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Jan 23, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know I just did something on the streets that I thought was a nice thing to do but I actually. Cost the city money. But my conscience feels I mean I cost the city of New Orleans money. But I think it at the right thing. The guy was trying to put its credit card in one of the parking meter kiosks. To get a parking ticket. For his car after after 7 o'clock as a dude you don't you don't have to do that. So I across the city money but I still feel like it was that the right thing to do and you know it's guys like me. That have to put the city in the financial situation as in all right so you've heard the forecast cold front coming through here. I brought my big -- as I I came back to the station to do to show -- little while ago. Because it's gonna be -- it's not that cold right now it's it's windy and it it feels chilly but I think it's in the fifties upper forties so much of this area. But the -- front's gonna drop was down into the twenties on both sides of the -- by early tomorrow morning. And there's a chance of snow flurries and sleet is possible north mainly north and west of the lake so still if tonight. If you happen to be in any snow or sleet and you -- call us up and and report that our our numbers 2601878. I told free it's 8668890. Point 78. And if you're in the -- you have a designated texture or your home when you wanna send -- text it's 870. 870 so we'll we'll talk about that will cataloged beyond snow watched him this really is gonna mean. But for the most part of a few flakes flying here in their although. Indeed the general area of southwest Louisiana. Lafayette. Lake Charles and that -- tire -- area. They could have a little snow and it's not often that you hear about this but there's a winter storm warning in effect tonight. For Houston. -- winter storm warning now is going to be very cold tomorrow the high tomorrow between 35. And forty and I got a text of the -- on the year from friends in Denham springs and then they said they're they're getting ready for the snow. Again I don't think there's going to be that much and also let me remind you about. About bridges. Because bridges. Freeze over before their -- the highway does. And if you do happen to find yourself in any kind of a black ice and situation with with -- on a bridge. Don't panic. Don't slam -- your brakes it's the worst thing you can do. But just be careful when you're going over over bridges don't accelerate or don't slam -- breaks and if anybody else wants to add to that tonight you can -- show it to 601878. Toll free 86680. -- are we simply text number is eight Seve -- will continue to remind you about that throughout tonight. Now for those of you who wore to the north of the in the greater New Orleans area your a lot of very very cold weather. It's time for tonight's top later dates here the top eight things we like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. -- -- cheerleaders are suing. The Oakland Raiders. This resentment but suffice it to its class action lawsuit representing current and former -- arrests. That's what they we call our our cheerleaders the -- a physical or -- the reader that's which which makes sense. Now let's remember the at the Oakland Raiders are I believe. The the lowest valued. NFL franchise. As for the second consecutive year they can't afford twelve season. Switching good and now they're being sued by the cheerleaders. Which as I guess insult to. A terrible season. The lawsuit is based on the claim of wage theft. An unfair employment practices. Attorney says if the if the raiders owners. Believe that the laws that protect workers in California don't apply to them. Then they're wrong. Now the operator cheerleaders each trader -- receives an annual salary of 12150. Dollars. A year. Now when you consider that they go to the games. The time -- games. The time -- practices. At times been at other events that are must attend events for the cheerleaders. That breaks down to about five dollars an hour. And I don't think they get tips. I'm sure a lot of people would like to tip may -- they have second jobs and they get to they get tips but I don't think you're supposed to. To detective David that this is of interest and they had I don't know maybe that. Maybe the situation will get to the point where. -- the cheerleaders might wanna get traded to another team that pacer cheerleaders better. Maybe -- can be like bidding wars you know it actually becomes a 380 would want to get her that we we gotta we gotta get that -- The NFL might even have a salary cap -- cheerleaders I hate it could it could get to be totally out of control when I was I was kind of surprised about it. You know I just I thought there were a lot of benefits. To being a cheerleader like -- Like a redirect or or or sensation if anybody listening as it has -- A cheerleader one of the saints cheerleaders or has been and it kind of situation knows more about it -- -- do you have friends that do what you wanna share information about that. Call our show tonight we're gonna continue with a topic today but right now let's go to Texas Paula you're on -- -- -- -- WL tell me about -- weather right now. Well. About six. It -- -- and not so. As an outlet -- And about part of they're -- -- -- of it out. The did did every artist did everybody seem to be paying attention and and driving care. Help aria yeah how well. They it's the black guys that they've what do you know wanted to but I at the black guys. Cannot let it go all right I like -- and that battle ought to not a periodical book art that would not moderate Democrat bit about earlier. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Debacle. Yes that's it it's it's a scary thing you know there's nothing you can do an -- Ariane. Four wheel drive vehicle as you do whatever X rocketed it doesn't matter everybody susceptible to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll I'll Mullen and have a friend well yeah. You know and and and that's a challenge for a lot of people who receive and a little -- -- to slow down. All I'm glad you're safe and I'm going to call the show and I appreciate you listening to -- -- on the road tonight. Ala -- -- dated their inside game -- That it back on it now -- -- I want daylight back our respect -- -- about six people I don't -- -- -- -- lot of dealt government that they're they're. I -- drive carefully and has ritualistic tonight. I doctor -- Jackson joins us from Baton Rouge doctor welcome to our show tonight. -- screwed up but it's well thank you for -- Candor and for your courage to speak your convictions on the -- so it's remarkable. Life. I appreciate you saying that that's. That's what I do I would know how else to to do this job. And little story. In itself well. Thought that the board and who urged its you know -- You know what -- it will -- critical that we. Live under a hole in that caught our. So that is a look at the alcohol. There's no probable. So that little bit actually. -- In the computer so it's -- go to the computer on it. And then that -- in there and on my appetite. And I don't know the progression of time. Well. The bar and get. It couldn't got a bit. -- westerns. Picture you get Cooper in his pocket or much. A leading. But that's odd juxtaposition of cellphones and clocks -- to -- -- from. I I understand it did indeed you didn't see clocked in Barnes & Noble. I wonder if it's like the casino they know -- you know what time it is a UK Italy. Do differently is. It. -- it you know. Conception of cellphone -- talks you know sitting up there. Also Iran will debate again -- -- -- -- could actually Nicholas -- instead -- clock on the wall. Yeah and at times it changed doctor a doctor -- White -- -- showing a ritualistic. Yes shouldn't be assigned who went. Its investment -- -- -- went on national bill that you were -- your regular kind of break it up their doctor what was the movie true that Britney. It movie and it's important. Inside liked the -- and you -- inside look. -- potential option is almost four years go on national bill heidrick Clint what's it about. Did. It in 1960 countries and their interest in this. Folk music people. Pick in the union. That it -- -- -- I'm gonna remember that I'd appreciate called the show tonight. All right thanks a -- Yeah yeah I loved the show it's it's this is live radio and in all of us and -- topic to date has -- totally interrupted by some of -- brand of phone -- here's a -- that -- just got off the phone with my brother in Alexandria. It's Tony one degrees and they're shutting down roads and bridges on I 49 to Shreveport. Could close I don't wanna say that officially because so we don't know. But there's going to be some rough weather on I 49. On -- twelve. Parts of I ten and again if you happen to be any of this in any of this whether you wanted to give us a report on eighteen article we -- All right number seven it's nice list of the top eight at eight. Orleans police continue to search for one suspect in the savage beating of a local. I he said that they don't believe this is part of the knock -- game and I've I did hear that conversation. One of the suspects there were two suspects one he was already in custody. It was already in jail so mean this is like a real model citizen right. And they're still looking for the other suspects. The -- blog still turning on our web site is about this. And we talked about the show last night is revenge motivating attacks on the streets of New Orleans for you might -- -- -- I share with your friends it's -- you'll not cut number six on our list of the top eight at eight. -- -- City Council passed a resolution urging the state to raise the minimum wage from 725. To ten dollars and ten cents. Per hour. However the council really has no power to do this this is just -- A gesture if you will it's a resolution that only asks the state to consider the increased. Now it is this an example of of a feel good politics. And he really don't have the power to do anything. But -- other credited with. Being in favor of raising the minimum wage and I guess this action is and it is really just a symbolic gesture because they really can't do anything about it and that's something else who can talk about on the -- night. Not you realize what this would do. I wonder if this would raise the the wages for waiters and bartenders and wait staff. In in Portland Oregon wait staff gets about ten dollars an hour. And plus all of their tips. But then they're old they're they're a lot of ramifications of raising the minimum wage to the question is do you think the minimum wage should be raised to ten dollars and ten cents an hour. As one of the things we'll talk about on the -- like. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Busy day the City Council meeting because today they also approve new rules for Mardi Gras parades including how close letters can beat at the street. Other new rules include deep prohibiting. Of private to Porta lets on public property along parade routes and furniture. And barbecue -- grills blocking the streets also roping off certain areas of neutral grounds but now you know a lot of people are not gonna like this -- You don't own that property. You don't. You don't own it and I didn't know that there -- have been some I mean I know -- -- very difficult to to navigate. But apparently there have been some situations where it may be some emergency vehicles haven't gotten through so this is all designed to to make -- draw. A safer for everybody. And you know what you think well. I don't know how this is going to be affecting you know is that the the sad thing is you know you never know if an ambulance. An emergency vehicle was