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1-23 7:10pm Sports Talk: Sports Betting

Jan 23, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Professional Sports Better of vegasruner.com Vegas Runner about the odds on the Super Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to the final out of sports talk hello indicate to get him by BA bear IND ability and it gets an update on operated jaguar opinion poll. Seattle Seahawks. Cornerback Richard Sherman would you take Richard on your team is so why if not why cancer vote online at WWL. Dot com and also our guts on Lugo would Saints defensive alignment. Cam Jordan and Z is at the Pro Bowl taking a part in this weekend's Pro -- it's a new format. It's kind of all it's all captains. Team captains Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice picked eighteenth. And of course and -- rice led off with a Drew Brees and then you print it's it's not just AFC players on AFC team in NC players and AFC team it's kind of mixed -- -- look at the rosters and will go over the process later in the now. And a guy you look at cam -- that's one player. From day one ever since he's been in his Saints uniform where he was drafted. He's got -- that would better -- and always get a peek out the hope lady's gonna. But if you look. When he did his first year huge impact live up that a noble one building second year later of those sophomore slump. Today he was a bright spot even dog defense does terrific. Was dead last in the and you look at this season. Along with a combination junior go led only two players that have over the twelve sacks so can you -- the the bottom line is. If you look at a look at consistency. And the brightest of spots the last three seasons on the say is defense not leaving closes -- jarred by far animal one. 2601878668890. Rates and the ease in the number two gate involved. Give us your take also lost to in the -- his -- and NFL standpoint the Cleveland Browns have a new head football coach also NFL -- were talking at being a Senior Bowl in arresting -- had one of the most impressive. Interim runs in college football history still looking for a home and it's it always are wrong on his coaching futures to the pin and where you may want to welcome. End -- speculation may be and a and a -- Saban and Alabama. That I'll -- interest in they can you bring of the Cleveland Browns you know we're talking about. The Pro Bowl and and the comparison -- this team and the reason I'm gonna say this. Could Davie next year's Kansas City Chiefs. Now right now and face value -- wouldn't -- that would be the case they have a veteran wanna -- tournament again adding a big key to what Andy Reid did was bring along Alex Smith. Mike Stanton was named him head coach -- -- -- and -- out. He was the defense -- -- a coach the bills Doug Merrill -- Maroney out so well and I look at where Kansas City was that. Andy Elena say the same number was it five or six Robles last year. Some -- OK in Cleveland this year ironically has six Pro Bowl we go to got players yeah. But I think that X-Factor when Andy -- brought in Alex Smith held the -- that's why. You've ever want on their new season they would only team that was undefeated. Then on to say they were nine and on and lost like nine straight games they lost three in a row -- so Cleveland's been always wondered those teams. That -- have never won nothing is kind of like -- lines -- things like he's been forever. So you wanna feel good story but on the dog. Underdogs -- would be to Detroit lines in Cleveland Browns considered not Detroit's been in the hunt and haven't won anything in forever seemingly Cleveland. But the -- and the quarterback situation I'd be interested to see what's gonna happen there we knew watching one film. -- their defense team like it's always now. And and always keep an overwhelming games and went right to me. Shows ownership coaches involved in some type of scandal -- -- A total. -- of and subordination of lack of respect. To fire a coach at the season especially when they basic gave him bail out today. That guy that shows pool owners feel they chose to meet somebody blows or -- captain and this year -- really not driving the ball well. -- I'm trending the cornerback. At the top six. And Williams. And and noble was the one joke and Nigel thousands of pounds of dynamite to wide receiver on the cornerback Joseph is a joke around with. And I love OK I'm trying to think but. He -- all pro guy year in Europe -- -- said that's good enough to when you particles of the stability none at all so -- and the players -- -- better players and and in several wanna have that that. When you look at also and I and I brought of the lines that we had talked about this and well -- short version. Sports -- LSU basketball. You look at Joseph Lombardi. -- aboard his grandson. You know he's been the quarterback coach for the Saints and Drew Brees and and I said is that he needed to move on if he was going to move up. And I think by him being mid to -- and haven't these credentials. He could be in a better place and finally he's