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Jan 23, 2014|

Justin Bieber is in trouble again! Bieber was arrested early this morning in Miami Beach on charges that include driving under the influence and resisting arrest. The 19 year old pop star was released from jail today on a $2500 bond. What should parents tell their teens about Justin Bieber?

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It's a cold night there walking back to the -- I got a conversation and then go already in and come back and do the show and coming back to the station before the show. It really wasn't that bad I think it was in the fifties. But it is going to be very cold tonight and you might be in the colder windier weather right now I don't know what it's like outside a downtown New Orleans at this moment -- event. And I in this very nice warm comfortable studio but this culprit is gonna drop -- down into the twenties on both sides of the lake by early tomorrow morning. And there was a reported snow in the cold there's a report of snow in northern parts of the state I think government row. If you're in some of -- snow you wanna give us an update on where you lord where the snow is you can call our show -- 2601870. Or sleep for that matter and our toll free number is 866. 8890878668890. H seven in a text numbers 877. Be very careful when you go across bridges and overpasses because of the possibility of ice. And there are still people. Not not just here but across the country. That believes that is there in a pickup truck or an SUV or four wheel drive vehicle. If they're not gonna have trouble on ice that there invincible. And that's not true because it doesn't matter what kind of vehicle you drive. Everybody is susceptible to evil ice there's nothing you can do a four wheel drive his doctor really held very much for -- help in snow. But -- -- help with where it would nice. I would always assumed debt tonight issue as you drive that they're there might be ice on on a -- and if anybody wants to add to to this advice might. A recommendation is don't accelerate on the bridge. And if you do feel like their sights on the bridge don't. Pitcher breaks the instinct might be a slowdown you -- two breaks and that's going to cause. A spin zone use you don't wanna do that. And hopefully you're not a situation where you would we have to do -- but just. Be very mindful that there could be some freezing on overpass -- -- -- called us earlier he received in Texas. To the north of Austin. And he said -- he. He ran into some black ice and is slated to over 34 lanes of highways to fortunately nobody was around so it it can't happen. And we don't want anything to happen to any if you tonight also want to remind you that NO PD has announced that there are sobriety checkpoints. In New Orleans tonight. And they wanna tell you that would be sobriety checkpoints make sure you have your driver's license and insurance documentation available also your papers for the car. Oh by the way also they want to did not drink and drive to keep all of that in -- and you know it is that you don't know exactly where these. Checkpoints are going to be. There might be some minimal delays in a few different places just that it's just a reminder not to drink and drive. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Protects over six -- do you Saturday. We're talking about a new study that shows that the divorce rate in red states is higher than the divorce rate in Blue States. And the theory is that the pressure that comes from conservative Protestants. To marry younger and have more children. Leads to more divorces. Did you get married when you were young. And ended it last touted part of that work out any any regrets. And also. There is also the feeling that in conservative Protestant that populations. Even today some people might be less likely to live together before they get married. Do you think that's a good idea. Would you marry somebody without living with them first. There was a time that was totally -- I was virtuous living in C and she acting up at the those label of living in San. It was very reflective of of how society felt about living together. Outside of a marriage. And yet a lot of people do it today it's not is done. Looked down upon isn't as he once was and you might think that's a bad thing but that is -- is a reality. -- would you advise people to live with their spouse before they marry him. Facility for talking about tonight as you gonna join our show our numbers 2601872. -- free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And our text number -- 877. Here's a Texan -- their first child very young married at 192 child within the first year. Love -- live together for a year prior to marriage. We've been very for Tony two years this year I love my husband more than ever we built our life together. From nothing. There are some really great stories. That we hear about the stories about the force we -- but the stories about people who. Don't make it in marriages and and so quickly and I still think that all of this is part of this instant gratification. The world that we live in and that's not just with younger generations. It's with adults as well. And if your part of the new establishment here one of the baby boomers. You really have no right to criticize our young generation. For for getting divorced because baby boomers helped. Fuel the skyrocketing divorce rate. In the eighties. Here's