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1-23 4:10pm Sports Talk: Pro Bowl

Jan 23, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the NfL Pro Bowl. Do you watch it? Why or why not?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- good evening and welcome to our the first now sports talk on the case you can't embodied there. I'm Deke Bellavia. Talking about the Pro Bowl today here on -- -- ago and also. Richard Sherman as saint coach Tom Peyton stepped into the Richard Sherman on -- say all the covering this thing going on -- British Hermanson Sunday night. Coach Peyton tweeting congratulations on a great post season run you are a special player. Richard Sherman -- back thank you very much coach you're -- -- of -- coach. So we're asking you operated jaguar opinion poll at WWL dot com. As. Richard Sherman continues to be in the news in the limelight. Would you want cornerback Richard Sherman of Seattle on your team. Know. As a coach as a player all -- Cast your vote online at WW dot com Bobby a before lot of Chicago in today I think with just turn on my team -- that we. Well the every -- that we. And especially be a no brainer considering. We don't notice that if the Jabari career. And even -- Jabari Greer was healthy then you have one actually cover corner. Along with Keenan Lewis wanted to question -- -- -- on the side yes well not that sort of saving you have Keenan Lewis. And a Jabari Greer competing so you team manages speed better you have more depth. The thing that was puzzling this year and be innocent is he going forward and we -- I have to a great you know throw Bob doll but sublime but I'll look because how significant I think. Knee injury. The Jabar eager Greer is that when you look at look at it we started the season. You had Jabari Greer and Keenan Lewis that you say okay we're comfortable. It would then make corner. But then you look NN. The third and fourth best cover guy now and on this day and age you have hybrid players were denied purest state denied pure corner. Became a Carlin Malcolm Jenkins they're considered safeties. In the NFL and have cover skills. When you look at the slot receiver. Rob Ryan. A number of times he'd have. Can't even Carl. Very disappointing I don't know. How he'll come back. Considering where he was drafted -- you got to say a buzz that being -- Robinson. An evening gave pac drought and every opportunity so we and is this the how he bounces back and he needs to do something our use get rid of them. Corey white. I mean. I don't know if he's a starting Clark caller I was -- cumulative -- corner wide every time so you know you that answer now the interest in this seat. That what's gonna come about presenting both rob Bryan. And Keenan -- is high on him. It that bad being. Sweeting. That -- the rookie free agent out of Georgia Tech. And other guys have opportunities TV could develop they've had him on the practice squad a couple of times AJ Davis. So those are all guys and that. I'm going to be in the mix. And that along with sweeting a Deke. There's still gonna probably in the draft and someone as far as. You know we need somebody. That when experience. A lot of production out of him but I -- I'm gonna look at my -- but I have something is pretty special. And it's all about how to give it to coordinator. Excuse me -- deal with the coordinator and if fellow players who Jim mentor how they feel about you and want it to develop you and that's the category. That's readings in right now going to his second year. And on having a chance to get a case an NFL on the back in the season because of injuries. And also the Pro Bowl comes of this weekend has a new Pro Bowl format sparking interest in the issue is game two captains and the teams are basically makes no affiliation -- AFC and NFC can be mixed up the pairs were chosen by captains Deion Sanders and theorized theorized that Drew Brees first and then Robert Quinn Saint Louis defensive a pass first and sack -- so to speak. Brees. And now all Tony's team Graham John Evans and groves. And the look and at this new Pro Bowl format. Does it sparked your interest do you pay attention to the Pro Bowl do you just play its interim because it's another avenue feet a bit the total oval on. How do you care at all of all of the of the all star formats. I MBA NFL in retail -- It's the NASCAR. Pro football is the worst by far the worst. I Tony backing into a you other than maybe you know watch him on a Sunday in the Sunday afternoon. You'll see in the that the ladies doing the luau on evidently zone and all that from a lie in Honolulu at Aloha Stadium as pretty much. Our hawk and remember. Plug it I don't Zdeno grandstand and I paid attention to the Pro Bowl when I played in in 1994. I'm telling you. It was competitive it was and we won 173. When I win the game is like four minutes left in the third quarter play with Brett Favre and Ron Amadon. And now as the third guy and so it was three it was a real money more of okay you still made more money but because. Money was proud and look close soon to what salaries or what has made on a per game basis in would you win. They did have -- to do it well I can remember -- in the game Reggie White telling me if there. Flew about two