going to be needed review. Or your family. So the they go to the the roads definitely need to be opened up and as far as that letters being sixty I don't have a problem with that -- a problem with any of these new rules from ought to drop. And are there any rules that the City Council didn't consider that you would like to change for upcoming Mardi -- operates. -- to join our show tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. In a text Amber's late 77. -- for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- Houston area man accused of sucker punching an elderly black man has been indicted for hate crime charge. Conrad -- 27 years old punched it's a -- nine year old man. In the face breaking his -- in two places and reportedly laughed and shouted knock out. As the man felt the ground. Barrett. The genius that he is. Took video of the attack on his cellphone and shared the video. You know the police have got a lot of that you know some people are so dumb they provide the on the their own evidence that used against them. His defense attorney however says that his client. Was off his medication for bipolar disorder. When the attack occurred. Now does that make this somehow. Forgive mobile is that an excuse. For this crime. And then the -- the other topic and I guess it to some degree we touched on this last night but. Another question that that keeps coming up you know I I guess you could argue that every crime is hate crime. That every crime is well not every crime is motivated by hate but but every crime. I guess. It involves some degree of hate. Do you agree that that there should be a more serious charge for crimes that are declared. Hate crimes a -- -- BW a pretty general opinion -- give -- your opinion by going to our website WW dot com. And attractive -- and give you update coming up in just a few minutes number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The talk -- Epsilon fraternity. On the campus of Arizona State University has been suspended for holding what is called a distasteful. Disgusting party. -- Martin Luther King Jr. day. This past Monday. The party included watermelon shaped cops. Some agree with this suspension but others say the suspension violates the fraternities freedom of speech. This freedom of speech even protect expression of things that are very distasteful. A spokesperson for their -- the national fraternity. A talk up an excellent I said that this is not can grow with their their beliefs and they don't condone this they stated it was an embarrassment. And it is with regret that a few individuals within our organization. Not make decisions that do not align with the values and principles -- -- up an excellent. You know I think that's a paternity that can and sometimes have not not that they also put some have more about. A rowdy. Attitude and atmosphere than others are not only did they have watermelon shaped cops. But they were also dressed in basketball jerseys and a majority of the NBA his African American. And they were flashing. Gang signs. And his -- his senate considered to be very embarrassing to many others thought he was just fine. As distasteful. As I think that is. Doesn't. Free speech. Protect people being distasteful. And what the public decide how -- to be judged number two -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. This study shows that divorce. In red states. Is higher than -- Blue States. And the theory is because of the pressure from conservative Protestants. To marry younger. And have more children. This was really interesting I am sure there are more marriages may be Indian. The states that are dominated -- that conservative Protestants and I'm sure they're more marriages in the states. But compared to other parts of the country in states that are red states dominated by conservative Protestant populations. The divorce rate is higher. Younger marriage more kids less education all have an impact on on that the the divorce rate. So it's it's interesting to us to think about that the party. It aligns itself more with family values. In a very public and open way. Is a party that is apparently seeing higher divorce rate. So you don't hear something that we can talk about. Did you get married when you were young. And did it last. And in in many of these more conservative religious communities. Living together is still frowned upon. You know years ago living together was referred to as checking out it was referred to as living in sand. Today it's much more acceptable -- -- And yet I I've read reports that indicate that living living with somebody before you marry that does not necessarily make for a better marriage. Did you get -- when you were young. And did it last visit still going on now and even if you haven't been married for that long did you get married young and is it is it working out and here's the other question tonight. Did you live with your spouse. Before you guys get married. And is that something that you would recommend. For your kids and for young generation today and if you haven't gotten married yet do you see yourself living with somebody. Before marrying him. If you gonna join our show with your comet tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Ninths early Saturday. In a text number is 877. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list. And toppings. And it's. Justin Bieber is in trouble again. Justin Bieber was arrested very early this morning in Miami from. Charges that include driving under the influence. And resisting arrest. And in nineteen year old pop star was released from jail today and 4500 dollar -- which I'm sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So here's here's the question is. How -- parents talk to their kids about just -- -- Many young people male and female idolize Justin Bieber. So what do you tell your kids about this incident involving just to be because they're gonna hear about it. And they haven't heard about it they will hear about it so what do you tell your kids about that's the scoot blog. How to talk to your kids about Justin Bieber and what do you tell them such a thing else we'll talk about tonight. What would you tell kids. About Justin Bieber arrested for. And drag racing. Again you can read this to blog and -- with -- it's on our website at WW real dot com if you wanna join us tonight with your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 86688907. And sex objects and he says this is astute show them very chilly Thursday night -- from New Orleans WW. -- We're talking about the weather tonight tonight it was not that cold when I was walking back to the station to do the show just a little while ago in -- -- and some players it was in in the low fifties. But this culprit is gonna drop temperatures down into the twenties on both sides of the lake by early tomorrow morning. And there is a possibility of sleet and snow flurries particularly north and west to boycott -- if you would be in any event January -- with an update on that. Please a caller show the the best chance -- -- -- might see some sleet or snow flurries will be between nine tonight. And midnight and tomorrow is going to be a very cold day with highs only 35 to forty he and it's going to be windy and still a 20% chance of some slight. -- Tomorrow Bobby Jindal has declared a state of emergency which allows the uninterrupted delivery of propane and other heating fuels. And we've got to all the weather information on our web site. At WWL dot com and if you haven't done that yet you don't have to have one of those extra Smartphone you can have any kind of cell phone. It's a free service now message and rate -- rates -- rates may apply but the service itself is is free for WWL. If you wanna get updates and alerts on the whether or not only with the weather gets like this but throughout the summer with thunderstorm warnings in every -- goes on with the weather. All you have to do is text the word winter. 287870. Text the word whether to wait 77. A from Alabama bill good evening your own description. It needs are you know that the all the result of global warming and so that's blame the bad weather around. It's -- hard to bring up that topic on a night like tonight and let. You know I don't but it really would be difficult to get into a series discussion about climate change. And global warming and global warming and a night like tonight. -- -- know what you mean that -- you know if you have. And needs. Our daughter someone that might be kind of fan are you at a correctional gets deeper any of these crops aren't. And make -- let now the bad news about it you know you can't explain it that people are human. You know that make mistakes even even pop stars is that maybe step in the wrong. Let. In out of the question for you Patrick steady. You were used in the word Protestants are states that were predominantly profits and and you inferred from this its exit. That you know people like they have this Stanton any evangelicals and yet so the opposite which. And how are then average divorce rates and they also -- earlier. I bet that that was one of the that was one of the theories behind this is this study that is discount. -- mysterious dipped they've -- earlier. And have more kids. And I also -- it generally speaking less education according to the study that's the analysis of of why did the the study of these statistics of the divorce rate was higher. In red states states dominated by more conservative Protestants than any Blue States. What that did they do compared -- Protestants and Catholics in general to -- it Catholics. Marry later or India may have a cable or torture. From this it didn't matter what the religious affiliation Wallace so it it really didn't relieve separate hitters like you're saying it didn't separate. More fundamentalist Baptist from from Catholics. Just. Focused really mainly on what they considered to be more conservative. The Protestants and people and I'm in in in more conservative states that -- yeah I don't think this is criticism as much as it's something to to to think about -- -- it does bring up the the bigger question about well do you get married. When you're young and you know I talk about this occasionally on the show bill because living downtown. Every weekend IC. In numerous I've bachelorette and bachelor parties groups in town from out of town and they're here in New Orleans to party. Celebrate the the end of the -- days of being single and it's not that I see him get that rowdy but they honored their drink it and they are here to to celebrate it but sometimes I walked by these groups and I think about how. How young and -- Just for the show which they're getting married because it's a rite of passage as opposed to really thinking this through that this is going to be for the rest of my life. And I also also think it's sad that divorce is so easy. It in the back of the minds of a lot of young people who get married in May be even adults who get married is the idea well you know we're gonna get married that. In the back of their minds as if it doesn't work we'll just get divorced and I don't think that's the thing you should have in mind when you go to the -- I think you know but they do. Somebody New Orleans would propose that the nor -- Norman's. Before -- married no law required to go to marriage counseling and it would make it a lot more difficult to get a divorce even if that happened. In the -- and the other thing yet the other thing that has increased the divorce rate is no fault no fault divorce switchers. Is something that the baby boomer generation essentially invented. Ali saw that Hispanics you know look. -- probably can't -- -- married earlier than then you know the general population. -- you know. Earlier and on average