another text -- my wife and I lived together for four years before we got married we celebrated our 25 anniversary last September. My children are grown and honor roll students we recently adopted a five year old I believe I'm the luckiest man on the planet. I love hearing these stories. Here's a text about the conversation we're having about hate crimes. I've various a white guy who knocked out an elderly man brokers -- to places. And today he was officially charged with a hate crime in that case. Well here's a text that said it's not a hate crime. Because it only seems to be a hate crime if it is. White on black. It can be a hate crime if it's white on black and it can also be a hate crime if it's. If it's black on black. If it's black on white I guess with black on black days if there have to be other circumstances to tactically make it a hate crime but that's -- WWO pretty -- opinion poll tonight. I guess you could argue that most crimes involve some degree of hate. But it should punishment be more severe for crimes that are considered hate crimes. 11% say no 89%. Say yes. Give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that coming up it just few minutes mark you're on the -- show good evening. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm from Michigan originally. That there were over the years you've got -- experience like ice early. Can. Well you really -- Michigan you can even vote. Up there and no intention that. So what folks in the -- of it it's -- -- the airport in and in the and the fact that you car where. No problem and sometimes out there -- -- -- spin around in circles you know you know you're on the boat and now. It'll slow and -- would -- Hebert. What the folks will be great that you care. And then albeit election year record -- In terms that you're documentation that important. You like and grow interest cop in your -- that most guys. I didn't talk radio. And I know what the constituents who view them. That this commission turned them. The other issue -- wife Mary General Electric stuff but now I was very. And -- twice. All four years ago between two. In terms of where are you sure sure how that turned. Who wouldn't like first two it's my first marriage we spend time together and -- -- moved here like Michigan. Newark you know aren't as she can go out here I was in graduate student monitor. Certainly do -- -- that -- -- and I think you know now. Well first seventeen years. Now and another twenty years on -- and who who effectively L didn't work out. Whether. Fortunately it. That. Individual citizen let down. We don't know and who won its own spin -- it where it's really difficult it you know. Her -- you know it is a tough decision and you know did you never know you're never gonna know for sure but you really have to -- A marriage with the idea that you're gonna try to work through the changes that -- both go through because it inevitably to people changeover time. And especially if you get married territory went 22 -- three very early twenties. There's a lot of changing that goes on with you emotionally and mentally I've just please well between C 21 and and and thirty. And and you always change through life and life changes you two things that happened at work with your career. That's the thing to happen with the kids it changes it changes individuals. You have to go with the idea that you're gonna try and make it through those. Those are those rough spots and I'm not proud to say that I have been married and and divorced twice and I look back -- On that aspect of my life a -- to a proud to -- in -- -- there -- things that I would do a little differently in the future. Arnold hated it on the net the blended. Green in two kids from different attitude and landed hard to put together. That. If -- reject anyone who had hit their all and think about the cute you know. That's the keys acute. Whether. Wouldn't it. All of those -- -- here. Micro in my boy. Boy you won't let nine year even not at all not even think you are. My older children eligible homeowners they're great. Great style and what I tell them. That's always. Try to communicate. Because that. Focus on the long term in. Did the relationship that you. The style. Is -- That's fundamental here's what we do. We create and where page and we read that these folk. Market's great advice and I appreciate you sharing your story -- and thanks for listening to WW OO at night. I here's a text its leading man to jail after ridiculous attacks and let us know what's going on there where you are because they're. There's two winter advisories in effect for an intangible parish all winter storm warning in effect for Houston. -- doesn't happen very often -- of cold frigid weather out there chance of some snow chances and sleeps in the series tonight mainly to the north and west of the city. And if you're in an issue that was missive to give us colored sent us a text and -- of creativity. And he's going to be very cold and windy tomorrow with a high between 35 and forty and a 20% chance of sleet tomorrow. This is this coach show Justin Bieber was arrested a lot of young people admire Justin Bieber so hard you talked to your kids about Justin Bieber. We'll talk about that we come back on VW. I Justin Bieber arrested very early this morning in Miami Beach in his Lamborghini drag racing somebody in a Ferrari. They only going 55 or sixty but they were in like Tony 530 mile an hour residential