dozen people here we -- win this game. You know it and I shot the guy came recalled the difference like if you lose you guys. 101008 if you won you got 25000 ought to remember you know what exactly was that I can remember him telling me that now we need to win this game I threw Cris Carter. You know a touchdown pass and -- in them and I drove home we want to go to touchdowns of 117 if you actually held. The AFC -- they had Boomer Esiason Warren Moon by knocking anything that they're -- as Marino I think he'd be boomer aside but but -- -- scored three points in a Pro Bowl you know he got it playing any defense. So I think he may -- you make it more competitive like winner takes all like. Okay on the fly everybody you get Micah huge a large per Diem right within whoever wins gets to keep -- our pocket didn't. There's going to be a lot of pressure and -- reason and -- that about how competitive. The game's going to be kind of trying to tied in more would fantasy football than matter ANC and -- I kind of like it -- CN NC. But. You know be be a lot of pressure on the players to perform and not just Coles they wanna continue to go to -- It'll be grand lab is about what the winners and make policy points in 25 was about -- Lou loses money on -- with a big numbers and that's a thirteen. But you know here's a thing if you make it to where -- -- not a straits make it. Take all that which would be seven -- five total of taking 25 from the loses ship but it would -- -- -- and if that 325 grants okay to winners make a hundred grand Kansas don't gain object. With Peyton we'll pay you. You wife if you got two teams that somebody to come to Hawaii the practice you -- your game and it's here and you feed you and all that stuff. But other than that the winners get money -- dogged Jack now they don't play 400 grand probably very few players and is anybody make a hundred. Randy game whether it be like no winner excel in yet that would be definitely. And that and and then having big upon them and notes what. Sweeting and and what I think a -- line and Keenan Lewis and talk about him and his chances when he was coming out of nowhere. You know what he did in OT in mini camp. And in yet talked about the gains speed is a little -- obviously when he came but he said one of the main factors. In Sweden quick adjustments that are pro ranks has been fellow -- cornerback Keenan Lewis both meetings and has been his mentor -- they once reading added. Now Lewis that's helped him read -- it is better showing them how to defend certain routes more effectively. Lewis said that he thinks of sweeting as a player he could take on -- weighing the help develop and expect big things. From the rookies -- not a rookie anymore and yet it's reading reminds Lewis of himself. Would his long arms. And physical play -- again you rob Bryan Q Lewis. Since reading what they've been around a bit they don't see a high of sighed and Indy pro and I ended the year. Javon troop Trevor and wait the cook cornerback from Arizona the two here in a dog guy. Like the rightly tried to IV could do so because the comment this is wide open. And the pro ball do you pay to Minnesota -- time buy this what about last week loses the championship game knowing and in San Francisco in this week. -- comes in third best in fail all the two teams have a schedule to be the top two picks in national for about me. Let them play this week. In whoever wins comes around it's number one pick NFL draft something because these games folks. I mean it's boring is born -- otherwise 260187. Texas and 8787. Richard Sherman would you take him on you dean. No or yes as a coach a player. Although cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com and has a new Pro Bowl fullback spot -- interest in the issues game. We watch Sunday now that drew has selected Jimmy Graham -- Joan Allen and -- the B Tony's team do you think. Of his fancy -- -- eighty come alive and what would you do what could you do. Arm possibly just think outside the box to make. You more interested to watch the Pro Bowl honestly you know we had to probably -- you listen to the Provo we you watch the Pro Bowl. Tell us why why not and is it how can you love football so much professional football so negative record ratings and not care about the probe. All -- in the mix 260 point 78. 86688. -- -- -- it just to be about Agassi's got to much on our website did you know that kind of loses. He's you know and the thing is. And on the stampede Hussein Saddam used to eat. He screamed for -- -- uneasy plays scream in the semis to him and just goes show you always bought them more money in. In them. Whatever but uneasy when you do stuff like that an ankle more news. I don't know yet is something that triggered him all of a sudden. Via an all wild and crazy and -- words to Nazis by the day but he how about this in the Pro Bowl you know -- -- Players -- you know Latin you obviously want to see a real football game and -- flag football approach. So whatever receivers does come across the -- in. And I think it's a player as aggressive in June helmet to helmet that he you get -- in the Pro Bowl. That he you know -- thing violent thing -- -- NFL approved yet. I'm I'm like. You know. I'm -- -- you know -- -- like