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1-23 5:20pm Sports Talk: NBA All Star Game

Jan 23, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to NBA All Star Host Committee Co-Chair Avery Johnson about the upcoming NBA All Star game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of our very own. NBA legend in the course great ambassador to the NBA now an all star week here in new ones upon the coaches committee -- the great Avery Johnson. -- thank you so much for the time how are you are going Abraham LA able we needed you to go give the Saints a pet dog reported Seattle -- you know I know goods been had it their before. Yes he's he's had Ian Campbell four and even know. You know -- pulled it out again. He -- still think in his first year returning. After the suspension or not but -- steal and an outstanding season. And they were right there knocking on the door and I always thought the winner of that game was definitely -- goes global. David when you could also cause I think -- -- some time with follow sports and I don't as they take for granted but we think always they got a team to -- and again it's not necessarily that case and we think about the proximity how close at 810 now. Other all star game in New Orleans again this is a big big deal and our city it's such a -- four jobs -- years back at while all star game was again his Sosa and. Absolutely and I am. Jets honored to be. Did the cold cheer. In BE -- -- hopes community along with readable and some of the ball. And you know adjustments in New Orleans native. I'm just really excited about this it. Do you talk about some of the best talents. In the world was going to be embark on policy in planes and New Orleans Arena. And I just think this is unique opportunity for our prayers to celebrate a great. Sport of basketball it's a great opportunity for visitors to see how great. My home town of New Orleans is and how is continues to grow. It and I'm just adjust -- -- -- -- that great in the -- in sports foundation. And all of the folks over -- choose sides gave me this opportunity to be on his community. They've been working awfully -- to make sure that this is a world class experience. Now Avery you know how football fans especially around here and you look at post-Katrina and and now wanting the Saints obviously -- yards -- should say to be involved in that rotation whether hosting some Robles where all of a sudden. You know we in the mix to maybe have a every four or five years and now look at post-Katrina we've had a couple of NBA All Star Games and that's something. That going forward. Is that a continuous process that and maybe also the NBA all star game maybe could become and then you are on -- every 45 years. Not that you care and you know audiences such a great CD and everything is in such holes. Proximity. In terms -- easy access. We obviously New Orleans has the best who in the best entertainment. In my opinion is we you know witnessing being tall store and specifically. You know because it's it's afford these at least for me experience. And the way. The NBA -- arms. To New Orleans earned his morial convention center incident speak -- active basketball being taught you know with. Activities like jam sessions. Is it it's just amazing and I'm just really excited to be a part of it we -- meeting a couple of times a month. It and you know it's it's really coming together you -- store. Friday night with the rising stars challenge. The BBC. Compass rising so -- elements. You know in the all star Saturday night. In just all it's with all the actors do musicians. And entertainers -- -- jam sessions and obviously to gain on Sundays yes. I just think is great for the community. But it's also great -- we're gonna have goals of 50000 visitors in for but you know it forty appear. Agree Avery Johnson those special -- upon coaches committee phoney out in BA and the MBA all star week activities coming here in the middle of February. And Avery when you look at this season are a couple of things that the usual suspects the top of the Al west and east in -- is right now. -- a surprises though the play of the Washington Wizards at a doing extremely well and also would have thrown at. The Portland trailblazers talk about those two teams -- kind of snuck into the mix so to speak made a little unexpected. Yeah them and also the Phoenix. You know it'll be a little bit on the -- he put a weapon on the places you know the best team in the NBA so. You know I think a lot of those teams needed breakthrough years in. If you look at he needs you know which -- opponents he's done a great job he's. You know -- guys like Gerald Green played outstanding. Eric Bledsoe who very well could've been you know. In the running for the much improved. Player award this year because his average is gone from eight point staging points. Each year and. John walls played outstanding basketball would would Washington in the air right -- because things. The opposite off the top one. -- to Celtic player right. But yet those teams are. Well you know are playing good basketball. The Portland trailblazers. Or. You know at the top in the tough Western Conference live by. They new litter there pulling guarded also LaMarcus Aldridge so we got a lot of great stories in the Indy each year with teams that. You know people in thing wouldn't complain replayed quite where you are right -- -- that -- they are right now it is fun watching is also fun for -- recovery. On yes. Now Avery what can you tell the local fans about the pelicans and -- dealing with a number of injuries that loses what eleven of the past fourteen games. A very disappointing home loss that it -- -- Under fourteen the 97. The question I have when you look at how inept against the -- Stevens has been you know they allowed the canes to shoot a 60% from the field. -- -- my point is even before the injuries and I'm thoroughly are shocked that should say about. But the defense considering money Williams in what he emphasizes and how well they played last year. Where is like this shares like they don't hold anyone and the hundred points and -- have a number of times they don't win. Instinctive tough sometimes you know we knew when you add some players like to -- Gavin and you know -- you edit. Debt to a mix of some young players you know there are times you just got to find a lot of inconsistency. And and then there are times when teams have their breakthrough moment like to Portland trailblazers. I have been this year and you know the -- in terms in that as we alluded to teams like the Washington Wizards. And it starts to comes to -- -- sending -- -- LB has some confidence but they've hit some key injuries this year I've just been out to holidays. Is the key injury and Ryan Anderson and you know -- to stalkers and a lot of teams can't really survive Indian BA. When eagles' two stars especially. Our young teams so -- would they do -- give them you know give a little bit more -- Because deep -- just being injured in just had some tough breaks in. What state the area out on the defense to -- and I think that's gonna have a positive effect even. Even also law on the offensive side game plan but the western conference's top. When you look at the you know top ten teams in the Western Conference and twelve teams you know all of those teams are capable of making the playoffs -- And you know you gotta be really really good basketball team indeed basketball team with experienced basketball team in the Western Conference to have a chance. -- BA all star host committee coach in Avery Johnson the great legend from San Antonio call with MBA great will be in town. Haven't us cover our cities hosting the NBA all star week coming up the middle of February Avery always the president the -- to talk to you a few more time between now they almost always. Yes really really looking forward to it and this is going to be a great weekend for -- seeded Atlanta be a part of it. Avery thank you so much we appreciate your time thank you all right of the greats that played a game on the greatest San Antonio -- as the all time Avery John and he same thing on -- -- -- -- -- and then you know -- -- the NCA instances the SE.