zone so it distilled it drag racing. He was charged with DW -- -- but you lie in in Florida. After failing the field sobriety test and had a foul mouth according to police where they stopped him. And he was driving with an invalid -- driver's license and also was also charged with resisting arrest. So how do you talk to your kids about Justin Bieber. Those who idolize him that's the title of the scoop on tonight -- talk about that coming up -- you can read the blog and share with others it's on our website at WW dot com. And I'm getting a text here call INS let's deport beaver. He's Canadian. And you know I think this is just another example of what happened when those damn Canadians are coming to our country. Leo from enacted issue welcome to the -- shall tell me about your weather. Pace. Well not yet Britain who -- there Taylor I'm proud of their only sixteen or any act. And hurt it's it's that don't agree that now people. -- is so in this part of the country and it doesn't take much free to appear to be to assess a steady snow it do you feel like it's a steady snow or your. -- -- it a little while ago and it was -- really good. Recovered. It stopped well and started back up again. Right now I'm at 21 main. On the vehicle headlights. Could become again. I have you run into any bridges that felt like we were iced over and over passes. It will argues. It will be nice yes -- Use -- I don't. It is very. You know being instructor or either party not an expert. Later on shouldn't be quite so you know. Yes that's something else that I wanna constantly remind people about that tonight because in this part of the country and there are many people who don't know two to deal with with ice. And any you do sense that there's ice at a bridge the instinct might be to put on your brakes but that really can the -- or so you can do. Yeah -- soon. Obviously aren't coming out of Alexandria. I'm Leo I appreciate that update and drive carefully. All right if you want to give us an update on the weather wherever you are if -- outside of the immediate New Orleans area are told for number. Is 866889. Is nearly 78668890870. And our tax Amber's age 770. Locally are numbers 2601870. Here's a Texan -- traveling from a -- to -- loose and pray I don't see any snow sleet or rice. It's going to be a lot better deceased snow and ice is even if there is a slight accumulation. Since it was warmer today I can't imagine it did snow was gonna actually stick to the roads. It's the sleet in the ice that really create the biggest problem. -- here's a text it's snowing in. -- Louisiana about half an inch of snow in my yard while this is great especially to the north and west of New Orleans there's going to be since snow in some of that might get a little bit close to us. So it it's an exciting time it doesn't happen often. So enjoy it while it's there and if you're in just be sure drive carefully. Tomorrow is going to be very cold day hi tomorrow between 35 and forty. With wind so wind chills gonna make it seem a lot colder than that. And there's still 20% chance of sleet tomorrow. Now -- wake up tomorrow morning WW WL first news will be on at 5 o'clock from five to six with -- -- and then Tommy Tucker WWL first news from six to ten. Will have weather updates have traffic updates and we will what you know exactly what's going on. Here's a text about marriage. My wife and I were in kindergarten together. She was my first date. Went to college together. Live together. Married. And now forty years with four kids still in love I believe the kids would say that's it. Here is a text you see snow. You feel ice. And I here's attacks about Justin Bieber about Bieber stop rewarding bad behavior. If you do the wrong thing. There are consequences. Justin Bieber was arrested early this morning in Miami Beach and charged with drunken driving resisting arrest and driving without a valid driver's license. Now recently Los Angeles county sheriff's deputies -- -- felony search. Warrant at his house. -- because there was a felony investigation that he had. -- somebody else's house which is a felony. The only charge because if it did damage -- that that can create. Then deputies also investigated reports that Justin Bieber was speeding in expensive sports car on the streets of his exclusive neighborhood. Police have also investigated another complaint from a neighbor. Justin Bieber spit on -- and there was yet another investigation into Bieber allegedly attacking a photographer for taking -- naturally good with his girlfriend at the time. Selena Gomez in the parking lot of shopping center. But this morning was the first time that nineteen year old Justin Bieber has actually been arrested. His mug shot. Looks more like a publicity photo than it does a photo was taken following. An arrest. If you haven't seen it we've got it -- the -- blog tonight on our website at WW dot com despite the blog audio. Talk to your kids about Justin Bieber. And it did the shots there when I first -- -- was a mug shot. It was a photo publicity shot. Now. He appeared in a video link today in the courtroom. For hearing this morning he was released on -- 500 dollar bond which I'm sure -- covered with a spare change. Miami Beach police say -- Justin Bieber was drag racing in yellow Lamborghini against nineteen year old Def jam recording artist Lil Shareef. Who was driving a Ferrari. Shareef was also arrested on DUI charge. According to police Bieber