I don't blitz yet but it but -- things still if you gonna play full speed income across the middle. You can have. Accidental collisions where it would be helmet to helmet. Bryant and -- -- open and wanna take Gagne B I think he had not yet there is exactly it wouldn't it wouldn't be like fraternity -- that you union world. You know -- Joba on the on the backside each play right and it just indeed it's. Only thing I think. I mean he has won forty. Pro Bowl ball pre season. Bolger analyzed thorough want to pre season while prison because you competing for a job and that but also -- you learn a -- by the team righteous right is small compared it. Thought that was not a doubt anything in any -- because you name guys in the back in even the ones playing in his fourth game. That's like fair play helpers who mobile type game and trying to make it did and it's always a handful of guys. On that bubble whether -- get -- -- or not and and -- by that point -- -- For their -- yet know it is it's highly highly competitive. Compared to -- you know approval setting probable environment. Because going back to the game and -- played in 94 and now it is change. And I don't know players of being more cautious because they make so much money in the -- -- future. But I I -- one time and game got hit by holing long and we had the same -- -- how long he was kind of ticked off 'cause I got up off sides twice and and Eagles make a lot of the probable IE changing does that -- and play well because I know you raided the often get him in. Boston is I threw one past -- in the crap out. And and an -- thing he couldn't hit any article of the regular season game write about that you see that anymore. Now and now and I think that and the fans and are well aware of that well they know what's real and and what's the attempting to be real. And she's just like him there's got to be a better way to to showcase to showcase steps centerpiece. Need to prize in the press trophy in sports -- wanna say you -- word. Extravaganza. You know excellent and a man incredible. You put the Pro Bowl all the week before the biggest game in the world and this is just it's terrible. -- -- -- That's why you have to have something on the line that's why I'm telling you winner take -- and doing guys truly to compete. Then and had had to take that approach is that by likes money they -- all play for the love of the game you get that certain point c'mon it's all business they love football. But I play for free on -- one -- it -- yeah you don't get hurt me to my dad and it is exactly you know got a chance to go to Hawaii so if you wanna keep it in Hawaii. That's I would think that you meager reward and like you said have -- -- -- that maybe have their compensation. I have to like six days hard 2000 you do that you know I don't know the and then players wanna win that absolutely of one game for an in and you know like you said it in don't make it where you have a consolation prize and just make you aware if you don't win. And you know obviously -- trip paid for out there and maybe take -- some family members all -- the of the you know any award as far as -- after the game if you. Former NBA great. Player and coach Avery Johnson -- in the 5 o'clock -- the Reiss of NFL network will be what does my Didier jaundice and the and -- -- weekend jaundice and skidded to -- well from mark. Hawaii is cam Jordan to begin to understand this for thirty -- first news will go to Christmas contest starts on Monday takes the Wear a cast an 87878. And we will alert you fifteen minutes before each cohort is announced. To remind you list notebook no word Internet WWI dot -- -- -- and you can win a thousand dollars starting this Monday. January 20 -- so -- line the WW OKS a today and remember a message and data rates. A lot back to the -- ball ago JD thank you for calling debuted at Uga. And -- do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That. One. Like. -- -- -- -- -- put out the grant pushed them. Sure in what -- archery at one. You know what it is JD in Atlanta where you bring it's a classic example in the NFL that the retaliation. Is that the penalty it is not this and just bought a what happened. And we saw what happened out there the spot what had with Richard -- make in a great play. Obviously when Sherman made him play in the and he he shake the twenty shake his hand and some was saying -- it. That's what to me in the mall more emotion in the Richard Sherman now. It networks do get a player coming off the field as one uses sometime it's and it's a high profile -- that I could be a kicker. It can be whoever in an open locker room period but but they do it is common practice for the -- report to -- a player follow in the game in the. Immediately put accurately than winning the winning team that would that would -- would get the band plays that happened to Sherman. When they went on you that you know and so it out. And Grand -- -- It was a like -- -- you know as -- -- don't know. When it with the name Sherman and it went well and I spent for. Right about B you know it and I'll think about this also the top receiver in in an unbelievable game Boldin. You know outright big guy he also was on the Harbaugh thing for an. Right right what