now our other considering. Do you believe it should be raised. You think 725 an hour. Is a living -- If you're a business owner. And you have folks that work for you at the minimum wage level. If it goes up to 1010 an hour. How will that affect you if you work for minimum wage. Would getting ten dollars an hour. The -- as an hour more. Make a difference. In your life. What you can do. Is it the amount per hour or is -- the amount of hours. You can work. Well at all -- up together. So what do you think. And also governor Jindal we gonna throw these two together because the argument for one is that will raise more money for the state create jobs. Governor Jindal said he'll take a close look at legalizing. Pot for medicinal purposes but would veto any attempts to legalize recreational use. Do you think pot should be legalized. In Louisiana. For medicinal purposes for recreational use. Both or not at all that is are pretty jaguar opinion poll you can log on -- WWL dot com and cast your vote. NC where you stand. Latest national poll. On the whole marijuana thing is that most people. Polled I think 51%. Think that it should be legal for both. And right now if you logon to WW dot com. 70%. Are voting that both should be legal here in Louisiana. 25% -- medical use only 5%. Say not at all now the resolution was unanimously passed by the City Council. So that is now they're asking the state. To look at raising the minimum wage to 1010 and our across the state Louisiana now. The federal is 725 lot of states in the country do have higher minimum wage requirements then. The federal minimum of 725. Does that mean they have. Better quality workers. Would you get better quality workers. Would it make a bigger impact in your life. I know what I work the last time I worked. Minimum wage job when I was and I'll probably high school college area I think it was. May -- five bucks an hour somewhere in there. For five dollars an -- can't remember somewhere around open there. And up but I was going to school and and working part time and that was enough money to do what I needed to do. You know -- Didn't take a lot of money to catch the dinosaur Boston. You know right through the streets with Fred Flintstones but other and that. It was OK for the time. Cost of living has gone up. Should minimum wage go up as well. That's our question and I wanna get both the sides of this if you are working. At that level right now and if you're one of the people that is paying at that level right now what would it do. To your business what would it do for your quality of life if it was race. 2601 late 786 exit 89087. And on the heels of that. Governor Jindal said he's gonna take a look at legalizing pot now the argument. For legalization from a lot of folks is that it will create jobs. It will bring more money into the state. Through taxing. If you legalize it. He -- medicinal purposes he can see but not for recreational use like it's been done in its. Washington State. And in Colorado. Do you think it should. The majority opinions across the country have just changed 51% say we should legalize pot. It's about time. The president this past week said that. He didn't think it was any. Worse than alcohol. -- cigarettes. So what do you think is the attitude changing has your attitude changed. On that. 260 what it's 786 exit 89 generally said he will gonna take a break here when we come back we'll talk to Nate. We'll talk to -- get some Texan as well and 87870 on this topic about the minimum wage. Does -- need to go up. Council has passed the resolution. That says they're asking the states. To raise the minimum wage they haven't raised it. They're calling on the state to raise the minimum wage to 1010 and our. Do you believe that's good for business. Good for employees and good for everyone. Concern here in the state will be right back -- for Garland here on WWL. And welcome back to six so what it's 7866 and eight nines -- -- having go to are pretty jaguar paying people a WWL dot com and cast your vote. Do you think pot should be legalized in Louisiana for medical use recreational use both. Or not at all you can logon like -- -- WW dot com and cast your vote right now the majority of you voting. Are saying. For both 72%. Nineteen state medical use only. 9%. Say not at all and just I just gotta say this if you wanna you wanna get a quick little laugh. When you go to our website. Check out just in beavers mug shot. Did he think this was a publicity shot or something and it's just. Wow. I think somebody said smiled and he just immediately put on the the Justin Bieber. Smile for publicity photos and stuff like that as its. He looks pretty happy to be arrested let's put it that way let's go to native New Orleans -- nature on WW. All right thank Terry McCall thanks gulf. Umpire a couple of porn sites around the windy city Portland and dirty -- And make a quick and stick to those employees world. Managers. Based ultimate eight well it. The bigger -- those locations. In the can you all the surrounding area a beach or has it or district manager -- -- Three dollars a person. That's a huge hit on the labor costs but also the real point that won the majors. More than half of my -- or making minimum wage. Or. Would not work over twenty hours. Because that would cut and -- there government. Housing and so only people that were new jobs. You know if they do get more money and they need to get government subsidies -- because -- Ought to -- or terrible. -- gonna go up -- no particular -- and it worked out but it's only. Well not -- but wouldn't -- On the and the other argument made on the other side of that is for business owners you don't wanna give -- many hours because they and you have to pay benefits touches health care and such -- -- consider them full time with benefits. Depending on the size of the business though. That's why you have a lot of minimum wage workers that don't work a lot of hours in a week also it's it's it's a big catch 22. That you're you're trying to increase trying to get him you know -- okay. It's