and Shareef. Were racing down a residential street in Miami Beach the street. Had been blocked off by two black suvs. Apparently part of Justin -- on two rush. Jeremy -- Justin's 38 year old dad. Was reportedly with one of the suvs and helped set up the street to be blocked so his son and this other nineteen year old. Could raced there Lambert Dini and the Ferrari. A residential street. Both of these drivers charged with -- Yeah I know I have the same questions you do. A police report that Justin Bieber made comments about drinking smoking pot and taking prescription man's. And initially was not cooperating with police at one point saying what the blank is this about. Wired you searching the because they searched his -- why you searching the vehicle. Bieber failed the field sobriety test now I've defended young stars -- the show will continue to -- like Miley Cyrus. Who have every right to go through the natural process of growing out of their child star image. Becoming aware of their sexuality becoming an old thirteen it's it's a normal thing. And and acting on the awareness of of year. You your maturity with fashion and actions that challenge the pure child star image that that's a natural process. And I'll defend net. But it is difficult to defend in nineteen year old who is displaying behavior that might actually be a forecast for future destructive behavior. There's nothing to celebrate about a nineteen year old who has suddenly become a superstar. With seemingly endless supplies of cash. Who is charged with drinking and driving resisting arrest and drag racing residential street. In addition to that his father apparently was a partner in crime. Justin Bieber I think it's a very talented young star. It's not my style of music. But he's a very talented young story essentially made himself a star by posting his performance on YouTube years ago. And it wasn't that many years ago so he quickly was discovered and became an overnight sensation. Almost over as much here as an overnight sensation can be created it was Justin -- So I can only imagine the impact of that sudden change in status on a teenager and what that impact must feel like. Intelligent young athletes often deal with the same kind of scenarios. Suddenly. Everything is at their at their disposal. And I guess the only hope for somebody like Justin Bieber. Who's quick to -- this star status with the money that goes along with it. Is to have parents or real friends. Who were dedicated to keeping them ground. So the question it really comes to mind is what should parents tell their teenagers who worship Justin Bieber. About the behavior that led to his arrest. What advice would you have for parents who have kids to a -- Justin Bieber what would you tell them. To tell their kids. Or if you have kids who are fans of Justin Bieber what are you gonna talk to your kids about. To join -- -- -- -- are numbers 260. 18720386688. -- nearly seven in a text or receive 77. It's natural for teens and adults to -- nicely and adults. To blindly support their idols and not focus on -- -- But in the case of Justin -- -- parents I think should be honest with the reckless behavior that led to his arrest. And they should talk to their kids about it because this reckless behavior could very easily have led to death or serious injury. Remember just a couple of months ago in California. Fast and furious actor Paul Walker was killed. When he was drag racing inexpensive high performance sports car apportion. And he was apparently drag racing stardom. And money. Never makes human beings invincible. So if parents are to tell their teenagers. Not too. Excuse the negative behavior a -- they idolize. I think parents are hypocritical if they don't give themselves the same advice. You know into the hearts and minds of many Americans. George W. Bush could do no wrong. And yet. He made mistakes. -- In the minds of many Bill Clinton could do no wrong and he made mistakes. Young rock stars are. Condemned for their actions that lead to death. But somebody like Mickey Mantle is revered even though he essentially drank himself to death. So when you think about the things that young people should be telling their kids. About somebody they idolize. I think that's advice we need to give ourselves. And there's no excuse for us as adults to be hypocritical. And did not take seriously the negative behavior of those we don't like. And there are people that you idolize him and -- you'll forgive their their negative behavior because she idolize them. But that's as wrong as kids idolizing Justin Bieber. If he does something trying to get a -- that I think just to be -- a very talented -- don't have any of his CD's -- and it's not -- it's not my thing. But I don't have any problem of what he does on on stage she's a very talented person. So whenever parent should be telling their teenagers about the arrest of Justin Bieber is exactly what they should be telling themselves. And I think the other lesson to learn here is that its status stardom. And a tangible things that you acquire. It gives you this incredible. Boost of confidence. They've never really change who you or -- Probably shouldn't change -- you or inside. Celebrity history is littered with tragedies that resulted from money and status. It led to problems. Through somebody becoming a star. And this feeling of being invincible. Is not just reserved for young rock stars. Big stars in the business world