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1-23 5:35pm Sports Talk: NFL

Jan 23, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to NFL Network Host Steve Wyche about the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, and Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman's controversial postgame comments.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back is the case again in my BA -- -- -- Bolivia now don't forget online at WWL dot com. Also it's a good as -- and DiLeo interviewed three man wanna beat. The next mayor of New Orleans incoming -- Andrew did as king and Michael Bay narrative he missed the show hosts -- got the pocket as any time. Plus suspects artifact in a severe beating of a musician in the French Quarter. We have the latest. And video -- take on Super Bowl matchups it's all on line. At WW dot com and -- -- I heard during last night's school on the way home installment the gentleman that was. Beaten in the conference quarter. It was related to own a -- pot here that it works at the derby did you know. So little was it one of those where do you woods is gone often -- and into -- if you just to be -- -- -- from Gannon last night I mean I'm still distant investigating it but there was this and there's those who was famous night. Robert does not seem to be and you know I don't know like I'm just going to schools just whale off and his picks somebody in and and then there are times they've won a film. Did. -- There. West Bank from Brandi Brandi thank you for calling WW -- Thank god and I am not the mental. The goalies new rule changes after -- -- -- little stretch and collectively there. What this guy is I think official leg -- went the Goodell ruled that they got -- -- owners and my understanding getting when -- twenty fours a 2432. Asked to approve it. Just that you suggest that they always suggesting stuff. Every year like five or six few things. Like where you know even talking about the safety issues eliminating the kickoff. While law you know I think the kickoff return is one of the most exciting Lakeland. David that field position -- Darren Sproles to beat the Eagles Sunday L that didn't mean just look at del. We wanna bring more excitement -- extra point doesn't mean that for sure is gonna happen. Right that the thing I'm looking over. It's been like all that's the senator round. Money not enough yet with the game on a wonderful players but in my opinion it's like -- -- come. For looks and and the players and -- the games ago not the commissioner not the owners because they are not the ones -- to watch the game and one. -- playing the game that's where I think there's the lowest -- -- for the decision makers a couple of them. I got to rank as well as you did you watch the game is again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- once in a probable and other. Players saw that everything has great feel of the good players play but a big and -- That the so they can go forward in the and so then you know regardless out there like but I don't think you wanna get hurt by. Yeah I think a lot of people and agree with -- about -- without -- I think that -- -- the Major League all star game the policy you got home -- and all that to be nationally in America but now. I guess that is not. American comments -- national congress and -- because it's it's and those kind of almost like. To compare it comic fantasy football draft what they did to a was Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice playing head coach and general manager. It's one of the hardest working man in the media industry are NFL AM post on NFL network and -- the Big Easy Steve Weiss. Joins -- nasty thank you so much sort of time in in Steve I think it was and we try to. TOP would listen and follow us generate your industry nothing at all media is that we are kind of we got we follow certain rule was not go back to go beat the analogy. -- dance floor is -- he keep -- that soon that type of music. And Richard Sherman act dance lol -- into these this weekend not only sports in print media and but -- also have national international headlines now it is it is it too much now how do you how you keep the energy level ought to keep talking about it. -- Were killed because we say it. -- service workers injected himself into this but like it is kind of like. There's no other storyline right now because ten days out -- were hanging on -- an -- -- -- it as fuel. A lot of talk outside of football circles so to speak which you apart all the guys coming in because this is the the -- icon for. Professional. You know he got -- cocky -- -- branch. You know some folks want guys to be in certain ways it is on guys they'll you know remember -- -- Sherman there. He is fantastic young man but he is who he speaks. -- he's brash he is not a bad guy at all in being. And I think everyone's just excited because we haven't seen somebody. In -- like that. You know it along you know we've got -- TO and guys like that who were -- we. -- problematic. Yeah -- -- as hard as him you know as the -- I'll Allenby a volley to -- -- -- bombed his passes. And I can and I haven't at three point 90 -- have like get 2.5. I mean -- -- -- you know. We were sure LaTroy it was high school and that I think he's such an interest in figure. -- what he could see he talked about it but now -- -- who you like -- You're actually deep but why -- -- it -- you know it but it just being. Also coached a lot Nicole athletic media story here or hopefully we can stop talking about it -- -- guys tackled player. And dusty does -- along those lines are looking at that the Seahawks secondary. And obviously you know something has to give an average -- Sherman's a big part of that obviously it. Looking at Peyton Manning and I was reading in the success that he's done in the post season. And I'm not talking about garbage yards but if you look Peyton Manning. The top cornerback and in the post season NFL history now has nine games. 300 yards or more we all know he had a forty yard performance against the Patriots. Well what I'm thinking it looks like when -- is standing still aways away that the wind will be a fact that we around five miles an hour somewhere around there that. At bat by Payton can have the success. And and -- that's in charge and have success against that. Seahawks secondary. I mean that there's no way you could bring up. Post season. Considering the competition what he's done in particular he be the first quarterback. To take two different teams and win a suitable no one else has ever done it. Well on top of it -- Put that that second mobile quarterback Derek Jeter. Sit there and BP. So I'm not forget about what. To say in that doesn't win the Super Bowl still greatest. Football players are not -- quarterback in the greatest football players ever but if he is able caught put up those types of all our. -- eat like -- I mean that supposed differences -- like you know the -- go copier they're great -- because they're that good. In the two different tight repeat her because it's not -- on the floor that in. Its -- on the back for. -- and -- new type of trade because yeah straight. Is very late into Denver start and that's what -- where takeaways or Denver's defense can rise to the occasion that the Broncos you know. Who'll probably in the story. The article the game the game and he has Q what are from brand of football I mean it's here. The air Q what is like the FC you know so to speak in terms compared to other major copper. I mean they play. A game -- every week you take guys typical Saturday feel like the real reward out of -- clinic in excellent. Now Steve when you look at. And -- -- season local fans Saints fan base and nation we -- looking at what it's gonna take the represented and his team voters who Ruble and I'll look at. What's in the NFC south and also look to wait a forty niners and the Seahawks is structured. You look at the -- national third in the league in rushing the Seahawks report kind of old -- then you look at Carolina. And and and and I think how they're structured and in those games like 1713. -- you got a young Cam Newton. I'll party being the Saints started may be to overtake the best of the best I think we had -- hunt. You know I think we definitely a playoff team and not the NFC's album while -- the Rams and Tennessee this -- I think we still got a ways ago. Ago that the part is that defensively. I -- -- -- aren't able to certain guys like junior collect in camp orders as dynamic. Pass rushers and just look to guys. Along -- cat and bird for much either -- is the most hailed you do it all -- move yet. Cornerback so the defense of their career and crew got some things they need to tighten up. Offensively. You know Jimmy cramping -- I think where other open doesn't get -- You know long drawn out that topic complications. You know we're -- and that means is you're going to be heaters are going to be your -- Roberts who could -- but. Objectivity and make it that's -- number like that -- oh yeah to a couple steps back but. The the talent which -- on defense he can keep them. In games that it's all things. NFL AM post on NFL network Steve why Steve always a pleasure thank you so much of the time. -- -- all right this is sports talk on WW.