a livable wage can you can you live on this give more money that if they don't have enough hours then I mean truthfully if you worked you know ten not ten hours a week. And you go on up to the you know you at 725 going up ten you may be what thirty some odd dollars more week. Right exactly. And but if you are and I'll -- You know just actually -- you know or else it might. Get what they were completely. But minimum wage should be a goal and you want to try to -- No but unfortunately a lot of people that's all they can get may have several of those jobs. You if you have more than one Agassi where it would help. -- and a lot of people that the people that were more than twenty. The outward about. Eight or. Today and it's. An unfortunate that the original minimum wage job but yeah and and work. To make a -- So it is the batteries so education. To which -- -- -- to get more money. But don't expect. Torch on it you know everything paid for. Need -- -- I need thanks Colin of one thing about the marijuana. I would say legalizing completely. The medical caller as a joke you know anybody can go and its appetite and sleep at night. So I don't really understand. In the culture and indeed. Or -- put up or recreational because I would say 8% of medical. Recreational. On -- thank you for the call. Thank you to six -- late seventy. 86 X -- -- -- early seventies go to jail cell AJ Euro on WWL. -- -- -- -- -- They'll -- her burqa like your approach regardless what you're for mr. Knight thanks. -- -- A spark that livable wage singers are. Are -- Portland me China added them to what black culture. I think that we need to modify well actually huge -- severe housing subsidy. -- -- -- that we need bigger giveaway section eight if you need help living somewhere. Hopefully should be a temporary thing. And it should be. The end a government provided facility. Where they elect projects put like one of these bidders were altogether. All you know power in your pocket the annual. Population be part corporate think it should not be you kangaroo. You're -- somebody else there and how the government pay -- recorders are -- what we were optic long way to go out. All the other thing at the epic that we need for -- sharply subsidies cheap. Well it's -- food subsidies you'll probably be in how intricately subsidy or or are you are probably get there hopefully. If you keep it -- -- -- -- through -- if your government now in your resources certainly we need to prepare him for the people okay. All of you know they can pick in. So the people that live there can work there a kitchen and you know -- Prepare healthier low cost root for the people little -- much waste. In the future program. And you know artists that we need to execute at all -- -- the people that are on the people here Richard what are we were sharply. Note you need to strive to -- economics are much more Richard are worried that it requires. Raging through wage educating people sort of four of a problem that I have -- raising the minimum wage all the where where -- I think that. The kids in high school. You know and maybe college. -- -- -- term job or sort job. I think that there needs to be a low wage for bailed out belt which will be it's easy for him to -- work. If you try to take sixteen year old what's your ball players can dollar. So that that's one of the main issues with raising the minimum wage you're virtually product do you think that. All -- know what -- that the way inflation in prices have increased over the last say twenty or thirty years. That there's no way. That even you know what that did not and he needs to be a living wage but it needs to be where -- struggle the way you know. There's a -- sure. Oh so you say you're saying you you don't have a problem with the raising it but it should be some kind of -- scale may be if you're over you're the age of twenty or 21 earned eighteen you should. Make a little more than teenagers that are at high school and. We -- rewarding purged these kids to get jobs. Because took the sooner you start working you know urgently approve the better work tactic you're gonna have you're used to being responsible in Maryland insurer or -- -- -- to a war that much. Thank you educate the pretty young age and that you were struck a more. The particular and you really teach that I mean you either have that drive it was talked to you by your parents and your family or. Not at all I mean I know when -- well when I started work and I I wanted to do the best I could have a drug work -- do what I wanna. You know I did at the job what they asked me to do and that carries over through here. I see that now a lot of the younger folks that that are hired in some places and and other places that have been to work and so forth. They just don't have that drive to work. Well united. In optical a lot about does start -- -- but now that we're dealing with the people in their forties and even in their thirties. That happened and that it has foundation. Maybe we need the approach of the care industry could -- where it motivate people. If you Jill you're there much but there's going to be just if you -- that finger toward. A war people. You know you can surely not work report to her and eat well act crazy got to get that mentality. The golf out there just about where water. Okay all that we believe it should be decriminalized. I would like the -- how it goes in the other states -- all -- -- all old world. Legalization -- rebel currently available you know stored or to make. The -- alcohol and marijuana. Readily available you know all the editors already coming legally in it's written -- there's no. That accident or creeks not just all car at its people you know because they were sure of course. They were insular and particular -- which which. Poppy -- currently available coached at exponential equation that can. All right Gerri at thank you for the call thank you for the comments and a lot of those arguments you have about marijuana with a same arguments that. Had about alcohol when prohibition came around