I mean or. -- talk to everybody will ensure certainly he's well he's earned and well hope he went out there. I mean you don't get -- personal than that against popular. -- -- -- What I can't hit them easy thought Harbaugh should draft rights and gentlemen Andre yeah and and not in that -- that but -- have to do is keep. -- he's doing go on continue to benefit of this he's gonna get paid in the Hawks Mattingly anywhere -- half of Bob thank you for calling. WW. -- Yeah in oh -- it. And Bob. Which you guys. For a probe. And such. So. And different. Me -- so normally get as you have a match. But by Bobby and I play one league against the Edmonton now it's makes antsy NFC right you know it's not it's not like an -- -- kind of liked -- old school -- -- is too big and really play. You know where it's a competitive game. Just like. And Major League Baseball you got the American League -- the National League where the winner of that game memory gets the holes the World Series. I you gotta have some kind of incentive formula to motivate the players. If you kill somebody at some billion dollars on the field. And. -- But bobbled you know you're ready being Sears Bobby mean literally if you knock -- that -- -- only mean knock somebody out. You know -- can and can't get. Bob are you you you're trying to make Duke yeah. Not I don't know people watched game. Are your daughters are my age alone you we -- too much time I sleep on it coliseum if you mean like some ideas brought out Osama a box and what -- opponent -- fastball -- man to -- yet he has kill somebody here is -- in the Hunger Games is he's wise yeah he's he's the -- and the -- it -- -- -- and -- Corey thank you for calling -- did you go. Local. Beat -- isn't all about the richest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You got passionate about the game. Thank you can't get. Happened to you a little. Bit Brian Cook and Beckett Bobby has been in and -- -- attempt to didn't seem odd beer did give it. Did you regret you -- Our. Arm back and -- -- My. No he was ten and at the same like like you know what I mean by candidate on the and that -- care -- He's too big to be scared really -- -- so -- I know. Deep down his background of these jobs but I was saying like tentative where you end to gain be aggressive to the ball. That showed two highlights quality hook it up and is only got to come took the ball that deep then there's. -- -- -- -- -- -- was so aggressive that's why it was a -- getting thing. -- -- Corey if we had a riches -- we don't lose that of Patriots and in Carolina. And Anthony was the -- -- discernment. And although Nancy championship game -- go to suitable. I think he's ignorant. This is sports talk on WW. And welcome back he's the -- -- by being -- -- Bellamy had a great Avery Johnson's on this MBA all star week coming here in the middle of the ideal way back to the phone Lugo has go to Nate in Mississippi that they -- and they on the same -- you're Nate thank you for calling WW Rio. Big. Won't comment about broke well. All of what was terrible rather watch -- -- -- the more probable. Man made -- or not I'm I'm Orlando which in doubt about it's it is today as that is not saying not any competition and and really the icing on the cake was last year it progressively got worse. I'd say the last 578. Years and it. In an Indian now and to -- that that that was usually Nate Allen ridiculous I was -- like beat iconic events had to try to stay away from sports. I think he got what red carpet grammys a -- of this week and going -- Haywood is -- a -- field a Pro Bowl every line is is part it is. It's just I give up but he MBA all star I'm -- casual NASCAR fan but I like what they do. I like hockey like baseball of this some time but he can't is terrible and it's a shame because. It dwarfs every other thing as far as bounce that -- ratings and so forth is the best of the best. But how and they have all these house up just be so terrible in strategic plan in his thing it in behalf of such a long time. It enabling you to think about this I hear that and what motivates people not all people but I a lot of people I know pro football players. Would have winner takes hell. -- that it if you had been deprived is so big is it man -- -- -- play in and I'm in the pro Obama win. It's like now that -- -- What if you -- Jimmy Graham and you're looking at the biggest contract ever reward to a tighter in the offseason. Are you gonna -- are stronger and -- and you know you've got. All that -- -- you know it made that's a good point you know they're probably do. That they would even play on but they did -- and grenade hit an eight -- -- funny this week for fifty -- Yet that date it'd take me. Jimmy Graham and -- is to deceive we -- he wasn't as aggressive. Against Seattle. And you England and he -- totally children out to me. I'm being instantly not be able guard him as aggressively. But. Yet know that -- be a case -- point what do you think got the eight I remember when I was playing. That. I think quarterbacks have done this and Drew Brees hasn't it wannabes really respected the Pro Bowl. But you got a number of quarterback that that'd be in there to support them I don't blame on those the city's independent contract if you get