and that they had more children. And an outlook that might be you know just that -- -- Catholics -- -- you know more children. Well you know if you are really -- like a true Catholic you're not supposed to practice any form of birth control pill -- anything it the only -- that your year. Allowed under the church doctrine to use is that the natural rhythm method. Bill I I appreciate your call and thanks to listen to WWL and Alabama from New Orleans stayed here on this crucial. Pay dude I wanted to point out the product could do about it religious denominations so when you compare Catholics and Protestant sort of basically like comparing Catholics and -- Yeah I I I probably misspoken and in all of that. And India this this this idea that conservative Protestants without religious affiliation. On our having a higher divorce rate than than those who were not conservative for Protestants is is the main point this. Yeah absolutely because it. Ask anyone who is Christian but not like what you were legitimate or so they -- -- -- -- -- -- episcopalian. -- -- -- Tempered by -- what -- what do -- call themselves but they're not gonna say I'm a Protestant and and of course the the folks who are -- a presbyterian or episcopalian Methodist or where you are extremely different from folks who are. You know. -- -- -- -- -- start I'm glad you called the clear that up but I appreciate you listening. All right here's attacks that reads it is snowing in the Coleman. Right now here's another text. Can you. Say good -- to war in Montgomery Alabama. No I don't think we can say good evening to -- Montgomery Alabama. This is this -- shield would be right back -- VW well. A new study shows that the divorce rate in red states is higher than -- the divorce rate in Blue States and the theory is that because in. In more religious rich areas that people get married younger. And to have more kids and that ultimately can lead to divorce you can disagree with that if you like and that's what this new study shows but I think it brings up another interesting question. -- did you get -- when you were young. And did you last. And did you live with your spouse before you got married once upon a time that was very frowned upon but it's generally accepted today. Do you recommend living together before you marry somebody you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Saturday. At a text numbers -- of creativity I skewed and object took at least text here right now is some really interesting text of coming -- its attacks I got married at eighteen. And my husband was -- We worked our way through college as poor as can be I earned a bachelor's and a master's degree my husband. Has a bachelor's degree and a specialist degree we waited seven years to have our first child. So we completed school I stayed -- for ten years to raise my child we've been married for 25 years happy. In love and devoted to each other and our children. We were more mature than most people at our age. And having to work and pay for everything as teens I don't think it works for every one. But he did for us. It's a great text and a great story. And here's a texts I get married at 22 and have been married for 27 years did not shack up before. Getting married. Again to join -- with that with your comment your thoughts are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's having a text of receipts -- the seven Ross are talking about Justin Bieber he's in trouble again. A lot of young people admire Justin Bieber they idolize him a lot of young guys wanna beat him a lot of young girls wanna be with him. So he's arrested very early this morning in Miami Beach on charges of driving under the influence apparently drag racing. A Def jam recording star. And and resisting arrest. And he did talk to police about drinking smoking pot and taking Mets. And police say he had a very foul mouth. Win date they pulled him off. Of his nineteen year old pop star released today from jail went toward a 500 dollar bond is is. Causing a lot of parents to may be wonder what do they tell their kids. Now you you know if you listen to shorter regular basis -- you know that I'm I'm very quick to defend. -- young stars like -- Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez who stars that had this this -- were child star image. But then they've they mature and they have a right to mature. And Miley Cyrus has every right to I don't agree with everything she does and I think she's a little bit over the top but then so was Madonna. So -- Lady Gaga. -- was Mick Jagger for his time. So this is the first time that this is this is happening we see this and pop cultural guitar. But we're -- Cyrus she has every right to. She had her child star status. And and become a young woman and -- -- -- that that's that's a natural process and I support it. But I gotta tell you it's it's it's pretty difficult to defend somebody -- drag racing early in the morning. Drinking and driving. And then telling police about smoking pot if this is brutally true. -- so again we don't know exactly what happened but I I also can't help but picks this up visually interesting. By his mug shot. -- -- -- Just -- beavers mug shot looks more like a publicity photo. That it does have a photo -- it was taken for the police records right after arrest. And if you haven't seen it we've got he'd -- it is it's part of the -- blog tonight which is titled how to talk to your kids about Justin Bieber. And I have got some suggestions but I think you might be interested in knowing that the suggestions that I have for parents to talk to their kids. It's the same suggestions that I have for all of us to talk to ourselves. About. Not totally dismissing the negative behavior of those we -- In any -- you can see the picture and you can read and share the website it's on our web page at W if you want to account for new Orleans police here