gonna be the offensive coordinator by the Detroit line throw by going to write plays but you look. The great -- he's had learning an issue on patent. Also it it was Sean Payton was in their Pete Carmichael -- you get to work with player coach hall of Famer like Drew Brees now I think it was time. For Joseph Lombardi to move on and I think he's going to a great situation. -- look at coach Caldwell Jim Caldwell is now the head coach. And Detroit lines you remember you know his -- background. And and and and dealing. With the likes of a Peyton Manning. And and and knowing you know what it takes -- that to develop a quarterback or bring instability it all -- -- he went ahead and hired. -- Lombardi as there all the to -- now well look at that situation you look at Detroit's offense you look at teams that we're looking. To replace have a new head coach -- dean they right there allowed them to be a playoff team for assured the reason why save that. Can you look dig out of coming. The quarterback has been inconsistent. But I think he's legit as a franchise quarterback that Matthew Stafford already drafted a number one overall 2009. And -- was injured a couple of seasons would you look. -- what are card with him and I think that's why they bring an Angel Lombardi. That kinda show -- -- -- -- -- theater trade. Getting NFL high. Fourteen turnovers. From week eleven to sixteen. In all of us and the Lions dropped five of their past six games at the -- they've plummeted out of first place in the NFC and are not -- an opportunity. To win a division title. They were right there did it when the drivers in ages -- here are Thanksgiving Day they -- at an aunt and and and a lot of it has there -- was turning over the ball and you've already got the weapons. Reggie Bush had a good season -- and the tide in position with Pettigrew and and Calvin Johnson didn't look at the wintertime the last time. The -- won a title that that was suitable since 1993. Putting and great position -- -- Lombardi the line to -- coordinator. Vegas front of the Vegas -- dot com your pregame dot com red hot perfect last week in. The -- now the L week before the Super Bowl. One last big one -- first how much Jackson who people get on Pro Bowl. Not much and I mean it's entertainment and anything else most professional -- like I don't even look at it on the number one the limits are too well. So it's not then work doing the work for it. And you know what the -- and so it's kind of like entertainment purposes only. And you have bettors that you know again -- ball would draw energy -- -- -- A ball game all week now for the last four months. And don't get some money on but it's nothing significant at all you're urged college basketball game that day or NBA game that -- Is gonna probably broke more action and the Pro Bowl well. VR let him back at the RA FC and NFC championship game zone was -- record numbers -- was a line that came in and day. -- absolutely. And not surprising especially here in the back at any time same plane and come poor. Other California achievement get them to get heavy on him but more importantly a team like -- -- don't have a huge fan base here. Can't which you know. The northern -- like Reno Lake -- novel that are on something important is still a lot of and make betrayed that the net at the window and watch the game in that casinos up there. But -- -- they were acted well I mean what wall. Came up extremely well I said I don't want in that whenever you get teams like New England. Com Singapore and you're in tension points like they do in the playoffs and the public they tackled better gonna flock to them and they're not. In a rush but at the can -- be Oakland -- the Jacksonville. The Cleveland when you're catching points. But any time -- good team getting points that's usually where the public ago. And that really cleaned out -- that went in and probably wanted. Denver. -- because of thought it would be eager. Person on the but that's the short once peaceful what they needed. In the AFC championship and a championship with so much money on them. And this is exactly what they wished sport and -- -- -- handle pretty Super Bowl. And B are you talk about that record handle and bring it down for the fans how this goes down. Considering Seattle while till the games actually played and you playing up north in the yard. And you dealing with possibly increment weather who will win is I guess the one setting the line are just. If you're wagering. Win or are you comfortable at the exact big days before as far as the fourth has been accurate there's there -- certain date. They yell look at dedicate this is what the weather probably for sure is going to be and then the line maybe move in maybe it would that being a concern. For sure I mean I picked out -- that put that line now the only thing most hectic by. This seasonal averages meaning over the last ten years on the day this week. This is that the normal temperature come back and you know unable to fourteen -- and wind conditions or plain out that now. Once this weekend's over eastbourne this -- that we