have also become victims of status and money. Justin Bieber should be criticized. But not condemn it because everybody does make mistakes. He shouldn't be criticized and should he should be criticized but not -- for his behavior. And just because of who he is and the resources and hand. He will get through this just far. And doesn't that pose yet another problem. The other problem is how do you convince young people. Not to believe that if you have money and if you're a star. You can get away with it. So this is one of the reasons why Justin Bieber should not get away because he shouldn't be prosecuted. In any kind of extreme weight because of -- years. But he shouldn't. He shouldn't get away with it. If you wanna join Russia with a comment what advice would you give parents who have kids who -- like -- -- -- Give your opinion Michael -- 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text number. It's a 7870. Here's a -- reads you obviously don't understand the Bieber fever. What what is it that I don't understand about. I'm not saying it doesn't exist and I know that they are our kids who idolized Justin Bieber but this is when parents need to intervene and explain. The reality of what. He's going through. Hopefully. So that young people can recognize that there is not everything that should be admired about everybody. I'm scoot it will be right back with your comments on TW well. So how to. Parents talk to their kids about Justin -- And if you're part of the establishment the baby boomer generation. -- went through. The experience of being exposed to stars that were involved in negative behavior I should just a moment ago that Justin Bieber should be criticized but not condemn. And here's a text that said beavers behavior shouldn't be condemned -- I think the judge will disagree despite a probable light senate's I didn't say his behavior shouldn't be condemned I don't think he should be condemned. -- people do make mistakes. Now there -- a lot of mistakes here you're nineteen years old I don't think you're supposed to be drunk and I don't figured dead should be there helping block off the street. Why you're drag racing down a residential street. And as somebody said attacks -- want to know what about the open about the adults -- they arrested and didn't make the news I don't know if the adults were arrests -- -- I don't get the impression that I get the impression that they. They were not. Here's -- -- about Justin Bieber he needs to be treated the same as everyone else he starts. Too good or too big to go to jail. It may be woody needs. Point -- mentioned Justin V aren't I -- second go to jail. In -- I don't know that you should go to jail and some people disagree with this for your first do you lie. There have been a lot of controversies about Justin Bieber. And police have looked into different things there have been investigations but this is the first time that he's ever been arrested. And again when you look at his his mug shot it looks more like a publicity shy. Then a mug shot and we've got that along with the -- blog tonight which is under our opinions on our website at WWL dot com. Here is a text debts. That read so why yeah why are they arresting the adults in the entourage for aiding and abetting or something. Where did the arrest them and that didn't make the news yet again I'm I'm not sure about that. -- here's a texted Beagle get off Scott free because he's got money. No claim he's fluent. And the judge. Will walk him remember that case recently where. It was outside of five it was in a very. Upscale that rich neighborhood outside of Fort Worth, Texas. And we talked about this recently. The the defense of this this fifteen year old who who got drunk and gotten -- -- I think he killed somebody -- kill somebody. The -- I think he killed somebody. And he gets probation. Drinking and driving. He went to Wal-Mart and stole beer. Got -- Got his card. And and jokes about it. And it's not the first time he was in trouble and the defense attorney argued that he suffers from affluence. He's a fluent. His family is so affluent that the rich people don't always. Set enough limits for their children and therefore it wasn't his fault. How outrageous. Is that. Here's a WW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight in an update should punishment be more severe for crimes that are considered hate -- Again I think you can argue that any crime involves some degree of a hate to or malicious intent. Some crimes are committed by accidents and crimes committed out of out of passion but should we have hate crimes that carry more severe a penalty. Only 11%. Say no they shouldn't carry more. Severe sentence. And 89% say yes they should. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com -- -- remind you that this coming Monday we're gonna start up the 1000 dollar national cash contest once again here on WWL but here's something new they were doing. Sign up for the WWL cash contest alerts. Text the word cash. To each of the 87. And we're gonna send you an alert fifteen minutes before each code word is read. To remind you to listen to WWL. So send the word cash. Too late 77 before the Debbie W out cash contest alerts and -- -- 215 minutes before the code word is announced on the air to remind you tune into the habit of deal. If you're not already -- it. And when you know the code word enter it at WWL dot com slash cash and you can win a thousand dollars starting Monday. January through seventh. And just -- just join our WTO cash club today. And remember message and data rates may apply by today otherwise you got a good chance to win some money. If you wanna join us -- the comet tonight about anything we're talking about to our number is 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. In a text number. Is 87870. The -- City Council today passed a resolution urging the state to raise the minimum wage from 725 to 1010 and our. Now this is really a kind of a few good measure. It gives the City Council credit for. Approving. The increase in the minimum wage. But it's I guess in some ways it's just symbolic because the City Council has no power to do that. And the resolution only asks the state to consider the increase. Sony really who would vote against enemy who would say the state shouldn't consider. An increase to be this the state should consider a lot of different things. So you know -- did pay attention to what this -- really means what he did it it does bring up the discussion about whether or not we should raise the minimum wage. In -- in the state of Oregon in Portland for example if you're a waiter or waitress. You get over ten dollars an hour. -- your tips. And that's unheard of in most parts of the country. So let's have something -- for talking about I arrive realistic there's a ripple effect if you're a business owner. That's gonna cause your expenses two entries or would you just hire fewer people. And would would service suffer. You know what let's remember that America is driven by -- And if a business is making a lot of money. And I'm not saying that a business doesn't have a right to do this. But if the business has. A really. Good revenue base. And suddenly. The minimum wage increases. Rather than. Suffer. Less profits. The business is gonna. Either hire fewer people. Or past -- the cost onto the consumer. So -- and raising the minimum wage should. Have a ripple effect to our economy. But if you could make more money I mean if you're if you're working forty hours a week. And a set of 725 and are you getting 1010 and our. Wouldn't that help you. Should the minimum wage be increased at -- if if you have recently or maybe right now you're working firm for minimum wage and there's nothing to be embarrassed about it. Everybody should be happy that you're working and you're trying. But would racing the minimum wage to 1010 an hour. With that change your life. If you wanna join our -- nights are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 889070. Protects numbers 87870. Here's a Texan Reid says DUI is not a minor offense stopped downplaying this thousands of people. Die from drunk driving every week. He could kill somebody needs to go to jail. Well I I agree that it's very serious and I I'm not -- I'm not downplaying the seriousness of drinking and driving we talk about that go along on the show and try to remind people adamant on what you've done it. You know don't do -- it's it's just not worth it and if you've gotten away with it before does that mean you're gonna get away with it indefinitely. I'm not downplaying it but I don't I meet people do make mistakes. And I know people who have been arrested for -- you lie. And they totally changed their lives as a result of that mistake. So I don't know that we should condemn people. For the first offense. People who have 56710. Do you -- get them off the street. This is the -- show and will be right back on this cold Thursday nights on -- WL if you are driving tonight's. Yes even in the the deep south around the New Orleans area in southwest Louisiana and north Louisiana and it through Mississippi. I drive carefully and assume especially if you're going across bridges and overpasses that you might actually I hit some mice. From Baton Rouge doctor Paul Jackson joins us on -- if -- -- doctor welcome back to the show. -- no -- -- -- -- OK all right well. -- -- -- Forget back 80000 and urged. A picture of my acute locker -- Actually. It was using. See. -- not. Two degrees -- fourteen rates. And it was also. Had that big exposure. At all excel. And that was sites in new report. And Angela. Or. The -- it. Our sorrow. Goes out. So. No I'm not. -- though. What would look -- place. And now so it -- Are you folks well and one. There last week and who talked about this there are about as they are. And -- In -- all oppressed. We actually. Well super. Each super corruption. It's certainly can't you know there are few people -- survive it but not everybody does says doctor Jackson thanks for listening in Baton Rouge. Here's attacks raising the minimum wage is gonna create more unemployment or create a bunch of part time jobs but see that's already Trent. That there's already -- America. Of keeping people. And part time status. So companies don't have to give them. The benefits. So that was a silly that already takes place here's a text this is hardly the first time Bieber has been caught drinking. Reminding me of media freeing up trade on. Bieber and it's. Not being an innocent kids for some time you know we've gotten a couple of calls off the donated money going here but that there are people calling for the deportation of Justin Bieber. He's from Canada. And this is what happens when we elect Canadians in this country. However. If you're gonna be that hard on beaver for doing this what about the Americans to do the same thing I'm -- and -- will be back.