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1-23 6:35pm Sports Talk: Senior Bowl

Jan 23, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL College and NFL Analyst Mike Detillier about the 2014 Senior Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

NFL analysts my tibia and Mike it to me on to an MIT TA dot com. -- now Mike and this Senior Bowl it's it's a big game in and I think that we had to say it is now because that it's I was so obtaining their speeches. The best talent available that as an exasperated all of their eligibility. In talents and maybe maybe Micah handful of first round as what would do NFL scouts really get out of it is if you could add all those hundred. Underclassmen in you'd really be put there -- in the right place to right now. Did not feel -- it is in these seniors don't want Michelob there and I understand you're if you're hurt. You know -- you're basically you know you're going to be a first round pick in an early. You really know stay out of -- not understand that. But -- guys that are mid round pick or second and third round pick why would you do it this I don't I don't get a gimmick parents or you don't mean that. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me but you've seen it more more that -- ago my opinion open and in my junior or more ago and play one guy in a bit last year and he's stuck out so much with Eric -- The big tackle from central Michigan and he was -- man out on the field means you -- and so does the bulk. Anybody play in that football game and he went from B it probably a guy that -- that well. In the first overall pick in the draft. This year a little -- from Buffalo. And I -- the guy I thought would go anywhere from ten to fifteen. In round one -- -- You want to currently. He would try and out there and I'm telling you he's gonna put it any more. To be the first out violent -- all the board think about that university. And you can in the opinion that pop. Seven or 89 pick in the draft but you know money. Guys that to -- the -- hot name. And mobile. We're two juniors. One. Would Sammy Watkins. Don't know junior what is. From Clinton who basically everybody talked in Sydney which -- can't wait to see how he's not on the view so that. And the other guy. He grew up right up -- -- where -- and I -- Robinson the big tackle from typical high school went to Auburn. And he looked like -- going to be a top. Pick in his draft. And well foolish. -- -- Landry will be in the highest drafted guys ever from the bite you real apparent area those two guys with too hot name. Junior wise. But -- end up in the politicians -- you're digging around. Mean it would agent and he looked like Bill Clinton. -- office he was glad that everybody on the action it would go to general managers. Eagles. That that quarterback. On issue we have adequate water on him and -- -- Oracle's -- light is Easter. In the big shall -- not lost in the discussion is a bit more thing. Then in the mobile. That in -- could be general managers and coaches and the world I thought it was a great strategic move knowing -- couldn't like in the junior. But it would be here do you mean in happening in the competition and yeah it might topple role player he just won't go one because I think quarterback to -- -- -- and now. I would take a break come back -- and mr. drag himself Mike it's Ilya MIT -- EA dot com or follow Mike on -- and Mike -- 38 bids submitted time. But mr. -- this is sports talk on WW. If I'll discuss the rights are mighty DEA's he would there's MIT -- EA dot com talking about of this see your ball when those. Really available players that would be -- programs in the -- by. Like get them look at -- Tuukka to a couple of hours it's a couple All Star Games. That also trans parties. West -- game at Saint Petersburg NFL. PA coming collegiate bowl a couple of questions here. Jimmy group Powell. The eastern Illinois past and now a look at a nagging -- nine of 14100 yards and and now my understanding is that the senior pulled up the voters elected president and we all know that connection. Eastern Illinois because of Sean Payton and Tony Romo it's -- you know elaborate on that and then also. Looking at the NFL collegiate NFL pre collegiate bowl. LSU fullback JC Copeland. You -- again never -- a multi. Multi touchdown game is fortitude. Career games at LSU we all know have an Alabama game. But mine is that I think he was like the MVP. In a game what is his prospects. As far as you know going pardon NFL. Well Jimmy dropped a little on me you know we reminds me a lot of -- When you think about that sort of player he is not the biggest quarterback around. Global by knights who used saint d'antoni navies and Andy Dalton and indulges -- at Cincinnati beat -- he's a starter. Do you -- when he was the second round. I mean and he's not an opera here quarterback he's not which you wanna call it top separate quarterback but he is starting quarterback in the NFL. I think -- couple looks a lot like Indy to me in what can do on the football field. And six to -- about two or twenty pounced very similar ending double. He's quick would. But even better he's got a real quick mind -- concede he knows where where to get the football downfield and he's got pretty good deal. I'd hate to be honest with you. All the quarterbacks. It took the spot McCarron which -- -- I think he's moved himself up and to be a second round pick. And you know he's put himself in a spot what you think about today. And I think comic history repeats itself. I think that -- goals and Albert wanted to promote the board top ten all -- -- I think you see happen is a little and you'll you know the quarterback -- into round two. And they're -- in Jimmie go Rob Lowe. Fighting for that fourth spot right now what they would dare call it is open and is number one target not -- I'll be one area been dealt. And I'm on my is that David -- younger brother. Is different course from the book -- great numbers but as we played against a man did that angle camera -- and he looked like it change. And again sometime in the practice did you see that. Jimmy Rockwell well you know he's a lot like Indian. People not know figure out on the field. He's got to he's got to challenge you sort of been throwing the football now field. And I think Ralph lines he reminds me a lot and and we all know -- JC Copeland. I think he got -- -- which it up the fumble the football at the goal line in Alabama and we saw a lot more west -- and we have a problem up there that. Technical in a very good football player. The blocker tremendous in that area. He's a pretty good. Mean it's effective in the red zone and you know what can catch the football coming out the backfield and I know one -- popular camp you can help me on special teams. He's -- special people former. I think he will be the top fullback in this draft class -- morals but I picking ends up being in the top one. And Bennett -- big time running backs. I want JC Copeland funny yeah. Well no way if on the team like San Francisco who uses a lot of that lead. A blocking situation in a minute obligate the Copeland -- -- looking upon Minnesota with a guy like Adrian Peterson. I want him there I think -- into being a late round pick up about probably in the fifth round which you get a lot of value. -- JT cope with and his versatility. In that he's just not a blocker. He can't run the ball and he's effective in short yardage red zone in cant catch the football and not the backfield have got on special teams so what those guys who were optimal and -- Mandate at the right thing racial and played big. In a lot of times guys tighten up jury in those situations we got the great practice but then when game time comes at the able tight. -- on really late welcome game done. Limited number of folks going to Atlanta Mike how conceivable hitting it on board voted in indeed preferable. The pick and water all boats -- report dot com also Mike Ditka did not count. Mike always a pleasure thank you drama they brought guys -- -- -- -- -- onto it and Mike the TV we will continue -- sports talk on WW.