and they wanted to. Do away with the prohibition when we're gonna have more people that are going to be. Drunken they're gonna get in trouble and they're gonna have wrecks and more accidents and more this in baton. You know. Can we protect people from themselves. For ever. I don't think so. Olympics of people still got to make a decision like we said about those who work in don't have work ethic core of the younger some of the younger folks not all. Who. Don't wanna work or don't think they need to work is hard. You can't force someone to do that you gotta have that one and then drive. To do it. 26017866890878. Got a lot of Tex coming on -- 878 said he will get to those got a lot of calls as well. -- Craig -- de Patrick Chris hang on don't get to all of you guys right now let's send it over to Dave Conte with -- WWL news update here on WW well. And welcome back to six so what 87866889. Early seventy detects an 87870. As well. The -- coming in saying does color have any idea what it takes to get a housing subsidy I'm guessing not snap benefits have about 1% fraud rate so he's wrong on that subject however I do agree. With a sliding scale for teenagers when it comes to minimum wage. Let's see here. Another -- says. Just passed its -- Question about the pot deal doesn't necessarily need to be legally and they haven't prescribed medically that's a big issue I think that needs to be cleared up. I think fine if they seriously can use it medically but I -- -- people abuse it medically. And widgets practically be abused like pain -- accent. Now the tax pot should be legal period I think the problem is pharmaceutical. Companies. Go to Derrick in genitalia hey Derek thanks for call and WW. Don't find argue that the minimum wage should go up -- the City Council. Pass that resolution where their asking the state they're calling on the state. To raise the minimum wage from 725 to 1010 and hours there and not raising it they're asking for the state to do it you think it should be. I'm I'm I'm not certain that I think it should be complimented on non US -- Keeping the -- Makes -- different someone's life. Yeah to -- if you work forty hour week that would come basic well. Here in making that this president -- the foreign -- -- Probably for small spam. Napkin and I 334. Be accurate. Now the. Guardian that the reason I ask that question is an economist said that the majority of those getting minimum wage or working part time and not working that many hours a week. So therefore would it really make that much of a difference in their life. That's a welcoming again and again under thirty as it's not going to be. Right well that that's what their argument is it's you have to raise the minimum wage and give them more hours a week. The right. Future. I can't argue with. Do. You know there may choose it it it. It is beat goes on people now from the at a slower -- in our respective you know -- -- -- -- But then again there's -- anyway so it can cut that aren't their thing. I. Who would rather he would rather fix up in a thousand times than it did take you'd -- right. So in the -- so there. In incidence. -- that you know played by that fact. The -- do you work for minimum wage now Derrick or have you worked minimum wage job before. I have. Slorc on them -- -- -- sentiment about sixteen our army it's it is basically minimum wage any vacancies in a lot of money so. In the -- and ways but technically -- If they rate if they raised it to ten dollars an hour in the state of Louisiana does that mean you should get a race as well you think. You know. Garko off but it got -- a -- I'm trying to get you one Derek I've tried to -- you want -- -- along with me. I didn't want. -- an eyewitness who I have a degree so you know you'd like the like. You've got to work. He get -- they took to get a certain way but at the same time I that you teenagers in this compartment door. And one of the tapes -- Amber's but it doesn't mean not a Amber's so that smoking. Related you know and so you know. It's according minimum wage was section rate. On minimum wage with food stamp and he would two. That it's food stamps and ultimately. Make. They gave it section eight and -- -- -- to start to sit and it will not do so it's not fair to Oakley. -- And loose apparently does some people at NATO -- -- met and -- -- not then. Didn't -- prominently in honestly that make Clinton definitely has been taken it and so. Yet there are no matter which you're gonna -- system you have someone finally that -- that we know that it's human nature. There and there -- mean how many how many people that make a lot of money find ways and they'll call it cheating but they find the loopholes that are there in taxes mean it's working the system as it were. I'd -- thank you for the call. For the comments it's good to -- in -- a Euro on -- -- below. -- -- Like you very short caller the business partner. Very happy. Edit its employees to an all government support circuses. Propagating that. Don't work. But the point I want to make it to our argument and the way. It's because. They're rated in relations and the rise two or three year and it is well. All amazes me that -- owners. All we argued right agent caught the shooter supply -- -- Two goal our our increased the great. On it yet or will mature or are you sure. Did -- on that harper replied that great administration ought and shut. -- -- It. Go to going out there record church -- -- a critical situation. But -- But did on all wage they only. And that -- Current -- let me throw this out -- -- because I've got a text on this as well saying if you raise the minimum wage. To ten dollars an hour than businesses are going to pass that cost on to consumers which will then increase the cost of living. More. Are out there for. Years. That implement that actually. So you're you're saying let's do let's not worry about it let's do it even happens in the end and the last now the last couple -- times they have raised minimum wage. It has gone up cost living has gone because look we all know you know and I know. The businesses and -- absorb that cost they're gonna pass it on if they can't. Get done for the last year you know exactly. That's what that's why their business and other businessmen and you and I are -- and -- A great -- -- all right. It's always been -- -- Didn't -- I'd -- -- says let's do -- -- about the consequences after not talk about the consequences. Before we even do anything. What do you think. 