named to pro voting on the pay for that. And it hit brown from nine to make it Hotmail but budget looked like Tom Brady and I'll that they all have a chilled in Gaza and don't even though I don't blame Manuel -- that's like as they -- -- they -- Jason Bartlett. If if the overall game itself will compelling and entertaining. The in the actual chess pieces on the board -- matter case employ the NBA we saw Shaq was seeing Kobe we -- the brown was seen John. Out of All Star Games but people steal wanted to watch it they want -- to to even though some of the biggest -- is born in. That's not the case in affair -- also go to players not -- don't care they don't okay. Well I mean. That they don't can't watch a week is just it just whole. You know effort I mean you look at making plays on the ball the -- in his career and he's. I mean so yes I mean is that real football the bottom line is that real full lobbying the -- even aware that that's why he put it on the players okay this is what you all want. You know having Deion kind of close to defend its football and mix it -- change it up. The Ontario writes about but it did they better have a good show and a big game big car I'm Tony were probable. Yeah it'd almost be better off video like a globetrotters game with some you know make a Mauritanian like that because the multi would be interested. Eric thank you for calling WWL. Yeah I do on as well as the Provo and let it -- Not a popularity but -- true accomplishment. So let's all play loosely includes Seattle then and a lesser players try to work my suggestion. You move it -- a -- all of training game the first game Mexican he's everybody's contract everybody's available play. Everybody's fresh everybody wants to prove a point and I think you would be a much what quality of. Yeah -- Eric don't -- the people are also physical they gonna be -- themselves to go to their own cap. Year. Ago so you're saying you would have you had -- -- that noticeable. It is we beat him know he'd have done it -- -- -- it would be Eric disabilities I think and not opt out -- it is OK I didn't -- I'm asking you this is what Eric said. That of the two syllable teams and also be involved but instead of having the hall of fame game you have the Pro Bowl ban and and you would start. And you had the problem the hall of -- can write and then you would start Arab articles that are training camp start pre season. And I have a lot more interest that everybody ready for football again the fans would interest but. He stole my apartment actually open would be more interest as a consolation game on an off week this week in between chipped to go and New England would have tremendous. Well. I just don't think people who follow -- he would be in class and it because it don't matter if it's before camp before -- thought. He steal before a seasons ought to you -- put your brain and body of -- out there and do that well and I haven't had it would interest with the guard -- -- is because you get rid of football you know waiting totals and put an end now. You know but I don't. Consolation game fields and this weekend I mean who would be against the players the -- It -- them I agree you hold on if he was new England and -- says O'Brien is a week. I'd I'd be I'd be real -- -- Young but actually use it AFL NFL would emerge actually did there. And I remember that. Well Marion County I don't know college all the numbers NFL that was an early six in -- -- -- at that Brian Giles. Now I have -- did a lot of now. Their roles and have every day that the pros and everything. Yeah and it's so they changed the rules to making a rush to pass I mean he's like OK I'm not better rush the passer. And if I'm if I'm up pro in his other guys across from me the MO garden on. But I am I go to out of I'm not trying to take his head off like if it's a championship game or regular season and I'm just not. I mean I'm not because the rules TO me this is not a real game when it is almost like when you've gone on Saturday to Marty is a ton of parents acted and listening. They're different levels of basketball the -- to basketball kids play became played defense on. Became play defense nominal sum on became printed draft that -- to get older Q -- you complete. You can press at the end of -- -- that tellem is teach him a certain thing he can do this the pros what's it tells them it's done no you can't play like you play on Sunday. What if you can I do you play -- and it is not a real football game is. Well -- you have a consolation game senate approval. -- would have. To pay the players there's salary. I considered discipline helped him you know type thing you know be like irregular sound yet the and actually out of some some guys -- grand. This is a big boost for him some does a huge -- -- -- that I'm a dad and a quarter and a half. Mean in the -- -- -- WW OW WL first news it's 5 o'clock I'm Chris Miller on tour official weather station WWL lay enough -- -- dot com lows dropping to below freeze tonight there's also some. What are precipitation in the mixes -- begin the morning commute tomorrow could. You have to be dealing with a little bit of some light drizzle around the world and Syria but as you travel just to the northwest out of New Orleans --