compete at the report you know like you do you're able to -- 52 base in pain. I think that when you're gonna hear a lot of talk about how the weather's gonna affect it. In which case you're gonna see the line. We don't like it usually but -- well that night. Because there's kind of perception that Seattle even Albert is in the city by any stretch. -- we know that -- three pain remaining in cold weather at its been said Albert Albert Albert again. And VR business -- The -- is this navy coach in the play. That is seem ideally Seattle structured whether it needed to Omar the weather's nice are bad they play the same. That that Russell Wilson he's probably -- about 225 times. It could be great when are terrible and that's kind of game plan. That we make and kind of perception again when they have been not. And boast the number one the fans and wet is there. Obviously the conclusion. And you know all the prognosticators. Think in all the writers and journalists. -- in. The defense team is gonna mean if it personal when people. That is probably gonna play. In control and ended the game warm there where the other team is probably going to be bad here. -- deep sensibly so I think -- -- the line dropped even -- the peak. -- Saint Paul and I mean -- Denver money and -- not getting the sophisticated better why. Come back a little bit -- when it down and in some places the open the paper. But got it on public money. Fire -- in Denver and Denver's. He had seen Super Bowl gallery at the next Monday's newspaper. And couldn't get on Denver and out and talking to those sports book director at the win he said. People in the -- Figure. You know some of The -- that one count for the weekend they were six figure in the Denver Broncos. And again that short one -- -- the -- the professional -- the syndicate. Again -- until game day what the B well when -- money goods store may end up with the public money because remember. The majority of money will not do it. Into opens next Friday Saturday and Sunday I think we haven't even seen behind the 10%. -- one is gonna. It comes next week. He has upped his game the all Vegas running back on the pregame that count 304 in -- while -- around three or four in the divisional round. A perfect two attitude last week eight out of TN in the final -- boast that he was eight out of ten as well. At the last when he plays he's made folks right here follow us on there is and -- -- from Vegas he has sixteen in for the OK about your -- We -- got one more and it just -- in my mind I heard. -- Feeling the kicker with the Cardinals he was on first take this morning and became public interest instead and you might haven't in. Thank you tell them listeners. On the a look at of also but you look at going into this Ruble. -- number one defense vs the number one offense in if I can recall not knowing the exact numbers. I hope I -- because I actually. I said that JP the -- that national show. Early in the week ninth time that happened Bobby where the number one hop and played in no -- defense I know exactly where a guy with that. And did not beat and is -- one. Played up they beat the number one and one out of five times when they met each other in the super ball. So yeah you if you play in those percentages and and you know it to -- he's going to be key BR am telling you. Any quarterback and they have time and is versatile weapons the Broncos have I don't care how good Seattle is you gonna find holes. But of baking get a pass rush and Peyton Manning has been sacked before because he's not gonna run all around we all know that. But I think a key in Seattle boy they get a pass Russia but that I could see -- I'm not safety completely shut down to Hamburg but them not having a usual game and maybe more Seattle like game where it's you know in the low twenties -- so. And that's what you'll definitely like I mean now it's dropped as low was 4747. An open -- on track to get -- and prepare. And you're absolutely right it's gonna come down like you want makes -- so interesting is that. And it was also that. Quarterback that we twenty times in the regular -- and talk -- The wind protected but on a good sign that points. Seattle and saint Bryant -- absolutely -- -- elated pocket quarterback they objectives blowing most of the pocket quarterback. Is it to eat and I don't think you can figure that if they're gonna have success doing that I think you're right that. Seattle should be able to control -- -- as. And at least. It'll be there. The finished product not you're right -- great players what -- Manning just gonna pick apart. The all Vegas runner dot com -- pregame dot com also fob him on -- -- -- VR was speak -- week in our view from Vegas. And we'll talk about the Super Bowl. Ultimately have a trick like that can be because we dreaded playing at least basketball until the time appearance and don't that the pro ball man. They're better way to spend your money. I've got to be -- VR thank you very much to be our pregame that come in Vegas front -- -- -- Vegas about a back acne oyster house do brilliance human. For over 100 years.