26087866889. 087 Texas increased wages always increase cost period there's no increased life enjoyment. Nolan says riyals per per per hour per person regardless of the -- put a lot of money into the economy raises minimum wage is never had a negative effect on the economy. And some people always cheat and -- -- should be penalized. For the few that do. Our rights will take a break and be right back WWL. And welcome back Todd and for -- let's go right to the phones let's go back -- the McClellan David Metairie -- of -- WWL. Or what it does it you know I'm a business owner and I import people. And payment decent wage. The bottom line the supplement testers industries. And there and -- -- and I honestly. -- -- People fifteen books and Ari does it really matters I mean I have to keep you guys on target so comes -- -- teach everything and the during the Q anyway. Which -- at sixteen year old and that port five Euro. You know you -- it -- and then return money to to teach and do the job you want and some of the stuff that we do which is just really. Honestly probably by robot if it weren't so expensive to get done -- chrome. You know on the other two so realize that these guys shall appoint our secure their job a home and you know -- that cost money to do businesses and honestly we're supplement in the fast food industry. And again if they decide it would cut and the people -- -- -- -- workers to get that full count workers currently get book full of the guy goes over an hour they got a premium trauma. So therefore they put everybody import. And we -- some people that work twenty hours here according I was there may be sixty hours. And already content fifteen books are which I think fifteen is probably a good number that can actually -- We would have section would have fruits and as much -- -- -- -- deals -- actually of people on jet on. Corporate jobs and having you know. Hi it's been real good about themselves and may -- -- you know for educational become. Eric whatever -- -- and I mean. That's that's my opinion have been doing this long long term but thirty years now. And my dad would -- for me. It's -- league we do business. I'm not the statute ensure that the mom and pop restaurants. Make out a lot better than fat -- industry because they shot they wanna go catch on and cut the mama taught them go you know we can stay in my pot and eat -- -- a lot as a way. And -- wanting. More people get killed. Texting. -- do rank and drop right now. So we ought to eliminate texting somewhere walked in the call are automatic shot to own animal advocates beat. I drove it real simple to do all they gotta do said this before that every phone basically -- a GPS is when the phones moving more than a certain hour the text in the more simple. At exactly and other net that I agree percent as more and they. There really that part about it not. It's not just everybody. It's most youngsters you know between sixteen and wanting more. Those who want to really paid the price to drop you because -- people worry we don't catch. I David thank you for the call they are thank you for the comedies business owner he says he brings it to fifteen dollars an hour would. Be better for folks and you'd probably have less. Crime -- people on section it was people having to use subsidy would be more. Willing to work and have more pride in their jobs. I got a text a comes in it says the pay fifteen dollars now you would have to raise prices. Another tax I completely agree the collar and I'm also a business owner. Do you guys think will take a break come right back and a wrap this hour Galati cutting -- as many as a canned as many text as well before Angela. Comes in here at 1 o'clock -- -- you which she's got coming up as well here on WWL. And welcome back out and -- is it for -- Garland Robinette Angela hill coming up next. She's got lots of cool stuff for you as well as well as. The man who want to be the New Orleans parish next corner. And talk to those guys. Document a lot of doctor Jeffrey Rouse. And do we get doctor McKenna on not yet okay doctor McKenna has not the ammonia but we've reached out to nominees I think he's trying to. Rearrange some things hopefully -- will give him on mom and out of becoming -- as well. As a a couple of other things a lot of folks right now want to talk about this raising of minimum wage and got lot of text on -- as well. Talking about the raising the minimum -- someone says. If you pay minimum wage workers fifteen dollars an hour you'll see trickle up affect and all salaries. Creating higher prices on everything every proponent of raising the minimum wage is thinking inside on the back Q. Some other -- Coming in saying to pay fifteen dollars an hour you have to raise all -- prices. And that will be passed on the consumer's. Cost of living will go up. Someone else is says so I'm tired of subsidizing businesses. And employees because of minimum wage. Let's see here another Texas. I've never met an angry violent person that's high on marijuana. May be good -- healthy -- Some income comparing it to a alcohol. And problems with that someone else we're all adults. Here. All the people on your poll must also smoked pot as well well our poll 67% of those on the polls say. We should legalize both of Louisiana for medical use recreational use. Both should be legalized 17% say medical use only. All right it's been fun thanks everybody who called -- sorry couldn't get all the calls enough all the text on all the topics we talked about today. Angela hill is coming up next Dick corralled more great conversation coming your way and next it's news -- Dave Cohen here on WWL.