understood Joseph getting. I want to -- that. Eighteen -- was funny applicant is colleagues that he will meet with college. All the way up through a doctorate degree. We -- three children and the mayor is -- for three years a man it's been a wonderful relationship. That's a great story that we hear so many stories about couples that they don't make did an -- I love hearing the stories which is. What are the reasons I wanted to talk about this because they're there are people who do make it is -- I can't. How could these be jaded about marriage I guess in some ways because of my own personal life but also when I I I see. I see these young groups in the quarter partying and in celebrating a weekend with it. As a -- render a weekend as it is a bad -- these partners can't help but but think about. What is in front of these these young people and do they really understand what they're about to get into -- is today so much about instant gratification that you know all we're gonna get -- as if it's a big party of it's a huge part I think the average wedding cost about 20000 dollars today. And it's it's it's it's a moment to be a star and I wonder if in the back of the minds of everybody gets married now is saying if it doesn't work I'll just get divorced. And I don't know if that's the right way to intermarriage. I think. -- that I work well it occasionally. Well it didn't work out a lot. That Obama online. But I think eight connect and hi we are engaged in Mary was totally different it was -- like this or that they are not like it. And so we are high that we worked through that -- Erie streets that are born in within four years -- some time. So -- that we worked -- can't -- principal got -- -- and children are -- and a lot on tax. So it is true to -- -- or. Past past generations Louise were. We're more interested in trying to work things out today. And -- today -- mean even the baby boomer generation which is now the establishment that's like that's a generation that really helped fuel the divorce rate. Back in the in the eighties I. It's all about instant gratification I wanna be happy right now I want when I want right now why should I have to work through this I'm just gonna get divorced. I would hope that anybody who gets married today whether there -- younger or more mature. I would hope that they go into it with the seriously with the idea that they're gonna. Really try to work this out and I don't see that very often. I agree I agree I need your a lot of that would not work with there the court battle of the network it -- I mean. I work with -- now. And there attitude is -- It even if it weren't that it can ratification it want that they don't want. Him -- -- -- moved forward. Louise I'm glad you shared your story with this -- listening to WWL a ninety if you wanna join us with your story your comment tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. A text numbers 87870. Here's a double W a pretty general opinion poll tonight should punishment be more severe for crimes that are considered hate crimes. -- -- opinion by going to WW dot com and we'll give you an update on that coming up in just a few minutes. Are coming right back with more. Be careful if you -- in certain areas of the state surgeries at this part of the country there's a lot of wintry mix in the air. And on the streets and today you might run into some tough driving situations so slowed down and be really careful will be right back. On WWL a white Houston area man accused of sucker punching an elderly black man has been indicted on hate crime charge. Conrad Barrett 27 years old punched a 79 year old black men breaking news -- two places and reportedly laughed and shouted. Knock out is the man filled with a ground. Barrick was dumb enough to take video of the attack on a cellphone and he shared the video his defense attorney says that his client was office and heads. For bipolar disorder when he attack occurred I don't know whether that really excuses that it might be a something that helps us understand it a little better but that's that's no excuse. Here's a -- W a pretty general opinion poll tonight should punishment. Be more severe for crimes. That are considered hate crimes. Right now 100% say yes. 0% say no mystery and usually -- -- change as the show goes on give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. And we'll track that -- not updated throughout the show and before you respond to that to think about the idea that I guess to some degree. There must speed. Some motivation of hate to commit any crimes. And you have to have -- in your heart to commit almost any cut some some crimes or are committed out of passion. But claims of robbing somebody crimes of shooting murder violence -- there there's a degree of hate it in every crime. So I guess you could argue that every crime is hate crime. But if somebody goes out of their way to. Manifest their hate for somebody. -- physically attacking them. Should there be designation for hate crimes and should that carry a more severe penalty. That's -- Debbie WL party -- opinion poll again give -- sure can you give an update. Coming up in just a few minutes here Cisco blog tonight and I wanted to get your. Advice on this as well for for parents. How to talk to your kids about Justin Bieber Justin Bieber arrested early this morning in Miami Beach and charged with drunken driving resisting arrest. And driving without a valid driver's license. Got a -- just a moment ago from. So -- dissent. I'm not a Justin Bieber fan. But everyone says he was drag racing report says he was doing 55 or sixty in a Lambeau. And a Ferrari that is not racing. Yeah but they were on a residential street. And I think the speed limit was 25 or thirty self -- gored 55 or sixty in a residential street over that short distance yeah that could tactically. Be drag racing. This is the -- show. And will be back.